The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 44
The Faire, Part 52

Part 52

It had been such a long and mortifying day. 

Cassidy was thoroughly exhausted from all the humiliation, and she didn’t have nearly enough willpower to argue against Audrey. In less than two minutes, the diapered girl was caving to her sister’s ‘logic,’ especially after Audrey calmly explained how the sooner Cassidy did as she was told, the sooner she would be left alone. It was quite the effective tactic after everything Cassidy had gone through. 

Reluctantly doing as she was told, Cassidy closed her eyes and relaxed the muscles in her bladder. The fact that she was sitting on a toilet made the act she was about to do slightly more natural, though it obviously wasn’t the same. Rather than peeing into the water below, the stream was caught by the padding wrapped around her. Blushing as it dawned on her that she was literally wetting herself on purpose, rather than how she had done so earlier when she couldn’t stop the dam from bursting, she opened her eyes and looked at Audrey in both confusion and regret.

Why . . . ? This didn’t make any sense. They were in the bathroom. Cassidy was sitting on the toilet. Why was Audrey making her use the diapers?!

Happy to answer her silent question, Audrey smirked at the sound of the muffled trickle. “You said you wanted to wear diapers all summer, sis. Don’t worry, Elena and I will start potty training you soon. If you can manage to behave until then. But for now, Cassie, you should use your diapers for what they’re designed for. Now, let’s go add today’s accidents to your calendar.”

It wasn’t fair. Her precious planner had been falsely marked, but it looked super convincing due to how the accident tracking had been added on top of her own diligent schedule keeping. Maybe Cassidy would have had a chance of calling bullshit if Audrey had bought a calendar specifically for giving her sister a history of both daytime and evening incidents. Either way, she once again found it difficult to argue as she stood there in wet diapers. Taking the pen from Audrey, Cassidy reluctantly followed the pattern on previous days. A single orange X for the first wetting, an XX for when Quinn had pressured her to squat down and push, another XX even though the mess Elena had referred to was the same one Cassidy had been in from before, and a final X for what Cassidy had just done on the toilet. 

That hadn’t even been an accident. She could have gone before being taped up! Yet she logged it on the calendar per Audrey’s instructions, for the first actual day on the planner that had involved actually wetting and shitting herself. A single day, which easily gave credence to the story that had been fed to their mother. 

Ever the caring sister, Audrey promised that she wouldn’t tell the others that Cassidy was already wet again. Provided she was a good girl, of course. As in, not whining and trying to explain her side of the story. 

Standing in front of her mother in wet diapers wasn’t nearly as bad as what Cassidy had been wearing before, though it was still a lot to handle. At least she was back in the skirt/tee combo Elena had lent her. 

Elena was still there, of course. Audrey and Elena effortlessly worked in tandem to lie about how their summer with Cassidy had been so far. By the time all was said and done, it was decided that the two of them would continue ‘babysitting’ the older girl. 

It was still painfully obvious that their mother didn’t know what to make of this whole thing, though there was no denying Cassidy’s need for diapers now that Cassidy had been seen with the messy diapers open for everyone to see. Their mother said that she would make an appointment with a doctor, which everyone else in the room already knew would be completely pointless. Other than that, it seemed like she would rely on the girls who had already been handling this for a little while now. 

Audrey would get the pleasure of seeing her older sister like this for an indefinite amount of time moving forward, and Elena was literally going to be paid to screw with her best friend’s older sister. And there was nothing Cassidy could do about it without risking her situation somehow getting worse. 

When everything had been settled, Elena headed out for the day, discreetly grinning at how she had been handed a small stack of cash for her babysitting efforts earlier. Audrey placed her hand on the small of Cassidy’s back and walked her out of the living room and back towards the stairs. All the while, Cassidy was still processing how a single day had somehow spiraled into this. And since she had been sitting there in wet diapers the entire time, there was no way to speak up in her own defense without it being further proven that she was having daytime accidents. 

Cassidy was led back to her bedroom, not that it felt like her own as much now that it had been tweaked in so many ways that proved Audrey’s story. Though none of the changes were readily visible, there was no doubt in Cassidy’s mind that Audrey had been serious when she mentioned the underwear drawer and the padded sheets, not to mention the pile of diaper changing supplies that had been left on the bathroom counter. 

Sliding her hand down from Cassidy’s back, Audrey gripped the waistband of the diapers and gave a few upward tugs that successfully reminded Cassidy of how wet the padding was as it shifted against her backside. “Go to your room, Cassie. I’ll be back to change your diapers in a bit. Can I trust you to behave yourself until then?”

If Audrey had asked such a patronizing question that morning, Cassidy would have had a far different reaction. At the moment, she was still reeling from everything. She just blushed and gave an awkward nod. 

“Good,” Audrey giggled, “Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

Cassidy tentatively stepped into her room, closing the door behind her as if the privacy would make any difference at this point. As for the diapers, it would continue to be her word vs. her sister’s, and Cassidy’s word didn’t mean very much thanks to how she had been set up. 

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Cassidy sat down on the edge of her bed, grimacing at how it felt to do so with the state her padded underwear was in. Diapers, a younger sister who was milking an extended prank for all it was worth, and so much more.

It was going to be a long summer.

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End Chapter 44

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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