Quantum Jennifer

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Chapter 2
Hi ho, hi ho! It's off to work we go.

Chapter Description: Jenny undergoes a few changes and new experiences.

Jenny came out of her lucid dream with a start. She swung her body off the examining table and made a beeline for the bathroom. She felt very relieved that she made it on time and hadn’t peed herself on the table. In her haste, she didn’t notice that the apparatus above her head back on the table was still on.

She finished her toilet, washed her hands, and went back to the laboratory. A worried Professor Jankowski ran up to greet her. “Are you feeling all right, my dear? You missed the last few minutes of treatment where I reduce the field to allow you to slowly come out of the quantum affinity and not experience an abrupt shock.”

“Oh, yes, I’m fine, professor! I guess having to urinate overrode my relaxed state. I had the strangest dream of a time when I was younger and playing in a sandbox.”

“That’s good to hear, my dear! Pleasant memories might be a good sign that the treatment is working and that your brain is simpatico with it. We’ll need to do a thorough examination to verify that everything’s okay in the morning.”

“Sure thing! I’ll be here at the usual time, ready for anything.”

“Good night, dear. Have a pleasant night and remember not to have any alcohol as we don’t know what reactions it could have with the treatment. Don’t stay up too late and try to fast for at least 10 hours.”

Jenny said goodbye to the professor and walked back to her campus dorm room. She was amazed at how much easier it now was to calculate the vectors on her tensor physics equations as she compared various tangents of particles and the relation of how they interacted for her thesis. She became quite tired a few hours later and was barely able to brush her teeth before falling into bed and falling fast asleep.

Her alarm woke her up at the usual time and she got herself ready for the physical exam at the lab before having a cup of coffee and walking over. She met up with the professor and was subjected to blood analysis, physical strength testing, height and weight measurements, physical exertion testing, and even had to provide a urine and stool sample.

“The results are all positive, my dear, you’re in peak physical condition for a 26-year-old, congratulations! I’d like to meet up again in one week to perform the same tests and if nothing is alarming, perform another treatment” said the professor.

“Okay, let’s do that!” Jenny said enthusiastically “I feel really good right now except for a little hunger and I’m going to go to lunch and take care of that before continuing my research. See you next week!”

The professor waved goodbye and Jenny went to the campus dining hall.

She had a large cheeseburger, fries and for some reason, two glasses of apple juice. Jenny devoured her meal and went back for more apple juice before leaving for her room.

Another long session on her equations ended at midnight and Jenny collapsed into her bed without brushing her teeth. She was so tired, she even forgot to empty her bladder. As she slept, she dreamed of little Jenny playing in a playpen on the living room floor, she felt the warmth of a slightly soggy diaper against her bare, hairless skin.

“Of course babies don’t have hair down there, puberty isn’t for another decade.” thought big Jenny as little Jenny squished the diaper playfully and pushed it against her privates. She let out another trickle of pee and mushed the diaper as it got warmer and bigger. Little Jenny lay back afterward and was happy for the feelings of warmth down there. Big Jenny had a thought.

She urged little Jenny to stand up using the playpen bars to steady against and call for her mommy. “Mama, Mama! I wet! I wet!” called out Jenny in her sleep as well as little Jenny in her dream.

Her mother stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and came over to pick up her baby girl. “Oh, you’re just so clever! I wonder if it’ll be early potty training for you?” She carried her daughter to the changing table in her nursery and Big Jenny was all smiles as her mother stripped little Jenny's clothes off and changed her diaper complete with wipes and powder. The diaper she put on her was bulkier than the one she took off, but no matter!

Jenny’s mother laid her down in her crib for a quick afternoon nap and little Jenny fell asleep almost immediately. Her thumb worked its way into her mouth as she slumbered and big Jenny was woken from her dream by her alarm clock.



End Chapter 2

Quantum Jennifer

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2021


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