The Faire, Part 52

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Chapter 37
The Faire, Part 45

Part 45

For how casually Elena was currently dressed, Cassidy was surprised how many girly costumes she had stashed away. Obviously these were from a while ago, so Audrey’s friend could have grown out of them in more ways than one, but still. It would’ve been nice to have at least one costume that wasn’t as frilly. 

The Alice dress was easily the most tame of all of them. If Cassidy had known, she wouldn’t have been so hasty to move onto the next one. Elena’s old ‘unicorn’ costume was basically just a rainbow dress with a horn and a tulle tail; the material reminded Cassidy of the childish fairy outfit that had started all of this. Then it was onto a couple princess dresses, followed by a Red Riding Hood costume.

Once Elena folded the red cloak and put it back in the box, she asked, “Going strong, Cassie? I have another box somewhere! My parents save, like, everything. Guess I can’t tease them about it any more; turns out it was nice to have this stuff lying around when I finally needed it again.”

Changing from costume to costume had caused Cassidy to reflexively cover her bare chest a couple times early on, but Elena had reminded her each time to keep her hands down. It was the same casually insulting reasoning as earlier–since Cassie ‘wasn’t developed enough for a bra,’ it’s not like she had anything to hide. 

No matter how long her boobs were bared around Elena, it never got less embarrassing. Mostly because Cassidy did have boobs. They weren’t much without a proper bra supporting them, but still. Perpetually flashing a girl who knew how old she actually was? It would have been bad enough to just be walking around in panties, but wearing only diapers was a completely different story. Yet that was part of the reason why Cassidy listened to her ‘babysitter;’ behaving meant clothes. 

In the interest of moving closer to that objective, Cassidy said, “I think that’s enough for me.”

“You sure? You haven’t even seen all the costumes yet. What if there’s one you really like in the other box? I’d hate for you to miss out.”

“I’m sure,” she nodded.

Elena just shrugged. “Suit yourself. Which one was your favorite?”

“Alice, I guess.” Because it was the closest thing to actually just wearing a dress. The rest of them were pretty clearly designed for a younger girl to wear to a costume party or to go out trick-or-treating. Actually, with a few adjustments, the Red ensemble wouldn’t have been bad for the Faire. 

“Well, it suits you. If you keep behaving like a good little girl, maybe I’ll let you take it home with you when your sister picks you up.”

Cassidy was so tempted to ask when that would be. But even though Audrey and Elena weren’t in the same room, they were still working together at some level. Coming across as too desperate or whiny could easily be used against her. A real babysitter wouldn’t let her charge walk around without clothes on; this was all clearly designed to demean Cassidy, and she didn’t want to give Elena an excuse to make it worse.

Like usual, Elena took her hand in order to walk her back upstairs. Cassidy resisted the urge to slip out of the patronizing grip and allowed herself to be guided back to the main floor. She quietly sulked on the way, still trying and failing to come up with any possible ideas that would make her current situation better. It wasn’t until she was being tugged into the bathroom that Cassidy realized where she was being taken. “Elena, wait!” she exclaimed. For whatever reason, Cassidy had assumed their walk down the hallway would eventually lead to the flight of stairs that would bring her closer to something to wear. 

“It’s been nearly an hour, Cassie,” Elena said. Her voice was far more calm in comparison. “I told your older sister that you would be given regular bathroom trips, just in case. Now, lie down on the floor for me, okay? This’ll be quick; promise.”

“But- but I don’t need to go!” Cassidy protested. Technically, she was telling the truth. 

“Kids say that all the time before road trips,” Elena pointed out, “You still need to try. Better to go a little bit right now than to have an accident later, right?”


“Come on, Cassie. You’ve been so well behaved so far. There’s no need to be immature about this; I deal with diapers all the time. It’s totally fine. Really.”

Cassidy hesitated. She wasn’t sure what to say. Arguing too much would make Elena suspicious, but saying nothing at all would lead to Cassidy’s dirty secret being revealed after she had done so much to stall Elena from finding out. Not only letting herself be babysat with very little resistance, but also continuing to walk around in the disgusting underwear in the name of protecting what little dignity she had left at the moment. 

Retrospect was always a bitch. If she had known Audrey was going to take so long to return, Cassidy might have confessed right away. Maybe even tried to claim that her sister delivered her in used diapers despite how Audrey had said otherwise. 

“I’m not going to ask again, Cassie.” Elena crossed her arms. Her body was blocking the open door as well, though it’s not like Cassidy could realistically make a break for it. Where would she even go? And as her experience racing across the fairgrounds earlier had taught her, the word ‘running’ was a stretch when braless and wearing sagging diapers. “Lie on your back. This will be quick if you don’t make it difficult.”

It was like Cassidy’s body had decided to move of its own accord. She was still in control, but she was also trapped and out of options. Pushing back was still out of the question; the second Cassidy appeared defensive rather than awkward about the whole thing, Elena could figure out why that was the case and simply confirm her assumption by giving the diapers a feel. Flight was impossible. Only a miracle would save her now, and the only way to buy herself more time for that miracle was by slowly crouching down in one last ditch effort to stall. 

Similar to the way she had needed to sit down in the car and at the kitchen table, lowering herself onto the cool tile brought on another wave of discomfort as the contents of her diapers shifted and somewhat pushed up into her as her ass settled onto the floor. Praying she had managed to keep a straight face despite the disgusting sensation, Cassidy glanced up towards Elena. 

The girl only towered over her for a few seconds. Then she followed Cassidy down, only pausing to grab a towel for her knees. “All the way back,” she clarified. 

Cassidy had been propping herself up on her hands, partially because she didn’t know when the floor had last been cleaned and partially for the usual desire to maintain whatever dignity she still had the ability to hold onto. Now that she had complied this much, however, there wasn’t anything she could do besides lean back and fully rest her back on the tile. 

“There you go,” Elena smiled. Once she had herself properly positioned, she leaned forward and gripped one side of the diapers. “Okay, now just hold still. This won’t take long!”


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End Chapter 37

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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