The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 10
The Faire, Part Eighteen

Part Eighteen

Margot merely interpreted Cassidy’s response as that she needed more time. Without knowing what all was going on in the naked girl’s mind, she said, “No rush! I’m ready when you are.”

Cassidy sighed to herself in frustration. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she couldn’t do anything but keep the ruse going. For starters, she wasn’t even sure she could convince Margot of anything. Without proof, it would be nearly impossible to get the daycare girl past Cassidy’s appearance and the fact that she had wet herself. What nineteen year old would be in this situation? 

Also, she was still naked. That alone was a huge motivator. Waiting a few more seconds so Margot’s assumption seemed correct, Cassidy said, “I’m done.”

“Okay. Coming back around.” Margot turned the corner from where she had clearly been waiting just on the other side of the changing screens. The white padding in her hand was almost enough for Cassidy to impulsively shift gears. Diapers. The dark haired girl was about to diaper her. “Alright, this part will be easy. Just give me a second, and then you can hop back up.” As usual, Margot didn’t bat an eye at Cassidy’s lack of clothes. She simply walked over to the cot and spread out one of the diapers, immediately followed by a second one.

The whole time, Cassidy stood there with one hand firmly cupped over her crotch while her other arm hugged her small breasts. She didn’t care that Margot was clearly indifferent to what she assumed was a younger girl’s body; Cassidy knew her real age and still cared about her modesty despite how Margot had pretty much already seen everything. “Umm,” Cassidy muttered. She looked at the mortifying underwear on the cot, imagining that it was going to be just as bulky as the padding she had walked around in all day. God, she had been so oblivious. Audrey had lied about the gymnastics thing, and Cassidy had believed her despite knowing in the back of her mind that it didn’t fully make sense. “One should be fine?” she said, unable to help the uptick that came with her current embarrassment and lack of confidence. 

Margot just shook her head. “No offense, Cassie, but you soaked those pull-ups. I know it probably won’t happen again, but it’s not worth the risk.”

That wasn’t fair! She had only wet herself so much because she had been holding it for so long and Audrey kept dragging her to more and more things without stopping for a bathroom break. Unfortunately, the truth of ‘my sister tricked me into pull-ups and purposely set things up so I’d have to wet myself’ would not sound believable in the slightest. Instead, Cassidy caved with a quiet, “Okay.” At this point, she just wanted to get dressed. 

“Hop up?” Margot instructed. She patted the table and stepped aside to give her some room. That’s about all Cassidy was trusted with. Once the naked girl sat on the dry padding, Margot gripped Cassidy’s ankles and used them to maneuver the girl to lie parallel to the cot. “Lift?” Everything was offered as a suggestion, but that wasn’t exactly the reality. Margot was obviously in charge. She patted Cassidy’s hip to go along with the bit of instruction, and Cassidy blushed while raising her ass up a few inches while Margot adjusted the diapers.

Then it was time for the worst part. It had been bad enough that a girl Audrey’s age had seen pretty much everything there was to see throughout the wiping process. But that had been while Cassidy was standing, with her feet only slightly apart. Now she was lying down, and getting diapered–which was already humiliating enough in itself–would require splaying her legs and losing whatever ounce of modesty and dignity she had left. “Margot . . . ” she trailed off. The faire helper girl hadn’t even moved onto the next step yet or told Cassidy to do what was clearly coming, but it still felt like getting ahead of it was super important now that everything was sinking in. 

Truly sinking in. 

There had been plenty of instances where Cassidy knew staying quiet was the thing to do, and she was plenty aware that Audrey had the same threats and implied blackmail as before. But letting herself get diapered?! That would make things worse, not better. Right? Even though Margot had just reminded her about the soaked pull-ups, Cassidy still tried again with, “. . . I don’t need diapers. Really. It’s fine.” Partially sitting up with her hands still clasped over all of her frontal private areas, she quickly held still and stopped halfway through the motion when the cot slightly wobbled beneath her. It took her a moment to realize that it was because the legs were probably uneven from the ground below, rather than anything that was about to structurally give. Unfortunately, the fleeting panic of potentially falling caused her to lose the bit of resolve she had just found. “I mean, umm-” Cassidy stammered. She couldn’t remember what she had planned to say next. 

Margot just sighed. “Come on, Cassie. We’re almost done.” A trace of a smile appeared on her face, and disappeared just as quickly. “Would you prefer your old pull-ups instead?”

’What?’ That didn’t make any sense. Cassidy absolutely caught the flicker of amusement, but hadn’t expected something like that. “That doesn’t- I can’t-” What was she supposed to say to that. “What?”

“One way or another, Cassie, you need protection. If you want, you could put on your pull-ups. I can toss a pad in or something so you’re not sitting on, well, you know . . . ”

As in, put back on used underwear? The idea was both shocking and disgusting, and it took a few seconds before Cassidy realized what Margot was trying to do. Of course clean diapers would sound more appealing than wet pull-ups. “That’s not-”

“Not fair?” Margot raised an eyebrow. “Neither is wasting my time, or making Paula and Sofia be in charge of extra things while I’m stuck over here. So, can we please just be mature and hurry this along? 


“Choose, Cassie. Pull-ups, or diapers?” 

Not a question Cassidy ever thought would be posed to her. And, as she and Margot both know, there was really only one answer. “Diapers,” she mumbled.

“Okay,” Margot curtly said. There was only impatience in her voice, which only made Cassidy feel more embarrassed and self conscious about everything. Because to Margot, this was just doing her job; obviously it was a lot more to Cassidy. Of course, she was the only one that knew that. Well, plus Audrey. If there was a silver lining to be found, it was that her sister wasn’t currently present to witness this or, God forbid, to take pictures or videos. 

So far, unless Audrey had been sneaky, there was no proof that this day had happened. Best to keep it that way, somehow. But first, Cassidy had to deal with the humiliation of being diapered. She couldn’t put it off forever, especially with Margot’s current attitude. 

Margot looked a lot taller now that she was standing and Cassidy wasn’t. And, as she stepped forward to do up the diapers laid out underneath Cassidy, she simply said, “Hold still,” before getting to work. 

Cassidy did as she was told, closing her eyes and wondering how she had let things come this far. Audrey might have set her up, but Cassidy was the one who fell for it. 


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End Chapter 10

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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