The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 17
The Faire, Part 25

Part 25

Cassidy’s mouth hung open in shock for a few seconds. 

It was less because she had been waiting on Molly’s skirt in exchange, as the recent dare had been temporarily forgotten amidst everything else. She was more belatedly coming to grips with what she had just done. They had all seen her diapers, but then she had allowed Quinn to take her skirt away? It had all happened so fast. The peer pressure had been real. Although was that really an excuse, when she wasn’t actually their peer?

Still blushing, she looked from Noah to Molly to Quinn. “Wait, you can’t- I, umm,” Cassidy didn’t know what she was trying to say as she stammered through things as all three of them stared at her diapered self. She finally landed on, “Please give it back.” As scrambled as Cassidy’s thoughts were, she couldn’t help but notice how ridiculous she sounded. It was like she was actually a middle school girl, getting bullied by the popular kids. And while this felt more like teenagers enjoying a dare that resulted in an embarrassing twist, rather than actual bullying, it didn’t change the fact that she was the outnumbered girl with a humiliating ‘secret.’ 

Quinn examined her fingernails for a few seconds as she considered Cassidy’s plea. Deciding to be nice, albeit with some pretty heavy strings attached, Quinn said, “Okay. You can have your skirt, but you have to do something for us first.”

While she didn’t love the sound of that, Cassidy was at least willing to hear her out. She absolutely wouldn’t offer a blank check, however. “Do what?” she hesitantly asked. Similar to the diaper change with Margot, this was already starting to feel like a situation where resistance would only drag things out. It was three against one, and Cassidy didn’t know these teenagers nearly well enough to know how they would react if she tried to demand her skirt back. Or maybe lunging for Molly and yanking the skirt from her hands. Except Cassidy felt too vulnerable in her bare legs and padded underwear to do anything too assertive or aggressive, and she was also literally the shortest one amongst them. Not by much, but it was noticeable to her due to the age difference. 

Crossing her arms with an idle smirk, Quinn explained, “Well, I’m kind of over this game. I think we should finish it off with a triple turn for you. Three truths, and three dares. That’s all.”

Like it was that simple. Cassidy wasn’t stupid. She knew that Truth or Dare tended to escalate, and this latest dare ended up with her being bottomless. While she could easily lie when it came to any questions about herself, the back to back dares would be more difficult to get around. “Umm, that’s not fair,” she muttered. Similar to ‘give it back,’ these latest three words sounded just as immature when she actually heard them out loud. 

“Sure it is,” Quinn nodded, “Would you rather keep playing, or end the game right now? Wouldn’t a longer game end up being more than three of each? But, I guess if you’re fine standing around in those diapers . . . ”

“No!” Cassidy exclaimed. She knew what Quinn was doing, but it didn’t stop it from being effective. It was bad enough having this small group see her like this. What if another person their age was checked into the tent before the game was over? What if Audrey came back when she was bottomless? There was so much to worry about, and negotiating with Quinn alone was extending how long she was stuck in diapers. Molly and Noah weren’t particularly subtle about the way they stared, and Cassidy could tell it wasn’t because she wasn’t wearing pants. The babyish underwear was the complete opposite of sexy.

The young huntress just smiled in response. After a few seconds of letting the unspoken decision linger, she glanced towards Molly. “That’s fair, right? One truth and one dare from each of us?” 

“Totally fair,” Molly replied. She fiddled with Cassidy’s skirt, folding it again and again until it was nice and compact. Sliding it into her purse and zipping up the accessory for good measure, she turned to the only boy of the group. “Noah?”

He grinned. Giving Cassidy’s bare legs one more shameless look, he said, “Super fair.”

Once all of them had countered Cassidy’s claim, Quinn rounded things off. She placed a hand on her hip in a way that was reminiscent of the way Audrey often did, and said, “Three against one. It’s decided, then. Cool with that, Cassie?” Pausing for all of half of a second, Quinn confirmed, “Great! Who wants to go first?”

Cassidy gasped. “Wait! I-”

“I’ll go first!” Molly exclaimed. Rather than asking the usual question required for the game, she jumped right into the more difficult side of things. “Cassie, I dare you to take off your shirt, too.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse. At that suggestion, Cassidy nervously glanced left and right. Could she just hop the fence? Being bottomless was one thing, as there was a silver lining to wearing diapers. Panties would be a lot more revealing. Even though the padded underwear was WAY more embarrassing, at least she wasn’t quite as exposed. But going shirtless? Not a chance. She wasn’t wearing a bra. And willingly stripping herself down was different than how she had been unexpectedly pantsed by Quinn. 

No, she definitely couldn’t leave. Audrey still had the keys and all of her stuff, and looking through the crowds for her sister while walking around in diapers was absolutely not an option. Though Cassidy hadn’t agreed to this triple dare thing that fully put the spotlight on her, she already felt trapped into going along with it. Peer pressure, as well as needing her skirt back. “What’s the penalty?” she asked. That hadn’t gone so well last time, but it’s not like Quinn would be able to yank her shirt off as easily as the skirt had been dropped. Because she didn’t plan on undressing further. 

“Hmm . . . ” Molly mused. She glanced up in thought.

Quinn stepped over to the girl with the usual smirk on her face. Cupping her hand over Molly’s ear, she whispered something to her that Cassidy wasn’t able to hear in the slightest. Noah, either, as he tried to get a little closer to listen in but it didn’t seem to do any good. 

Molly grinned at whatever the idea was. As Quinn returned to her spot a few feet away, Molly turned her attention back to Cassidy. “Squat down first. Then I’ll tell you.”


That’s as far as she got before Quinn spoke over her. “It’s part of the game, Cassie.” Waving her hand dismissively, she asked, “Would you rather take your shirt off, or try the penalty?”

There wasn’t much else to say. Cassidy hesitantly bent at the knees and lowered herself towards the ground. It was only a partial squat until Molly insisted that she go lower. Even more reluctantly, the diapered girl brought her ass as close to the ground as possible without brushing the bulky underwear against the grass. “Okay?” she said, trying to ask without actually asking. Hopefully playing it cool, though she couldn’t imagine her image conveyed what she was trying to achieve with her voice. 

Molly glanced towards Quinn with a smile, then looked down at Cassidy. “It’s easy. Your penalty is to use your diapers.”


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End Chapter 17

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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