The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 22
The Faire, Part 30

Part 30

Cassidy was stunned.

It immediately dawned on her that Quinn was basically making her do the original dare anyway. Even after Cassidy had done a penalty that was a thousand times worse than being topless, and had revealed her identity as well. All of that, and she was still expected to remove her shirt? 

Of course, everything had changed since the dare had been suggested. Cassidy was just a few taps of a thumb away from being ruined. Multiple social media accounts, all of which included college friends and peers? Thankfully, she had a pretty strict ‘no family’ rule when it came to her online presence, but that was hardly a silver lining. There was no way she could show her face on campus again if this got out. And, of course, there was the fact that she had actually squatted down and used her diapers in front of the trio of teenagers. Despite being nineteen, Cassidy was completely at the mercy of the thirteen year old huntress who headed up the small group. 

“But . . . ” Cassidy trailed off. She glanced from Quinn to Molly to Noah, then back to Quinn. Was there anything that could get her out of this mess? It’s not like she could just run to Margot for help, because Molly and Quinn could upload any number of things by the time the girl in charge returned to lay down the law. Even Kate coming back to pick her up wouldn’t help. Until Cassidy was sure everything was deleted on both phones, she wouldn’t be able to relax. “I- I can’t.” 

Tilting her head with a casual smile, Quinn simply asked, “Why not?”

The lack of a bra, for starters. Also, stripping further would give them more blackmail material. Cassidy was old enough to know how all that worked, but that didn’t stop it from being effective anyway. The time to put her foot down had long passed, and saying ‘no’ at this point was a surefire way of screwing herself over. Unless the girls were bluffing, which was unlikely, Cassidy had to keep playing along and hoping that doing so would somehow get Quinn and company to keep this to themselves rather than sharing it with the world. 

For a moment, Cassidy considered trying the excuse that she wasn’t wearing a bra. But it’s not like that was news; she was almost positive that Molly and Quinn would have noticed that by now. While the unicorn tee wasn’t quite as form fitting as the leotard was earlier, it still didn’t totally hide that Cassidy’s small mounds and nipples had no support underneath. Instead, she attempted to frame things around the game, as if none of these latest events changed anything. “I already did the penalty?” she pointed out. Internally kicking herself for the uptick, she didn’t elaborate further. The full diapers were bad enough; saying it out loud would be too much. 

“Hmm,” Quinn responded. She glanced towards Molly, offering her a chance to stay involved. Technically, Cassidy was right. That didn’t mean that they wouldn’t continue pushing to make it so the petite girl would be wearing diapers and only diapers, but it would be more fun to keep things clever. Pure intimidation was boring. So far, Quinn had managed to play things out through a combination of manipulation and a couple casual doses of blackmail. Even this latest development was more conditional. It wasn’t ‘do this or we’ll share the pictures;’ instead Quinn had responded to Cassidy’s plea with, ‘we won’t tag you, IF.’ A subtle yet important difference. Stringing someone along was easier if they felt like they had a chance. Too much pushing often resulted in a snap when the other party felt cornered. But offering two bad doors and making it feel like those were the only options to choose from? Apparently that social trick even worked on college girls. 

To Quinn’s surprise, however, Noah was the first one to come up with a response to Cassidy’s efforts to hold onto her shirt. “It’s not about the dare,” he said, “You used your diapers. That means you’re not mature enough to wear clothes.”

The young huntress beamed at that explanation. “That’s right,” she said, “Baby girls who shit themselves don’t deserve anything but diapers.”

The blunt statement about what Cassidy did caused her to falter, and she couldn’t find a single word to say in response before Molly chimed in.

“Take off your shirt, Cassie,” she said.

Quinn smirked, echoing, “Take off your shirt, Cassie.”

Including himself in things now, Noah said it as well. “Take off your shirt, Cassie.”

Cassidy looked from teenager to teenager, feeling more powerless than ever now that it was three against one. And that was on top of the fact that she was already bottomless and in sagging diapers. 

Quinn focused on that next. “You’re just a little girl who shit her diapers.”

Rather than echoing again, Molly added on, “And we’re going to show the whole world.”

Noah stepped forward to create a semi-circle with the two girls. “Unless you take off your shirt and smile for the camera.”

Delighted that the boy had added another fun element to the current demand, Quinn went back to the previous tactic, “Take off your shirt, Cassie.” She nodded to the others.

“Take off your shirt, Cassie.”

“Take off your shirt, Cassie.”

With trembling hands, Cassidy gripped the hem of the t-shirt Margot had found for her. She knew that she shouldn’t be caving to the peer pressure of these youths, but, at the same time, the two girls had the ability to ruin her life in a matter of seconds. If there was another way out, she couldn’t identify it at the moment. There was currently only one thing that would keep her safe, even if it meant giving them more ammo to use against her. And now that they had come up with another reason for her to strip, Cassidy was completely out of excuses. 

Fully smirking, Quinn said, “Hurry up, little girl. You’re testing our patience.”

Nervously swallowing, Cassidy began lifting her shirt to reveal the entirety of the diapers she was wearing, followed by a hint of her midriff. Blushing up a storm, she averted her gaze and wished for the earth to swallow her up before she reached her bare breasts that were mere inches away from being revealed. 

“Five . . . ” Quinn began counting down, “ . . . Four . . . Three, Two-”

Just as Cassidy was on the precipice of baring her chest, Quinn’s numbers increased in speed. Squeaking in both surprise and fear, the diapered girl scrambled to get the shirt the rest of the way off. Yanking it up and exposing her small mounds to the trio, Cassidy quickly worked the pink tee up and over her head before Quinn could finish saying ‘one.’ For the second time, she was topless at the faire. Only this time, it was not nearly as private as the last outdoor experience of doing so had been. 

Without a word, Quinn held out her hand. 

After Cassidy reluctantly handed over the shirt, Molly reminded her of what Noah had added to the list of requirements. “Arms down,” she said, “And smile for the camera. All the cameras.” At that, Molly gave the boy a knowing smile. 

Cassidy had no choice but to listen. Though she was already regretting the act of stripping, as the summer air once again brushed her bare upper body that was now exposed to the three teens, she made no effort to cover up.


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End Chapter 22

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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