The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 28
The Faire, Part 36

Part 36

Cassidy didn’t love the start of Audrey’s idea.

It involved leaving her alone in nothing but diapers. There was very little room for Cassidy to argue, however. What was the alternative, after all? Without clothes, it’s not like Cassidy could follow without immediately drawing attention to herself and her mortifying state of undress. And, as bad as it was that Audrey had seen her like this and was aware of the literal mess she was stuck in, it was objectively better than someone else finding her first. But just barely. 

Since Audrey was still holding onto Cassidy’s phone, the nearly naked girl was once again in a situation where she had no idea how much time had passed since Audrey left. All she could do was stand around with her arms clutched around her chest, praying that no one on the other side of the vendor tents would notice her back there. It was a miracle she had found an area with multiple closed-back shops, as plenty of them preferred the aesthetic and ventilation that came with more open styles. 

After what had been at least five minutes, but very well could have been twenty, Audrey returned. Cassidy jumped a bit at her appearance before realizing who it was. “Relax, Cassie,” Audrey giggled, “It’s just me. Besides, you don’t really have anything to hide. Well, your diapers, I guess.” 

Of course, Cassidy was covering her more important half, and didn’t appreciate yet another jab regarding her body. However, she still needed Audrey’s help. Plus her brat of a sister still had the means to strand her here if she wanted to. So Cassidy settled on saying nothing, as a middle ground between not arguing and not validating the casually rude observation with a reply. 

“Alright, you’re going to have to drop your arms. Well, not totally. Hold them out a little bit so I have some space to work.”

Once again, Cassidy had to begrudgingly go along with what her sister wanted. The topless girl was slightly more amenable to temporarily exposing herself after Audrey explained that she had something for Cassidy to wear. But it would be easier for someone else to put on, according to Audrey. 

The item in question was one of those wrap-around crop tops. It looked more like a pink scarf at first glance, until Audrey got to work. Cassidy had seen a number of girls wearing similar outfit pieces over the years, as it was a popular choice for showing some skin and staying cool in the summer heat at the same time. Only for Cassidy, it was more like a makeshift bra than anything else, and she would have picked pretty much any other color. 

It didn’t seem like Audrey was trying to screw her over, as the tight manner in which she tied the top didn’t feel like there was any risk of the thing slipping off and subsequently flashing anyone who was looking in Cassidy’s general direction at the time. But it didn’t solve the other problem. “What about the diapers?” she asked. Gesturing to the padded underwear that was still fully on display and blatantly contrasting her bare legs and midriff, she said, “I need a skirt or something.”

“You’re fine, little sis,” Audrey waved her off, “Besides, I couldn’t really trust you alone for very long. Now, come on,” she held out her hand, “It’s time to go.”

“NO.” Finally putting her foot down about both her embarrassing bottomless state, as well as the patronizing offer for yet another instance of hand holding, Cassidy said, “I’m not going out like this.”

Audrey just shrugged. “If you insist. I bet Margot would be very interested in where you’ve wandered off to. Do you want me to send her your way? I bet she’d have something for you to wear.”

Cassidy paled at that suggestion. Less about the daycare worker herself, and more about the mental projection of being dragged back to the adventure tent and being delivered to Quinn and company all over again. How far Cassidy had fallen; she was literally intimidated by the thought of a mean, thirteen year old girl. 

Were those really her two options? Privacy, at the cost of a trio of teenagers who knew who she really was, or public exposure in front of a bunch of strangers and her sister. And considering how obnoxious Audrey had been all day once her trick had set up Cassidy to be stuck in the ‘little sister’ role for the extent of their time at the faire, there was no guarantee that Audrey would go directly to Margot. There was still the looming threat of security noticing a diapered girl loitering in an area that guests really weren’t supposed to be hanging around in. 

No matter which path Cassidy took, the noticeable sag between her legs was a constant reminder of her ongoing, humiliating situation. With that in mind, she asked, “Go home, you mean?”

“Well, yeah,” Audrey said, “Last I checked, I have a helpless younger sister who needs a diaper change. Unless you want to stay and keep exploring? I’m sure we could find a show that’s appropriate for your age and maturity level.”

“No!” Cassidy exclaimed. This time, it was more out of desperation than the attempt she had made to be stern before. “We should go.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time,” Audrey scoffed. She held out her hand again, “Last chance, Cassie, or I’m leaving you here.”

Cassidy had learned her lesson. Without any hesitation, she took Audrey’s hand. It felt just as demeaning as ever to have Audrey begin pulling her along, but Cassidy had convinced herself that it was the best option. Do what her sister wanted, to avoid even more embarrassment. Not that it was possible to avoid all of it, considering that it was one of the most crowded times of day at the faire. Dozens of people were milling about where the two of them emerged from behind the tents, and there would be hundreds more to work through between where they were and the entry/exit gates. 

Audrey’s pace was even more difficult than usual to match. First it had been a height issue, followed by the awkwardness of trying to keep up in wet pull-ups. The diapers Margot had put Cassidy in were thicker to begin with, and that was before adding in the fact that they were now thoroughly used thanks to Quinn’s cruel games. Cassidy knew better than to complain, however. The sooner they were out, the better. If that meant some personal discomfort, she’d just have to suck it up and look ahead to the thought of wearing clean underwear again. Clean panties, for that matter. 

The good news was, more than half of the people around were in costume. While Cassidy certainly got some blush-inducing looks, she tried to tell herself that it was fine. People would hopefully assume it was some niche thing she was doing. Only she and Audrey knew the reality of her situation, as well as the ones in the daycare tent that Cassidy had no intentions of ever returning to. 

“Well, I hope this was all worth saving $50 or whatever,” Audrey giggled, as they neared the exit. At least there was only security on the way in, “I don’t know about you, but I had a great day!”

Like before, Cassidy didn’t say a word. 

“Oh, by the way,” Audrey added, “You’re in charge of finding the car.”


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End Chapter 28

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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