The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 21
The Faire, Part 29

Part 29

Now that she had gotten what she wanted, Quinn made no effort to keep up the temporary warmth she had used to coax out the rest of Cassidy’s name. Scoffing, she said, “Cassidy Matthews. I can’t believe you actually shit your diapers.” Using her nails one last time on the girl’s thighs, Quinn sternly said, “Stay right here.” Then she let go and stood up, whipping out her phone to snap a few pictures of Cassidy where she was squatted down.

“Don’t!” Cassidy exclaimed, but it was too late. She was also still reeling from the fact that she had filled the diapers in a manner that was entirely unreal for a girl her age. As much as she disliked Margot and the pushy/patronizing way she had handled things earlier, Cassidy would absolutely take her over Quinn at this moment. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the choice offered. For the time being, she had to figure out what to do now that she had used her diapers. In her current position, the bulky underwear was sagging with her mess, but it was also the ‘cleanest’ it was ever going to be post-accident. The moment Cassidy stood or took a single step, she could only imagine how much worse things would get. If she were thinking logically, it would be pretty obvious that there was ultimately no way to avoid that happening anyway–it’s not like Margot could change her right there, so Cassidy would have to at least walk to the private area from before. Right now, however, she was still frozen in the hopes that this would all magically resolve itself somehow. 

That wasn’t the only concern. Cassidy had been caught up in her embarrassment and Quinn’s manipulations, and hadn’t been able to resist the question about her last name. She should have given a fake one, or simply said ‘no,’ but instead she actually gave out the real one. And now that the huntress girl had satisfied her need to get a picture of Cassidy’s low stance, she immediately made it clear what she was doing next. “Cassidy . . . Matthews . . . ” she said, no doubt typing it into whatever social media account she preferred. 

Cassidy’s heart was still racing, although now for a more completely different reason. Coming to grips with the fact that she had literally messed the diapers she was wearing was one thing. But the moment Quinn saw who she really was, this nightmare of a day would threaten to become a lot more than her simply being mortified left and right at the Renaissance Faire. “Quinn, wait!” she exclaimed. The theoretical plan was to stand up and grab the phone out of her hands. However, getting up out of such a deep squat took a moment by itself, and that was before getting hit with the awkwardness and humiliation of how the diapers felt as she shifted to a standing position. Slightly squeaking in the back of her throat as the reality of her underwear situation hit her a little more than before, she ended up looking helplessly towards Quinn and the others instead of jumping into action like she had planned. 

Either way, Cassidy was too late. Quinn had already seen something from her search, and was quizzically tilting her head. “That can’t be right,” she muttered. Zooming in with her thumbs, she took a closer look at whatever was on the screen. “No way. Molly, is this her?” 

Molly still looked on the fence about the latest events, as Quinn had definitely taken things pretty far with the ‘accident’ she set up. Still, she reluctantly took the phone and looked at what Quinn had pulled up. “I mean, she doesn’t have bangs here. And her boobs are a little bigger.”

“Probably a push-up or something,” Quinn shrugged, “But it’s her, right?”

Molly glanced from the phone to Cassidy, then back to the phone. “Pretty sure, yeah. Why? Is the handle vague or something?”

“It’s not that. Click out of the photo.”

“Okay . . . Wait, what?”

“I know,” Quinn said, “But you said it was her without seeing the account first. Makes it more believable.” She turned to Cassidy and placed a hand on her hip while giving that same stern look and asked point blank, “Are you in college, Cassidy?”

The color drained from Cassidy’s face, yet she tried nonetheless to deny the suggestion despite how both girls had clearly seen her not particularly private profile. “N-no,” she lied, “I’m the same age as you.” Earlier, she had abhorred the idea of anyone believing that she was twelve, especially without questioning it in the slightest. Now, she wanted nothing more than for that belief to continue. Quinn and Molly needed to think she was their peer. Noah, too, although being the only boy left him as an observer to the more catty/teenage behaviors of the other two. 

“Uh huh,” Quinn replied, “Then you won’t mind if I tag this Cassidy Matthews with a photo of you? Molly? Phone?”

Seeing the smartphone land in Quinn’s hand again after the casual threat was enough to make Cassidy blurt out, “NO!” Immediately realizing how incriminating the protest was, she tried to backpedal and stumble through an excuse, “I mean- I don’t want that anywhere- like, not online, and, umm-”

Molly’s jaw actually dropped. “Oh, my God.”

“Right?” Quinn’s smirk was back in full force as she looked Cassidy up and down in a brand new light. “You’re a college girl? What the actual fuck?” She partially laughed the last word as she gestured to Cassidy’s current appearance, as well as what she had just allowed a much younger girl to talk her into doing. 

That was all it took to get Molly back on Quinn’s side of the fence. While she might have had some reservations and opinions about what was ‘too far,’ that was when she believed that Cassidy was their age. This revelation changed things quite a bit. “And you’re wearing diapers?” Molly asked, before zooming out in terms of what she was saying, “You don’t look like a college girl. Like, at all.”

Blushing furiously, and trying her best to ignore the sagging mess between her legs, Cassidy stammered out, “It- it was my sister!” She was long past being in a state to come up with a competent lie or excuse for how all of this came to be. Honestly, it was still difficult to piece together how Audrey had gotten her from bangs and a fairy costume to setting things up so Cassidy ended up wetting herself and being stuck in daycare so Audrey didn’t have to deal with the accident herself. “I mean, she tricked me and-” Swearing to herself as she belatedly realized that maybe ‘dared’ would make her current appearance seem like a thing that she was at least somewhat in on herself, Cassidy pretty quickly lost her wind and train of thought when it came to the explanation. Instead, she just mumbled, “Please don’t tag me.”

“Oh, we won’t,” Quinn said, immediately followed by a daunting, “if you do a couple things for us first . . . ”

“Ooh, I found her somewhere else, too,” Molly added.

In a way, nothing had changed. There had always been more truths and dares on Cassidy’s horizon. But that was before. With her identity discovered and her diapers full, Quinn had a lot more leverage than simple teenage intimidation and peer pressure. 

“For starters,” Quinn said, bouncing right off Molly’s casual warning, “You’re going to take off your shirt.” 

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End Chapter 21

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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