The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 42
The Faire, Part 50

Part 50

It turned out that getting into clean underwear wasn’t going to be quite as simple or private as Cassidy hoped. For whatever reason, she had assumed that being in her own bedroom meant that she would be able to have her bathroom all to herself. Instead, Audrey escorted her there and firmly told her to strip to just her diapers and then lie down. It was like the recent scene with Elena all over again, except Cassidy hadn’t had to undress before since she had already been naked save for the diapers, and it also had been easier to accept her fate when it was a girl she barely knew. 

To be exposed in front of her sister, and to let Audrey see the humiliating mess that was ultimately the result of her initial prank? Cassidy would much rather just deal with everything herself, and let a shower be the fix to most of it. 

When Cassidy attempted to express as much, Audrey merely said, “If you don’t want a diaper change, Cassie, then let’s head back downstairs.”

It wasn’t much of a choice. Cassidy desperately wanted out of the sagging underwear, and she couldn’t imagine a discussion with her mother would go well when still wearing the dirty diapers. And if Audrey mentioned that Cassidy had rejected the opportunity to change? There were just too many ways things could go wrong, plus Cassidy had already been wearing the used padding for way too long. Literally since Quinn.

After a moment or two of quiet and frustrated deliberation, Cassidy began reluctantly undressing. She wasn’t sure which was more embarrassing–being topless, or having the diapers exposed again. Deciding to take the skirt off first, as that would limit the time her bare boobs were on display while her hands were otherwise occupied, Cassidy turned away from both her sister and the mirror and pulled off the simple garment that Elena had loaned her. 

Even without looking at Audrey, Cassidy could imagine the amused expression on the slightly younger girl’s face as the diapers came into view. 

Blushing as the cool bathroom air made it difficult to blur out the fact that her legs were almost entirely bare, Cassidy gripped the hem of the plain tee before she lost her nerve. It was either this, or try to explain why she hadn’t changed out of the dirty underwear before returning to the living room. Whisking the shirt off and immediately cupping her bra-less breasts before turning back around, Cassidy was relieved to see that Audrey wasn’t training a phone on her or something.

Rather than teasing her or commenting on the babyish underwear, Audrey merely gestured towards the ground. “Well? What are you waiting for, little sis?”

There was no point stalling now. Awkward and mortifying as getting a diaper change by her younger sister was, Cassidy couldn’t deny the recurring motivation that she badly needed a diaper change. And unlike how things ended up playing out with Elena, Cassidy was assuming this would actually lead to clean underwear. Between the diapers purchased at the pharmacy, as well as the ones out in her bedroom that backed up Audrey’s story, there was no way this wouldn’t result in Cassidy getting out of her current padding. Of course, panties would be ideal, but she’d take anything at this point. 

Cassidy had learned from her experience in Elena’s bathroom that there really wasn’t a good way to lower herself to the floor. Still determined to keep her chest covered, the diapered blonde crossed one arm over her chest before starting to squat down. Using her free hand to brace herself on the counter, she shifted one leg out from underneath her and then lowered herself the rest of the way down. No matter how slowly she went, or how much she mentally prepared for it, the inevitable sensation of sitting down in full diapers made her grimace in discomfort like all the previous times she had needed to sit or lie down.

Once again, Audrey seemed more impatient than amused. “All the way down, Cassie,” she said, “We both know you can’t be trusted with your diapers. Why do you think Elena agreed to be your babysitter whenever I’m not around?”

There were some holes to Audrey’s story, though Cassidy wasn’t sure how she’d be able to point them out without making it sound like she did need diapers. For instance, wearing the bulky padding at college would mean somehow changing herself in public bathrooms. She certainly couldn’t have done so in her dorm room without risking her roommate walking in and/or noticing the smell. So why was Cassidy not trusted this summer? 

The problem was, she didn’t know the full story. Audrey could easily be omitting details on purpose. Either way, Cassidy couldn’t speak up about XYZ until after this was taken care of. 

For the time being, Cassidy continued doing as she was told, rather than arguing. Lying back, shivering a bit from the cool tile against her bare skin while taking a bit of solace in the fact that she knew how clean her bathroom floor was, she adjusted her legs in a way that was as comfortable as possible for herself while still positioned for a diaper change. A diaper change at nineteen years old. 

“I still can’t believe you shit your diapers,” Audrey giggled. Finally letting her facade slip a bit now that Cassidy was behaving, the taller sister knelt down and got to work undoing the pins that Elena had added. “Hold still, Cassie. The whole point of putting you in diapers is to avoid you making a mess when you have an accident.” Next, she undid the tape on each side. Then, briefly pausing to grab a pack of wipes and a bottle of baby powder that Cassidy just noticed had been added to the counter’s collection of toiletries, Audrey opened the diapers up and assessed the damage. “Wow. For such a little girl, this is quite the full diaper!”

Before Cassidy could respond, Elena came from somewhere nearby, “Audrey! Are you in your room?”

“We’re in Cassie’s room!” Audrey called back, “In the bathroom. Come on in!” When Cassidy gave her a look of both surprise and concern, Audrey shrugged and said, “What? She’s your babysitter. And she’s already seen you like this, right?”


“It’s fine, Cassie.”

Or so Audrey claimed. Except about ten seconds later, it wasn’t just Elena who was standing on the other side of the bathroom door. 

Their mother had come upstairs with Elena. 

And, after giving her sister a smirk and a wink, Audrey turned to greet them in a way that shifted her body enough to no longer be obstructing the worst possible moment for Cassidy to be caught in. 

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End Chapter 42

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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