The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 26
The Faire, Part 34

Part 34

“So, to recap,” Audrey said, “You wet yourself instead of speaking up about needing the bathroom, you took off your clothes because a few teenagers told you to, and now you’re walking around in shitty diapers?”

Cassidy flushed at the oversimplification of the day’s mortifying events. “It’s not like that!” she exclaimed. Still clutching her bare breasts, and feeling the sag of the diapers a little more now that her sister bluntly mentioned the latest ‘accident’ that Quinn had coerced, Cassidy tried to reframe what she could. “I-”

That’s as far as she made it. Audrey cut her off in a harsh tone. “Cassie. This was supposed to be a prank. Is dressing you up like a little girl really all it takes for you to forget how to be an adult?

“I- I am an adult!” Cassidy exclaimed, “You just-”

“I just what?” Audrey rolled her eyes, “Pretty sure all I did was give you a silly costume. Tell me something, little sis. Was I even there when you were put in diapers and made such a mess in them?”

“That was Quinn! She-”

“Quinn put you in diapers?”

“No, Margot did!” 

“Uh huh. So first it was my fault, but now you’re blaming two other girls? Do you know how immature it looks when you point the finger at literally everybody but yourself?”

Due to her current state, Cassidy was easily flustered by the way Audrey pivoted the conversation. Cassidy wanted to say that it wasn’t just the costume where her sister was involved. It was the bangs, and the sewn in pull-ups, and the way Cassidy had been made to act like Audrey’s younger sister ever since they arrived. Considering the way Audrey treated her after the humiliating accident, the smaller sister was almost certain that it was the result Audrey had been hoping for by insisting on the longer line. 

The problem was, it was too late to clarify any of that when Audrey moved on to the following events. And, thanks to her manipulative sister’s latest words, Cassidy needed to be careful that any further arguing didn’t come across as sounding like more excuses. 

“I didn’t-”

“Enough, Cassie,” Audrey sighed, “If you’re going to act like a baby girl, then you’re going to be treated like one. Now, do you want my help or not?”

Cassidy did need Audrey’s help, especially now that they had wasted another precious minute just talking. “I want your help,” she begrudgingly admitted, “Use my card, or yours and I can pay you back. Just hurry!”

“Once you admit you’re a baby girl who needs diapers and a fresh course in potty training.” 

“Audrey, come on! We can’t-”

“Cas-sie,” Audrey drew out each syllable as she gave her sister a stern look, “Just admit it, okay? Then I’ll fix this ridiculous mess you’ve gotten yourself in.”

Just like before, Cassidy caved pretty quickly. As long as the clock was ticking, she couldn’t. “Fine, whatever. Diapers and potty training. Can you just-”

“The whole thing, sis. ‘You’re a baby girl . . .’”

“Audrey, come on!”

“You’re. A. Baby. Girl.”

“Ugh, okay! I’m a baby girl.”

“Who needs diapers.”

“Who needs diapers . . .”

“And a fresh course in potty training.”

“And a fresh course-” Cassidy finally hesitated, blushing a little more at the impending phrase. It was so embarrassing and juvenile, but she pushed through, “-in potty training.”

“Now the whole thing, Cassie,” Audrey smirked.

Swallowing her pride, she muttered, “I’m a baby girl who needs diapers and a fresh course in potty training.” 

“See? Was that so difficult, baby sis?” Audrey reached into her purse and pulled out Cassidy’s phone, “Alright, let’s get this Quinn thing figured out.”

“What- what are you doing?” Cassidy asked. She stumbled over her words in surprise when seeing just how effortlessly Audrey unlocked the phone. That was password protected! Holding onto Cassidy’s things had been enough of a violation, but the device in Audrey’s hand was obviously particularly personal. “Audrey-”

“Hush, Cassie.” Audrey held up a finger to punctuate her patronizing words with an equally frustrating gesture. “You don’t want the whole world to see you in diapers, right?”

Of course not. Which was why Cassidy needed to get back to the trio of teenagers who had her clothes and life destroying pictures ASAP. “Audrey, please. The tent is right over there!” she replied, “I need to go.”

“That’s what your diapers are for,” Audrey scoffed, twisting Cassidy’s last few words into something completely different than what she meant, “And you’re fine. I’m not going to waste a bunch of money on a couple of brats. Besides, I don’t want to max out your card. That’s what I’ve been using for everything today.”

“You what?!” 

“Relax, Cassie. It’s easier if you just pay for everything. We can figure that stuff out later. Don’t you have bigger problems right now?”


“Do you want to worry about me, or Quinn? Choose, sis.”

The ideal answer was ‘neither.’ If she had to choose, however, Cassidy would probably lean towards her sister. Not even because she was sure it was the best choice; it was more due to the fact that making it back to Quinn at this point was questionable. If Audrey had a way out of this, that solution could very well be Cassidy’s only option. Which meant it wasn’t really a decision at all. “You. Whatever,” she muttered. Feigning indifference, and taking whatever satisfaction she could about the somewhat mutual agreement that Audrey was a problem in her own way. 

“That’s what I thought,” Audrey replied. She didn’t bother looking up from the phone in her hands. “Now, just give me a minute and I’ll sort this out for you.”

“What are you-”

“Cassie. Hush. Stop distracting me.”

Cassidy wasn’t happy about it, but she did as she was told. She hated being shushed, and now she had to suffer through it a couple times in a row. It was particularly annoying where her sister was involved, but Audrey’s point still stood. More important issues meant sucking it up when it came to the smaller things. 

Rather than commentating on what she was doing on Cassidy’s phone, Audrey worked in silence. Tapping here and there, smiling a little bit to herself along the way, she took a minute or two to take care of everything. Whenever Cassidy shifted her weight or opened her mouth to say something, Audrey held up a finger and told her to be patient. Using Cassidy’s stressed words against her, Audrey reminded her, “You need this fixed soon, Cassie. Like, really soon.”

The annoying part was, Audrey was right. If this was going to somehow solve things, although Cassidy still didn’t understand how her phone was the key to anything, then distracting her sister would waste whatever time Cassidy had left to return to Quinn and company. But what was Audrey doing? Calling the adventure tent, or whatever it was called, was Cassidy’s first assumption, but did the daycare place even have a working landline when the faire was set up in the middle of an isolated clearing? And, while Audrey had probably put her contact info on the form, it’s not like she swapped numbers with Margot or anything. That ruled out texting. 

The good news was, Cassidy didn’t have to remain in suspense for very long. After another thirty seconds or so, Audrey offered the phone to her. “There you go, baby sis. That should do it. Now, we should probably find you something to wear!”


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End Chapter 26

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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