The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 16
Part 24

Part 24

Cassidy had never been pantsed before. Like, ever.

Even with a brat of a younger sister who always went out of her way to embarrass her when they were both in middle school and high school, Cassidy had always kept her guard up when it came to physical ‘pranks’ like that. Plus Audrey was a little more elegant in the ways she set up her older sister. Today was a good example, although also way more extreme than her usual. Apparently months of separation gave the girl an opportunity to think of something that would make up for all that lost time. 

And, at school, Cassidy had been vigilant enough to avoid her gym shorts being yanked down during her younger teenage years when that was a trend for a little while. It happened to people in regular outfits, too, but gym attire was particularly susceptible due to the lack of resistance in the shorts and the more chaotic nature of that class. Not to Cassidy, however, since she saw it happen enough to others that she never gave anyone the chance to do it to her.

Unfortunately for her, those habits were long forgotten. It’s not like people were pantsing each other in college, and she had honestly assumed that teens these days would have come up with something less crude in terms of embarrassing their peers. Apparently not. Cassidy gasped as she felt Quinn’s hands on her skirt, but it was too late to do anything about it. By the time Cassidy attempted to save the costume piece Audrey had set her up to wear, it was already halfway down her legs. 

Under normal circumstances, Cassidy’s reflex would have been to immediately bend over and retrieve the skirt before anyone saw too much of her underwear. Or, as her college aged self, perhaps simply stand there for a few seconds with her more mature confidence to show that she wasn’t bothered by such a juvenile attempt to make her blush. Her legs were annoyingly slim, but she typically wore nice underwear that would have offset her petite figure. However, Cassidy did neither of those things. Instead, she froze. Fully froze, both due to the shock of Quinn pulling her skirt down and the horrifying realization that nothing Cassidy could do would be able to conceal the fact that she was wearing diapers. 

Molly was the one who broke the silence. “Wait, what the fuck? Are you wearing a diaper?!” The look on her face was something between surprise and amusement, and there was a good chance Cassidy was about to lose the defense the girl had offered here and there against Quinn. Noah was impossible to read. He was just staring, and probably processing through what he had thought was going to be a bottomless girl before the visual ended up being something slightly unexpected. 

Then there was Quinn herself. She had taken a second longer to notice due to being the one who had pantsed Cassidy, which meant she didn’t see the full picture right away despite being the closest to the bulky underwear. But when she did, she barked out a laugh. “She totally is!!” Quinn exclaimed. With no warning, she grabbed the base of the padding for a quick feel. “More than one, I think. Unless it’s just super thick.”

Finally coming to her senses, Cassidy snapped back, “Hey!” She swatted Quinn’s hand away and then tried to step away from the girl for a little personal space. Of course, dealing with the fact that her padded underwear had been revealed made Cassidy temporarily forget that her skirt was now pooled around her ankles. Right away, she stumbled and nearly fell over.

The person who saved her, ironically, was Quinn. Before Cassidy fell too off balance from how her legs were tangled up in the pink tulle, Quinn managed to catch her and offer enough support so she didn’t completely fall over. “Careful, Cassidy. Here, let me help.” Her voice was practically right in Cassidy’s ear, and there was just a hint of bitchy-ness in the girl’s tone hiding behind what was more gentle and subtly condescending on the surface. In the name of ‘helping,’ Quinn firmly planted her foot on the skirt between Cassidy’s ankles, then instructed, “Lift your right foot, Cassidy.”

It was a million times worse than being naked outside with Margot. Despite being a lot more clothed, Cassidy was caught wearing diapers in front of a group of teenagers. She felt beyond small, and barely heard what Quinn said due to dealing with the mortification and swirling emotions she was caught up in. It was only when Quinn repeated herself, more insistent the second time around, that Cassidy heard the words and wasn’t immediately on board. “Umm, I don’t think-”

Right away, Quinn shot back with, “Now, Cassie. You have to. Isn’t that right, Molly?”

Molly nodded. That’s all it took. One humiliating revelation, and suddenly Molly was fully on the side of the young huntress after getting over her own surprise at this turn of events. “Do what Quinn says, Cassidy.” At least she was still using the full name, but Quinn had been gravitating more and more towards the one Margot had said when she had initially dropped Cassidy off with the rest of them. Molly echoed the other part as well. “Right now.”

Cassidy froze for the second time, although only for a second this time around. Deep down, she knew she didn’t have to listen. The two girls were teenagers, and so much younger than her. They didn’t have any real power, and yet the peer pressure was real. It was two against one, and Cassidy was too flustered to come up with any kind of real argument. She just blushed and tried one more time to blurt out. “But, I-”

“Leg up, Cassie.” Taking a new approach, Quinn sounded more curt and no-nonsense about the whole thing. It was almost like Cassidy had annoyed her somehow, even though Cassidy hadn’t even done anything. 

Nervously swallowing, Cassidy did as she was told. It was the perfect concoction of embarrassment, judgment, and nonstop pressure, and Quinn’s directive was ultimately a simple one. Pushing back on it felt futile. So she reluctantly lifted her right foot now that Quinn had kept her from falling only to keep her off balance in an entirely different way. 

Quinn shifted the skirt with her foot, then followed up with, “Now the other one.”

Once again, Cassidy obeyed. Her second foot was a little more tangled up than the first one, but she managed to work it out of the skirt thanks to the way Quinn kept the fabric pinned down with her foot. Just like that, she was only wearing diapers below the waist. The reality hit her far too late. Cassidy’s blush deepened and she belatedly tried to cover herself up for all the good that would do. “Quinn-”

“Yes, Cassie?” She made short work of scooping up the now fully removed skirt. Walking around to join Molly and Noah, Quinn handed the pink garment to the other girl and then smirked as she looked Cassidy up and down. Her gaze lingered on the bulky underwear. “Hmm, maybe Molly was right. This is your dare, Cass. It totally isn’t fair to make Molly give up her skirt.”

Molly smiled. It was obviously because of the implication of Quinn’s words, rather than that the girl was agreeing with her after the fact. “Sorry, Cassidy,” she shrugged.


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End Chapter 16

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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