Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 5



THE NEXT FEW hours I carefully made my way to one of my stashes, quickly donned a wig, changed my clothes, and took off in one of the cheap cars I had bought with cash before I left. I had five burner phones with me and made a call to the emergency number the agency had given me for when everything went to Hell in a handbasket. My boss answered right away.

“Travis what the hell did you do?”

“Escaped,” I told him honestly, “That mission was beyond FUBAR!”

“Tell me about it, our other agent has missed their check-in and gone completely missing...”

“Sir, I don’t know where they would have gone wrong, but just write them off… they won’t be coming home.”

“You’re sure about that?”

“Yes sir… I’m going to connect with the client, but would you please get my final pay to the numbered account on my burn file?”

“That bad?”

“Well, what are they saying about me?”

“Just that you’re wanted for extradition for suspicion of murder?”

“About what I figured they’d say… Look, I’ll send a copy of my report to you too when I’m done with it. Don’t take any more business going over to that dimension. Sure as hell don’t accept any rescue missions that might come up either!”


“Sorry sir, time is up. I’ll get you that packet… You’ll understand more then.” I told him.

Hanging up I destroyed that phone and dumped it. When I was done, I drove to another town and walked into a local electronics store. I paid cash and was able to quickly walk out with a cheap laptop, a couple massive external hard drives, and some small high-capacity thumb drives. I drove another hour to yet another town and paid cash for a hotel room for the night with a fake name. I spent several hours downloading the data from the implanted drive wirelessly. I was amazed at the amount of data it had on it from the pictures and video. I took time to upload copies of it to one online drive for the agency, another for the Inquisitive, and several other diverse accounts around the world for myself as backup to the copies I made onto the thumb drives, and one of the external drives.

I made a trip to a convenience store for a sharp knife that I then used to cut the drive out of my skin. With gloves I placed it into a solution of rubbing alcohol for an hour, let it dry, then put it into bleach along with the contacts. ‘I don’t trust these to be untraceable,’ I thought to myself.

Before calling it a night, I was running on fumes, but I used the computer to type up an After-Action Report. I was sure on one hand it would have pleased my old superiors to have such a by the numbers report… On the other they would have laughed me off the base! I put a copy of that in the upload to the agency and the magazine. I also quickly typed up a short narrative for the magazine in the hopes they would have enough to not bother me about it in the future!

I finally went to bed that night about 3 AM, wondering what I had forgotten, but couldn’t think of anything no matter how hard I tried.

The next morning, I figured it out when I and the bed were completely soaked! “God damnit!”

I took a long hot shower to clean up and feel better. I stripped the bedding as best I could myself and blushed at the thought of what I had done. I left a hundred-dollar bill on top of the sheets as an apology. I didn’t stick around long though; glad I had a few sets of clothes to change into.

I left that hotel and found a local mailing service. I mailed the drive and contacts back to the Inquisitive, along with the computer and one of the hard drives I’d had to use temporarily to store all of the data. I tried to not look directly at cameras, and left quickly before driving to another town the opposite direction I planned to go after this. I found a local park that I pulled into, happy to see it was quiet without a whole lot of people around. I walked to a picnic bench and used another of the burners to contact Stephanie at the Inquisitive.


“Good afternoon, I’m back and I have a package for you.”

“You made it?!?!” She asked excitedly, “Where are you?”

“Somewhere I won’t be in twenty minutes. You will be receiving a package of hard copied data in the mail tomorrow. If you don’t get it, know that it was most likely intercepted. I have sent you and the board a link to a file online. I recommend you immediately download and secure the data.”

“What happened?”

“Read the report I included. If you can get the heat off of me from the government like you promised then I’ll come in for an interview. The short story is that it’s worse than anything you imagined. You said you wouldn’t leave me hanging - get me that protection!”

“But they… they’re saying you killed two women there…?”

“Two women that had me locked in an orphanage in diapers. They intended to wash my brain of any adult thoughts the next day. The things they did to other people there would be considered worth life-sentences here! Watch the video, it’s all there - I triple checked that it recorded. I got you that story of a lifetime… if the government even lets you print it… They’re in deep with this, good luck!”

Silence for a second. “We had other people that went… any idea what happened to them?”

I laughed, “Yeah, they’re probably pissing and shitting themselves in a nursery somewhere there. They’re most likely sucking from their new mommy’s breast and totally screwed for life,” I told her.

“You’re sure?”

“If they haven’t made their trip back here then yeah…” I paused a second, “Look I have to go, don’t try and call this number as it’s a burner I’ll be disposing of. I’ll contact you in two months.”

“Payment is taken care of as you requested right now.” She told me too. “I see the files, we’re downloading them. You know we may end up with a Pulitzer here!”

I hung up the phone and broke it. I took some time to wipe it down with a bleach solution and then placed it in a ziploc filled with more bleach that I only handled with gloves. It went into a park trash can next to a rolled up shitty diaper.

“Shit…” I thought as I drove away, “do they make diapers my size here?”

Before I could think of that though I stopped and switched wigs after leaving the car two blocks from a seedy looking used car dealership. ‘Just the kind of place I need…’ I thought to myself.

An hour later I had paid cash for a fifteen-year-old sedan that I just hoped I could get a few thousand miles with. When I finally stopped at a hotel that night, I had traveled seven-hundred miles from where I started. After checking into the hotel I went by a Walgreens and felt like I was a weirdo as I looked through the ‘incontinence’ section. ‘I’ve heard of Depends…’ I thought. I looked at which to get when a lady employee came by.

“Need any help, sir?”

“Umm… I guess.” I turned tomato red, “I’m looking for something that would be good for night time?”

“How heavy of a need?”

“A lot?”

“You can try those,” she said pointing to some pull-up style ones I’d been looking at, “but I can almost guarantee you they’ll leak. Those briefs there will probably be the best of what we have.”

“There’s something else better out there?” I asked.

“If it’s a long-term issue look online,” she told me.

“Thanks,” I said. I grabbed two bags just in case and took one of the bags into the hotel room as discreetly as I could.

Curious, I opened up the bag to look at one of the diapers. The diaper itself felt cheaper than the ones I’d been forced into there. They were definitely a lot thinner than the ones in the other dimension. I set one aside to put it on top of the bed for later, before putting the rest in the suitcase I had. I opened up a computer I’d stopped to buy and got online to search for the better options the lady said were out there.

‘Jesus! People actually like this stuff?!?!’ I thought.

I found some diapers that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the other dimension, and really wanted nothing to do with their cutesy prints! I was about to leave the site, but noticed they seemed to be getting way better reviews than what I had bought. ‘I can’t order anything until I stop somewhere…’ I thought to myself and closed out of it anyway.

That night I awkwardly sought advice from those same sites on how to put the damn diaper on by myself. I completely destroyed two, before I managed to get one fairly snug before turning in for the night. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but fantasize and miss nursing from massive breasts… 


I GROANED WHEN I woke up in a slightly smaller puddle.

“Shit…” I groaned.

The diaper had actually expanded a lot to soak up my urine, but my night accident had overflowed its capacity badly… It was that way the next three nights until I managed to cross a remote area of the border into Canada and out of US jurisdiction. In Canada I pulled out as large of funds from my foreign account into cash as I was legally allowed. I then carefully routed the rest through Swiss banks twice, Cayman banks twice, and then back to Switzerland. It cost me a bit each time, but I still had a comfortable nest egg to survive on between the agency burn fund and the payment from the half-mill from the Inquisitive. Three days later I had purchased a remote piece of land with a cabin that ran off propane, had a good well, and great working septic system. The previous owners had worked to be completely off the grid - powered by solar and a wind turbine. Satellite internet was slow, but usable enough, and I was finally able to order some of those other diapers to a postal box in town.

I gagged at the dinosaur print I held in my hand initially, but another part of me admitted that they were cute. I’d ordered a few cases of different varieties since my bedwetting didn’t seem to be improving. My ongoing curiosity over the fact people actually wanted to be treated like I had been, morbidly led me to one website that was discussing an article that had just come out in the Inquisitive.

‘Did you see that article in the Inquisitive?’ Someone asked.

‘No, what article? Isn’t that a trash magazine?’ Someone else replied.

‘This one’ the next linked to an article that had been published this past Saturday. It was about my account and mostly used the version I’d typed up for that purpose. I cringed a bit as I read it, and was a bit annoyed at a few edits they’d made, but for the most part it was my story as I’d typed it. It was accompanied with a few photographs of adults in diapers being nursed, one being spanked, and a frame of the Naomi and Oliver show, ‘I recorded that?!?’ I thought nervously. I looked and saw the last photo was a frame of those damn hands coming at me in that machine.

I clicked back to the website where they were discussing it.

‘Oh my god! That sounds amazing!’ several responses agreed.

‘There’s this company called Portal Relocations that I’m thinking about signing up with…’

I debated about warning them, but instead exited out of the site and walked to my bedroom. When I walked by my bathroom mirror, I took a double take. My thumb was in my mouth, and right then I watched my crotch area darken with urine.

‘What the hell did they do to me?!?!?’

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for reading this short tale of mine! Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think! I'll begin posting my next work, Exchanged, sometime later this week!



End Chapter 5

Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021


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Ambrose · Aug 9, 2021

An amazing end to an amazing story! Really like how much thought you obviously gave his escape. I mean them being 20 years ahead technological and the government allied with them? Totally justified!

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