The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 27
The Faire, Part 35

Part 35

Cassidy’s curiosity was enough to keep her from rejecting the patronizing nickname. Also, it was Audrey. Letting her know about any dislikes was a surefire way to make her do those things more often. 

While she very much did want to be wearing more than diapers or, ideally, change into some regular underwear to go with whatever clothes Audrey was going to acquire for her due to how Cassidy couldn’t exactly shop for herself in her current state, Cassidy first wanted to know what her sister had done. More notably, she needed to be sure that whatever it was would actually be effective in keeping Quinn from ruining her reputation. 

It took Cassidy a minute to find anything. There were no recent texts, unless Audrey had deleted them after sending them, and nothing looked particularly out of place compared to the last time Cassidy had held the phone in her own hands. Then she noticed the one thing that was off. Her little box of social media apps was missing entirely. 

“You deleted my apps?” Cassidy asked. She was immediately skeptical of Audrey’s ‘fix,’ and glanced back up to tell her as much. Still using one arm to keep her chest covered, Cassidy said, “That doesn’t do anything, Audrey. Just because the app isn’t there doesn’t mean the account isn’t.” 

“I know. I’m not an idiot, Cassie. Pretty sure I’m better at social media than you are. You don’t post, like, ever,” Audrey replied, “Anyway, I didn’t just remove the apps. I deleted all of your accounts.”

“ . . . You what?” Cassidy heard her younger sister’s words, but it took a couple seconds for them to truly sink in. Deleted. As in, deleted deleted?

“You’re welcome,” Audrey said. She plucked the phone right back out of Cassidy’s hands, then went on to explain, “You don’t want a bunch of diaper pictures out there, do you? Well, now you don’t have to worry about it. Your online presence is non-existent. Well, more non-existent than it was before. You can’t tag a girl who isn’t out there!”

The crazy part was, Audrey was actually making some sense. Quinn wouldn’t be able to do anything with her blackmail if she couldn’t find Cassidy. And building a couple accounts from scratch was better than trying to do the overwhelming amount of damage control that would have been required had the young huntress followed through on her threat. Of course, the partial nudes and damning diaper pics would still be on the girl’s phone; that was something that would forever nag at Cassidy, even if she never saw Quinn again. 

But, still. How?! The simple four digits required to access Cassidy’s phone shouldn’t have been enough for Audrey to purge more involved accounts on the device. Also, the audacity! Audrey hadn’t even asked. Even if it was a rather clever idea, and low key the lesser of two evils, she could have at least run it by Cassidy first before pulling the trigger. 

“How did you-” Cassidy began. She was still a little thrown by how easily her phone had been taken away again, and the shock of what Audrey had done on her phone wasn’t enough to fully distract Cassidy from the fact that she was still quite exposed in the outdoor summer air. Also, there were a number of overlapping questions about what Audrey had done and how she had done it, and Cassidy couldn’t quite land on just one.

Audrey seemed more than happy to fill in a blank or two, however, considering how much the girl enjoyed bragging and flaunting herself in general. Ever since she had surpassed Cassidy in height, Audrey had enjoyed feigning maturity and acting like the smug older sister whenever an opportunity presented itself. “I didn’t need your login info, silly,” Audrey chuckled, “Think about it, Cassie. What do you need to reset a password?”

Right. Obviously. It was usually a choice between a text or an e-mail, and Audrey had literally been using Cassidy’s unlocked phone. Was that really all it took? Four little digits that Audrey probably got from subtly watching Cassidy’s screen at some point over the break, to get all kinds of access beyond that? So much for security. 

“Now you’re getting it,” Audrey giggled, “Now, what do you say?”

She wanted a ‘thank you’ for what she had done? That was so backwards. Audrey was the one who had signed Cassidy into the tent in the first place, and she was the reason Cassidy had failed to successfully make it to the bathroom before all that. Of course, Audrey hadn’t even been there for the whole Quinn/Molly/Noah thing, so it would be next to impossible to attempt to blame her for the mortifying events that had transpired in her absence. 

At the same time, Audrey’s little prank was what had set this all in motion to begin with. And, while she was technically helping Cassidy right now, the amusement in both Audrey’s voice and expression was rather telling. “Audrey-”

“You do realize I can walk away and leave you here in nothing but your dirty diapers, right?” As daunting as the words were, Audrey kept up her little smile and lilting tone. “What’s it going to be, Cassie?”

Cassidy definitely caught the possessive word that Audrey slipped in there, but it was once again one of those things that was difficult to dwell on. While Margot had put her in the bulky underwear, and the babyish layers were very much not hers, Audrey was right about the rest of it. Although the Quinn thing was no longer a pressing issue, Cassidy was still naked save for the sagging diapers. Even if Audrey handed back her phone and wallet, what was Cassidy going to do? Texting a hometown friend was even less attractive of a potential solution than before; the girly fairy costume was one thing, but Cassidy wasn’t about to let anyone she knew see her like this. And she sure as hell wasn’t about to walk back into a public area while topless, even if she had been considering doing just that to streak through the jewelry shop a few minutes ago. Now that Audrey was here, it was clear that the most effective way out of this nightmare was to get her sister to buy some clothes for her. 

Which meant that Cassidy had to swallow her pride and once again do exactly what Audrey wanted. “Thank you,” she muttered. 

“For what?” Audrey casually asked.

Of course. Their parents had always taught them to be clear with apologies and the like; a simple ‘I’m sorry’ didn’t sound particularly genuine, and neither did the forced thanks that Cassidy just gave. It wasn’t worth the fight. She knew what Audrey was fishing for, and she very much wanted to have something to cover with before someone noticed the two of them loitering in an area where guests weren’t really supposed to be in the first place. “Thank you for deleting my apps,” she begrudgingly said.

Audrey grinned. “There you go, Cassie. I would have preferred ‘for deleting my accounts,’ but I suppose yours was good enough.” She dropped Cassidy’s phone back into her purse, then said, “Well, okay. What now?”

Cassidy resisted blurting out an annoyed ‘seriously?’ that was on the tip of her tongue. Instead, she stuck with what was most important. “I need something to wear.” As in, what Audrey had already recently mentioned herself. 

“Oh, right!” Audrey replied, as if she had forgotten until Cassidy said it, “Hmm, okay. I think I have an idea.”


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End Chapter 27

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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