The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 3
The Faire, Part Eleven


How long had they been in line?!

Since Audrey was oh so helpfully holding onto all of Cassidy’s things due to how the childish fairy costume didn’t offer anything in the form of pockets or storage, the pink-clad girl had no idea how many minutes had passed. Every time someone stepped out of the private bathroom and the line inched forward, it brought a strange combination of nervousness and relief. It meant they were that much closer, but it was also a reminder of the excessive time each person needed before giving up the room to the next person. 

Cassidy sulked in silence. Somehow, everything she did gave her sister an excuse to belittle her. It was beyond frustrating, especially since Audrey had always been the more immature girl between them. But thanks to Cassidy’s current getup, there was nothing she could do but let Audrey be the ‘older sister.’ Plus it was too late to do anything else but wait in line. Every little step risked breaking the seal she was actively concentrating on, which meant the journey to the normal bathrooms was now more dangerous than standing still and clenching her legs together. 

There were only ten people left between her and the desperately needed restroom. Some easy math suggested at least twenty more minutes of waiting, although two minutes per individual was a pretty hopeful estimate. The other problem is that the line included a good portion of girls their age. Trying to cut ahead of a bunch of adults would be one thing, as blurting out that it was an emergency might do the trick. But Cassidy already felt self conscious enough that everyone believed on sight that she was so much younger than she actually was. Even though she didn’t know anyone but her sister, the thought of everyone staring at her was just too embarrassing.

All of her little justifications changed, however, when a small squirt of pee managed to escape from a crack in the dam that had been threatening to break for quite some time. Cassidy gasped, and turned beet red as the shock was enough to break her focus. Before she could help it, she began peeing for almost a full three seconds before managing to force the stream to a stop. 

Trying not to panic, she looked down with wide eyes to see if her brief accident would be visible to anyone else. She could feel the mortifying warmth pressing back against her crotch, but luckily nothing had leaked through the leotard. The padding that Audrey had said was meant for gymnastics safety had felt awkward all day long as they walked around the Renaissance Faire, but Cassidy was finally grateful it was there. Apparently there was enough fabric down there to keep from showing the wetness that would definitely show through any number of other outfits and underwear. That was only one problem solved, however. There was still the more pressing matter to deal with. She needed the bathroom, and she needed it NOW. 


“Oh my God, Cassie! I can totally see your nipples. Have those little things been poking out like that all day?” Out of nowhere, Audrey pinched both of Cassidy’s nipples through the leotard. 

The nearby reactions were bad enough; it was easy to hear a giggle or two from the teenage girls standing a few feet away. Cassidy’s sister hadn’t made any effort to lower her voice for the comment. That paled in comparison, however, to the inappropriate touch that followed. “AUDREY.” Squirming away from the hands that had no right to be anywhere near her chest, and immediately flashing back to the way Audrey had done something similar earlier when teasing about Cassidy’s smaller size, Cassidy slapped the still too-close arms away just for good measure. 

And then it happened.

The surprise and pain of her nipples being pinched caused her focus to slip again, and Cassidy’s own jerky movements afterwards meant that her legs shifted enough to disrupt the careful way she had been clamping her thighs together to keep her bladder’s urges at bay. With the recent bit of wetting, it was all too much. Her body seemed to abruptly decide that it was done being patient, and the dam broke entirely. Freezing in horror, Cassidy began wetting herself.

For real this time. “No . . .” she whimpered. Her voice did absolutely nothing to stop the trickle that quickly turned into a nonstop stream. Cassidy wanted to run, to save herself from the public humiliation, but her legs felt like jello as she stood there and had an ‘accident’ for the first time in her adult life. The faint hissing from below sounded painfully loud as she felt the disgusting warmth spread out between her legs, and Cassidy turned crimson as she waited for the entire line to turn and stare. If they couldn’t hear, surely they would see the puddle that was about to form at her feet like she had once witnessed back in middle school when an unfortunate girl got tickled to the point of no return at a sleepover. 

Staring at the ground, out of both humiliation and a morbid curiosity as to what the damage was going to look like, Cassidy was surprised to see that nothing had escaped the girly leotard yet. The less pleasant surprise, however, was just how badly she needed to go. Her bladder hadn’t let up yet, and she could feel the bulk between her legs clinging to her in all kinds of uncomfortable ways as the flood continued. The leotard seemed to hold everything in place for the most part, though she noticed a faint sag while looking for visual evidence that any casual observer would see. 

At least a full minute passed before Cassidy stopped peeing. While she was grateful and a little bit confused at the unexpected protection below, she was also mortified. She couldn’t believe that she just did that! And it wasn’t a little accident; she was soaked. And, to make matters worse, she finally looked up.

Audrey was standing right there, smirking.


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End Chapter 3

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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