The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 41
The Faire, Part 49

Part 49

It was Audrey. Thank God.

Obviously Cassidy would have preferred an empty house, but at least there wouldn’t be any awkward explanations where her sister was involved. After all, Audrey was the one who started all of this. 

“Hey, sis,” Audrey smiled, before glancing towards Elena, “Well? How was she?”

“Good, mostly,” Elena replied.


“Well, she had a pretty major accident in her diapers and didn’t tell me about it for a while. If she keeps that habit up, she’ll definitely end up with a diaper rash.”

“Oh, that would be so terrible,” Audrey giggled. She was even trying to hide her amusement. “Did you get her cleaned up, or . . . ?”

“No, we had to go out and buy her more diapers, and then you texted. I can stick around and change her before heading out, if you want.”

“Come on in! I could use your help with this next part, anyway.”

Just like that, the two of us were ushered inside. Being home was not a relief, either. Not when Cassidy was still walking around in used diapers and holding a large pack of clean ones. All she wanted was a long shower, both for the disgusting mess she had been stuck in for hours, as well as the sweat from a long day at the faire. Then she could focus on everything else–her sister, her social media, etc.

Instead of being led upstairs, however, Cassidy was taken to the living room. Where their mother was waiting for them. 

Cassidy stopped dead in her tracks. “What-” There were no words. So far, Cassidy had been able to disassociate along the way due to how Audrey and Elena had been the only two that had known her throughout the events of this absolutely mortifying day. The diapered girl was not prepared in the slightest for her real life to crash into what had basically been a nonstop nightmare since that first accident. 

“Sit down, Cassidy,” her mother said, “It appears we have a long overdue conversation to have.”

Before Cassidy could recover from the shock, or process what was going on, Elena said, “Hey, Mrs. Matthews. Would you mind postponing this for just a few more minutes? Cassie’s in dire need of a diaper change. She, umm . . . ” She trailed off, looking towards Audrey as if unsure how to say it.

“Cassidy shit herself,” Audrey bluntly said, “For the second time today. Pardon my language.”

Though Cassidy’s sister sounded a bit annoyed and judgmental, their mother just looked concerned in comparison. 

Elena tagged in, “Actually, Audrey, do you mind changing her this time? I could stay and go over the arrangements we’ve been talking about.”

Cassidy was too flustered and confused to say a single thing. Not only that, but she also didn’t have all the facts. As for Audrey’s falsity about this accident, Cassidy couldn’t imagine that insisting that she only pooped in the diapers only once would go over well. Either way, it was a really bad look, especially when there was no denying it in her current state. It wouldn’t take very much for either of the girls to prove that she was, in fact, wearing dirty diapers. 

Audrey placed a hand on the small of Cassidy’s back and guided her back towards the hallway. Step by step, they made their way upstairs and towards Cassidy’s room. With an armful of diapers and still in quite a frazzled headspace, all she could do was let herself be walked forward. 

“Want me to catch you up, sis?” Audrey asked. She closed the door behind them and took the pack of diapers out of Cassidy’s hands. Tossing it on the bed for the time being, she placed a hand on her hip. “Well? Say something.”

“Audrey, what’s going on?!” Cassidy blurted out.

Audrey just smirked. “Here. I’ll show you.” 

Cassidy was led over to her desk. Wincing at the sensation of sitting down in the full diapers, a feeling that never got better now matter how many times she went through it, she was directed to open her planner. 

The first couple months of the year looked exactly as she remembered. Then she turned to March, and immediately noticed what was different from the way she marked her calendar. Starting just over a week before midterms, there was the first of many red X’s marked on the page. 

Ever the organized girl, Cassidy always made a point to jot down a color key in the corner of each month. Black was for tests/assignments, blue was for extracurriculars, green was for chores, and purple was for social engagements. A fifth line had been added in red, in her handwriting–Accidents.

April was the same, but with more X’s throughout the month. Then, in May, a sixth line was added. Red was for ‘Overnight Accidents,’ and orange was for ‘Daytime Accidents.’

“Clearly the stress of midterms was too much,” Audrey explained in a playful lilt, “You started wetting the bed. Eventually you decided it was best to wear diapers every night for protection, just in case, and started tracking your accidents to see if there was a pattern. Sounds like you, right? You were too embarrassed to tell almost anyone, of course, but you can always confide in your dear sister.” 

It was summer! The pages before Cassidy made it look like she had been wearing diapers for months, rather than half a day. “Audrey . . . ” she trailed off, not even sure where to start. 

“I already showed this to our parents, by the way. It’s about time I stopped keeping this dirty little secret of yours,” Audrey said, “Oh, and I got some plastic sheets for your bed and replaced everything in your underwear drawer with diapers. It paints a pretty convincing picture, sis!”

“But- but why?” Cassidy asked. She was completely flabbergasted. “I don’t need diapers!”

“That’s debatable. Do you or don’t you need a diaper change right now, Cassie?”

“That’s not fair! Quinn made me-”

“Cassidy. Are you wearing diapers right now? Yes, or no?”

It was SO much more complicated than that. There had been countless moments throughout the day where Cassidy had felt stuck doing this or that, but trying to piece them together in a way that saved face when she was literally sitting in messy diapers was an impossible task. Still looking down at the calendar before her in disbelief, she muttered, “ . . . Yes.”

“Full diapers?” Audrey pressed.

Cassidy reluctantly nodded. She wanted to scream at her sister about how none of this was fair, and how Audrey was taking things completely out of context, but it was difficult to find the energy after everything she had been through. What Cassidy really wanted was the same as what she had been thinking about at the front door–wearing clean underwear. If she could just get that far, then maybe she could more successfully untangle Audrey’s lies. 

“Mm hmm,” Audrey hummed. She closed the planner and placed her hand on Cassidy’s shoulders. Waiting for the seated girl to look up in her eyes, Audrey said, “This was just supposed to be a little prank, Cassie, but you honestly keep making it too easy. It’s almost like you want to wear diapers all summer or something. Don’t worry, sis; your wish is my command.”


“It’s already been decided,” Audrey said, “From now on, you are to be diapered day and night until you can prove that you can be trusted without them.”

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End Chapter 41

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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