The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 8
The Faire, Part Sixteen


Inch by inch, Margot pulled both the leotard and stitched in pull-ups past Cassidy’s waist and then gradually down her thighs. 

The girl was being careful with the sagging underwear, but it inadvertently created a ton of suspense for the nineteen year old who was being stripped. Though no one else was around to witness her exposure, she was still topless outside. And about to be bottomless. 

As the pull-ups were gently tugged over the upper curve of her not so impressive ass, Cassidy tensed up. She so badly wanted to yell at Margot to stop, and to grab the leotard to put it back on. But this needed to happen. It was either get completely naked, or continue the day in used pull-ups. The latter wasn’t actually an option, since there was no way the daycare tent girls would let her do something like that. Not that Cassidy wanted to continue wearing the disgusting underwear. Literally neither choice was good, which was causing her to mentally swipe through the less than ideal alternates. But, since Margot had basically already made the decision for her, Cassidy simply grimaced and let the girl continue. 

It felt like an eternity, but it really just took around thirty seconds for Margot to work the pull-ups down while still keeping a grip on them so they wouldn’t fall after making it past the petite curves that had previously held them in place. Cassidy was hit with two things at once. One, the faint smell of her pee now that the pull-ups were open rather than tightly hugging her hips and held in place by the leotard. It would have been a lot worse indoors, but even the outdoor air wasn’t enough to fully eliminate the smell. That air was the second thing. The light breeze was even more pronounced on Cassidy’s lower half than the rest of her, due to her backside and private area being damp from the just removed underwear. 

Cassidy’s hand twitched on her chest. She naturally wanted to drop one arm down to cover herself, but kept cupping her boobs instead. Mortifying as it was to be fully nude outside, using one of her hands like that ran the risk of touching her still dirty crotch and creating a whole new problem she would need to rely on Margot to help with. As deeply as she was blushing and as humiliated as she felt, Cassidy knew the damage was already done. Margot had already pretty much seen everything. Or was about to. And there wasn’t much Cassidy could do about it now that they had made it this far. 

“Hold still,” Margot reminded her. Still maneuvering the pull-ups carefully, she made the effort to get the sagging bulk down Cassidy’s slim legs without brushing any of the mess against her skin. “Lift?” she said. Once the underwear was resting on the ground, Margot gripped Cassidy’s ankle and helped to slip the girl’s foot out of one of the combined pull-ups/leotard. Apparently she was going to help with the whole process. 

Cringing at how shifting her thighs in such a way would show off her crotch a little bit, Cassidy allowed things to progress anyway. One leg, then the other. And, just like that, she was officially naked. Outside. Stripped by a girl that was probably closer to Audrey’s age, and seen as nothing but a tween who had daytime accidents. Normally Cassidy wasn’t so self conscious about her size, but her sister had made sure that today was quite an exception. The fairy costume was already a far cry from her normal university outfits, but being fully undressed also showcased just how immature her body looked, especially without make-up and with the childish bangs Audrey had given her. 

“Umm . . . ” Cassidy mumbled. What next? 

“Stay right there,” Margot said, “I’ll get you cleaned up a little bit now, and we’ll do the rest on the cot.”

Cassidy nervously swallowed as Margot referenced the fold-up cot a few feet away. The area behind the folding screens looked to be a makeshift area for sick kids. But instead of lying down because she was under the weather, Cassidy belatedly realized that she was going to have to do so to be /diapered/. “Wait, Margot-” she began. The whole time, Cassidy had been daunted by the prospect of being naked. She hadn’t even considered the idea that it wasn’t pull-ups that Audrey had specified at the check-in desk. It was diapers. As in, lying down and spreading her legs and getting wrapped up in even worse underwear than before. More exposure, and more humiliation. 

“Cassie. Come on, we’re almost done. Just stand right where you are, okay?” Her voice was still coming from behind Cassidy, and it was difficult for the naked girl to see what Margot was shuffling around with. To move away the wet pull-ups, probably. 

And then Cassidy felt it. She gasped and flinched at the cold feeling on her bare ass, realizing a second later that she was being rubbed with a wet wipe. It was SO awkward. Though there was a bit of material between her rear and Margot’s hand, it was still another girl cleaning her when that was something Cassidy had only ever done for herself. In retrospect, the dark haired girl had said that it would be happening, but that warning had been lost on her due to the way she had been distracted and mentally wrestling with the concept of being diapered. 

She managed to hold still despite the continuous horror of being naked outside, as well as the feeling of being wiped. Cassidy actually closed her eyes for a few seconds, praying that this was all somehow some bad dream. But it wasn’t. Letting her eyes flutter back open, she continued holding her boobs and waiting for the cleaning process to be done. 

And, the whole time, she internally cursed out her sister while thinking about how she would literally never live this down. 


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End Chapter 8

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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