The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 15
The Faire, Part 23

Part 23

Cassidy had assumed that Molly would be the first one to ask, in terms of going first. But in typical teenage girl fashion, Quinn had set it up so she would get the most opportunities to have her own fun. “Truth or Dare?” Quinn asked the girl. 

Of course, Molly tried to make the very same point, but Quinn just waved her off. After all, Molly would get to go right afterwards due to the rules. Cassidy was a little unsure of what the rules were themselves, aside from the obvious part about whoever did something most recently was the one to choose someone else. Every group played the game differently in her experience, and there were four of them including herself that had never played the game together. Hopefully Cassidy could use that to her advantage, in case any twist on things wasn’t to her liking. 

For the moment, however, she was just happy the attention was off her.

Molly started off with a ‘Truth,’ defending herself immediately when Quinn rolled her eyes. It would be more fun to ease their way in, according to Molly. Leave some room for things to get interesting. One way or another, it was her choice. In response, Quinn asked, “Have you ever stuffed your bra to impress a boy?”

It was Molly’s turn to roll her eyes. “Please. My boobs are bigger than yours, Quinn. I should be asking you that Truth.”

Meanwhile, Cassidy was just grateful she hadn’t had to deal with a question like that. It wasn’t to impress boys, but she definitely had a padding/push-up combo most days to make her annoyingly petite body look a little more womanly. In reality, she barely needed a bra, as evidenced by the fact that she hadn’t worn one all day. Thankfully, Molly and Quinn were bantering with each other about it and not paying much attention to the fact that she was easily the one with the smallest chest between the three of them. She was used to being on the flatter side compared to her friends and peers, of course, but it was something else when a group of young teenagers out-sized her while assuming that she was their age as well. 

While Molly probably would have appreciated being able to throw a dare or a question back in Quinn’s direction, that’s not how the game worked. You couldn’t ask someone who just asked you. Cassidy was let off the hook again when Noah was the next one to take a turn, but that comfort wouldn’t last forever. 

All in all, the game was just as bad as she remembered it being. The questions were either personal or embarrassing, especially since Cassidy had to draw her own out from the past all while not particularly wanting to hear most of the answers from teenagers she could practically see herself babysitting under different circumstances. And the dares were pretty limited, as it’s not like there was much to do in their little section of the tent. Noah had to kiss Quinn’s cheek, a dare Molly was happy to set up to get back at Quinn for her general attitude. Cassidy had to touch her ear to her shoulder until her next turn, making her look and feel more like an immature tween as the game progressed. Molly had to flash the waistband of her underwear to Noah and then blow him a kiss.

Pretty much everything involving Noah hinted towards escalation, though Cassidy also realized it was because he was the only boy present. She was just glad none of her dares revolved around him, especially after all the recent crush talk. Although as the game progressed, she could see him noticing the attention and being subtly content that he basically had three girls to himself. Apparently it didn’t take much for him to get over the faint embarrassment earlier from some of Quinn’s remarks. 

While Cassidy aimed for more truths than dares, since answering questions was more or less what she had already done for several minutes before the game started anyway, she still fell victim to the peer pressure in terms of switching to ‘Dare’ just frequently enough that she wouldn’t be called out for avoiding them. Things had been tame for the most part so far, although she had been bracing herself to politely turn down anything Noah-related. But she was not prepared in the slightest for Quinn’s next dare. 

Smirking a little bit, Quinn said, “I dare you to swap bottoms with Molly.”

Cassidy’s breath hitched. No. Not that. “W-what?” she managed to get out. Throughout her entire time with the trio of adolescents, she had been passively aware of the bulk between her legs. The game was a nice distraction, but it was impossible to forget about her underwear situation completely. She had been nervous that the tulle skirt wouldn’t be able to cover up the diapers, but obviously hadn’t considered a situation that would involve removing it entirely. 

“You heard me,” Quinn replied, “Switch with Molly here. You’re probably close to the same waist size. Besides, I’m doing you a favor! You’re wearing too much pink and she’s not wearing enough. I bet you’ll both complete each others’ outfits.”

Technically, she was right. Cassidy’s pink tulle would go decently well with Molly’s white top, and Molly’s jean shorts would be more attractive with Cassidy’s pink tee than a different shade of pink. But that wasn’t the point. Clearly the real intention was to make both of the girls temporarily bottomless. And while Cassidy had already been fully nude at the faire, that had been at the edge of the grounds behind a changing barrier. This would be in front of an audience, and would instantly reveal the fact that she was wearing diapers. 

The worst part? Being too defensive would only make Quinn more curious.

Molly spoke up first. “Umm, no. This is Cassidy’s dare, not mine.” 

She was right. Quinn was essentially daring both her and Cassidy at once, but the huntress girl was ready for the denial. She shot back right away with, “I didn’t complain when Noah was dared to kiss me. That wasn’t my dare, was it?”

“That’s so not the same thing. But you know what? Fine. I’ll do it, but I get to dare you back before Cassidy’s turn.” As if it was a done deal, Molly undid the button on her shorts. 

“Deal,” Quinn nodded. She clearly didn’t care, considering how confident and shameless she was. Glancing towards the pink clad girl, she said, “Cassidy?”

Feeling a knot forming in her stomach, Cassidy blurted out, “Wait! I, umm-” She absolutely couldn’t take her skirt off. But Molly was being casually bold about taking her bottoms off, and it wasn’t even her dare. Granted, she had already shown her underwear choice of the day, but that was different than standing around in only her underwear! “What’s the forfeit?” Cassidy managed to get out. That’s a rule she remembered from her childhood, although the forfeits were often worse than the dares themselves. 

“Hmm, a forfeit?” Quinn mused for a moment, “Oh, I have one. Hold still, Cassie. If you move, you have to do the dare and the forfeit.” With that, Quinn strutted over to Cassidy and then walked right past her.

Cassidy reluctantly did as she was told. And immediately regretted it. 

From behind her, Quinn said, “The forfeit is to do your fucking dare.” Then she gripped Cassidy’s skirt and yanked it down.


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End Chapter 15

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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