Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 3
Chapter 3:

Chapter 3:


THE DRIVE LASTED for about another half-hour or so - all the while I kept waiting for an opening to fight my way free. The two of them seemed to be absolute pros though, because even when we stopped, they maintained solid physical control of my body. I looked at the building that said, ‘Tippy Toes Private Learning Academy for Littles’ in a happy pastel script. Instead of a chain link fence along the side of this though, it featured barb wire!

‘This is not good,’ I thought to myself.

One of them managed to lock their arms completely around me and carried me to the door. The driver unlocked the door and I struggled again to get free. My ass was smacked then, “Stop that, or I’ll make you really pay!”

“Let me go!”

They just laughed at me and carried me further into the facility. At a desk a lady looked at them, “This the one you called about?”’

“Yes, we need him taken care of fully - he’s tall enough to be a preschooler, but take him down mentally to no older than infant. No toddling involved.”

“Sounds good!” The lady said and pressed a button to call on her phone.

I made one last attempt then to use my teeth to bite at the Amazons neck, but was shocked when all that earned me was a shout. “It told you to behave!” The woman said. Somehow even though I scrambled as much as I could with my body she knelt down and placed me on top of her knee.

‘She’s not going to…’

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The lady smacked my ass like my old Master Sergeant had to my body in training. I had long since lost the need to cry about pain, but damn did this hurt!

She kept going on, and on, and on.

“Come on damnit, why aren’t you crying?!?!” She said as she continued.

“Sometimes we get littles like that, just go ahead and leave him to me?” A lady asked.

I was sat up right and passed to a new lady. She was blonde, and had a body like a gorgeous model on the cover of some parenting magazine under the label ‘ultimate mom.’ My clothing had been essentially ripped to shreds through the struggle of the spanking… beating… I was basically naked next to a dream woman. My body reacted accordingly and she laughed, “Aren’t you ambitious!”

“You have him Irma?”

“Yes I do.”

“Why didn’t he cry?” The lady asked, “I think my hand hurts more than he does.”

“First of all he’s a betweener, so you have to remember it takes a bit more to break them. But also look at his body - there’s a tattoo here. It’s one of their military markings. He may very well have been through worse than you can give.”

“How you going to handle him then?”

“I don’t need beatings,” the lady said enigmatically. I wanted to make one last break for it, but something in my brain told me I might get more out of this now if I stopped struggling for a bit. “I can already tell this little guy knows who his new Nanny is. He’ll wait a bit before he acts…”

She laughed at me and had the nerve to tickle me. Right then something really embarrassing happened all over her blouse. “Well, that’s a first. Guess we better get a diaper on you, huh!” She said to me.

I was carried in a tight grasp from that room and told, “I will break you. How much pain you endure and other punishments are up to you.”

‘Fuck you!’ was in my head but I decided to more diplomatically state as I suddenly remembered the camera and began recording, “Give me your best shot.”

She laughed, “I was expecting curse words, not a challenge. First thing for you is going to be getting you into the system.”

To my surprise she placed me down on what I thought was a countertop along the side of the hall. I thought this might have been my chance to run, right until something zapped me on my bottom and held me down like I’d been electrocuted.

“See you on the other side baby boy,” the woman sadistically said to me while I suddenly felt my surface begin to move.

‘I’m on a damn conveyor belt,’ I thought. It pulled me into the wall and down some chute and then stopped. The charge that was holding me turned off and I had just about managed to move again when some crazy fake hands, attached to those robotic extendo-arms, grabbed my body and forced me down on my back. A light from some scanner rolled over my body and said, “Unauthorized follicle growth detected, skin pigmentation detected, correcting.”

I tried to move, but to no avail as I suddenly felt like I was in a rock concert! Lasers started popping up from every side of me moving around. I felt my skin grow insanely hot as they turned on and off all over my body. ‘What the fuck? Are they removing all of my hair?!?’ I groaned. Right then the skin over my trident tattoo also began burning, ‘bastards are taking my tat?!?!’

I was forced to sit there as all of the hair on my body, minus that of my head and eyebrows, was systematically burned away. After about five minutes of pain my body was flipped over and my back, butt, and back of legs were done.

I hoped they were done with torture but with my head turned I could see another arm approaching me with a long rod. ‘What’s that…?’

“Checking new arrival’s vitals…”

I barely had time to even consider rectal thermometers even still existed when it was shoved up my ass! The discomfort stayed for far too long before removing itself. “Arrival’s temperature nominal…”

Suddenly the conveyor began moving again while the electric hold on my body continued to fray my nerves..

Not too far down the tunnel, the electricity released and I tried to push myself up and run when I realized there was nothing to push!

I landed face down in a large tub of water with glass aquarium sides that went all the way to the ceiling. More of those weird hands came down and began scrubbing my skin. ‘A bath now?!?’ I didn’t scream solely to not give the bitch the satisfaction! I was dismayed as I saw my tattoos and body hair was gone. They even removed all of my moles too! As I sat there the toll on my skin from my beating, the burning of my skin with frickin lasers, shoving things up my ass, and the course scrubbing made my body felt like it was on fire! Just as I was about to lose it and give in to scream those hands grabbed onto me.

I had a moment of mild clarity as I looked at them. They were the exact same shape as a human hand… ‘amazon in size,’ I noted. They had a superior ability to grip too, and I soon realized that I had no chance of prying myself free as I was pulled into the air. A second later I found myself placed onto my back with the field activated again, the belt pulling me down the chute further. Soon I came to another section with even more of those freaky hands. I counted eight briefly as four held my hands and shoulders down. Two more grabbed onto my ankles, and two got to work with some sort of lotion that was rubbed all over the front of my body, before I was flipped over and my back was rubbed down. ‘If this wasn’t so terrifying this part would actually feel good,’ I admitted. Suddenly I felt a needle enter my right arm not far from where we’d inserted the receiver for the pictures. I wondered if I’d just been injected with a tracking device or something when I was then flipped back onto my back.

The smell that reached my nose made me realize it was baby lotion, and the bottom really left the pit of my stomach, as I certainly knew what was coming now. Sure enough, like a baby, my legs were pushed up to my chest as a white rectangle was opened up underneath my ass. The arms pushed my legs down again and baby powder was sprayed with a nozzle all over my groin and then my ass when my legs were raised again. Placing them down one more time I watched helplessly as the diaper was taped shut with a very foreboding sound.

‘I will make it out of here one way or another!’ I told myself though as it prepared to move me forward to the next stage. I assumed this stop would probably be clothing… I was right as my body was grabbed and manipulated into a shirt that was pulled down past my butt. It didn’t take me long to realized I’d been secured into a baby’s creeper shirt thing. It had simple baby foot prints, in a rainbow assortment of colors, walking across it. The mechanical hands then forced my hands into some weird pink mittens that I puffed out like a set of boxing gloves. I wondered if I would get pants or something, but apparently that wasn’t to be because the lighting grew stronger and I was at the end of the road.

“Now don’t you just look like the perfect little baby boy now?” The woman cooed at me as she grabbed me.

I was about to let loose the swear word she expected earlier when something was shoved in my mouth. A pacifier? I thought as I saw a mirror reflecting an image of me. I tried to spit it out but suddenly she twisted the button on the end causing it to inflate - filling my mouth up completely! I could get it past my teeth and the distance between my jaws hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!!!

I tried struggling again and she just laughed, “Oh, I hope you don’t think you can do anything to me?” Irma crowed. “You’re not the first I’ve broken like you, and you won’t be the last. Now I think you probably need a good nap right now, so we’re going to go set you down in your crib. You can keep struggling all you want, but you won’t be leaving here until you’re ready to go meet your new mommy!”

I gave up chewing on the pacifier and struggling for the moment again. She carried me down a hallway and into a room with what looked to be sixteen cribs along the walls lined up next to each other. I was placed in a crib next to another one that held a woman who looked just as despondent as I felt. The pacifier in her mouth seemed locked in place for her too. Before I could pay too much more attention to her though I was sat down and stood on my legs. The crib was tall enough I could just grace my fingertips across the top. I chose not to make an obvious attempt right then as she placed me down.

Suddenly the pillow that rested between my legs became more obvious and I was knocked off balance when she barely pushed me.

“Fuck,” I tried to say.

“I’m going to assume that wasn’t a naughty word?” The woman asked me. “If it was, we would have to punish you some more?”

I shook my head.

“Well good, now you should take a nap right now, but I’m not going to give you anything to force it right now. IF you’re still awake by lunchtime I’m sure your lunch will take care of putting you to sleep.”

I blinked at her and she looked over at the other girl. “Has little Becky gone poopy in her diapee?”

She pulled the girls dress practically off and looked in the back of her diaper. “No poopies yet?” She said cooing at her, “Well then, let’s help you out so you don’t get sick!”

I watched the woman take the girl out of her crib and wondered what she was going to do to her. The girl squirmed in vain to get away. With a changing table being right in the open not far from my crib I wasn’t left with any questions on where she was taking her. I watched with morbid fascination as her diaper was yanked off and she was turned over with her stomach down on the changing table. A strap was used across her midsection and she began struggling with her feet and arms.

“Well, let’s just tie these handsees and feetsees down, huh?” I watched as the woman was tied down fully and she grabbed something from underneath the table. “Let’s just get you some good medicine! This may not feel good right away, but you’re going to feel so much better when those poopies are all out! Not going poopies for two days is a no-no around here sweetie…”

I watched in horror as the lady pulled out something that I guessed was a huge enema that she pushed up her rear. I felt my own rear sympathetically remembered that damn thermometer a short while ago. The girl struggled more and I began to hear cries from her even through the pacifier. The lady continued pushing whatever it was up inside the poor woman for another several minutes before flipping her over and putting a diaper back on her. “We’ll put these plastic panties around you too just in case of any leakies. I’ll come check on you and our new baby boy at lunch time!”

Taking a gut feeling I laid down and closed my eyes right then to act like I’d been compliant.

The girl moaned and cried even through the pacifier that I presumed was the same as mine. “Hmm… might be a smart baby boy after all… We’ll see,” she said and I could hear her steps fade away. I debated trying to communicate with the girl when I began to hear sounds… very inhuman sounds caused by the effects of that enema.

‘Shit…’ I thought to myself. ‘These people are all really accomplished at hand holds, and I don’t think she’s dumb enough to give me room to dodge and strike her…’ I thought about the crazy machine and wondered why that had been used when I came in, but she didn’t use it on the girl just then. ‘I need to get out of here…’ I thought to myself.

As I lay there the need to use the bathroom grew since I hadn’t gone before the raid… I thought I had time and planned on going when we got to the portal. ‘I was so damn close to getting home…’ I thought to myself. ‘I know better… never relax until you’re back on home soil!’

I lay there and listened to the girl sob and tried to come up with a plan. Right then I was way too immobilized by the mittens to do much. I experimented a bit with them but they were like a soft pillow and it wouldn’t matter how hard I hit someone; they would just laugh the blow off. ‘My balance with this damn diaper is going to be messed up too…’ I thought to myself. ‘I can either go rank and serial number… or try and lull this lady into complacency.’

‘There’s always a weapon somewhere…’ I thought to myself.

It was clear to me that she was used to dealing with a battle of wills. The only time I’d thrown her was when instead of cursing at her, I’d instead challenged her to ‘give me her best shot…’ I tried to remember back to the information from the one girl I talked to in the mall, along with a few others in the embassy. ‘My best shot may be to play along with this farce…’

I heard the girl moaning some more and it brought to light my own situation. I knew it would be ridiculous to hold my shit forever. Truthfully a constipated stomach ache might just slow me down when it mattered most. Getting out of there wasn’t going to be measured in hours against such an experienced captor.

I sighed the best I could around the pacifier and began trying to first push out the urine in my bladder. I tried for several minutes and couldn’t get anything going. My gut was really needing to empty so I decided maybe it would help if I stood up. Using the mittened hands I pushed myself to a push up position. I was able then to hug onto the metal bars of the crib and pull myself upright. Sighing, I crouched down like I was hovering outdoors in the field. I pushed my body hard again, and began to feel success as a large warm log exited my butt into the waiting diaper. Right then my bladder finally let loose too causing the front of the diaper to expand even more.

I made eye contact with the girl then and she looked at me with a shocked expression. I pushed more and more until there was nothing left. I felt light headed and… it was really weird. I looked at the girl again and shrugged. If I didn’t go by myself, I’d be in her position. ‘I’d rather not have stuff shoved up my ass!’

I debated about trying to figure a way to call for the lady to change me, but with the pacifier stuck in my mouth there was no way I could do so since I couldn’t pull it out. I decided to lay down on my stomach and do my best not to smush the sticky mess. ‘It’s no worse than some of the times I ended up with mud going down my pants in the field…’ I told myself.

I lay there and thought back to the night before when one of the embassy marines had told me about the different restraints he’d seen them use.

“They have these damn locking pacifiers…” he’d shuddered. “One of the guys bought one for a prank one time and stuck it in my mouth… and the asshole pumped it up before I knew what was going on. They claim the damn thing is impossible to get to release with your hand position by yourself. I sure as hell tried and ran into the stupid failsafe… the more you screw with it the more the damn thing inflates. I damn near broke my jaw by the time someone decided they’d had enough laughs…’

I sighed thinking that it was probably best to play along for the moment. I closed my eyes and tried to figure out anything I could make from inside of a baby’s room that could be a weapon. ‘This is going to be a challenge…’

Eventually Irma made her appearance back in the room and sniffed with her nose, “Well, I bet Baby Becky is already to get out of that poopy diaper! Huh?”

The girl just moaned in response.

“Well, I think you’re going to have to wear that one just for a few more hours - at least until afternoon nap time in that case. Let’s check on our new baby boy here…” she said and picked me up. “I’m guessing since he’s such a big strong man he’s all…”

As she picked me up, she pinched at the diaper and then grossly smelled me. “Wow! Lookie he’s all wet and poopy like a good baby boy!” She said with a smile. “Maybe Becky’s lesson worked on someone?” she said, “Or… maybe you’re just a good baby boy who knows he’s nothing but a baby who can’t use the potty?”

I tried to smile at her, but I doubted she saw it on the other side of the pacifier.

“Hmm… maybe you’re one of those people that really came over here to get the care you’ve always needed? I know when they dropped you off, they wanted you to be taken below infant level… But maybe it would be better if you were made into a a nice preschool age baby boy for your new family. Never ready to be potty-trained mind you, but maybe you get to go and learn your ABCs!” She smiled at me, “We’ll just see, won’t we. You definitely entered with a bad impression, maybe it was just that mean woman you didn’t like!”

I tried to nod at her and smile the whole time as she seemed to begin genuinely smiling at me, “Well, since you’ve accepted your place and used your diapee without complaint… you know I think you’re only the second to do that ever…?” She mused, “I think that means you can have a diapee change earlier than I’d normally do for a newborn.” She carried me to the wall and I realized it was the chute to the mechanical thing.

I decided to fuss and generated some tears while trying to hug her.

“Oh, is baby scared by the big bad robots?” She smiled, “Well… I guess if you can promise to be good and let me change you, I can do it. Does my baby boy want that instead?”

I nodded quickly.

“Well, okay then,” she told me.

I was placed onto the same changing table that the poor girl had been violated on. She placed a strap down over my chest and said, “Arms up here baby boy,” to me and strapped my arms down above my head. I watched her pull on a pair of gloves then as I lay completely still.

She pulled the snaps of the babyish creeper loose and pushed it up to the chest strap. I was shocked when she then bent over and blew a raspberry on my belly and proceeded to tickle me. I had done my best over the years to not be ticklish… but that was willpower that I let go right then so I could be seen giggling for her. The problem though was with my arms above my head, the pacifier in my mouth, I had a hard time breathing.

I began audibly gasping and the lady looked at me with concern. She twisted the pacifier and pulled it out and I was able to gasp for air better.

“If you’re smart, you’ll stay quiet while I change your diapee. If you do, I’ll consider giving you a regular paci.”

‘Is she that gullible?’ I had to wonder. I didn’t want to push it though, so I held my body completely still and tried catching my breath while she pulled at the tabs of the diaper.

“Pee-eww,” she said in a babying voice, “some wittle boy is all stinky!”

She pulled the diaper back off of my groin and proceeded to use that part of the diaper to wipe off some of the poop that was by now caking onto my skin. She balled up the diaper and threw it in a disposal as she kept my legs in the air and began wiping me with baby wipes. ‘I bet this is the one time of the day I have the best chance of pulling something off…’ I thought to myself as she used some more powder on me and taped me into another diaper. This one didn’t feel quite as thick though for some reason. “Since you’ve been such a good baby boy, I think I’ll try you in a toddler diaper for the rest of the afternoon instead of that crawler diaper. If you act up though, know that you’re going to be in a newborn diaper for the rest of your life.”

I had just wild guesses on what that meant, but nodded and said, “Yes Ma’am,” to her.

“Yes, Nanny,” she corrected me. “Babies don’t say Ma’am.” She snapped up the flap of fabric around my diaper as she did so.

“Yes, Nanny,” I said. I flashed back to my first week at boot camp right then.

She smiled at me, “Maybe there’s hope for you. Let’s go get you some nummie num-nums in your tummy!”

She easily hoisted me onto her hip and then leaned down to pick-up the girl. I wrinkled my nose because being even across from her on the opposite side of her body I could smell her disgusting shit. I nervously awaited what new horror would come as she walked with us. I needed to get her to trust me enough to lose the stupid mittens, until I got a break there it seemed pointless to waste energy resisting.

She carried us down a hallway and into a larger common area that had the many residents that I’d yet to see. Apparently, it was a smaller facility, as there wasn’t a huge number of ‘children’ present - I only counted fifteen including the two of us. All around the room they were tied into a combination of high chairs, booster seats, or… ‘I hope I don’t…’ I thought as I looked at about four of them nursing from the bare breasts of the four workers holding them. I might have been curious about trying it once while watching one on this trip, but some of the conversations I’d had since I arrived made me think that their milk would likely mess with my continence… ‘I’m going to have to do that compliantly though if they push it right now…’

I was fully intending to stick to the teacher's pet idea of things here until they messed up.

“Oh is that our new baby boy?” One of the caretakers that had a little attached to her breast asked.

“Yep, and I have to say he might actually be one of the few good ones. We’ll see if it’s all an act or not, but as of right now he’s earning gold stars on his behavior chart for today.”

“Lord knows he arrived in a bang…”

“Well you have to remember that Mandy is a bit much sometimes… I’d probably want to bite her myself too!”

“I’ll tell her you said that… she likes to play rough,” I watched her waggle her eyebrows and wanted to roll my eyes.

“Not the first time that I’ve heard that. Well, let me put these two down in their chairs. I’ll get a little bit of some yummy baby food in their mouths and then see about giving them some milkies.”

“Who’s up first for the baby?” One girl asked.

“You know what I’ll take one for the team and figure out if he’s a biter like little Becky was when she got here last week.”

“In other words, you figure he can’t be any worse than she is?”

“Maybe?” she laughed as she placed me down on a high chair and Becky on one next to me.

I looked at Becky’s smelly rear end as she was placed down and wanted to vomit as I watched runny poop squish out and run down her leg and butt outside of the plastic pants they’d given her. I noticed that I had a well-worn cushion on my highchair, but she just had hard white plastic beneath her. “Oh, did our stinky little baby girl have a blowout?” she taunted her as she buckled her into the seat. “I guess she’s not able to use the big girl potty after all like she claimed before, huh? Only a baby would make a big messy like that in her pants!”

I watched her bind her arms and legs to the chair and hoped that wouldn’t happen to me. “Silly Baby Becky wouldn’t have to be all tied into her chair if she’d learn to be a good baby, huh?”

I sat still and watched her finish and turn her attention to me, “Little baby… Sammy here is being much better behaved.”

“Pardon me Miss Nanny, but my name is…”

“I don’t care what your old name was Sammy. Now don’t go giving me sass and being bad like Baby Becky here…”

“No Nanny, I’m sorry,” I told her.

“I believe you,” she said, “So I’m not going to punish you this time. But I won’t be able to be so nice in the future.”

“Thank you Nanny,” I told her acting contrite.

She gave me a suspicious glance but moved back to putting the chairs 5-Point harness straps around my body, it clicked with a sound louder than I expected, making me jolt. She looked at the other straps and asked me, “Are you willing to be good and eat up your nummy food? Or do I need to strap you down like the bad girl over here.”

“I be good Nanny,” I told her, trying out some simpler sentences in the hopes of winning her over.

“Hmm…” she clucked her tongue, “We’ll see…”

I watched her place a tray on the highchair in front of my body, and then a faded bib with some cartoon characters was tied around my neck. I remained passive and waited, wondering just what torturous ‘food’ I was about to be given. Everyone around me seemed to be getting fed from jars of pureed baby food and I didn’t think I would be treated any different.

She finished putting a bib on the poor woman next to me and left for a second to grab two huge canning jar sized jars of baby food. It appeared she wasn’t even going to warm the gunk inside up before feeding us. “Let’s see what I have here…” she said as she opened one up. “Vegetable Beef…” She looked at both of us, and “Haggis, Tripe, and Turnips…” She smiled, “I actually feel bad for having grabbed that one, but one of you will have to eat that one.”

I sat passively while my stomach turned in knots… hoping like Hell I wouldn’t have to eat that atrocity. “Well, I don’t see that you’re ready to behave any better Becky, so I think this one will go to you.”

I managed to avoid breathing the sigh of relief I felt as she began feeding her from the haggis jar. She spit out some of it several times, even still making it through most of it before becoming sick and vomiting all over the tray and herself.

“We’ll come back and finish feeding you in a moment Becky,” she said. I watched her look at the jar, “Hate to waste this, so Sammy let’s see if you really are a good baby boy, or you’re just acting!”

I steeled myself, ‘You’ve eaten worse things on dares with the team…’ I told myself and forced myself to open my mouth for the spoon. I placed my lips around the spoon and sucked off the awful paste. Nothing would help me keep from making a face though at just how awful it was. I forced myself to swallow though and opened my mouth up for the next spoonful that she put in.

“Hmm…” she said, “Do you actually like this? I can get you more?”

I kept my face stoic and refused to give her a yes or no, “Well… I already grabbed this vegetable beef meal, might as well feed you that since you were such a good little boy!”

I forced a smile on my face then and she began shoveling in the new gunk. Sadly, it wasn’t a lot better than the other stuff, but if I kept my eyes closed I could almost pretend it was a stew.

“Need me to take care of this baby girl?” one of the workers asked as she was spooning another mouthful into my mouth.

“If you don’t mind, wipe her up and give her a nurse. If she doesn’t bite you change her, if she does go ahead and put her in the time out playpen so we can clean her up by just spraying her down inside it with a hose later.”

The woman nodded and then told Becky, “Come here you little vomit comet!”

Without the distractions Irma began more rapidly spooning the gunk into my mouth. By the time she finished spooning the disgusting mush into my mouth I was feeling like my mouth was coated in some weird substance… I was really thirsty but there wasn’t anything to drink. Right then I thought back to all that I had seen, and knew if my plan was to work it would have to be continual. “Nanny, may I please have a bottle?” I asked

She looked at me in shock that I was being cooperative. “I’ll take care of getting you something to wash down your food in a moment baby,” she said.

I watched her take the spoons she’d used, as well as the empty jars over to a countertop area before she came back over and brought a baby wipe with her. I tried not to squirm as I felt like a little kid being attacked by his mother. She wiped up a couple of dropped bits of goo on my face, wiped my hands, and then pulled me free of the high chair. She carried me by a trash can and laundry bin where she put the wipe and the bib respectively. We walked right past a refrigerator and to a rocking chair.

‘Well… I guess I know what’s coming…’ I thought to myself.

The woman sat me across her lap and looked sternly down at me. “Now Baby Sammy, Nanny will spank you and punish you severely just like Becky if you bite.” Without saying anything else she pulled her blouse down past an enormous breast and worked at the flap of the nursing bra she wore.

At that moment I felt a rush of blood to my head, and to another spot on my body, as I couldn’t but feel slightly aroused at the large breast and exposed nipple. I could see just a little bit of white fluid hanging off of it and wondered ‘What exactly am I getting myself into here…’

I sighed though as I knew there was no way I would get out of this. ‘Behave, be a good boy, let them believe you are, and then make your move…’ I reminded myself.

I decided the intent was fully implied so I leaned over and took the engorged nipple into my mouth. It was a surprise to me that it filled my mouth as much as it did. The nipple was warm like the skin of her breast that my mouth touched. I took a tentative suckle and was rewarded with a squirt of breast milk.

‘That’s pretty good…’ I admitted as I swished it over my taste buds. ‘This is disgusting in so many ways… I hope she’s free of diseases, but it’s way better than that shit I just ate…’ I began sucking more and more milk into my mouth and swallowing. I made sure that my teeth never came near her and began to get tired of suckling before I was tired of the taste. The milk slowed down and she pushed finger between my lips.

“Aren’t you a greedy-guts?” she said with a laugh. I was pulled from her breast and placed with my head looking down on a towel over her shoulder. She began gently patting my back until I burped like an infant, before she moved me to the other breast.

My muscles in my mouth were growing sore, but I found the milk so tasty it was worth going a while longer. When it slowed again, she released my latch and burped me. I felt a need to go pee and decided I might as well get it over with and let loose into the diaper as she held me gently.

“You might be just the cuddly baby boy that a friend of mine has been wanting.” She told me, “You’re well behaved and she can have her preschooler that just can’t get the concept of using potty down… I think we’ll definitely change our plans with you…”

I tried to keep my thoughts passive but I couldn’t help a little bit of a grimace showing.

“Oh don’t be like that baby boy, you know you loved Nanny’s Titty! Your new mommy will happily give you all you ever want of hers too!”

I just leaned my head down and thought most babies would probably go to sleep now, so I pretended to do so. I intentionally slowed my breathing down and relaxed my body in the hopes that she would believe I was asleep, but remained alert.

“So how’d the new baby boy do?”

“I’ve never seen one go from fighting to accepting so quickly,” I heard her tell her.

“Sure he’s accepting?”

“It sure seems that way. Didn’t throw any of the normal massive fits once he got done with that incredible entrance.”

“You going to ease up on him already?”

“Maybe after naptime I’ll think about at least taking the mittens off. He’ll get a regular paci right now unless he starts talking back. He’s already more polite than any little who’s ever been here.”

‘I’m definitely both throwing them off… and unfortunately making them suspicious,’ I thought as I felt her stand with me and begin walking. She squeezed the front of the diaper and made a soft comment, “You can make it until after naptime I think…”

I stayed relaxed as she placed me down into the crib and let the pacifier in that she was teasing between my lips. I didn’t suckle on it though initially thinking that was a reflex that might take time to grow on a little.

A half-hour later I opened my eyes and looked around. Every little was asleep, and I could see the room was empty of adults from where I stayed laying down. I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and looked at it… The material didn’t look like the plastic from back home. It almost seemed more industrial… An idea began forming in my head.

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End Chapter 3

Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021


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Ambrose · Aug 8, 2021

An amazing read! The world feels very much alive. I like how the protagonist is really active, tough and helps the poor family(perfect tie-in by the way). He reminds me of Jack Reacher by the way ...

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