Quantum Jennifer

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Chapter 3
Hawkins might be right!

Chapter Description: Jenny learns of things that might be troubling.

Jenny didn’t have much to do today, there was a lecture at one o’clock and a quick jog to keep her physically fit. She slowly came out of her sleep grogginess and put both feet on the floor to help her wake up.

As her senses kicked in, she noticed a slight pee odor mixed with baby powder was coming from somewhere in the room.

“Where’s that coming from?” she wondered “Well, no sense in wasting time! I’ll go to the bathroom and get ready for a good jog afterward.”

Upon standing up, she realized that she seemed to have extra padding around her waist and pulled her pajama bottoms out to reveal an adult-sized Pampers complete with Sesame Street characters on them. Some of them were faded due to being peed on.

Jenny wondered if she was still asleep, pulled off her pajamas, and examined herself in the mirror. She was still her 5 foot 6 self and nothing seemed amiss other than she was wearing a diaper. She decided was still dreaming and decided to enjoy it until the alarm clock went off for real.

She drank a large amount of water, cooked breakfast in her microwave, had two cups of coffee along with half the bottle of apple juice that she picked up the day before. After a short while, nature kicked in and Jenny had to pee really bad.

“It’s okay, it’s just a dream” she reassured herself “you can pee all you want to and not worry about a thing!”

She hesitated at first and felt the warmth of the pee spreading across her hairless crotch. It was delightful! She laid down in her bed and sucked her thumb while the stream of pee filled her diaper making it soggy as the sodium polyacrylate layer swelled to absorb it all.

She rubbed the warm mass of plastic and paper product against her skin and felt arousal as it stirred her loins. After a few moments, the excitement and sensations got the better of her causing her to cum so hard it gave her a total body orgasm. Not satisfied with just one, she undid that tabs and began masturbating in earnest, cumming again and again. Exhausted from all the activity, she fell asleep with her hands still covered by the diaper.

She awoke a short while later. “Well, that was a really erotic dream! I guess I’m a bit horny and need to take that jog to work off some steam” She thought. As she got up, the unfastened diaper fell off her hips and she realized that she hadn’t been dreaming and that she was hairless down there!

A careful examination in the mirror verified her pubic hair was everywhere else it was supposed to be except her crotch and anus. “Just like a baby!” she thought to herself. Glancing at the alarm clock, she realized that she needed to get cleaned up and get to class pronto. She put aside the weird thoughts and experiences, cleaned up, and went to the lecture.

Sitting in the audience, Jenny fidgeted on the hardwood seat. The lack of hair on her nether region allowed her to feel the coldness of her seat radiating through her baggy jeans. The thick cotton panties didn’t help as they were loose-fitting and she could feel every slip and slide the fabric created as it caressed her skin and brushed up against her in spots she didn’t know she had until now.

While she would have liked to explore the sensations a bit more, she did her best to focus on the lecturer as he discussed a theoretical alternate reality in which the arrow of time pointed in the other direction.

“Consider that in our universe milk spills, eggs break, and complex systems break down over time to simple components due to entropy,” he said.

“In our theoretical model, spilled milk flows back into the carton, broken eggs reassemble into whole ones and simple components become complex systems all by themselves. Hard to fathom, isn’t it? You there, I take it you have a question?” said the scholar as he focused his attention on a young graduate student with their hand up.

“Provided that what you’re talking about is possible,” said the youngster “then if we were to take the analogy a bit further, the egg would be sucked into a chicken’s oviduct as the chicken gets younger and eventually becomes a chick that finds its shell, gets surrounded by it and after a few weeks gets pulled up in its mother’s oviduct, right?”

“Correct, all matter would flow from a chaotic state to a defined state, eventually ending with a big implosion of the universe. Interesting, is it not?”

“This means that for conscious beings in this theoretical universe, a future event is remembered and the past is unknowable” posited the lecturer.

Jenny enjoyed the banter as the people in the gallery asked questions of the scholar and he was able to come up with answers that seemed plausible given the context of the proposed theoretical universe.

She raised her hand and was called on. “What if we could consider the quantum state of this theoretical universe?  Does time exist at that level considering the theory that a wave function collapsing can’t be reversed in quantum physics?”

“Ah!” exclaimed the scholar “We have a budding quantum physicist in our midst! I’m certain that you’ve done your homework and found that several theories explain time not being able to be compared to quanta?” Jenny nodded her head, she had researched all the theories and was curious to see how the scholar would handle her question.

“I’m not particular to any of the several theories concerning time as measured by a quantum scale, but I think that the proposal by Hawkins would apply to our theoretical model best. That being that time on a quantum level flows along a single line and is reversible.” Said the scholar as he grabbed the quickest answer without going into a debate on the various theories which would take several hours.

“I see by the clock that our lecture time has ended. I’m available for questions via appointment if anyone’s interested. Good day!”

As the lecture ended, Jenny went back to her room and found that the diaper that she had left on the bed in haste to get to her scheduled class had disappeared. There was no smell of urine or baby powder, but there was a distinct smell of sex on the sheets. Jenny changed them out before making a meal for herself, doing some more theoretical equations for her thesis, and finishing up early.

She grabbed the romance novel that she’d been reading about a teenage vampire named LaCroix and his bumbling attempts at love, but got sidetracked by what the lecturer had said about Hawkins’ theory.

She imagined a universe where people were born from coffins dug up from the ground, were feeble and could barely walk, became stronger and more successful, then began to lose their knowledge, moved in with their parents, and eventually were taken to the hospital to be attached to their mother’s umbilical cord and be drawn into their womb.

“Such things while possible, are most likely improbable. There’s no sense in worrying, so it’s time for sleep!” Jenny reassured herself while attempting to get over her personal fear of the horror of people aging in reverse. She brushed her teeth, did her toilet, and hugged her pillow wishing it was her old teddy bear before falling asleep.



End Chapter 3

Quantum Jennifer

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2021


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