The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 24
The Faire, Part 32

Part 24

Quinn immediately looked intrigued, but she managed to bite her lip. Asking Molly would be no fun, as waiting for the reveal of whatever she had in mind would be a lot more interesting. Of course, Cassidy was the one most in suspense amidst them, as she was the one it would no doubt affect the most. 

Molly pulled out her phone again, although this time she didn’t train it on Cassidy. Instead, she just tapped the screen here and there, idly smiling to herself as she did so. Finally, she showed the device to Quinn, whose smirk returned in full force at whatever she was seeing.

Cassidy wasn’t kept in the dark for very long. A second later, Molly was turning the phone around to show her as well. It took a moment for the diapered blonde to realize what she was looking at. When it did click, her face practically whitened. “Molly, no!” she begged, “You have to delete that. Right now!” The teen had uploaded one of the pictures to her social media account. The very thing Cassidy had been doing everything in her power to avoid.

Molly just shrugged. “Your call, Cassie. Right now, you’re not tagged. All my friends will just see some diapered girl who they’ll probably assume is my age. At least, until it’s flagged for nudity and taken down. So, here’s the deal. Make it back in time with pretty jewelry for us, and I’ll delete it. Take too long . . . ”

Easily picking up on the implication, Quinn jumped back in. “Molly will add your name to the pic and I’ll post something, too. Believe it or not, these apps are pretty slow to catch inappropriate pictures. I bet it’ll be at least a few hours.”

“And girls our age are so good at sharing when we see something amusing. Let’s be real; even if it’s taken down, will it really go away?” Molly said.

Of course not. Not only would tagging her make the mortifying photo visible to basically all of her high school and college friends, but any of those people could save and/or repost it as well. Girls, to judge her for a much smaller chest than she advertised with her usual bra choice. Boys, to appreciate seeing a girl they knew topless. As for the diapers, Cassidy had no idea how anyone would react to that. 

Before Cassidy could project much further, Quinn pressured her to decide then and there. “You have ten minutes, Cassie. Starting . . . now!”

Gasping at the sudden timer, Cassidy desperately looked back and forth from Quinn to Molly. “But- my clothes-”

“You’re fine just how you are,” Quinn scoffed, “9 minutes, 55 seconds.”

“Go, Cassie,” Molly said, “If you’re not over that fence in twenty seconds, I’m going to post twenty more photos.”

At that, Cassidy squeaked in nervousness before leaping into action. She was already wasting time, and one photo was bad enough. Barely thinking through the possible obstacles and consequences for the mission she was being sent on, Cassidy scurried over to the fence, wincing all the while at how awkward it felt to be moving about in filled diapers. So far, she had only been standing in the bulky underwear after using them in such a humiliating way. Not only was the padding thicker than the pull-ups she had unwittingly worn around for half the day before wetting them, but running with the mess sagging beneath her was so much worse than walking through the grounds when she had just been wet. 

Never in a million years did she ever expect to be wishing for the used pull-ups she had been wearing before Audrey stuck her in the daycare tent. 

The fence was likely more for younger kids, as even Cassidy’s shortness didn’t seem like it was going to be much of a problem for the first literal obstacle in her way. She wasn’t the most athletic girl, but it also wasn’t the most difficult thing to climb. Finding a good grip on the simple metal and grateful that their section of the tent wasn’t facing the public area of the Faire, she left herself totally bare as she pushed off the ground to the best of her ability and hoisted herself up.

Trying her very hardest to ignore the fact that she was nearly naked, and taking care not to get the thick padding caught on the top of the fence in any way, Cassidy swung a leg over while once again cringing at just how disgusting it felt to be doing any kind of physical activity in dirty diapers. She couldn’t dwell on it, however, as she was on an insanely tight schedule. Getting the other leg over, she dropped herself down on the other side of the barrier. 

“Run, Cassie, run!” Quinn called over to her. She giggled at her simple reference, then quietly said something to Molly and Noah afterwards. 

Cassidy couldn’t wait around to try and eavesdrop. They’d be talking about her once she was gone anyway, and she had less than five minutes to make it all the way to the jewelry vendor. She was only wearing shoes and diapers, and it was only now dawning on her that racing through the Faire itself was a horrible idea. There wasn’t a ton of security around beyond the front gate, but she didn’t want to risk being detained for indecent exposure. Whether they viewed her as a teenager or the college girl that she was, it wasn’t exactly acceptable to be running around without clothes on. 

Even though it would take longer, Cassidy decided to go around the perimeter of the vendor tents. She still wouldn’t be invisible, but hopefully only so many people would glimpse her if she kept moving. Also, boobs were not designed very well for running without any support. Not only did Cassidy cup her bare breasts for modesty, but she also held them in a way that would mitigate any unpleasurable shifting from how she was hurrying towards her destination. 

To pile onto the difficulties, she had to reconstruct the map of the fairgrounds in her mind. While she was somewhat familiar with the layout from coming here every summer, it’s not like everything was in the exact same place each time. Cassidy was mostly trying to remember things from the last few hours, and her memory was blurry thanks to how she had been distracted by the embarrassment of being dressed like a girly fairy and treated like a little girl basically everywhere they went. And, since she was circling from the outside, everything was backwards in her head on top of that. 

Cassidy paused to take a breath and think about how she was going to pull this off. Without a watch or phone, she had no idea how long it had been since she jumped the fence. No matter how much time she had left, however, there was still the enormously daunting task of actually stealing for the girls. And HOW?! She was just now putting together the fact that only wearing diapers wasn’t just a problem in terms of not wanting to be caught in public like that; it would also make her the most noticeable person, anywhere. She wasn’t the type to steal. But if she was, she would aim to casually browse until the vendor wasn’t looking. 

There was nothing casual about being topless and diapered, however. And yet, she would somehow have to grab something for Quinn, Molly, and Noah without getting caught . . .


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End Chapter 24

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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