The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 19
The Faire, Part 27

Part 27

Quinn continued when it was clear that the other two didn’t have anything further to say at the moment. Technically, it was Molly’s dare, but she seemed fine letting Quinn take the lead now that they weren’t butting heads as much. “Hmm, but you just wet your diapers?”

“I- yes,” Cassidy muttered. For all of one second, she had been tempted to clarify that she had been wearing pull-ups, as well as the details about the stunt her sister pulled, but there was really no dignity in mentioning that it had been a different kind of padded underwear. Either way, she was sporting diapers right now, and informing them about her accident would overshadow anything else that had happened before she was dropped into daycare.

Smirking again, Quinn glanced towards Molly. “You could adjust your dare,” she mused, “Little Cassie could still use her diapers. But, you know . . . in the other way.”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was hinting at. Cassidy nervously looked back and forth between the girls, as there was absolutely no way she would do something like that! Suggesting it alone was a bit much, which Molly at least seemed to realize. Looking a bit hesitant, the more casually dressed girl said, “I don’t know, Quinn. Might be a bit too far.” 

“Whatever,” Quinn scoffed, “Let’s let Cassie decide. Hey, diaper girl. Here’s Molly’s dare. Either you shit yourself, or you tell us your last name.”

As crass and extreme as the first option was, it actually wasn’t that simple. Even without knowing the truth about Cassidy’s age, Quinn had still managed to suggest maybe the one thing that had the potential to make Cassidy consider degrading herself in such a disgusting and humiliating way. She couldn’t give out her full name. Not only would they see who she really was within seconds, unless Margot had been honest about reception being terrible, but the pictures Quinn had taken would become a much bigger threat. It wouldn’t be a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’ in terms of someone a few degrees away from Cassidy discovering them. She could be directly tagged on all her socials. Pair that with the young huntress realizing that Cassidy was actually in college, yet was currently in this situation? It wasn’t ideal. 

Also, you can’t dare someone to tell the truth! While Cassidy wasn’t particularly fond of the game, especially when it had currently been twisted in a way that ensured she was the only target, she knew enough to know that dares were supposed to be dares. End of story. 

Something in Cassidy’s eyes must have given away how nervous she was about the choice given to her. Quinn took a moment to whisper something else in Molly’s ear, then stepped forward and squatted down herself. Placing both her hands on Cassidy’s bare kneecaps, Quinn looked her right in the eye. “What’s your last name, Cassie? Do you want to tell me?”

Throat suddenly feeling very dry from the proximity and the physical contact, the nearly bottomless blonde merely shook her head. No. Of course not. Because she didn’t have a hole to crawl into at the moment, and giving any of them the chance to find out her real identity was a horrible idea. 

“No? Then you need to do something else for us,” she said. Pausing for effect, despite how Cassidy obviously knew what was coming, Quinn went on, “Like Molly said, you’re basically wearing a toilet. So it’s really not that big of a deal, is it?”

But it was a big deal. Surely Quinn wasn’t actually suggesting such a thing. Earlier, when Cassidy wet herself, it was because she had literally been unable to hold her bladder for any longer. Audrey had dragged her around the Faire all day long without giving her a chance to make a rest stop, and it got to the point where Cassidy simply couldn’t make it. This was different. Actively using her diapers–not that they were hers–was completely out of the question. “I can’t,” Cassidy quietly said.

Rather than smirking, Quinn gave her a warm smile and spoke gently. “Can’t? You’re a big girl, Cassie. I bet you could do it if you really tried.”

“N-no, that’s not- you know what I mean! I won’t.”

“Tell you what. If you do, I’ll delete every picture, and we’ll grab Margot so she can change you right afterwards. You’ll be back to clean diapers in no time! That’s my final offer. But if you’d rather be all lame and immature about it . . . ” 

“No, wait,” Cassidy said, before she really had time to stop and think about it. It was still a HUGE ask, and might not even be possible in terms of overcoming a lifetime of potty training that told her body that actual toilets were the place to use the bathroom, but Quinn’s offer was enough to give her pause. Even without this group knowing her last name, the existence of pictures of her in diapers was still terrifying. If this would eliminate those, and Margot got her fixed up right afterwards . . . There was still the sheer embarrassment and indignity of doing such an indecent and mortifying act as a nineteen year old. But these were strangers she’d never see again.

Seeing that the indecisive girl needed a little nudge to get over the internal fence she was sitting on, Quinn said, “Here, just squat down a little more, okay? I bet you can manage at least that much.”

Meekly nodding, Cassidy allowed Quinn to push her legs slightly farther apart so she could lower herself a bit more in the squatting position.

Quinn’s eyes were still trained on her, and her general demeanor was soft yet firm as she continued to pressure the vulnerable girl. “Cassidy.” For the first time in a while, she adopted her full name as an extra measure to make this seem important. “This next part is easy, too. I need you to give a little push down there.”

Cassidy blushed at that. So simple, and yet- she couldn’t do that! “Umm, wait. Quinn-”

“Hush.” Digging her nails ever so slightly into Cassidy’s thighs, Quinn calmly yet directly said, “It’s a penalty, Cassidy. Would you rather take off your shirt, tell us your last name, and let me keep these photos? Because that’s what you’re going to have to do if you don’t do this.”

Something was definitely off about that. Quinn was combining the dare and the recent penalty option into one, but Cassidy was too flustered at the thought of the list alone to consider the unfairness. And how was this happening to her?! She was by far the oldest girl, and yet she had allowed her skirt to be taken away and was now more or less at the mercy of the thirteen year old girl eyeing her down. “No,” Cassidy shyly whispered, in regards to the list. Of course not. She couldn’t be topless. She couldn’t tell them who she really was. And now that there was a chance to get rid of the pictures Quinn took? Surely that alone would be worth it. Right?

Going on, Quinn said, “Come on. One push. That’s not so hard, is it?”

“Just one?” Cassidy hesitantly asked. Technically, that wasn’t actually using the diapers. It was just going through the motions. 

“Mm hmm,” Quinn hummed, “But I’ll know if you’re faking it. You have to push for real, Cassidy. Ready? Go.”


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End Chapter 19

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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