The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 35
The Faire, Part 43

Part 43

“Umm, your costumes from today?” Elena replied, playfully echoing the way Cassidy asked about the post. She pulled out her phone and tapped the screen a couple times. “Here. Audrey’s being tasteful with her cleavage. Although you have to admit, it’s kind of hot.” Elena turned the device around to let Cassidy see the photo her sister had taken somewhere at the faire. While the angle from above was fairly standard where selfies were involved, Audrey’s boobs were definitely the highlight of the image due to the combination of the borderline slutty costume paired with the height of the phone. 

Cassidy flushed and glanced away. When she had asked about the post to which Elena was referring, she wasn’t worried about whatever Audrey had shared of herself. Now that Cassidy had suffered through an awkward eyeful of her sister’s chest, Elena happily swiped left to the next image. “And here’s you! Much more tasteful. So cute, too!”

Reluctantly returning her attention to the screen, Cassidy gasped at the sight waiting for her. Audrey had taken a picture of her in the immature fairy costume at some point. It wasn’t the kind of photo where Cassidy was posing and smiling for the camera, although Audrey had managed to make it look natural nonetheless. From a few feet away, Audrey had captured a moment where the pink clad girl was crossing her arms and looking pouty and impatient. In her real clothes, and in more normal circumstances, the expression would have been closer to ‘resting bitch face.’ Not when she had bangs and looked like a tween who was dressed up in something that she probably wouldn’t have been caught dead in when she was actually twelve, however. 

For a moment, Cassidy was busy coming to terms with the fact that she was indeed looking at herself in the photo. That was her standing there dressed like a fairy, and she didn’t look even a little bit like the young adult she actually was. No wonder everyone believed Audrey’s lies so easily.  

Then, snapping away from her retroactive embarrassment to the more present concern, Cassidy exclaimed, “Elena, call her!” 

Audrey had posted these publicly?! Although Cassidy was fairly confident that her sister had the ‘no family’ rule where social media was involved, that didn’t change the fact that way too many mutual friends would see this. It didn’t matter if Audrey had deleted Cassidy’s social media. There were probably dozens of people that followed Audrey who would know both sisters. Plus Elena had only shown her the two pictures. While Audrey couldn’t tag Cassidy’s nonexistent accounts, she could easily have captioned the images to remove any doubt about who the fairy girl was. 

“Call who?” Elena calmly asked, “Your sister? Sorry, Cassie. She’s busy right now, and it would be rude to disturb her. Also, a ‘please’ would have been nice.”

Please,” Cassidy desperately added. How many people had seen these already?! Although she didn’t really have a connection to most of her friends from high school, that didn’t change the fact that she would be seeing them here and there during holidays and other visits. She could already imagine how often something like this would come up, as it was so out of character for her to wear pink or do anything that leaned into her smaller size in such a way. “I really need to talk to her.”

Elena just sighed. “Is it an emergency?”

Cassidy was this close to blurting out, ‘YES,’ but she hesitated. While it was something that needed to be taken care of urgently, the word ‘emergency’ had a different connotation due to the bulky underwear she was currently stuck in. Elena was acting like her babysitter. Would Audrey’s friend assume it was something diaper-related if Cassidy said the wrong thing?

Splitting the difference, Cassidy said, “It’s important!”

“Then, tell you what. If it’s so important, why don’t you use your words? Maybe it’s something I can help with. I’m not going to bother Audrey unless it’s something I can’t handle myself, understand?”


“No ‘buts.’ Out with it, Cassie. You’re not just doing this for attention, are you?”

“NO.” Grimacing in frustration, Cassidy didn’t have much of a choice. If she didn’t speak up, this wasn’t going to go anywhere. “Audrey shouldn’t have posted that picture! She needs to take it down now.” It obviously didn’t sound as important out loud as it felt. She just hoped that Elena would understand. Everyone had to deal with an unwanted photo being posted at some point in their life. 

Elena just sighed. “That’s why you need to talk to Audrey this very second? Sorry, Cass. Believe it or not, that doesn’t constitute an emergency. Just wait until she picks you up, okay? Besides, I don’t see the problem. You look cute in that photo.”

“But, Elena-”

“What did I just say, Cassie? No ‘buts.’ Now, come on. Do you want to keep sitting around in your diapers, or do you want to try on some of my old clothes? Because if you keep whining about this, I’m going to assume the answer is ‘diapers.’”

“No!” The knee-jerk response came out just as desperate and abrupt as the last few times she had rejected one of Elena’s leading choices. It was still taking Cassidy a conscious effort to keep her arms down and her boobs exposed. She definitely wasn’t about to give up the chance to wear something besides the padded underwear she was walking around in like an overgrown toddler. Even if that meant dropping the new issue that had come to light. 

She tried to self-justify the decision to give up by telling herself that Audrey could have posted that hours ago. Would it really make a difference if it was taken down at this point? And it’s not like Cassidy really kept up with anyone from high school now that she had a year of college under her belt. In truth, she was just doing her best to not make it seem as bad as it was. 

“Then let’s go. You can clean up the rest of your crayons later.” Taking Cassidy’s hand and giving an assertive tug to help her up and out of the seat, Elena said, “Actually, why don’t we take you to the bathroom first? Then we can play dress-up.”

Cassidy stiffened at that suggestion. It would be mortifying for Elena to think that she had such a bad accident so soon after being dropped off, and without saying a word about it. Thanks to Audrey, her friend was under the impression that Cassidy’s diapers were dry. “I’m okay,” Cassidy muttered, “Really. I don’t have to go right now.”

“Yeah, but you should at least try. Just in case, you know? I’d hate for you to end up wetting yourself because you waited too long.”

How had it come to this? In less than half a day, Cassidy was not only in dirty diapers, but she was being spoken to like a child who couldn’t be trusted to know or control her own body because of it. “Dress-up first?” she hesitantly suggested. If Elena was determined to take her to the bathroom, there would probably be no stopping her. At least, not without making a scene and potentially being discovered anyway. Cassidy’s only hope was to stall long enough for Audrey to return. 

“Fine,” Elena conceded, “But if you have an accident, you’re going over my knee. Deal?”


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End Chapter 35

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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