The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 33
The Faire, Part 41

Part 41

Objectively, staying with Elena wasn’t nearly as bad as how things had been at what was more or less daycare for both kids and younger teenagers. Although it was someone Cassidy kind of knew, at least she was safely indoors and out of the public eye.

At the same time, she wasn’t particularly comfortable. Sitting in nothing but dirty diapers at a table that did nothing to hide her exposed breasts, Cassidy continued to use the one arm to cover her chest. She wasn’t enthused about the enormous box of crayons in front of her, nor the coloring book that had been set in front of the chair Elena had led her towards. While diapers were obviously quite childish, there was also the fact that Cassidy was supposed to be ‘twelve.’ The average girl that age should be given more mature options by a babysitter. 

Cassidy wanted to say something, yet there were no potential alternatives that immediately came to mind. She was in an unfamiliar house, with her sister’s friend, and in a situation that was nothing like she had ever experienced. If not coloring, what could she do to keep herself busy while Elena worked? Not wanting to be difficult when the simplest course of action was to run out the clock until Audrey returned, Cassidy reluctantly opened the book to find a suitable picture to color. It didn’t take many pages for her to see that there wasn’t going to be an option that was interesting or complicated to draw. After seeing that the majority of her choices were simple plants and animals, she settled on a sunflower that felt like a rather neutral selection compared to the rest. 

“Make sure you color inside the lines, Cassie,” Elena said, “Oh, and why don’t you put that arm down? If you’re not developed enough to wear a bra, then there’s really no reason to cover up.”

Flushing at how casually her boobs were being insulted, which was turning into a common theme today, Cassidy hugged her chest a little more tightly, “Elena, I don’t think-”

“Tell you what, Cassie,” she said, “If you can sit there like a big girl, I might reward you with something to wear in a little while. But if you’re going to act like an immature brat, you can stay in just your diapers until Audrey picks you up.”

Cassidy was torn. Was covering later worth the price of exposing herself now? She had been nervous the entire way up to the front door, and walking back to Audrey’s car would carry the same amount of risk. Not to mention the fact that her sister tended to park in the driveway at home as well. What if one of their next door neighbors saw her in diapers, or even just noticed the fact that she wasn’t wearing any clothes from a distance? The more Cassidy thought it through, the more she actually considered Elena’s offer. Especially because there was no telling if Audrey would keep her in diapers and nothing else for the drive like the first time around. “No pictures . . . ?” Cassidy hesitantly asked. That was her one hang-up. Theoretically, Quinn’s photos were out of the equation without social media being an option. Elena, however, was much closer to Cassidy’s age, and they had plenty of mutual acquaintances.

Elena scoffed. “There’s barely anything there to take a picture of. Besides, you do realize I’m your babysitter, right? It wouldn’t exactly be professional or acceptable to take inappropriate pictures of the girl I’m watching.”

“Umm . . . ” Similar to Audrey’s ‘logic,’ it was tough to argue against Elena’s points. Of course, they only made sense if Cassidy continued playing along with the ‘little sister’ role she had been tricked into. And no matter how the concept was framed, it didn’t change the fact that sitting around with her bare chest on display was not something that would ever feel normal. Her actual age, maturity, and personality saw to that. 

“I don’t have all day, Cassie. You have to choose now, okay? Three . . . two . . . ”

It was frustratingly effective. Cassidy was well aware of the counting trick that parents and other authority figures used, and she should have been way too old for someone to treat her the same as any other kid who needed a simple psychological nudge. At the same time, it was tough to stand her ground as an independent adult when she had been perceived as a tween by pretty much everyone but her sister for the last few hours. And then there were the diapers, of course.

Reluctantly loosening her arm, she muttered an awkward, “Wait, okay.” Despite the time pressure given to her, Cassidy couldn’t bring herself to merely drop the limb and reveal her smaller breasts just like that. Instead, she lowered her arm inch by inch, not considering the fact that her speed resulted in somewhat teasing Elena. When Cassidy eventually reached her abdomen and there was nothing else to cover, she sighed and let her arm fall the rest of the way. Deeply blushing as she rested her arm on her thighs, Cassidy glanced up towards Elena to see if her newfound exposure met her expectations. 

“See? That wasn’t so difficult, was it?” Elena asked. Rather than taking a taunting tone, she mostly just sounded patronizing, “Now, you don’t need me to sit here with you while you color, do you?”

Cassidy merely shook her head. She was still trying to get used to the fact that the AC could now reach her breasts as well as the rest of her bare skin. And that Elena had an unfettered view of her form as well.

“Okay. And do you need the bathroom yet, Cassie? Use your words.” 

Taking a much needed swallow to help with how dry her throat was suddenly feeling, Cassidy glanced away and quietly said, “No.” She didn’t even realize how shy was coming across. However, it was difficult to meet the short haired girl’s eyes when Cassidy was sitting and she was standing, and that was on top of the fact that Cassidy was now topless and no longer making the effort to cover up. 

Elena gave a soft smile, “You mean, ‘No, Ms. Elena.’ While you’re here, we might as well work on respect. You should address your babysitter the same way you address your teachers! Does that make sense?”

Technically, yes. It made sense, but Cassidy had literally never had a babysitter who went by anything but her first name. Additionally, Elena was actually younger than Cassidy was, which made it all the more embarrassing. Regardless, Cassidy hesitantly responded, “Yes, Ms. Elena.” She was currently in no state to point out any of the issues with the title that crossed her mind. 

“Much better! You’re such a quick learner,” Elena exclaimed. She picked up the box of crayons and flipped it upside-down. Without the lid already open, the dozens of crayons exploded onto the table. “Have fun drawing, Cassie! I’ll be just over here if you need me.” With that, she dropped the box and sauntered over to the kitchen sink.

As Elena turned on the water and picked up the soap, Cassidy gazed down at the absolute mess before her. A few seconds ago, the crayons had been organized by color. Now they were chaotically spread out on the table; a few had already rolled off and fallen to the floor. 

Sighing to herself, Cassidy began sifting through the pile to find a decent green to start with. 

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End Chapter 33

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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