The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 7
The Faire, Part Fifteen


Margot came to the same conclusion. 

“We’re going to have to take off your costume to get to the pull-ups, Cassie,” she said. The way she said it made it clear that she didn’t know the extent of the issue–in Margot’s eyes, it was simply a matter of Cassidy taking off the leotard so the babyish underwear could be accessed. Since Audrey had informed her sister about the stitching that had been done, however, Cassidy knew it wouldn’t be quite that easy.

Similar to the way she fessed up about being wet, she knew the only way forward was honesty. Anything less than that, and things would be more complicated and uncomfortable. Plus, Margot was a stranger. Cassidy would never see her again. While the personal humiliation was there, there was no long term risk to laying things out as they were. “Umm,” she mumbled. She pulled her hand free of the other girl’s, and then blurted out, “They’re part of the costume. I mean, the underwear . . . ” Cassidy definitely couldn’t bring herself to say ‘pull-ups’ herself, “ . . . My sister stitched them into the leotard.”

“Oh! Hmm. Never seen that before,” Margot said. She paused to give a good look to Cassidy’s simple fairy costume. “Here, why don’t you get started with the skirt and the wings? I’ll be right back.”

The moment Margot disappeared around the end of the changing screens, Cassidy let out a heavy sigh. How was this possibly happening to her? Somehow, over the last half hour, she had been reduced to an accident-prone tween who needed babysitting. Without her phone or wallet, Cassidy didn’t have the means to prove her real age to Margot or anyone else. This was the first real bit of alone time Cassidy had been given since she arrived at the faire with her sister, but she couldn’t even do anything with the solitude. Climbing over the nearby fence would be possible in a casual outfit, but with fairy wings, a tulle skirt, and bulky underwear? Maybe not. And what would be the point? Audrey had the car keys, and all of Cassidy’s other possessions as well. 

She groaned in frustration and annoyance. There really was no way out of the kids’ zone, or whatever cheesy fantasy name the large tent had. Cassidy hadn’t been paying attention on her way in. “Fucking bitch,” she muttered to herself, in regards to Audrey. 

Getting home meant waiting for her sister to check her out. And getting out of the sagging pull-ups meant letting Margot see her naked. 

Accepting her fate, Cassidy pulled down on the skirt first. It didn’t take much to get the stretchy waistband over the padding of the pull-ups, and gravity did the rest of the work. Kicking the girly pink tulle material off to the side, not really caring about potential grass stains, Cassidy got right to work on her wings. The last thing she needed was to not be done by the time Margot returned, as that would no doubt lead to more patronizing help. It was awkward enough when Audrey carelessly manhandled her that morning to get the wings on. Since Cassidy hadn’t been given the chance to figure them out the first time around, however, it took an awkwardly long time figuring out how to loosen and untangle the straps that were mostly designed to be adjusted around her upper back. After a minute or two of blind tugging and guesswork, she just barely managed to get the glittery wings off by the time Margot made it back. 

The dark haired girl didn’t seem to notice that it had taken the whole time she was gone for Cassidy to deal with the costume pieces. That, or she chose not to say anything about it. “Sorry that took so long, Cassie,” she said, “It took me a minute to track these down. Lucky you; someone had a pair we could borrow!” 

The sewing scissors in Margot’s hand were no doubt from one of the nearby artisans. No wonder the girl had taken so much time. “It’s fine,” Cassidy replied. As badly as she wanted to be out of the dirty underwear, the next part wasn’t going to be fun. 

Getting right to it, Margot instructed, “Okay, Cass. I’m going to need you to take the leotard halfway off so I can get you sorted out. Want to turn around, maybe?”

Obviously, Cassidy wanted that. The last thing she needed was Margot seeing her boobs. Cassidy had never been particularly proud of her chest, especially after Audrey’s completely unfair growth spurt. Normally, it was fine. Cassidy would wear outfits that accentuated her smaller curves, or sometimes wear bras that gave an illusion of a slightly bigger chest through the cleavage created. Wearing the leotard without a bra had been bad enough. But her bare chest? As much as she hated to admit it, Cassidy was sure it would sell the tween image even more after the costume, bangs, and pull-ups.

She pivoted 180 degrees and slipped her arms through the holes of the leotard after making triple sure that no one was even remotely in her field of vision outside the fence. Though no one was outside the faire in such a way, as the large canopy tent sat at the edge of the grounds, Cassidy was still paranoid about her potential exposure. She pulled the tight pink material down a few inches, then decided that was enough of her own efforts. “Okay,” Cassidy said. Cupping both of her small breasts with her hands, she glanced over her shoulder. 

Margot picked up on the nonverbal request. Since Cassidy’s hands were busy covering herself up, Margot stepped forward and pulled the leotard the rest of the way down the petite girl’s upper half. “Hold still for me, Cassie. Hopefully this will just take a minute.”

Wincing at both the nickname and the summer air now brushing a lot more bare skin than it normally would, Cassidy did as she was told. 


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End Chapter 7

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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