The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 13
The Faire, Part 21

Part 21

Despite how well it seemed she had set up her sister to fail when given the opportunity, Audrey was still a bit in disbelief when Cassidy actually began wetting herself in line. For a girl who normally prided herself on being so mature and put together, little Cassie certainly didn’t know how to stand up for herself when it mattered. And, most amusingly, Audrey’s older sister was normally so bossy and above it all. When dressed like a girly fairy with bangs, however, those traits only served to sell the lie that she was actually a socially awkward tween.

After the daytime accident, however, Audrey’s effortless improvising hit a wall. She really had no idea what to do with her ‘little sister’ next. While it was amazing and hilarious and so many other things that Cassidy was now wearing wet pull-ups, Audrey couldn’t figure out a good option for dealing with it. While she enjoyed the thought of making Cassidy suck it up and walk around for a while in the name of giving the girl a diaper rash, there was probably only so far Audrey could push her sister before she snapped and found a way to push back. They could have stayed in line, but that had already wasted enough time. Also, Cassidy’s pee-soaked underwear was stitched into the leotard. While it would be fun to be the one to change her sister, Audrey had no idea how to deal with a unique situation like that. Even if she was the one who had initially set it up. And, of course, they couldn’t just leave the faire. This was a once a year outing, and Audrey still had many shops to hit and shows to see. 

Loathe as Audrey was to admit it, Cassidy was right. Renting a costume was the best plan now that Audrey had had her fun. She could enjoy the irony that poor Cassie was going to pay for a costume after all the humiliation that followed her efforts to save some money with the fairy ensemble, and Cassidy would also need to get in the back of the handicap bathroom line and wait all over again now that they had lost their spot. Perhaps there would still be some diaper rash potential there, with walking across the grounds twice and then standing and fidgeting in line for an hour. It really would be something to get her nineteen year old sister to have a bit of pink down there when that was normally something that only happened to babies. And, best of all, Audrey wouldn’t have to supervise her this time and pressure her to stay in line. Instead, Audrey could wander about the faire with the assurance that Cassidy would stay put due to it being the only option to comfortably change and clean herself up. 

But then, Audrey found something even better. 

The adventure playground tent, or whatever they were unofficially calling it these days. A few years ago, they had abandoned the prominent sign that used to be up, because older kids were more averse to being dumped in an area that looked too immature. Of course, there was probably never a good reaction from tweens being kept under supervision, but at least this way offered more subtlety and parents could potentially set things up in a way where their children didn’t know what was happening until it was too late. A bit manipulative, perhaps, but it made sense. There were a handful of explicit shows, and it was safer to put their kids somewhere that would guarantee they’d stay put and not get into trouble. If the adults had done their research ahead of time on the website, then they would know that this was an option. 

As a girl who had gone to this particular Renaissance Faire for many years, Audrey was well aware that this was a thing. And, the moment she spied it on the way to walking Cassidy to the costume rental place, she realized how perfect of a solution it was. Not only could she be a ‘nice sister’ in terms of getting Cassidy an underwear change sooner rather than later, but it was a perfect way to embarrass her while still achieving the recent fun idea of wasting her sister’s money after everything. Of course, Audrey had already subtly swiped Cassidy’s card instead of her own for a few purchases along the way. But this was better, as it was technically something for her sister, even if Audrey was well aware that little Cassie would be less than enthused about the situation. 

Audrey had to resist the urge to grin when the check-in girl didn’t bat an eye at Cassie’s false age. Her sister really did look twelve thanks to Audrey’s little scheme, and Audrey imagined that any insistence to the contrary would just look like an immature tween lying or playing make believe. And because Audrey mentioned the pull-ups and put them on the form, she doubted that anyone would believe that Cassidy was a college girl once they learned that she was not only wearing pull-ups, but that she had wet them in the middle of the day. 

Normally, Audrey didn’t enjoy blackmail. There were so many more interesting ways to get someone to do what you wanted. She was well versed in using all kinds of manipulative tactics around her peers, and it was so much more satisfying to ‘win’ simply by cleverly framing things in a conversation to make the other girl concede and/or look worse. However, she and Cassidy were sisters. The popular girl tricks didn’t work as well on someone who had known her forever, plus Audrey had already done so much to progress things this far. What was the harm in taking the easy route every now and then?

After bullying little Cassie into caving and getting her to willingly follow Margot into the daycare tent, Audrey smirked to herself and strolled off. Far enough so the big tent was no longer in view, and then she randomly chose several paths to turn down on the off chance that Cassidy made a move to escape and chase after her. Now her sister wouldn’t be able to find her very easily, and Audrey was the one with both phones and the car keys. One way or another, little Cassie was going to be helplessly stranded for a while. 

That’s exactly what Audrey needed. Time. This little prank had already gone way further than she had expected, which meant Audrey had to figure out where to take things next. Being the ‘older sister’ for once was all kinds of fun, and the fact that Cassidy had wet herself was insane. So, what now? Call it quits, and lord ‘Cassie’s’ accident over her forever? Or find a way to extend her sister’s tween existence beyond just a day at the faire? 

Audrey didn’t consider herself particularly cruel or wicked, but the thought of trapping Cassidy as a twelve year old for a little longer was tempting nonetheless. Without her college clothes and usual enhancements, it was amusingly easy to shave seven years off her life. But how? It wouldn’t mean anything back home, as the two of them knew the truth. Although insisting on pull-ups for another day or two might be possible. Still, there had to be something more interesting than babyish underwear. 

After treating herself to a few trinkets on Cassidy’s dime while brainstorming along the way, Audrey grinned to herself as she finally thought of an idea that might work. 

‘Oh my God,’ Audrey thought to herself, ‘That could be good. Like, really good.’


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End Chapter 13

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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