The Faire, Part 52

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Chapter 38
The Faire, Part 46

Part 46

Cassidy wasn’t sure what she thought would happen, aside from the obvious. There was no convenient cell phone call, doorbell ring, or any other form of ‘miracle’ to interrupt Elena’s process. And now that Elena had her hands on Cassidy’s diapers, there was no slowing the train down. Especially since Elena actually was a babysitter, albeit one whose experience with such underwear was probably limited to much younger charges. 

Elena deftly undid the tabs on one side, then the other, while Cassidy practically held her breath in anticipation of the humiliation to come. As soon as the padding was loose, the smell that had been previously contained in the thick diapers flooded the bathroom. Any chance of somehow keeping the mortifying ‘accident’ from Elena vanished in an instant. “Oh, my God!” she exclaimed. With wide eyes and lips parted in surprise, Elena asked, “What’s this, Cassie?!” Answering the question herself, the short haired girl fully opened the diapers to reveal the mess within.

There was no suitable response. Besides, Cassidy had been a lot more focused on trying to prevent this moment, rather than thinking what might come afterwards. Would Elena even believe the truth? That Audrey had dropped Cassidy off in dirty diapers? “I- It’s- Audrey, umm . . . ” she stammered. It was bad enough trying to talk amidst the horrible odor that had been contained until now, and then there was the judgment and sheer disbelief on Elena’s face to contend with on top of that. 

“Wait right here. Don’t move a muscle.” Without another word, Elena stood up and left the room.

Meanwhile, Cassidy was left on the floor. She did as she was told, mostly because what else could she do? The downstairs bathroom didn’t have a shower, and Cassidy certainly wasn’t equipped to clean herself up in her current position, not when any movements could potentially make things worse now that the diapers were open. Elena was likely going to retrieve the necessary supplies for something like this, anyway. So Cassidy just waited, impatient and absolutely mortified. Wondering if this could have somehow been avoided, or at the very least come to light an hour ago if she had known Elena was going to find out one way or another. 

Elena’s footsteps were both a welcome and an intimidating sound. The silver lining to all of this, of course, was that Cassidy no longer had to walk around in sagging diapers. With the humiliating band-aid ripped off, now she could finally get cleaned up. Or so she thought. 

Standing in the doorway and looking down at the splayed girl, Elena asked, “Audrey didn’t leave you with any spare diapers?”

Of course not. Cassidy had been changed out of the soaked pull-ups by Margot, who had diapers of every size lying around thanks to her job. However, though Audrey’s prank had gone way too far, it’s not like Cassidy’s sister had planned ahead for something like this. “Umm, no . . . ?” she hesitantly replied. Hadn’t Elena been there when Cassidy had been dropped off? All Audrey’s ‘little sister’ had been wearing were the diapers; Audrey hadn’t given Elena anything besides a nearly naked girl to babysit, and Cassidy’s hands had been empty at the time. 

“Huh. Okay, then.” Elena knelt back down and started pulling the front section of the diapers up and back into place.

“Wait!” Cassidy gasped, “What are you doing?!”

“Taping your diapers back up,” Elena simply replied, “I don’t have anything for a girl your size, so we’re going to have to take a little shopping trip to get what you need.”

It took a second or two for Cassidy to truly process what Elena was saying. Instead of dealing with the full diapers here and now, Elena was putting them back ON. “Elena!” she exclaimed. Shifting in discomfort when she felt the awful mess pushing back against her, Cassidy tried to protest, “You can’t-”

“Cassie, hold still! And hush,” she snapped. Not hesitating in the slightest, Elena proceeded to tape the diapers up as tightly as that had been put on the first time around. Then, for good measure, she pulled out a handful of pins out of her pocket and added a couple to each side in case the tabs didn’t fully hold up after being undone once. 

Cassidy couldn’t believe what was happening. She was wearing the used diapers again. And it felt so much worse after the brief reprieve. “Elena, please,” she whined, looking up in desperation at Audrey’s friend, “I need to shower. I need clean underwear!”

Elena just scoffed and shook her head. “And what do you propose you’ll wear on our outing?”

“You can loan me something!” If there were old costumes lying around, there had to be some clothes that were being kept for a similar ‘just in case’ reason. In fact, Elena had literally offered her something to wear earlier, provided Cassidy continued to behave. 

“I told you, Cassie, I don’t have diapers that will fit you. And you clearly can’t be trusted in panties. Come on, get up.”

Cassidy’s head was spinning as Elena took her wrists and began guiding her to sit up. Couldn’t be trusted?! Of course she could. The only reason she had such a bad ‘accident’ earlier was because Quinn had manipulated it to happen. “Wait! Elena, wait!” Cassidy had to try. It would be crazy not to. After allowing herself to be pulled back to her feet, she instinctively covered her bare chest while insisting, “I’ll be fine in panties. Just for a little while?” That’s how far she had fallen, apparently. Negotiating to wear regular underwear, while undeniably implying that she was willing to go right back to diapers afterwards. 

Elena continued tugging on her wrist, leading her out of the bathroom while countering, “You’ll be fine in those diapers. Clearly you don’t mind, considering you never once asked me for a change.” 

“But, that’s not-” It was more complicated than that! Although she also couldn’t deny that it looked pretty bad, letting Elena find out the way that she did. “This is Audrey’s fault! And Quinn’s.”

“Uh huh. So, it’s everyone’s fault but your own? Real mature, Cassie.”

“Elena! That’s not fair!”

Letting go of Cassidy’s wrist, Elena sharply turned around and brought herself face to face with the diapered girl. “Did you or did you not have a major accident in your diapers, Cassie?”


“Yes, or no?”


"Yes. Or. No.”

“Yes . . . ” Cassidy mumbled, “But, it’s not like that.”

Ignoring the follow-up, Elena asked, “And you’ve just been wearing them? You did know you used your diapers, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did!” Cassidy exclaimed. As if it was possible for her to be oblivious to something so disgusting. The way this was all being framed was all kinds of frustrating. However, the more she thought about it, the worse it sounded even from her own perspective. Audrey already knew what Cassidy had done in the diapers, so the only real benefit of not telling Elena was to avoid the embarrassment of it all. Though it had made sense at the time, trying to justify it out loud was something she was hesitant to attempt. 

Elena sighed. “Well, I can see why Audrey hired me to babysit you. You’re obviously not responsible enough to take care of yourself.”

“I- I am!” Cassidy replied, “I’m in college!”

“You’re in diapers.” 

With that, Elena took Cassidy’s hand and started walking again.


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End Chapter 38

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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