The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 9
The Faire, Part Seventeen


Margot was being quite thorough as she cleaned in circles on Cassidy’s backside, though there was nothing remotely sexual about the girl’s touch. The bottomless girl was very much straight, although at this point would very much choose that variety of exploration over being treated like a little girl who had daytime accidents. Cassidy quickly shook those thoughts out of her head. She wasn’t like that, and also that kind of justification was ridiculous. She shouldn’t have to do anything as an alternative, because she didn’t need pull-ups in the first place! 

“Everything okay, Cassie?”

Apparently she wasn’t that great at hiding her emotions. Or good at paying attention, for that matter. While Cassidy had been stewing on her frustrations, Margot had finished with the wipes and had circled back around to find whatever expression was sitting on Cassidy’s face. “Everything’s fine,” Cassidy sighed. She was literally older than this girl, but was being talked down to thanks to Audrey. “Can we just hurry this up? Please?” She belatedly tacked on the polite word. She knew channeling her annoyance towards her sister towards the girl trying to help wasn’t fair, but Margot was the only target at the moment.

Her flicker of attitude didn’t do her any favors. “Believe it or not, Cassie, there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing than cleaning up after a girl who’s too old to be wetting herself. Now, get up on the table. Please.” The parting word was a pretty clear mimic of Cassidy’s. Frowning a bit and not nearly as kind or patient as she had been before, Margot gestured to the cot. 

“Fine,” Cassidy huffed. She knew that she should apologize, but couldn’t get over the fact that Margot was probably around Audrey’s age and was bossing her around just like her sister had been doing all day. Unfortunately, it was difficult to maintain an air of anything when she was literally naked without much dignity left. The only way out was through, however, so she reluctantly got up on the cot. Margot had laid down a towel earlier to clean her on, so the surface underneath wouldn’t get dirty, although Cassidy paid the price in terms of it not being particularly smooth or comfortable. This would also be a different kind of exposure, as Cassidy had yet to be wiped around her more private area. “I can clean the rest myself,” she said, suddenly feeling a lot more meek while the other girl was standing over her. 

“Umm, yeah, no,” Margot replied, “Sorry, Cassie. I know this might be uncomfortable for you, but it’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal. Besides, you might miss a spot.” 

It was similar language to what the girl had said before. The last bit was new, and implied mistrust on Cassidy’s part. However, it didn’t seem like she was being punished for her attitude. Margot was just falling back on her babysitting experience, and assumed that she would do a better job than Cassidy would. She was tempted to reply with an iteration of ‘make it quick,’ but at this point just wanted to move things along. Pursing her lips in annoyance, she lay back on the cot and tried her best not to be mortified that she was about to be splaying herself in such an inappropriate and embarrassing way. 

Cassidy was nineteen, and yet Margot very much believed otherwise. To Margot, she was nothing but a tween who apparently still had accidents.

“This will just take a second,” Margot said. She placed one hand on Cassidy’s knee to spread her slightly apart, and used the other to wipe. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as the backside. The wipes were quick, and about as light and painless as they could be while still being awkward for the obvious reasons. 

The naked girl couldn’t help but sharply inhale once or twice when Margot approached her most private area, but that was the spot that the girl avoided the most while still making sure to do a thorough job. Margot must have sensed the discomfort, since she never actually ran a wipe over Cassidy’s lower lips. Instead, she hit everything else before handing a fresh wipe to her. “Here,” Margot said, “You can do the last part. I’ll go get the diapers.”

Cassidy didn’t need to be told twice. It was definitely better than another girl doing it for her. She wiped her most sensitive area a few times with the cold material, then resisted the urge to slam her legs together for privacy. Margot had already seen everything, and the mental effort to open back up would probably end up worse than just staying in place until she was sorted out. 


Ugh, it was so humiliating. It’s not like Cassidy knew she was putting on pull-ups when she put on the leotard Audrey had given her, but Cassidy absolutely would choose pull-ups over diapers if she had to make the decision for whatever reason. The former was at least a tiny bit like regular underwear, if only for the fact that they slid on in the same way. But diapers? Not so much. 

And also . . . ‘FUCK.’ If Margot hadn’t been standing right there, and if Cassidy wasn’t currently naked and spreading her legs to the point where she could literally feel outside air on her nether region, she might have exclaimed the expletive out loud. 

Audrey had planned this! To some degree, at least. That morning, she had suggested trying the fairy costume like it was some off the cuff idea, but her sister had admitted to stitching the pull-ups into the leotard the previous night. She could have told Cassidy about the mix-up when the costumes first arrived, as Audrey had obviously opened them then versus the morning of like she had implied. But was it more than that? Had Audrey somehow switched the order to begin, or did she just capitalize on the childish pink ensemble and make it even worse by adding the padded underwear? 

Cassidy had been too mortified about wetting herself in public, as well as the realization that she had unwittingly worn pull-ups all day thanks to her sister. Now that she had a fleeting moment to breathe, however, she began replaying things in her head. The fairy costume had obviously been Audrey’s plan since the previous day, but if it went back further than that . . . Cassidy was going to kill her either way, but she was also kicking herself at the notion that she had been trying to save money that Audrey very well could have wasted in the name of this excessive prank to begin with. 

Before she faced her sister again, or had any more time to think through how much of a gullible pushover she had been, Cassidy had to deal with the more pressing embarrassment. 

“All done, Cassie?” Margot asked. At least her mood had softened again, but that didn’t change the fact that she was about to diaper a girl who very much didn’t deserve it. 

Was it too late to backpedal? “Margot, wait,” Cassidy said. On the one hand, the dark haired girl was a stranger she’d never see again. But at the same time, admitting her real age would be a lot now that she had let herself be stripped and wiped like an accident-prone tween. And would Audrey’s unspoken threat become a reality if Cassidy came clean when she was supposed to be sitting around in daycare like she belonged? 

Cassidy had no idea. About any of it. 


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End Chapter 9

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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