The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 43
The faire, Part 51

The Faire, Part 51

Cassidy hadn’t even begun to consider how she was going to explain her side of the story to their parents. How none of this was what it looked like, despite how thoroughly Audrey had set her up.

Whatever chances she had were completely shattered when she was seen lying on the bathroom floor with splayed legs and dirty diapers that were open for the world to see. It was one thing for her mother to hear what Cassidy had done, and something else entirely to actually witness the damage. And thanks to her sister’s lies, or maybe Elena’s depending on whether or not the two of them had been communicating, this was being perceived as the second time Cassidy had done this in a single day. 

“Oh! Sorry,” Elena said. Her poker face wasn’t very good, though no one could notice the girl’s amused smile when all of the attention was on Cassidy, “We can come back.”

“It’s fine. Nothing you haven’t seen before, right?” Audrey replied, “We’ll be down soon.”

Their mother didn’t say a word, but the combination of disbelief, disappointment, and a bit of pity was all over her face. She and Elena left as quickly as they arrived, as there was no reason to stand and stare while Audrey dealt with the diaper change that was going to be rather involved thanks to both Cassidy’s size and the mess that had been exacerbated from how long the diapers had remained on after her ‘accident.’

Ever the lazy sister between the two of them, it didn’t take long for Audrey to figure out that she had no interest in going through the arduous process of cleaning Cassidy up. After a few less than efficient wipes, during which Cassidy had to awkwardly suspend herself in the air, Audrey wrinkled her nose and stood up. “Yeah, this is super gross. Just get in the shower, Cassie. I’ll put you in clean diapers after.”

Cassidy didn’t need to be told twice. It was easily the preferable option compared to the awkwardness of her sister being so close to her private areas. That, and Cassidy hadn’t had a moment to herself all day. Though Audrey probably wouldn’t be going far, even a few minutes behind the curtain would be more privacy than she had been given pretty much ever since they had started putting on their costumes. 

Of course, even something like a shower didn’t offer its usual comforts. Audrey was right; it was super gross. Cassidy was used to a simple bathing process, not one where she had to thoroughly scrub so many areas below her waist until she was absolutely certain she was completely clean down there. And, sure enough, the moment Cassidy turned off the water, Audrey was there. “Come on out, little sis! You don’t want to leave the others waiting, do you?”

Though Cassidy didn’t want to face reality in the form of her mother’s new perception of her, as well as Elena who was apparently now her babysitter, she also knew that every minute spent in the bathroom was another minute Audrey’s friend could be spinning more lies. That, and a longer diaper change only served to make Cassidy look worse on top of that. 

She pulled back the curtain with one hand firmly cupped over her crotch, and was quick to cover her bare chest with her other hand. It wasn’t until she was face to face with her sister that Cassidy realized that protecting her modesty wouldn’t do much good when Audrey was going to be the one wrapping her in a diaper. “Towel?” Cassidy reluctantly asked. She had been so focused on washing herself that she hadn’t given much more thought to how she was going to have a serious conversation with Audrey about all this. Regardless, initiating such a chat while buck naked didn’t feel like the best idea. 

With a tiny smirk, Audrey grabbed the nearest hand towel and tossed it to Cassidy. “Here you go! When you’re done, lie down and spread your legs.”

Cassidy couldn’t stop herself from blushing. She knew that Audrey was saying it in the most crass way possible, yet it still worked. She also ended up briefly flashing her sister when instinctively catching the small towel, and would also be baring herself plenty moving forward now that she didn’t have anything to wrap around herself. Well, she did have something. The old diapers had been removed from where Cassidy had been before, and fresh padding was waiting for her on the tile below. 

It was surprisingly effective. In fact, Cassidy didn’t even consider the fact that it might be a tactic on her sister’s part. When naked, diapers were suddenly more appealing. Obviously panties would be preferable, but Cassidy wasn’t exactly in a position to negotiate. Especially since her underwear drawer no longer contained her actual underwear.

After an awkward drying process where she at least tried to keep her smaller breasts covered, as that was an area Audrey wouldn’t be getting an unfettered view of in a minute, Cassidy hesitantly stepped out of the tub. The mirror was less foggy now, and she flushed again at the sight of her bangs. The childish hairstyle paled in comparison to the fact that she would be stuck in diapers 24/7 unless she could talk her way out of it, but it still made her cringe at just how long it would take to undo the snips Audrey had made with zero warning or permission earlier. 

Rather than taping her up right away, Audrey took the bottle of baby powder and poured a generous amount all over Cassidy’s crotch. “To keep your diaper rash from getting worse,” she casually said.

Diaper rash?!

Cassidy hadn’t exactly had the best lighting or vantage point in the shower, and had been more focused on getting herself 100% clean than inspecting herself for something like that. It shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, considering how she had been walking, running, sitting, moving, etc. in the sagging diapers, but that didn’t make it any less shocking or humiliating to actually hear that someone her age had developed a rash that was normally exclusive to much younger girls. 

Audrey didn’t seem to notice Cassidy’s mortified reaction, or simply chose to ignore it. “Almost done, Cassie,” she said. Making short work of taping the diaper up nice and tightly, she proceeded to do the same with a second layer that was lying underneath the first. “One last thing.” Audrey stood up and dusted off her hands, then lifted the toilet lid. “Come over here and take a seat.”

Still in a bit of a trance, as surely this all couldn’t actually be happening to her, Cassidy hesitantly did as she was told. Standing up in the thick padding she hadn’t gotten used to yet, finding it to be just as awkward when it was clean, she stepped over and sat down. It would have made a lot more sense to sit on the lid when using the toilet as a chair, except that’s not what Audrey had planned.

“Okay, Cassie,” Audrey said, “Just go pee in your diapers, then we can head downstairs.”

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End Chapter 43

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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