The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 20
The Faire, Part 28

Part 28

Cassidy hesitantly did as she was told. 

With the combined threats of all the things that would happen if she didn’t do this penalty, as well as the intense eye contact Quinn maintained as she managed to lay things out in a way that made sense in the most unfair and roundabout way, Cassidy gave a tiny push below. Squatting wasn’t the same as sitting on a toilet, and it’s not like she actually had to use the bathroom in that way. At the same time, however, she wasn’t aware that squatting so low was actually the more efficient way to go compared to the modern day position she was used to. 

Quinn kept her hands on Cassidy’s kneecaps. “Whenever you’re ready, Cassie.”

Cassidy blushed a bit. “Umm, I- I did,” she said. That’s what she had been told. Just a little push, and she wouldn’t be subjected to the dare or other potential penalties that had been suggested. 

Frowning at that, Quinn replied, “What did I just say? No faking.”

“I didn’t!” There was obviously nothing even remotely sexual about the current situation, so why were those last two words so awkward? It was probably Cassidy’s real age, as of course she immediately thought of the more suggestive connotation. Even though Quinn clearly didn’t mean it that way in the slightest, it ended up putting Cassidy in a more awkward headspace than she had already been in. 

Quinn rolled her eyes. “I know you didn’t. That’s why I’m telling you to actually do it. Like, for real, Cassie.”

“Wait, that’s not what I meant. I-”

“Come on, Cassie. Squat down a little more, or tell me your last name.”

Right away, Cassidy opted for the former. Lowering herself to the point where the diapers were almost brushing the grass below, her blush deepened as Quinn assisted by pushing her legs a little farther apart than they would have naturally gone. Once again, her nails were subtly present as a reminder of who was in charge at the moment. 

“There you go,” Quinn smiled, “Now give a big push and this will all be over.”

In her flustered state, it was totally lost on Cassidy how quickly the word ‘little’ had been switched to something else. Nervously glancing away, she flexed as necessary in the new position and gave a good push. This one made her eyes widen as she immediately regretted the action. Nothing had actually happened, but it was like she had somehow sent a signal to her body that had overridden its previous state of ‘I don’t have to go right now.’ The low squat and the more intentional push, it suddenly felt like she was capable of letting go if she wasn’t careful. 

The problem was, none of this was something Quinn could see. Cassidy’s newfound urges were invisible to the eye, and even the act of pushing with her lower cheeks wasn’t exactly something anyone could truly see due to the padded underwear she had on. Acting as if Cassidy still wasn’t following through on the insisted penalty, Quinn said, “Molly? Take her shirt off. If she’s not going to be fun . . . ”

“Wait!” Cassidy exclaimed. Molly taking a single step towards her had kicked in an unfortunate version of ‘fight or flight,’ and Cassidy found herself desperate to prove to Quinn that she was pushing. Not thinking clearly in the slightest, she clenched for a moment and gave a BIG push in the name of satisfying Quinn’s penalty. Hoping that the stern, young huntress would feel the tension all the way from Cassidy’s kneecaps, the diapered girl’s expression also naturally tightened as she put her whole body into the act.

It was enough to set things into motion. She hadn’t needed to go before, but she also hadn’t gone yet today. With the way she had unintentionally primed her body for it, this was quite literally the final push she needed. Right away, Quinn noticed that this was the point of no return, and was quick to encourage her through one last burst of intimidation. “Cassidy! Push.” Digging her nails into the girl’s thighs and pushing them wider, she snapped, “Right the fuck now!”

For the first time since before the diaper reveal, Molly seemed to hesitate in response to Quinn’s excessive approach to things. “Umm, Quinn . . . ” 

But it was too late. 

Cassidy had already reached the point where she wasn’t sure if she would be able to stop what was about to happen. Not only did she suddenly have to go, and badly, but her cheeks were naturally spread from the squat. Even adjusting her body from its current position might have broken the delicate balance she had barely been able to find after the desperate push she had given to satiate Quinn’s unreasonable demands. And then the huntress snapped for her to do it again. 

Flustered and overwhelmed, Cassidy listened. This time, it was less of a push, and more a matter of simply not resisting any more. A large lump pushed its way out, and Cassidy was completely helpless to stop it due to how the low squat made her bowels work nearly effortlessly thanks to how Quinn had manipulated the setup. “No . . . ” Cassidy whispered. With slightly watery eyes and a crimson blush, she stared at Quinn in horror as things got worse. The first chunk of mess paved the way for the rest, as Cassidy hadn’t used the bathroom in this way since yesterday morning. She completely filled her diapers, absolutely mortified as the reality of what she was doing hit her around the time she felt the bulky underwear sagging beneath her. “You-” she started to say, before cutting herself off with a quiet gasp as her body continued to betray her. A natural wet followed the bigger accident; it wasn’t much, considering how recently she had used the pull-ups Audrey had tricked her into, but it was enough for a few seconds of a quiet yet audible hissing sound that certainly hadn’t gone unnoticed by Quinn. 

The huntress had been so stern and intimidating, all the up until Cassidy had actually started using the diapers. Then her expression had twisted into a wicked smirk, which persisted through both the messing and subsequent wetting. “What’s your last name, Cassidy?” she smugly asked. 

“But, I . . . ” Cassidy trailed off. It was another one of those uses of her full first name that was rather rare when it came to the teen huntress, which threw her off balance even more than the fact that she had literally just pooped in her diapers. It was just supposed to be a push! And then she- to avoid that- None of this was fair, and nothing made sense any more. 

“Cassidy.” Still smirking, Quinn calmly demanded, “Tell me.”

But, the push was the penalty! And this was SO much more than a push. Cassidy was nineteen years old, and she had just . . .

Softening both her tone and her expression, Quinn said, “Everything will be okay, Cassie. Just tell me.”

Cassidy knew that she shouldn’t. That had been one of the penalties she was avoiding! But with full diapers, and still in the awkward squat, she was too humiliated and vulnerable to argue or think clearly any more. Heart racing, and still partially in disbelief that she had done what she had just done, it felt like she had to listen to Quinn now more than ever. 

Nervously swallowing and glancing away, Cassidy murmured, “Matthews . . . ”


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End Chapter 20

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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