The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 23
The Faire, Part 31

Part 31

Cassidy had already made her choice. 

Now that she was flashing the trio and surely at least one of them had taken a photo by now, it was in her best interests to keep doing as she was told to avoid any further damage. The main concern was still Quinn and Molly, and how the two girls could effortlessly upload the collection of reputation destroying material that was still increasing every minute, though Cassidy also didn’t love the fact that Noah was now taking pictures as well. While the diapers no doubt detracted from the ‘half naked girl’ thing, he was still a teenage boy that was seeing real boobs and capturing them on his personal device. And, unless she could convince all of them to delete everything before this was all said and done, there was a good chance she would forever be on his phone for him and his friends to check out whenever they wanted. 

Despite all those thoughts, as well as a persistent blush and sagging diapers, Cassidy committed to the weak smile she had been told to include after stripping. The three separate cameras were bad enough, but the diapered girl also felt intimidated by the semicircle formation the teenagers had taken in front of her. All of them were taller than her, which was embarrassing enough considering the age difference, and they were also fully clothed in comparison to her current state of undress. Cassidy could only let them play their games at this point; she kept her arms clamped at her sides to resist her natural reflexes to fling them over her exposed chest, and prayed that they would take mercy on her after having their fun. 

After an agonizing thirty seconds or so, which felt more like hours to Cassidy, both Molly and Noah lowered their phones. Quinn wasn’t quite done, however. “Okay, Cassie. Just one more little dare, and then we can be done. How does that sound?”

Hesitantly raising her hands to cup her breasts, realizing halfway through the motion that she was literally testing whether or not she had permission to do so from a group of middle schoolers, Cassidy managed to cover herself up without any of them snapping at her to keep her arms down. Nervous about what Quinn had in mind, as she was easily the most cruel of the bunch, Cassidy asked, “What dare?”

Smirking a little bit, Quinn replied, “You know that tent that sells the really nice jewelry?”

“Umm . . . ” Cassidy trailed off. She actually wasn’t 100% sure which tent Quinn was referring to. Since Cassidy was no doubt far more familiar with the fairgrounds than the young huntress was, she immediately thought of two separate vendors that sold jewelry, as well as a third that had a decent collection on top of the rest of his wares. Quinn probably meant one of the first two, but still. If Quinn wanted to score some free accessories, that was going to be a problem. Audrey still had Cassidy’s credit card, and explaining to her younger sister that she was being blackmailed by a few thirteen year olds? That would only increase Audrey’s satisfaction in terms of how the day had ended up playing out thanks to her little trick. Then again, if the alternative was Cassidy’s social media being flooded with partial nudes as well as shots that could potentially show that the diapers she was wearing were actually used thanks to Quinn’s manipulations . . . “Uh, yeah,” she said, deciding not to bother with a clarifying question. If Quinn didn’t know the Faire that well, then that could potentially work to Cassidy’s advantage. After everything she had gone through, she’d take whatever little breaks she could get. “Of course.” 

“Good,” Quinn said, “Your dare, Cassie, is to hop the fence and go steal me something pretty from there. Something for Molly, too.”

Cassidy was stunned into silence for a few seconds. “W-what?” she finally stammered. Her lips remained slightly parted as she tried to find anything else to say. That dare was not possible in the slightest! For numerous reasons. 

“You heard her,” Molly said, “And let’s not leave out Noah. I’m sure there’s something for guys there. Get something for each of us, okay?”

Wanting to be included in the bossing around as well, Noah chimed in, “Why are you covering?”

“Yeah, arms down!” Quinn snapped, belatedly hitting the directive Cassidy had just been worried about, “And apologize for hiding away those mosquito bites.”

“Arms down,” Molly echoed.

“Apologize,” Noah said. 

Once again, the three of them had found a rhythm that was the perfect combination of peer pressure and judgment. Cassidy would normally scoff at teenagers their age trying to be authoritative in any way, but this was very much not a normal situation for her. And now that she had already stripped and allowed herself to be photographed, dropping her hands a second time was a little more tolerable. Still not great, but it’s not like they hadn’t already seen her once for a prolonged amount of time. “Sorry,” Cassidy mumbled. She lowered her arms and bared her breasts all over again; her blush deepened at just how mortifying and unreal this whole ordeal was, and she kept hoping to wake up from what was surely just a vivid nightmare. 

“Sorry for what?” Quinn asked.

“For- for covering . . . ” 

“For hiding away those mosquito bites, you mean?”

Just when Cassidy thought her cheeks couldn’t flush any further. She could practically feel the heat radiating from her face, and repeated the humiliating words just above a whisper, “I’m sorry for hiding away my mosquito bites.”

Quinn let out a sharp laugh. “Oh, my God. I was kidding, Cassie. You really are something, aren’t you? Shitting your diapers, having smaller boobs than Molly-”

“Hey!” Molly giggled.

“Sorry,” Quinn rolled her eyes, “You’re right; that’s not fair. Smaller boobs than Noah. And if you don’t do this dare right now, the whole world is going to see it . . . ”

Cassidy didn’t know what to say. The blatant insults towards her chest were bad enough, but she wasn’t remotely in a place where she could fight back. Plus she was distracted by the conundrum before her. She absolutely couldn’t let any of those photos get out, and she also couldn’t do what Quinn and company were demanding of her. Steal jewelry? It was unethical, for starters, although that was hardly the biggest issue. How in the world could Cassidy make this happen now, like Quinn had just insisted? 

Taking Cassidy’s latest round of silence as acceptance by omission, Quinn answered part of the puzzle for her. “It’s easy. Just hop the fence, run over to the jewelry place, and grab something pretty for us. Or manly for Noah; whatever. Let’s say . . . make it back here in ten minutes or less?”

“But-” Cassidy scrambled to think of a good reason why she couldn’t. Also, was ten minutes even possible?! Kicking things off by making her hop the nearby fence was clearly the intention, although her main concern was that getting halfway across the Faire in five minutes was questionable even if that obstacle wasn’t in the way. 

“But nothing,” Quinn said, “I was going to let you choose between your skirt and shirt. Ugh, but all this whining. I’m not sure you should get anything more than what you’re wearing any more.”

Stepping forward, Molly grinned and added, “I think I have just the thing to motivate little Cassie to get moving.”


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End Chapter 23

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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