The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 1

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Once again, Cassidy was completely at the mercy of her sister’s whims.

The hand holding persisted, of course, and she could only imagine what the pair of them must look like to the casual observer. If this were happening under normal circumstances, she would have been concerned that she and Audrey might be mistaken as a couple. Wrong for multiple reasons, namely the fact that they were sisters and Cassidy wasn’t particularly into girls. Instead, she had to deal with everyone making the assumption that she was Audrey’s little sister. 

Despite Cassidy’s occasional request to stop for a bathroom break, Audrey seemed more interested in making the most of their time at the faire. Once or twice, she even made Cassidy hydrate by insisting on a big swig of water. Always in a patronizing way, with a hint of worry; it was frustrating enough that Cassidy tended to do as she was told just to make that kind of attitude stop. It certainly didn’t help the light pressure in her bladder. Eventually, Audrey did take her back to the front of the park, only to point out that the line was too long and they should come back later. 

After trying to be civil for what felt like forever, Cassidy couldn’t take it any more. “AUDREY. I need to fucking pee.” She dug her heels into the ground, determined not to let herself be tugged farther away. Almost immediately, she failed, stumbling forward a step or two as Audrey kept her stride. 

Her sister finally stopped. She swiveled around to face Cassidy, towering over the girl while keeping a firm grip on her hand. “Cassie. Language.” Narrowing her eyes, she continued, “Look, we can take care of you after the next show, okay?”

“But, Audrey–”

“Okay . . .?”

“Okay,” Cassidy mumbled.

After such a distant relationship with her sister, Cassidy had no idea how to handle her. Combined with height difference and the unexpectedly stern attitude, she couldn’t find the strength to push the confrontation. Especially not with how small she felt, both in the childish fairy costume and the fact that she had already let herself be pressured into playing the ‘little sister’ role in order to avoid the fate that happened to other lost girls in the area. 

Besides, it was just one more show. That would take less than an hour, and then she would make a beeline for the bathroom with or without Audrey’s supervision. 

It wasn’t until the craft presentation was underway, however, that Cassidy realized what a big mistake she had made. The last few drinks finally hit her, seemingly all at once, as she sat on the uncomfortable wood bench next to her sister. Before, it had just been a dull pressure in her bladder that she had tried her best to ignore. But now? It was closer to a potential dam burst, and she quickly clamped her legs together and tried to will the feeling away. Mind over matter, right? Maybe not. 

'Shit. SHIT.'

Cassidy looked left and right, slightly panicking as the urge to pee grew greater. They were seated dead center. If she went left, she’d have to awkwardly climb over or under the short wooden fence bars and make it down the uneven dirt hill. Everyone would be staring at her, and the probability of tumbling down and getting dirt all over herself and muddying the pink costume and her pale skin was higher than she’d like. If she went right, Audrey would make a huge scene and make her sit back down. Even if she could get out, Cassidy would have to sprint to one of the porta potties and force her way to the front of a line due to what would no doubt be an emergency by the time she got there. There was always the edge of the fair grounds, but the fairy outfit was a one piece. If she wanted to somehow find a private spot outside, she’d have to fully strip. 

“Audrey . . .” Cassidy turned to her sister, whispering in desperation. She needed to get out. Now. It would take all her willpower, but she could make it. Hopefully someone would pity her and let her cut the line.

"Cassie!“ Audrey hissed. She stared daggers back, seemingly oblivious to her older sister’s plight. “You’re ruining the show. Just wait, sis. It’ll be over soon.”

“But, Audrey-OW!”

Audrey gave a sharp pinch to Cassidy’s bare leg, causing the girl to softly yelp in pain. A few nearby people glanced at her, but Audrey quickly and quietly apologized for her. “But nothing, Cassie,” she snapped back. Her voice was quiet, but sounded beyond annoyed. “Be quiet. And for the love of god, stop squirming around like a child.” 

Against her better judgment, Cassidy did as she was told. While part of her wanted to stand up and push past her sister, she was nervous that the struggle itself might result in mortifying consequences. Audrey was younger. She was barely eighteen, for crying out loud. If Cassidy were thinking clearly, she would tell off her sister and simply leave. But she wasn’t thinking clearly. After the constant lectures about not ‘freaking out over nothing,’ and all the strangers around her trying to enjoy the show, Cassidy couldn’t help but try to act natural. She hadn’t even noticed all the fidgeting and squirming until Audrey pointed it out, but now she was keenly aware of every little movement she made. 

'Hold still. Control yourself. Just a little longer.'

The entire time, Cassidy coached herself. If anyone asked, she wouldn’t be able to say one thing about the last thirty minutes of the show. Not that she knew it was thirty minutes, since Audrey had possession of her phone. Every minute was agonizing. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the presentation was over. Everyone applauded for the artisans, and Cassidy watched with pure impatience as the crowd filtered out from the seats around them. 

“Do you have something to say, Cassie?” Audrey asked. She blocked Cassidy’s path with a stern expression, crossing her arms to drive the point home.


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End Chapter 1

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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