The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 2
The Faire, Chapter Ten


Cassidy knew what her younger sister wanted. Under any other circumstance, she would have scoffed at the attitude being directed at her. But not this time. She was too desperate to get out of there. “I’m sorry, Audrey,” Cassidy muttered.

“Sorry for what . . . ?”

“ . . . for interrupting during the show . . . and for fidgeting,” Cassie awkwardly listed off what her sister harped on during the show, but received nothing but silence and an annoyed stare from Audrey in return. “I’m sorry for freaking out over nothing.”

“ALL DAY. You’re sorry for freaking out over nothing all day.”

“I’m sorry for freaking out over nothing all day,” Cassidy repeated. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. At this point, she was willing to say anything just to end the conversation and get moving.

“And what’s your name, sis? Until you can stop freaking out, at least?”

“ . . . My name is Cassie.”

Another long silence followed those words. Cassidy’s blush darkened as she reluctantly met Audrey’s stare. Never in a million years would she have called herself the childish name, but now she said it without a second thought.

“Well, Cassie, I’m glad you finally got something right,” Audrey rolled her eyes, “Now, what was so important that you kept interrupting earlier?”

“I- I really need to use the bathroom.” Before she even finished the sentence, Cassidy felt her cheeks get almost uncomfortably hot. No matter how badly she needed to go, there was no way to say it without it sounding immature.

“Wow. Just. Wow.” Audrey looked at Cassidy like she was absolutely helpless, and the older girl couldn’t make the blush go away to save her life. “How old are you again? Follow me, Cassie.” Letting out a heavy sigh, Audrey grabbed her sister’s hand and marched her all the way across the faire grounds until they were back near the start.

Every step was more stressful than the last, and Cassidy suddenly missed the comfort of sitting down. At least she could squeeze her legs together in the seat and focus on holding back the inevitable flood. But now she was moving, and it was a long walk. Her sister definitely missed a turn or two amidst the more heavily populated areas, and they ended up taking a more roundabout way back to the porta potties.

But that’s not where Audrey led her. Instead, they landed at the long line that ran along one of the outer walls of the fair. “Wait, Audrey!” Cassidy exclaimed. She saw the handicapped bathroom way in the distance as she and her sister stood hand in hand at the end of the line. “I need to go now! It’s an emergency!”

It was music to Audrey’s ears. Little Cassie hadn’t used the restroom since they woke up this morning, and it was nearly mid afternoon. Since then, Cassie had a large glass of juice at breakfast, a bottle of water in the car, and a few drinks as they roamed the festival. Her petite sister didn’t have the most impressive bladder, so Audrey knew Cassie must be getting close to her limits when the presentation started. All she had to do was pressure her older sister to wait. After a purposely long walk back to the bathrooms, there was no way Cassie could hold on much longer. It was written all over her face and her body language, not to mention her whiny voice.

This hasn’t originally been the plan. At the start, the main idea had been to strip away Cassidy’s physical maturity and trap her in a situation where she couldn’t easily undo the damage. Mission accomplished. Little Cassie had even been dumb enough to sit still and close her eyes long enough to get bangs. Taking off the fairy costume would be easy enough, but there wasn’t a lot to do about the hair except wait for it to grow back out. For the rest of the summer, Audrey would get to enjoy seeing her sister like that.

The pull-ups she had stitched into the pink leotard had mostly been to screw up Cassie’s confident strut. With a bit of padding between her thighs, the girl would look more like an awkward tween than a young adult. Of course, the knowledge her older sister was wearing the babyish underwear was a nice cherry. But now, a lot more seemed possible as Audrey improvised her way through the day. It was almost too easy. Thanks to how things had been framed again and again, it seemed that everything little Cassie said shouldn’t be taken seriously. Including this current development.

“You’re fine, Cassie,” Audrey snapped. She resisted the urge to smirk, “Come on, the line isn’t that long.”

The look on Cassidy’s face was priceless. It was pretty easy to read her mind. ‘It’s not about the length of the line!’ Something like that. Which, of course, was the entire point of taking her there. With everyone ahead of them needing to remove complex costumes before relieving themselves, as well as the actually handicapped people that were always allowed to cut in front of everyone, it was going to take thirty minutes minimum to reach the bathroom based on the current line.

No way her sister was going to last that long, not with the little potty dance Cassidy was doing as she shifted her weight left and right. Never in Audrey’s wildest dreams would she have imagined her stuck up older sister wetting herself in the middle of the day, but now it seemed very much within reach. As long as Cassie didn’t make a run for the other bathrooms, although that would honestly be amusing thanks to the bulky underwear.

“But, Audrey-”

“No ‘buts,’ little sis! Now, be patient and stop fidgeting.”

As expected, Cassidy complied. She was so desperate to prove that she wasn’t some whiny brat. Which, ironically, was going to be the very reason for what was about to undo her maturity in a much more damning way. Audrey hoped, at least.

Just a little longer . . .


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End Chapter 2

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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Love This

lil_fun · Nov 30, 2022

This series is great. It’s definitely a lot of fun.

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