The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 31
The Faire, Part 39

Part 39

It didn’t take much for Audrey to talk Cassidy out of the car.

The alternative was Audrey getting back behind the wheel and driving them straight home. Now that she had informed Cassidy that one of their parents was around, the diapered girl was quick to reject that idea when it looked like her sister was ready to close the car door and follow through on her suggestion. 

Cassidy wasn’t sure which was worse–wearing diapers, or being nearly naked outside the padded underwear. It was one thing walking around like that earlier, as she had the saving grace that they most likely weren’t going to run into anyone that they knew. This was different. Not only because of Elena, who was a whole problem by herself, but also the fact that this neighborhood was dangerously close to their own. What if someone that knew Cassidy drove by and recognized her? 

That’s what got her moving more than anything else. As much as she hated the idea of one of Audrey’s friends seeing her like this, this detour was officially happening now that Cassidy was standing in the driveway rather than in the safety of the back seat. Getting inside was suddenly a priority, rather than something she was resisting. 

Although Cassidy had taken the first few steps towards the stone path by herself, Audrey was quick to take her hand anyway. As if Cassidy was going to get lost or wander off despite how straightforward this was compared to the hustle and bustle of the Renaissance Faire. Or maybe Audrey was just making sure her sister wasn’t going to get cold feet and retreat to the car at the last second. Either way, she walked the girl all the way to the front door and wasted no time in ringing the bell. 

Each second that went by felt like an eternity. Cassidy kept waiting to wake up, or for Audrey to change her mind and take her back to the car. Maybe Elena wouldn’t be home. A stupid thought, as Audrey had likely texted ahead, although Cassidy was in a place where just about any hopeful thought was worth reaching for. 

Of course, none of that happened. Not that Cassidy had really expected it to. “Coming!” an adolescent voice called to them from somewhere inside. A few seconds later, a vaguely familiar short-haired girl around Audrey’s age swung the door open. “Hey, Audrey!” she smiled, giving her a quick once over, “Nice costume.” Her friend was wearing shorts and a tank top, which was a much more standard summer outfit. Coming back to the real world was always a little bit jarring, which is why Audrey and Cassidy usually drove right back to the house without making any stops along the way. “And hey, Cassie,” she turned towards the smaller sister, glancing at the diapers and her otherwise naked body, “Nice . . . bangs?” she said.

Still covering her boobs with both hands, Cassidy blushed at how obviously it was that Elena was struggling to find a compliment when Cassidy looked how she did. Cassidy still hadn’t forgiven Audrey for the haircut she had given her with no warning. It was the least of Cassidy’s worries at the moment, although she was thinking about it all over again now that Elena had drawn attention to the immature style. 

“She’s been leaning into the whole ‘cute’ thing recently,” Audrey said, “I think she’s finally accepted that she’s done growing. So from now on, Cassie isn’t going to wear bras or panties. Only diapers, at least until she stops having accidents.” 

“And you said I should babysit her as if she’s twelve?” Elena asked.

“Mm hmm.” Audrey let go of Cassidy’s hand and stepped behind her. Placing her hands on the diapered girl’s shoulders, she said, “She’s been acting like an immature little girl all day. Freaking out over nothing, whining about everything. We were literally in line for the bathroom, and she ended up wetting herself instead of holding it for a few more minutes. So, yeah. If she’s going to behave like a tween, she’s going to be treated like one.”

“Works for me. And what about her diapers? I have pretty much every size for my babysitting gigs, unless you have something specific for her instead.”

“Nothing specific, although go for something thicker if you can. She totally soaked the diapers she was wearing earlier. Not sure how, honestly. She’s so tiny!”

Because Cassidy had been holding it for forever at that point. Trying to get a word in edgewise as they discussed her right in front of her face, she started to say, “It’s not like-”

“Hush, Cassie. The big girls are talking,” Audrey said, “Anyway, do you have any questions for me? Hopefully she won’t be too difficult. She was just changed into fresh diapers before the drive, and she hasn’t had anything to drink recently.”

“I think I’m all set,” Elena replied, “I’ll take her to the bathroom every half hour anyway, just in case.”

Wait, was Audrey dropping Cassidy off?! The dots were only just starting to connect. Cassidy had been under the impression this was going to be an unwanted stop on the way home, because that’s all that Audrey had said in the car. But if Audrey and Elena were talking like that . . .

“Sounds good. Thanks for doing this at the last minute, by the way!” Audrey nudged Cassidy forward by her shoulders, “And I’m totally not expecting a discount or anything. Full price is fine! Whatever you’re charging these days.”

“Perfect,” Elena said, “Well, Cassie? Come on in.”

Cassidy took a few steps forward. Partially because she was being pushed in that direction by her sister, and also since she hadn’t been loving the fact that they were lingering on the front porch instead of heading inside and out of sight. However, once she made it past the threshold, she turned around and looked at Audrey in total confusion. “Wait, what are you-”

“I have errands to run, little Cassie! And we talked about this, remember? Do you want our parents to see you like this? Or would you rather stay with your babysitter for a little while?”

But- but this was the same no-win decision as before. Only worse. Instead of simply letting Elena see her like this, Cassidy was going to stay with her? Why? And for how long? She had so many questions, and wasn’t sure how to ask Audrey any of them. Looking back and forth between the two girls, Cassidy knew that the latter option was objectively better. And yet, at the same time, she was still processing this latest twist in the humiliating day that refused to end. “You can’t- you can’t just leave me here!” Cassidy eventually blurted out. The actual delivery of the protest sounded a lot more childish than she expected. 

“Answer the question, sis,” Audrey said, “Parents, or babysitter. If you really want to go home, we can.”

That wasn’t a realistic option, and they both knew it. And since Audrey was driving, there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room in terms of alternative destinations. It was also starting to dawn on Cassidy that there wasn’t a single other acceptable place she could think of; not while she was topless. Loathe as she was to admit it, killing time at someone else’s house wasn’t the worst idea. 

The problem was, Audrey was just pawning her off again

Also, Elena had been told that Cassidy’s diapers were clean.


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End Chapter 31

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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