Quantum Jennifer

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Chapter 5
Well, hello bear!

Chapter Description: Jenny has a reunion with an old friend. The funny thing is that the old friend was never alive?

The professor turned off his quantum bridge and looked at the twenty-something young lady on his examination table. She slept peacefully with a happy smile on her face as a teddy bear materialized out of nowhere in her arms.

“Hmm” mused the professor, “I think she’s developing abilities that allow her to manipulate quanta as well as observe it.    Time will tell…”

Jenny came awake still snuggling the teddy bear. She looked at it in wonder as the professor smiled and made up a story about how she cried out for “Mr. Snuggles” while in lucid sleep. He further stated that since he had one available for his niece’s birthday next week, he gave it to her to calm her down.

“He looks just like my old bear!” said Jenny happily “Can I keep it?”

The professor nodded yes and she hugged the bear to her face with the innocent fervor of a three-year-old before becoming conscious of her actions and abruptly stopped. She put the bear in her lap and hugged it to her midriff as she and the professor continued their discussion. It felt warm against her belly and she felt comforted by its mass as she hugged it.

“Tell me of your dreaming, my dear” encouraged the professor wanting to get all the details for his notes.

“Well…” Jenny related all the events in vivid detail right down to the tingles that she’d felt as her teen self grew younger in her dream. As Jenny described each detail of her experiences, she became younger and smaller totally unaware of the changes as she related them, she continued until she became a small girl of 3 or 4 sitting on the examination table wearing a pastel pink shirt and Pampers Overnight size 5 diaper and holding a much smaller Mr. Snuggles. The little girl’s legs swung to and fro against the diaper’s bulky softness as she continued the discussion.

“It sounds as though you’re experiencing Hawkins’ theory of time as a single line that can be reversed in your mental image. while not being fully self-aware of the manipulation of the physical universe, it becomes reshaped by your personal desires on the quantum level.”

The little girl paused her leg swinging as a warm and wet sensation spread against the diaper material next to her skin. She resumed leg swinging while savoring the feel of squishy fabric there. “So, if I wanted, I could deliberately materialize something, like a kid’s plastic pail and shovel, for instance?”

“Why not try it, dear?”

Little Jenny pictured the pail and shovel from her first lucid dream. They appeared complete with grains of white sand covering their surfaces and falling on the examining table.

“I did it!” she exclaimed happily, grabbed the pail’s handle with a free hand while still holding Mr. Snuggles with the other, and jumped off the table with graceful ease. She landed on the floor and wobbled back and forth unsteadily for a moment, then corrected herself as a wooden sandbox with bright green sides appeared in front of her. The little girl put her teddy bear on one corner so that it could watch her and she went to the center of the sandbox to make pail-shaped mounds of sand.

“This is awesome!” proclaimed the happy little girl as she piled shovel after shovel of sand into the plastic pail before packing it down and turning the pail over to make mounds of sand.

The professor pulled his chair up next to the sandbox. He watched the little girl as she played in the sand, thought about it for a moment, and carefully asked her “So are you dreaming or are you in reality right now, Jenny?”

“I’m in the real world, thank you very much!” replied the little girl as a large baby bottle of warm milk appeared next to her out of thin air. She took the bottle and laid back in the sand while she drank from it thirstily. The professor continued to watch patiently as her little legs rhythmically pushed the ever-growing soggier and squishier material of the diaper between her legs against her genitals.

After Jenny finished her bottle, the professor picked her up, resting her head over the top of his shoulder, and gently patted her back. She burped loudly, immediately felt better, thanked the professor, and was returned to her place in the sandbox to resume her important task of making sand piles.

“So, Jenny, how old are you right now?” asked the professor delicately.

“Huh? We both know I’m 26! It’s on the charts that we’ve been filling out the last couple of weeks” stated Jenny matter-of-factly. She stopped shoveling sand and a look crossed her face. The professor hoped that she was becoming aware that something didn’t add up, but was a little disappointed as she stood up, squatted down, scrunched her face while making a large deposit in her diaper. With a happy look of satisfaction on her face, she sat down in it, pressing the mess into her bottom while contentedly massaging the front of her diaper to better enjoy its squish. She rocked her whole body frontwards and backward to seal the deal.

“Is your body physically 26 or do you think it might be a bit younger, hmm?” hinted the professor.

The little girl stopped for a moment and visibly sniffed the air as fumes of urine and feces wafted up from her diapered butt. She examined her hand carefully, then caused a mirror to appear in front of her in the sandbox. Standing up and looking at the little girl there, she struck a pose that would have been sexy on a stripper-pole dancer but looked comical on her three-year-old self.

“Oh my god, I’m a baby!” said Jenny as she came to the full realization of what had happened “A diaper-wearing baby who just crapped herself!”

“Yes, that’s pretty much the gist of it,” said the professor imitating her prior “matter-of-factly” tone. He couldn’t resist, the dryness of the pun was too tempting not to use.

“You have gained the ability to make solid objects appear out of nothingness and manipulate the arrow of time for yourself, but I have to caution you about the possibility that your subconscious might be in charge of these things happening and could go out of control if you’re not careful about it.”

Jenny half-heard the professor as the mess in her itchy diaper was starting to bother her. It was so distracting that she started to think more about how she could get her diaper changed than to listen. The teddy bear on the edge of the sandbox elongated to adult height, gained fingers, stood up, and picked Jenny up in a warm, fuzzy embrace. Comforted, Jenny put her thumb in her mouth and cuddled into Mr. Snuggles’ hypoallergenic chest.

A changing table appeared next to the odd pair with a small sink the perfect size for a toddler. Holding Jenny with his left arm, Mr. Snuggles drew warm water into it, laid Jenny down on the changing table, and undid her diaper. Pulling the sodden garment out from under her, he tossed it over his shoulder where it rolled up into a fecal sausage and deposited itself into a diaper pail that appeared, opened up, and swallowed it before both dissipated back to wherever they came from.

A naked Jenny was put in the sink to play in the warm, soapy water. Mr. snuggles cleaned her bottom, washed away the feces with a hand-held showerhead, and washed her hair with baby shampoo. Little Jenny splashed happily in the water enthusiastically with a giggling baby laugh. The bear drained the bath, picked her up, placed her on a large, thick cotton towel, and dried her off. Jenny had some ointment applied to her cute little bum, flipped over, then powdered and diapered with another pampers overnight. The bear grabbed a toddler dress from a nearby rack and pulled it over her head and arms. A pair of white socks with black Mary Jane shoes completed her outfit. The bear picked her up, tossed her lightly in the air, gave her tummy a little tickle, eliciting another giggle, and handed her to the professor.

The bear returned to its prior state and landed on her lap.

Without missing a beat, the professor stated “Which is why I caution you to be careful in what you wish for, my dear, you just might get it in ways that you’d never expect!”

She snuggled against the professor as a pacifier appeared and attached itself with a pinned ribbon to her dress and plopped its business end into her mouth. Jenny sucked happily on the pacifier, hugged her bear, and felt the embrace of the professor’s arms holding her gently against his warm body. She fell asleep still sucking on her pacifier.



End Chapter 5

Quantum Jennifer

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2021


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