The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 4
The Faire, Part Twelve


“Shame. Looks like you couldn’t make it, after all,” Audrey said.

Cassidy was too stunned to say anything. She was still dealing with the fact that she had just wet herself, in public, at her age. There were plenty of ways to justify that it wasn’t her fault, but at the end of the day she was still a college girl who just had a daytime ‘accident’ without standing up for herself or making a better effort to get to a bathroom in time. 

The look on Audrey’s face made it all the worse. For starters, it was clear that Cassidy’s sister was all too aware of what just happened. Maybe she overheard the embarrassingly steady stream, or maybe it was the sag of the leotard along that gave it away. But it was more than that. Instead of the recent high school grad looking surprised or concerned, she looked amused. Wickedly so. Gone was the judgmental sister who was annoyed at Cassidy’s ‘immaturity.’ Instead, it was pretty clear that Audrey wanted this to happen, and had been stalling on purpose. 

Finding her voice for the first time since losing control of her bladder, and cheeks burning at how stupid she had been, Cassidy started, “Audrey-”

“Cassie! Did you just WET yourself?!” It was easily loud enough for a good number of the surrounding people to hear, but the fake shock in her tone masked the fact that she was announcing it on purpose. Audrey grabbed Cassidy’s hand for the umpteenth time, and abruptly yanked her away from the bathroom line. “Ugh, that’s the second time today.”

As Cassidy was dragged off, the muffled giggles from behind her brought on a whole new wave of embarrassment. It was enough to keep her flustered enough to not resist her sister’s tugs, but walking with a squishing, sagging leotard was a lot different than when there was just that bit of dry, protective padding between her legs. When she finally came to her senses, Cassidy quickly pulled her hand free. “Audrey! What are you doing?!” There were a lot of meanings behind that question, so Cassidy immediately clarified so they could deal with the most pressing issue. They had been SO close to the front of the line, and it didn’t matter if she technically didn’t need to pee any more; now that she had wet herself, the bathroom would have been the place to get herself cleaned up. She was keenly aware of the disgusting warmth down there, and getting changed was her highest priority. “I still need the bathroom!”

“Oh, really? Looks to me like you totally emptied your tank, sis. Honestly, for a little girl, that sounded like it was a pretty big accident. Good thing I thought to include those pull-ups with your costume. Can you imagine if I didn’t? You would have pissed all over the ground and everyone would have seen! Hmm, actually, maybe I fucked up. That would’ve been hilarious, too!”

“You-” Cassidy’s eyes widened. PULL-UPS. She had been right. Leotards were supposed to be flush with the body, but Audrey had convinced her otherwise. The bulk between her legs wasn’t meant to protect gymnasts from hurting their tailbone; she had been wearing pull-ups all day! Just when she thought the hideously girly fairy costume couldn’t get any worse . . .

“That’s right,” Audrey giggled, “I stitched them into your leotard. Honestly, I didn’t think you’d actually go for it. You could have just not dressed up, you know? But cheap little Cassie just had to save a few bucks.”

“It’s Cassidy!!” As if that was the most important issue at the moment. However, this newest revelation, combined with the soaked underwear below, didn’t exactly put her at a place of authority. Even if she really was the older sister. “Audrey. We need to . . . um- we need-” she trailed off. Wait, if the pull-ups were attached to the costume, how was she supposed to get out of the sagging mess? They hadn’t brought a change of clothes.

Audrey just smirked again. “We need to get you home, don’t we?”

’Oh, God.’ Cassidy was going to be stuck like this for the entire drive home. If that wasn’t an awful enough thought, what if their parents were home? They’d want pictures, for starters, and every second of small talk would risk being discovered. Even if she somehow convinced them that Audrey had tricked her into the costume, there was no excuse in the world to explain how she had wet herself without simply finding a bathroom. 

The wave of frustration passed pretty quickly due to her humiliating situation and the way Audrey was looking at her. In its place, there was only a desperation for a shower and to put this demeaning day behind her. “Uh huh,” Cassidy said, with a meek little nod. “Let’s go home.”


Cassidy might have felt defeated, but she wasn’t naive. Glancing towards her sister to make sure there wasn’t a phone being pointed at her, she begrudgingly said, “Because I wet myself.” Saying it out loud made it so much worse. A nineteen year old girl, confessing she had a daytime accident. 

“Because you wet your pull-ups?” Audrey clarified.

Nodding again, Cassidy echoed, “Because I wet my pull-ups.”

Audrey placed a hand on her hip, looking down at her smaller sister, “Say the whole thing, Cassie.”

It had been easier when she was able to just repeat Audrey’s words. Cassidy figured it would be less fun for her if she simply did as she was told with no emotion or awkward arguing about it. But, as usual, her sister had a way of pushing her buttons. Just when the blush was almost gone, Cassidy could feel her cheeks heating up again as she said the words, “I wet my pull-ups, Audrey. Can we please go home?”

Pausing for a moment, probably to let the confession linger, Audrey stepped forward and placed her hands on Cassidy’s shoulders. “Of course we can, little sis. But first, what’s your name?”


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End Chapter 4

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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