The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 30
The Faire, Part 38

Part 38

“I’m sorry for having multiple accidents in my diapers, and for acting, umm, like an immature little girl all day long.”

Cassidy didn’t quite make it through the embarrassing apology without faltering a little bit. Mostly because it was quite the mouthful, and it took her a moment to think of the second half after getting past the first. 

Of course, Audrey had a way to make things worse. She pulled out her phone and trained it on the diapered girl buckled into the back seat. “Good. Now say it for the camera, and we’ll be done.”


“Cassie. Do you want to leave, or do you want to sit in the hot car for another hour?”

The car was pretty warm after sitting in the sun all day. Cassidy had been thoroughly distracted by the dirty diapers followed by Audrey’s cleavage and subsequent demand for an apology. Now that her sister pointed out the heat, however, Cassidy felt it more than before. The open door provided some ventilation, but the AC would be much better. 

Still, she had to try one more time. As close as they were to getting on the road, a video like that would be so incriminating than the picture Audrey had just taken. “Audrey, can’t we just go? I don’t want-”

“Cassidy.” It was the first time Audrey had used her full name in hours, and it was surprisingly effective at getting her attention. “Be a big girl for once, okay? Just say it. Now, please.”

Audrey was her younger sister. Although clearly age wasn’t the only factor, considering who else had bossed Cassidy around today. This situation was very much the same, where getting talked down to made her feel pressured to do as she was told in order to avoid looking worse. Even if she had just been thinking about how it was a terrible idea to offer up this kind of ammo to her sister. Blushing darker than before, Cassidy muttered the full apology.

That wasn’t good enough for Audrey. “Speak clearly, Cassie,” she said, “Now, did you have something to say?”

Clutching her chest more tightly than before, both because she was feeling particularly exposed and vulnerable when on camera, as well as to make sure that her boobs were completely concealed, Cassidy said more audibly, ““I’m sorry for having multiple accidents in my diapers, and for acting like an immature little girl all day long.”

Audrey let the silence linger for a few seconds, to be sure that she caught the end of the apology on video. The added bonus was the way Cassidy averted her gaze afterwards, making her look a lot more shy and awkward than she normally was. With another little smirk, Audrey stopped the recording. “Good job, Cassie. Now, sit back there and think about what you could have done differently today.” With that, she gently closed the back door and got into the driver’s seat. 

The drive back felt a lot longer than the initial trip to the faire. It was just under thirty minutes, but each of those minutes felt like an eternity when naked save for dirty diapers. The mess itself was bad enough, and that was before dealing with the fact that Audrey’s little sedan was shorter than a lot of other vehicles. While most of those drivers and passengers would be focused on the road, that didn’t stop Cassidy from constantly worrying about her exposure. Her arms never left her breasts, and she just had to accept that anyone might see her underwear situation due to how she couldn’t cover everything. Better to aim for modesty, even if diapers were mortifying in their own way. 

She was briefly tempted to ask Audrey to stop somewhere. While their parents wouldn’t be home yet, that didn’t protect Cassidy from people she and her family knew from potentially seeing her as they got closer to the house. Every stop sign and red light would be a risk. The problem was, Cassidy was nearly naked. That meant Audrey would be going in alone, and she still had Cassidy’s wallet. Getting her sister to pay her back for all the renaissance faire purchases was already going to be like pulling teeth, and another shopping spree would just compile to that task on the horizon. Plus Cassidy was still quite motivated to simply get home and shower. That was the quickest way to get things back to normal; she’d have to deal with the potential blackmail and minor financial crisis later. 

Cassidy was so caught up in her own thoughts and overall discomfort that she wasn’t paying much attention to the drive. It wasn’t until they were getting off the highway at a less familiar exit that she glanced around in curiosity. She didn’t say anything for another few minutes, as it easily could have been a detour that Audrey was taking to avoid traffic that Cassidy hadn’t seen. They also hadn’t said a word to each other all drive, as Audrey had been content listening to her music as she chauffeused Cassidy home.

When they turned into a neighborhood that definitely wasn’t a shortcut back to theirs, however, Cassidy finally piped up. “Umm, Audrey? Where are you going?”

“We just have a quick stop to make,” Audrey said, “Relax, sis.”

“Yeah, but-”

“We’ve talked about this. You need to stop freaking out over nothing, remember? It’s not an attractive trait to have!”

Cassidy fell quiet again. It’s not like she could do anything to prevent Audrey from taking the unexpected detour. Her sister was the one driving, and Cassidy was the one in the back seat and merely along for the ride. 

A couple minutes later, they were pulling into the driveway of someone else’s house. That was enough to make Cassidy pipe up for a second time. “Audrey!”

“Cassie!” Audrey replied, in a mockingly shrill tone. She turned off the ignition and got out of the car without any hesitation. Then, to Cassidy’s surprise, Audrey came over and opened the back door. “You’re coming, too. Let’s go.”

Cassidy’s eyes were already a little wide from how the car door was no longer hiding her from a portion of the neighborhood they were in. But actually getting out as she was? Absolutely not. Immediately shaking her head, Cassidy said, “No. I’m not wearing anything!”

“And you don’t have anything to hide,” Audrey rolled her eyes, “Believe it or not, sis, I’m trying to help you. Our dad came home early for something. So do you still want to go there, or would you rather stop by my friend’s place first?”

Was ‘neither’ an option? As helpful as Audrey was claiming that she was trying to be, Cassidy couldn’t help but notice that she hadn’t mentioned the latest complication until she absolutely had to. If Cassidy had known earlier, maybe she would have actually pushed for a stop along the way. Ignoring the jab about her smaller chest, Cassidy asked, “What friend?”

“Elena,” Audrey said, without missing a beat, “And she used to babysit, by the way. Your diapers won’t be a big deal.” 

Cassidy somewhat recognized the name, but she hadn’t spent much time with Audrey’s friends when they had both been in high school. Also, changing diapers as a babysitter wasn’t quite the same as seeing a girl Cassidy’s age in them. 

As badly as she wanted to change, the thought of getting out of the car and letting someone else see her like this was paralyzing. Wasn’t there another option? 


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End Chapter 30

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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