Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Costumed Life

Chapter 14: Costumed Life

AT THE END of the class Cate carried me back to the dorm and passed me off to Hannah who immediately hugged me. We both called our parents before immediately sitting down and working on our homework. I used the computer to begin drawing up some sketches of costumes for the two of us.

For me I started to sketch out an idea with the dress I’d had my picture taken in, but in purple with tiny green emerald stones on it. I simplified the skirts so that it would be easier to fight in when needed. I ended up making the dress shorter like a normal baby’s dress with that typical bell shape to it. I figured bloomers were necessary and white tights could be the basis for covering my legs with some armor. They said we should have masks, but I wondered if a pacifier covering my mouth would be enough? I designed one that had a big emerald in the middle of it thinking I could get one of the kids I’d overheard talking about building stuff could maybe make a gadget that would help me maintain my breathing through it even.

“That looks cute!” Hannah said. “Why don’t you just make it with the onesie built in though instead of the bloomers though?”

“The tights should keep my diaper up?” I asked hesitantly.

“I guess. I think it would still be easier to build it in, or make it one piece like a swimsuit that you step into from the top?”

She bounced ideas off of me for about a half hour while I messed with software on the computer that someone had developed just for this. I finally asked, “What about yours?”

Hannah shrugged, “I really don’t know…”

“Hey, I never saw your MMID yesterday, what’s your codename?”

She blushed, “I couldn’t really think of one… So, I started thinking about some of the things I learned about my powers. She told you yesterday that you can knock out electronics or people’s nervous systems?”

I nodded, “Yeah, she said it was a lighter version of yours?”

She nodded, “I can limit my power to do it too, and I knocked out a bunch of computers that they let me try it on.”

“Huh, that’s really cool!”

She smiled, “I guess… Anyway, since you’re the Emerald Baby I thought about Emerald Mommy… but that would be a little weird,” she laughed nervously. “There are already a few other Emerald codenames out there so it’ll get crowded soon… So that’s when I remembered EMP - for ElectroMagnetic Pulse, and came up with Emped.”

“It works!” I smiled at her. “Of course, I might have to talk about how that imp messed things up for everyone…”

With that she came over and started tickling me mercilessly. “Stop it,” I told her after a while. She sat up and held me.

“You made me wet more!” I told her while sticking my tongue out.

“Like you wouldn’t have anyway?” She teased. She picked me up though and quickly changed my diaper before saying, “It’s getting late Sofia, why don’t you finish up on my costume tomorrow. You probably have some other homework?”

I groaned, “Yeah…” she gave me a hug before setting me back down in my little desk chair. I eventually got tired of sitting in it though and splayed my calculus book and the three problems I had left in front of me on the floor. Fortunately for me I was able to knock them out pretty quickly.

I had just started skimming through the Magic Theory chapter we were supposed to be on when there was a knock on the door. Hannah opened the door, “Oh hi guys, what’s up?”

Camille, Volango, Knag, and Esmie came in. Camille saw me laying on my stomach staring at her and apparently couldn’t help herself, she came and sat down on the floor and dragged me into her lap. “I was kind of doing homework,” I told her a little annoyed.

She tickled me, “We’ll leave you to it in a moment.”

I hated the forced giggle I made before she squeezed me. “You do realize I’m not a doll, right?”

She laughed, “Really?” She tickled me for a few more moments while everyone else watched me giggle.

I grunted when she finally stopped and asked, “What are you all up to?”

“Well we wanted to see how your first day went?” Lizi asked.

“We’re never going to catch up in some of these classes,” Hannah moaned.

I nodded, “I have like four hours of homework left and probably should have gone to bed two hours ago…”

“Anything we can do?” Esmie asked.

I shrugged, “I think it’s just a matter of getting the time in. We have two more days until the weekend and Thanksgiving Break begins, I’m hoping we can get caught up then…”

“Same,” Hannah said morosely.

“Well, we’ll ask what we were going to ask then quickly. Apparently, you are going to be asked to do the combat finals this term?” Camille asked from behind me.

“I think so,” I told her.

“Well, your best bet for training for them is always to be on a team. Would you be up to joining our team?”

“Just you all on it?” Hannah asked.

Esmie answered, “Maybe Hailey will join too, but she’s got another team trying to get her to join too. She actually said it depends on if you two join us or not. If you do, she thinks she’d be able to help the other team more.”

I looked at Hannah and we basically communicated without talking for a moment. Caireen nudged in, ‘Do it, they’re a good match for you two.’

I shrugged and Hannah nodded, “Okay,” we said at the same time.

“Great!!!” Camille said as she squeezed me tight.

“Not a doll…?” I reminded her.

She tickled me mercilessly again in response and suddenly stopped saying, “I guess I should let you two get back to your homework.”

As quickly as they came, they were gone. I looked at Hannah, “This place certainly will never be boring…”

She laughed and said, “Ten more minutes on your homework, then I’m going to give you a bath and we’re going to go to bed. There’s no way we can catch up in a week.”

I signed and agreed. I quickly used my new ability for recalling things I’d read and decided I could probably quickly skim through all of my required reading in that period if I trusted it. When I was done with the last book Hannah said, “You know just staring at the pictures won’t help, right?”

I smiled at her and handed her the book I just finished the section out of. “Here, read along with me. I closed my eyes and began reading from the top of that page and kept going word for word for a few paragraphs.”

“That is so not fair Sofia!”

I shrugged, “At least if I’m stuck in diapers I can study faster!”

She picked me up and pulled my school uniform off and wrapped me in a towel before carrying me and a caddy full of baby soap stuff down the hallway to the bathroom. Sadly, it was a quick bath that I had before she diapered me and carried me to the rocking chair to nurse me.

Apparently, it’s a good thing for Hannah that I just go on autopilot when I’m nursing, because I was asleep within two minutes!


I WOKE UP with Caireen cleaning me up from a diaper change and saying, “How about a bath this morning?”

I smiled and she took me down the hallway to a room that had anachronous clawfoot tubs there that were empty. I watched her do a quick spell that filled the tub with water and bubbles. As she sat me down, she asked, “Want to learn a neat trick?”

I sleepily looked up at her and nodded. I watched her do a really simple spell to turn a bubble pink. I giggled and smiled, “Cool!”

“You try!” she suggested.

I pointed at a larger bubble and did the same spell but thought purple would be better! Soon I had a whole rainbow of bubbles in the tub as she washed my body and hair. I would watch them explode and turn the water underneath them that color. I couldn’t help myself; I was having fun! Eventually I noticed I was hungry, “Breakfast?” I asked her.

She smiled and carried me down the hallway to a small sitting room we had met my parents in one time. She sat me in a waiting highchair, placed a bib on me, then proceeded to feed me a bowl of oatmeal. I made faces a bit at it, but she just tapped me on the nose and kept feeding me. By the time she was done I squirmed a bit at the misses she had made that were on my face. “Let’s take care of that,” she said while using the bib to wipe my face.

I figured she would take the bib off, but instead she left it on as she picked me up and walked to a small armchair and proceeded to nurse me. I couldn’t help but feel content as she did so.

“Okay Sofia, it’s time to start training you on more combat magic,” she said as she pushed me back onto her knee looking at her.

I nodded, “Probably smart…”

She looked pained, “Sofia I wasn’t totally honest with you and Hannah yesterday. Our kingdom is very powerful and alone we should be able to hold out against Camulus and any other henchmen he comes up with, but if we have multiple kingdoms start helping him…”

I shrugged, “We’ll find a way Caireen,” I told her with a smile and leaned in to hug her.

She sighed, “I hope you’re right, little one.”

With that she carried me down the hall to the staircase and wound her way to below the first floor. “How far down does this go?” I nervously asked.

“About another fifty feet.”

“There are so many weird things with this castle,” I told her.

“Well just because it seems like we’re in the nineteenth century doesn’t mean we are Sofia.” She kissed my head lightly and squeezed as she came to a landing at the bottom. We traveled briefly down a corridor that felt like a dungeon before opening a door to a large room with a huge circle laid down in the middle.

Somehow, I knew that this kind of circle would not be one I could defeat easily and shuddered.

“You really are powerful enough that you could break out if you needed to,” she reassured me, “but do not worry baby, I would never keep you indefinitely in a circle!”

She carefully sat me inside the circle and I instantly could feel the walls. I doubted her words of breaking through this circle, but I trusted her nonetheless. For the next several hours, with only a break for a diaper change, she taught me how to use my magic to send fireballs, wind, and even solid objects flying around.

“This is like being the Avatar…” I joked.

She laughed at me, “you know some of those TV shows you’ve watched before are quite funny. Especially when they make it seem so easy to teach most.”

“What do you mean? You just taught me all of that?”

She shook her head, “I just re-taught you all of that. You still have some access to my memories when we’re here. I can’t sense your thoughts, and neither can you sense mine here, but we can both access our shared memories.”

“Huh…” I said.

She continued teaching the lesson for a bit after that before saying, “Sofia that will be enough for today. Come on out of the circle.”

“Umm…” I said.

“You can get out on your own, just think about it for a second.”

For a good ten minutes I sat there thinking about how to do it. Just as I thought I had a solution I felt myself squat down and groaned. ‘No time like the present,’ I told myself trying to ignore my disgusting mess. I pulled in the magic I had access to and found the little points of failure and pressed at them all at once. With that the circle disappeared on the floor in a blaze of green fire and vanished.

Caireen picked me up and said, “Good job Princess, let’s go get this stinky baby all nice and clean!”


CAIREEN JUST PLAYED with me for a bit before putting me to bed, and then I woke up to a new day again. Life for the next couple days until the weekend just seemed to flow together as endless days. Before I knew it, I was done with my final Friday class of Advanced Martial Arts. Our evening classes didn’t meet that night, so we had the whole weekend in front of us!

Hannah and I had just gotten into our room to sit stuff down after class when there was a knock on the door. I walked to the door and reached up to pull down on the handle that I could just reach and pulled the door open.

“Hi Sofia!” a smiling Anna said to me.

“Hi Anna,” I said back to her, “come on in,” I added politely.

“Hannah, right?” she asked as she came in and I watched her eyes widen at our room.

“Yep, what’s up?” Hannah asked.

“Well I mentioned this to you all a couple days ago, but Venus would love to have Sofia come join us.”

I sighed, “What does that involve?”

“Well first you’ll have to come to our meetings every so often. We have one tomorrow at two for instance.”

I looked at Hannah and shrugged, “Okay, where do we meet you?”

She gave us directions and handed me a form to have my parents sign. “I don’t have to have my parents sign this though,” I told her.


I sighed, “I’m technically eighteen still.” I told her.

“Oh… okay… just bring it tomorrow then. Why do they have you on the freshman floor then?”

Hannah sighed then, “They decided we both needed to start as freshmen here.”

Anna nodded, “You’re not the first that they’ve thought that for. I’ve got a few friends like that, and I’m technically twenty-one, but they didn’t list that on my MID. How did you manage that?”

“I don’t have a regular MID,” I told her. “Hannah and I both got Military MIDs because of our parents working at the labs in Los Alamos.”

“Okay, I’m totally jealous now, that is awesome!”

I shrugged, “It definitely helped us out getting away from the mob last weekend…”

Anna smiled knowingly, “Well I better get going, my boyfriend has plans for us.”

“Figures you’re not single,” I winked at her.

She laughed and walked out. She didn’t close the door as she left, and I decided it wasn’t worth bothering. I had just logged onto my email when I felt Camille walk into the room. “Hi Camille,” I said without turning.

“How?” she asked as she came and hugged me.

“Your magic,” I told her simply.

She patted me on the head and asked, “So what are you two up to?”

“What is there to do?” Hannah asked as I kept looking at my email. There was one from Mrs. Elizabeth Carson, Headmistress that I double clicked on.


Good afternoon Sofia,

I had a representative from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that would like to meet with you Saturday if possible. He’s available to meet you at just past noon if you could meet? Please let me know if you’re interested and available tonight if possible.

Mrs. Elizabeth Carson, Headmistress


“Hannah,” I said and got her attention, “what do you think?”

Hannah knelt down to my level and I felt Camille join her. “It’s up to you sweetie,” she said.

Without another word I typed a reply saying we’d be happy to meet with him. “Okay, so diapee change, and then the movie?” she asked.

“Huh?” I said.

“You weren’t paying attention, were you?”

I shook my head, in the end she ended up re-explaining the movie plans downstairs in one of the two mini-theaters. “There’s a movie theater downstairs?” I asked.

She just sighed as she put the second tape on my new diaper. “You’re such a scatterbrain sometimes…” She smiled though and said, “Nightgown tonight?”

I shrugged and she found a pretty nightgown that she pulled over my head. She grabbed her backpack and carried me down to the elevator and pressed a button for the basement. We found Camille and several others already there with just one remaining sofa seat that Hannah took. “Does that thumb taste good?” Camille asked me.

I turned red and pulled out a slobbery thumb. Hannah pushed a pacifier in my mouth and said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“What are we watching?” I asked around my pacifier.

“Well it has to be rated G here for the baby girl,” Hannah teased.

I glared at her.

“Don’t worry Sofia, we’re just going to watch the latest superhero trash Hollywood put out.” Esmie said.

“You actually watch those?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Camille asked where she was seated beside us.


“What are you too good for a bad movie?”

I sighed, “No… but…” I said before leaning into Hannah. “I give up.”

“Good girl,” came several voices in unison.

The movie was as bad as I expected, even worse now that I had been exposed to real superpowers. Actually, after a while I began to appreciate why everyone else wanted to watch it as we jeered the movie and the characters throughout. Towards the end I found myself actually enjoying it.

“What’s next?” I asked as the credits rolled around.

There were some arguments before a strange anime movie was selected. While I found myself somewhat intrigued with it, I found myself quickly nodding off too.


BY THE NEXT morning I felt like a small routine had become somewhat normal for me, just in time to welcome our week off for Thanksgiving basically. Hannah and I worked on homework and catching up on stuff we’d missed all morning. Our costumes had both been approved for designs, so I spent a half-hour working on magically making them. I was even able to completely copy multiple properties of the cool fabrics that our teacher had shown us. In the end it meant that both of our costumes were fire, bullet, and stab resistant. Caireen had even shown me how to add the anti-wrinkle spell to them, along with another that would allow the fabrics to heal themselves.

“You should try it on now!” Hannah said as she watched me tweak it on a magical dress form Caireen had suggested.

I shrugged, “I think it’s good enough.”

Like she had been excitedly waiting for the invitation to do so she picked the outfit off of the dummy, grabbed the tights that were sitting nearby, and then grabbed me and sat me down on the changing table. “You’re a little wet, but I think it’ll wait a bit,” she told me with a smile.

I cringed, “maybe you should change me anyway? It’s going to be tough to get that off of me to change me later.”

She looked at me and shrugged, “what’s one more diaper change, huh?” After Hannah quickly had me changed, she started by helping me pull the tights on. These were all white, but were the same fabric as the rest of the costume. It scrunched my diaper up underneath a bit, but seemed to be a good fit. I watched her fiddle with the back of the rest of the costume next as she unbuttoned a clasp and unzipped it. She helped me thread my legs through the leg holes I had designed and pulled the top up top my shoulders like a swimsuit.

Hannah fiddled with the zipper and the clasp for a moment before saying, “You look totally adorable like this!” I started to stand up to see, “Hold it Princess,” she said to me in a mommy voice.


“Let’s get your tiara and pacifier in place first,” she smiled at me.

With that she went over to a jewelry box that my tiara was currently sitting in. She must have played with my hair for a good ten minutes before handing me the temporary pacifier I had created. “So, you’re going to get a gadgeteer to do something else for you with this?”

“I’m going to try… I need to find out who would be good for that first,” I said before I plopped the pacifier in my mouth. I had designed it with an extra-large shield, a large actual emerald for the button, and a few magical enhancements to it until I could get a gadgeteer to help me out. For now, the magic helped conceal my face by blurring it if I wanted, as well as helping me breathe better. It was also just as soothing as any regular pacifier was to me too!

With that Hannah picked me up and sat me in front of the full-length mirror that let me see myself. I smiled around the pacifier, but you couldn’t tell. I looked adorable, like I was either wearing a Halloween costume, or some really fancy baby dress. The actual ‘dress’ part of the outfit ended just above the leotard like diaper cover, leaving just a hint of the diaper below it. I designed the outfit by modifying the look from Sofia the First like my previous signature outfit, but it had some differences - to avoid copyright infringement if nothing else! Instead of white petals being on the shaped skirt pieces, they were made of thousands of tiny emeralds attached to the fabric. The green emeralds against the purple and white of the dress really did look pretty! I had included some diamonds as well to help add some sparkle.

“What do you think?” I asked her.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you’re going to take everyone who attacks you just with the cute card first.” She knelt next to me and hugged me from behind. “Then I have a feeling you’re going to beat them up and they’re going to be soooo embarrassed that a little baby girl beat them up.” She giggled as she said that. “Are… are… those real gems?” she asked a moment later.

I nodded, “Don’t tell anyone else.”

“That outfit…”

“Is expensive,” I smiled. “It doesn’t mean much when I can just magic more into existence.”

She nodded to agree.

“Now to your costume?” I suggested.

“Actually, Sofia let’s get going to lunch, you still have that meeting with the FBI to go to.”

“Should I just stay in costume for that?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “It’s up to you, but remember I’ll have to totally undress you to change your diaper.”

I thought for a moment and then said, “Well, when you have to change me you can put me in something else then?”

She giggled again, “You really just want to show off your new outfit, don’t you?”

“Maybe…” I said with a blush.

“Shall we go?”

“Don’t you need me to nurse first?” I asked her.

“I pumped while you were looking over the costume.”

“Oh…” I said, not really disappointed, but it had become so standard to do so at lunch.

She tickled me, “You can have some in a bottle at lunch,” she reassured me.

I blushed and held my hands up to her. Lunch itself was pretty normal with some of our friends absent doing other things. In general Crystal Hall seemed a bit quieter today. Esmie came up as I was finishing the bottle Hannah had promised me, “Oh my God, how can you get any cuter?!?!”

“I have my ways,” I joked.

The other girls laughed then too. “So, are you wearing your costume to meet with the FBI?” Hannah asked me quietly.

“Should I?”


About that time, I felt things change down below and I said, “Umm… You’re going to have to change me anyway right now…”

Hannah squeezed me tight and tried to keep things from getting messier as she gathered her backpack and said, “We’ll see you all later,” to our friends.

As we got to the bathroom, I had a thought, “Caireen, can I put this costume somewhere and pull it on like I do with my dolls clothes now?”

I felt her think… “I think I’ll let you do that for now.”

“Hannah, can you just set me down on the ground for a second?”

“Umm… sure, while I pull this table down,” she told me.

I sat there for a second and used the magic to put my costume away leaving me naked except the messy diaper.

“Well, that should make it easier to get to that diapee.” Hannah said with a smile.

I just smiled back and was happy to have her get me out of that mess!


A HALF-HOUR later we were back in the administrative offices waiting for Mrs. Carson to finish talking to the FBI representative before allowing them to see us. She walked out with a tall man that looked like he came from a recruiting poster. ‘Definitely a mutant,’ I said to Caireen.

‘Yep,’ she answered.

“He’s got to be an exemplar,” Hannah whispered to my ear.

I giggled, “Caireen and I just said that to each other,” I told her back quietly.

“Sofia, Hannah, this is Agent Sanders, he’s the Agency Liaison to Whateley.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said as Hannah rose to meet him.

“Nice to meet you both as well! You said we could use that conference room, correct?” He asked Mrs. Carson.

“Yes Matt, that will be fine.”

“Thanks,” he said to her, “This way please ladies.”

We didn’t go far but ended up in a conference room. He pulled out a small micro projector and turned to us. “Sofia I’m really glad that you agreed to meet with us.”

“It seemed like you would be a better option than the CIA,” I told him honestly.

“What exactly do you have in mind though?” Hannah asked protectively behind me.

“Well, first of all if you agree to help us out Sofia, you’ll be fast-tracked to join the Agency once you finish school. Either here from Whateley or College, whichever you prefer.” I nodded and he went on, “For our part what we would be doing is making you an offer similar to JROTC does for the military. You will be a little more official than their officers are though in that we’ll give you full agent status for signing on.”

“What about Hannah?” I asked.

“Does she have to come as part of the package?” He asked.

“Well she doesn’t necessarily have to be on assignment with me every time.” I felt her stiffen there, “but in general we’ll probably be better off if she is in some way involved with the effort.”

“Sof…” she started.

I turned around and cut her off, “If I do this it’s like any other agent, that means my mommy can’t always be there for me.” I gave her a quick hug and did my best to ignore her tears.

Agent Sanders looked like he was in a room with two females getting ready to fight, definite deer in the headlights look, so he did what he could and continued, “We can go ahead and sign you on too with the same conditions Hannah, but I’ll be honest Sofia is the asset we’re trying to gain here.”

Hannah sighed, squeezed me in a hug that said she would get over it and said, “I understand you may not be able to have me with her all of the time, but I would appreciate it if I could come along for the ride as much as possible.”

“Fair enough,” he said. “For your time and efforts, you both will receive a monthly paycheck to your school accounts.”

“Really?” I asked somewhat excitedly.

“Really, but don’t get too excited. Unless you’re on an assignment for us it’s going to be a small amount; four-hundred dollars per month until you leave school.”

“Okay…” I said, completely happy with the thought of getting way more than my allowance out of the deal.

“And when she’s on assignment?” Hannah asked, getting to the important point.

“It’ll be based on an hourly wage. That includes sleeping if she’s on an undercover assignment, which will be most of her assignments.”

“How much?”

“Well currently I’m going to suggest around fifty an hour there.”

I felt my jaw drop, “Okay, say I do this and go for this as a career. You mentioned starting this like a JROTC setup. What pay grade do I go into when I do go in full time?”

He looked at me with a smile, “Smart question to ask there Sofia. I’ve been authorized to tell you if you go straight in from Whateley we’ll higher you as a GS-8. If you’ll hold off and keep our part time arrangement and get that college degree first it’ll be as a GS-10.”

I found myself smiling at that, “I think I could live with that. Does the same deal apply to Hannah? You really need to think of her as a permanent handler.”

“We can make that offer too,” he agreed.

With that we spent a good hour going through forms and agreements, signing my and Hannah’s lives away essentially, before he turned on a projector he had set on the table. “Okay, you’re not being given a full go yet on this mission, but I was told to go ahead and brief you if you agreed to join - as it’s pretty likely we’ll be asking for your assistance in a few weeks’ time.”

“Already?” Hannah asked.

“Yes, it will be really quick here if we call you up for this. I’m going to recommend you both get some special firearms training above and beyond what you’re already doing Hannah.” I thought for a second about the fact Hannah hadn’t even once commented on her Firearms class.

‘I’ll have to ask her about that later…’ I thought.

‘She’s doing well with it,’ Caireen told me.

‘How do you know?’

‘We’ve talked when you’ve been napping.’

I groaned mentally and watched as he began. “Sofia, we believe that most of the times we are going to need you are going to be undercover in situations where we know children are at risk. I’m going to warn you that some of these situations are going to be really awful situations. We’re hopeful though that with your help we can avoid real children and babies being at risk longer while we investigate than they normally would be.”

“That’s kind of what I figured,” I told him. Hannah had meanwhile grabbed a tighter hold on me.

“We’re currently in the middle of investigating a ring of what we think is a combination of abuse and pornography.” I grimaced as he brought up a map, “we’ve managed to ID several of the children in some images and they have one daycare in common. The children are too young unfortunately to be useful at pointing out who has been doing this to them.”

I felt Caireen’s anger rise as I felt sick over what he was saying. Fortunately, he didn’t show any images, “so is it just pictures?”

“We don’t know. Disturbingly we haven’t been able to find out anything despite our best efforts to identify the employee or employees responsible. We keep hoping a job will come open at the center for us to get an agent in undercover, but they seem to have very stable employees - and subs when needed.”

“That’s really weird for a daycare,” Hannah said. “I think the one that Sofia’s sister goes to must turnover at least a couple employees every month…”

He nodded, “That’s one of the things we’re concerned about. It just doesn’t feel right.”

“None of their parents have said anything?”

“None, although we’ve been very discreet in speaking with the few we’ve approached.”

“What kind of kids are these sickos going after?” I asked.

“Well the ones that can’t speak up for themselves. Looks like the average age is between twelve months and two.”

I felt myself throw-up a little bit in my mouth, Caireen’s anger boiled to match. He looked a little unnerved a second later, “Did you know your eyes can glow?”

“Huh?” I asked.

I turned to Hannah and she said, “That’s different. I guess I know when you’re pissed off…”

She grabbed her phone and took a quick picture before showing me.

“That might be a problem,” I said.

‘Don’t worry about it Sofia, I’ll teach you a spell to change our appearance tonight.’

‘The one you promised me?’

‘Yes, but I’m going to ask that you only use it to change this stuff for a week or so still.’


“Umm… Sofia, are you okay?” Agent Sanders asked.

I looked at him, “Yes sir, whenever you need us, we’re ready to go. We’ll be happy to find this scum and help you remove them. One thing the spirit that’s attached to me and I completely agree on is we despise anyone who would hurt a baby.”

“Can you do something about the eyes? That could give things away.”

Caireen took over unbidden, “I will make sure she can completely change her appearance by tonight. Would she be better off as a younger baby for your purposes? Different color hair, eyes? Anything you know to make us a better lure we will change.”

That led off to a discussion for another half-hour about what he knew. “I think we’ll be in touch about the same time as your winter break. We’ll probably introduce you as the baby of a mother who’s going to work as a seasonal worker to begin with…”

I nodded, “Okay by me.”

“We’ll also give you a fuller briefing when we get to that point. Tomorrow I’m going to have some special sessions setup for you to begin training with firearms Sofia. Given your strength levels you should be able to handle a pistol just fine. We’ll work on getting one made small enough though for you to feel comfortable with. I’ll fast-track that, and if possible, have it dropped off at the range before your appointment at two tomorrow. Any other questions?”

I thought about where we were heading next and asked, “Is there any problem if I agree to modeling jobs as well?”

I watched him make a face for a second before asking, “You’ll be able to change your appearance for assignments?”

I nodded.

“I think it’ll be fine.” He thought for a second, “I’ll run it by my superiors, but it might even be a good idea since you would then ‘look like’ that baby from that commercial. Might actually help on some assignments. Nobody would actually expect a celebrity baby.”

I smiled, “Okay then, I think that’s it!”

He led us back out of the conference room and Hannah led us directly to the small restroom we’d become familiar with. “I really need to pump or something Sofia,” she told me.

“Well find a seat and put me up there, I think I’m faster than the pump?” She seemed to agree, “And then you can change my wet diaper?” She squeezed me tight and took a seat on a bench that was conveniently by the door.



End Chapter 14

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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