Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter 4:


THE REST OF that day seemed to stretch into forever… My captors woke us up from our naps, changed the ones they liked - which I was one apparently, and then put us outside to play. During that time, I managed some to use some time without the pacifier in my mouth to talk to some of the other littles who weren’t completely mindless drooling babies. During that time I gathered some much needed intel. Nighttime was the least staffed time for the facility. About half of the workers were off after dinner on any given night. They began putting the ‘youngest’ to sleep first, and then worked their way to the ‘oldest.’ That had nothing to do with real age, but more to do with size and what they had decided to do with you.

That night I was one of the last ones put to sleep, and the only one who was nursed by Irma as far as I knew. Every time she interacted with me I tried to smile, look cute, and seem completely innocent and loveable. The time outside had also been the first I’d been able to start working on an idea I had. I reinforced it that night when she tried to take my pacifier from my hand after dinner. I fussed and said, “My paci,” and put it back in my mouth.

She seemed shocked, but just attached a pacifier clip to it and secured it to the footed pajamas she dressed me into.

Throughout the night Irma and another lady came in periodically to change a few of the littles who fussed, or to quietly taunt the ones they left in their shitty diapers. They seemed to patrol through the nursery about every half-hour or so. I eventually let myself get some sleep, knowing that rest would be important when I made my eventual move.


THAT NEXT MORNING the room reeked with the smell of shit! It was like a stack of used porta potties had fallen off a truck or something! I heard the workers getting various other people out of their cribs and decided to make sure they had something to change. I started with just urine, but when the urge to poop came I made sure I did that too. When I was done I just sat down and waited for a lady to come over to me. She picked me up and said, “Wow, for a new little baby you really are being good. You even left me a present!” she cooed.

I submissively let her carry me over to the changing table and was a little annoyed as she put my arms up and strapped them down, in addition to across my chest. I kept sucking at the pacifier as she opened up the messy diaper and said, “I can’t believe you’re making big stinky presents for us without us punishing you!” She smiled, “You might be the first little boy I haven’t needed to give an enema to on their second day… I almost feel like I should give you one just to make sure though…” Her eyes glinted with a sadistic pleasure behind them.

For my part I just sucked on my pacifier and looked right back at her without making a face.

“Oh well, I’ll find someone else to give one to later. Irma asked me to not do anything to you that wasn’t necessary. Even said to leave you without your mittens still!”

I smiled around my pacifier then and was relieved to know smiles worked on her too as she smiled back.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest thing though?” she told me as she fastened a new diaper on me shortly after, along with a new blue onesie with purple dinosaurs on it. “Let’s go put you in a highchair so we can get you breakfast.”

I let my pacifier dangle on the strap they had clipped to it, but held onto it with my left hand to keep it safe. I found myself spending the next half hour of my life waiting for my alternating turns at being fed a bowl of cooling mush. At first, I thought it was oatmeal, but it wasn’t quite right for that… Grainier in some way. The goo was bland and just stuck to my mouth and teeth, leaving a residue behind that I just wanted to wash out. When she was done spooning my bowl of it into my mouth, I was given a bottle full of juice that I quickly sucked down to get the nastiness out of my mouth.

I took the opportunity to further watch everyone else around me. There were clearly two types of behavior in the sick excuse for an orphanage. The first scared me to death with them drooling, demonstrating serious motor control issues, and seeming to only cry, or to respond to the workers feeding them by sometimes opening their mouths to let in food or a bottle. If they were very young infants it would have made sense, but seeing adults in that state scared me beyond belief. There were a few who might have been ‘older,’ sort of acting like babies around one year of age. All of these ‘littles’ were smaller than my frame. They were like Lily had been, seeming like a child in comparison to my size. All around me though were the workers were all exceptionally large Amazons that made me seem like a young child myself in comparison to them. ‘I guess they want their age to match their size,’ I thought. ‘That would make sense why she wants me as a preschooler even though the bitch wanted me to be an infant…’

I sighed and watched the other group of about eight who were actively fighting the spoons going into their mouths. One apparently went far enough that I saw some weird pacifier put in their mouth and locked. “You can’t be a big boy and eat right, so we’ll just have to force this, huh?”

Several other eyes went open as the lady pressed some button on the table and I watched one of those extendo-arms pop out and hook itself up to the pacifier. The last few inches to the pacifier were clear tubing and I could see some goop flowing into the poor man’s mouth. The man tried screaming but it was impossible and I felt bad as he obviously was forced to quickly swallow it all. “Idiot,” I heard the little closest to me say.

I looked over at her and she said, “They’ll feed you one way or another, not worth the fight.”

“I kind of guessed,” I told her.

“Well, it’s obvious you are just going with the flow… smarter that way,” she told me. “At least until they do whatever it is, they did to them,” she motioned towards the mindless infants.

Before I could talk with the girl any more there was a worker washing my face, hands, and putting me down on the ground after checking my diaper. It was still dry, but they didn’t say anything negative about it. The girl next to me was also put down. “Jenny, show Sammy here where to go next. We’ll start everyone’s cartoons here in a minute.”

The girl grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me along. As we walked together, I noticed that she was only about four inches shorter than I was, making her pretty tall for this place. Most of the others were at least a foot, or more, shorter. One of them who had been also been fighting with the spoons of mush was even a little shorter than Lily had been. The girl toddled as best she could with a ridiculously thick pillow for a diaper taped between her legs. When she got bumped by an Amazon who didn’t see her, she gave up on walking, and began just crawling to a spot. Soon all fifteen babied adults were sitting in a room with a huge TV screen. The ‘youngest’ were put into baby bouncers, while the ‘older ones’ like me were shown child rocking chairs we were told to sit in.

I looked at the screen suspiciously as a worker checked on me and pushed my pacifier into my mouth, “You’ll love this show!”

I remembered then in horror that the embassy marines had mentioned hypnotic TV shows. I groaned about that in my mind as a title screen animated across the turned-on TV saying ‘Naomi and Oliver.’

‘Naomi and Oliver’ was a show that seemed to be all about two littles having adventures on screen, while having fun in their wet or messy diapers… Well, that was as far as I could tell from the first two seconds. I quickly began mentally averting my eyes from the screen. I began counting prime numbers out in my head while basically sleeping with my eyes open. I had memorized Pi to seventy-two digits years ago for fun, and practiced going over that in my head. At one point I saw most of the littles stood up and squatted down, clearly pooping their diapers at the same time. Thinking fast I quickly made a successful attempt to do so too with what remained in my stomach. The gross mess had sucked, and after every one of them sat down and squished their mess I joined them too to blend in.

Eventually the workers turned the TV off and began letting littles out of their bouncers and places. I noticed that every single one, including the girl Jenny, had a blissful look on their faces. I followed the others to a play room and was just about to start looking for a place to lay low when I was suddenly picked up into the air. “Did baby Sammy leave his favorite Nanny a present?” Irma cooed at me as she sniffed my bottom. I smiled at her and she said, “But of course you did after Naomi and Oliver!”

She carried me to a changing table in the playroom area and proceeded to pull the snaps of the onesie open, and then I was soon experiencing my legs in the air as she wiped my butt again. When she had me dressed and held me next to her breast, I could smell her milk and really wanted some. “Nummies?” I said putting my head next to her breast.

“Oh sweetie… You’re asking for it already…? Let me change all the other babies who need changed and then I’ll come find you.” She smiled at me.

I smiled back at her and hoped that I was right that she was developing a soft spot for me. She again had only used the one strap and treated me different than I watched her treat the next few littles she changed. With most of them she was a real bitch, putting enemas in several of their rectums, placing five of them in the crazy diapering machine, and spanking two before rediapering them with the machine. I soon found myself sitting in a corner holding a teddy bear and watching everyone.

“Can I sit here?” the girl from yesterday asked.

“Sure,” I whispered to her with my pacifier pulled out of my mouth, while taking a look at her. It was the girl with the crib next door to mine. Her hands were bound in pink mittens and she was dressed in the frilliest baby dress I’d ever seen. It was so short that it fully exposed the wet diaper she wore. “They took that pacifier gag out of your mouth?”

“Those things are the worst…” she whispered back to me with a nod, “I think they decided to see if I’ll be good today after my punishments yesterday.”

“Will you be?”

“Like you? Just giving up?”

I smiled, “Who says I’m giving up?”

“But…” she shook her head, “What’s your real name?”

“Travis, yours?”

“Zoe…” she paused, “So you have some sort of plan?”

“Trying to figure out one…”

“You’re not from here?”

“No, I’m from the other dimension. I was helping another family from my dimension to find their daughter who was kidnapped on our tour. Apparently, I pissed off the wrong people because my vehicle split off from following theirs and I ended up here…”

“That sucks,” she said.

“Your story?” I asked.

“I don’t…” she thought for a second, looked around the room, and said, “I’m the leader… or at least was… of a freedom fighter group. Last week we went in to rescue a little from a professor at the university here. It must have been a trap though because a bunch of my team died and three of us were captured. I don’t know where the other two went, but I got ‘adopted’ by this doctor and his wife. They’ve tried for a couple weeks to break me… but they sent me here now because I needed ‘extra help adjusting…’”

“That sucks,” was all I could say to that.

I was just about to say more to her when Irma came back over to me and said, “Come here Sammy,” and picked me up. I wondered what it was about until she walked to the feeding room and sat down in a rocking chair. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the flap of the nursing bra free before saying, “You wanted nummies, right?”

I nodded and leaned in to latch on. The truth of the matter was it tasted better than the crappy food I’d had! I also hope to make a bond with her towards me so she’d get sloppy and give me an opening. The fact that the experience was heavenly, and tasted surprisingly good, was definitely a bonus. I probably nursed from her two breasts for thirty minutes before she said, “Okay, time to go play with the others for a little bit. I’ll make sure you get some more nummies with your din-din.”

I smiled at her and accepted my pacifier being pushed back into my mouth.

I was carried back to the playroom area and had intended to find Zoe to ask her more. Just as I got in there though she was getting carried out of the room buck naked.

“Put me the fuck down you bitch!!!! She had no right!!!!” she was screaming. ‘What set her off?’ I wondered for two seconds before realizing there was another Amazon worker massaging her face. I could see a stream of blood forming on her face from a bloody nose. The woman held a fairly long thin rod that I couldn’t tell what it was, but the brown goop on the end of it made me think it was getting inserted into her… ‘Another rectal thermometer…’ I thought as the woman said, “We needed to see why you’re so cranky Becky, your mommy and daddy don’t want you sick while you stay here. But that’s okay, we can do it while we work on your next treatments…”

‘Treatments?’ I thought to myself and looked over at a short woman on her back putting her foot into her mouth. ‘I have to get out of here before any of those treatments,’ I thought to myself as I looked at one man trying to eat his foot.


LUNCH WAS FOLLOWED by nap time of course. More of the gross goop was spooned into my mouth before I had been given a bottle of warm milk. It was a little odd in color as I looked at it, but after tasting it I realized it was probably expressed breast milk. The taste overwhelmed any aversion I might have had to it, and I had an empty bottle faster than most of the others.

“Sammy, what a good baby boy!” Irma cooed as she came over to me and picked me up. I was placed over her shoulder and gently burped before she carried me back to the sleeping area. I had wet several times before and during lunch and she decided it was worth a change of diaper for me. As she changed me, I noticed about half of the littles weren’t getting changed, even though they had seriously swollen diapers from pee, or poop smeared around them.

“Oh, you see all of them, huh?” She said as she tickled my bare belly. “They aren’t as clever as you getting with the program and accepting your place as a new baby boy.” She blew a raspberry then on my belly. “I’m still worried you’re trying to con me, but given you’ve been good I’m going to reward you by treating you nicely. If you’re a good baby, I just treat you like you are one.”

I nodded and said, “Thank you Nanny,” around the pacifier in my mouth.

She smiled and finished up with the diaper change and laid me down in the crib. She patted me on the shoulder and left me on my back. I sighed and closed my eyes knowing I wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

Sometime later they woke us up and changed most people's diapers. I was a bit concerned because I was wet and didn’t remember going before I went to sleep… ‘Could I already be having some changes made to me?’ I wondered worriedly. That afternoon they let us out into a play area that had gravel around the outside and I finally saw a possible beginning to my plan. I managed to discreetly pick up a suitable rock and found a corner of the back of a playhouse where I would be mostly not seen and got to work.


I HADN’T SEEN Zoe during the afternoon or at dinner, so I was curious to see her being placed into the crib next to mine while I was waiting for my turn to be changed at bedtime. Hours ago, the girl had been an angry and determined woman who I had no doubt was probably pretty able to take care of herself in most situations. Now though as she was laid down, there was drool coming out of one side of her mouth and she had the same vacant stare as the other littles I’d seen that were full on babies. I could tell her teeth had been removed when she made a face and squeezed more poop into her diaper.

I felt like vomiting and my heart fell at that awful sight.

I watched four of the other ladies talk to Irma on the side heatedly before two of them left, apparently having enough of something. The other asked quietly, “You sure you don’t need any more help right now?”

“Nope, I just have baby Sammy to change and he’s a sweetheart even before the procedure.”

“When’s his turn?”

“Tomorrow afternoon,” she said. “I’m going to enjoy seeing him living a carefree toddler life for a couple days before he’s adopted.”

“Your friend?”

“Yep,” she said.

I had the foresight to record the whole exchange and knew that if I was going to implement my plan tonight was it…

The two talked for a few more minutes before Irma said, “Go, Leanne and I have this under control. Get home to your hubby!”

I watched the lady leave and then Irma came over to me. I held my arms out to her like a small child, “Ready for your diapee change and some night-night num-nums?” She asked me.

I smiled at her and let her pick me up. I was carried to the changing table and she lowered me to it and did the chest strap lightly. I sucked on the pacifier as she tickled me for a second and opened up the diaper. When she was wiping me I said, “Nanny?” quietly.

“Yes baby?”

“Can I tell you something?”

“What?” she asked me.

“It’s a secret, can you come closer? I don’t want the others to hear I’m telling you…”

She put the wipe in the trash and leaned forward while I pulled my pacifier from my mouth. “What’s the sec…?” she tried asking.

As soon as she had been close enough for me to reach comfortably, I had moved with the pacifier I had filed with a rock to a rough, but sharp edge. A knife would have been far more effective, but with the amount of force I had put into the move, and whatever material the shield was made of being almost metal in nature, it was just sharp enough to get the job done. She tried her best to hold the blood in her neck as she gasped and made noise. I used the time to wriggle out from underneath the belt that was holding me down. I jumped off as she gasped her last breaths. Most of the littles in the room slept through it all, but one, the girl I’d spoken to briefly earlier - Jenny, was wide awake and staring at me.

I waved at her and dug through their awful clothing selection. I managed to score a set of training pants that were better than a diaper at least, and a pair of elasticized jeans that covered the plain blue onesie I put on as a shirt. I dug through Irma’s pocket and found a key card and something that looked like a futuristic house key.

She had a cell phone as well, but I chose to leave that behind as I figured it could be tracked.

“Can you get me out?” Jenny asked.

I looked at her skeptically, “Can you even survive right now out there?”

“I know some people who can help?”

I shrugged and grabbed a chair that I climbed high enough to assist her climbing out of the crib. She found a similar outfit to me, but kept her diaper on. I gave her a look on that and she said, “They have super sticky tabs that littles can’t open. I can’t get out of it and you can’t cut these because they’ll self-heal. I’ll have to get some help to pull it off.”

I nodded and said, “There’s one more woman here, any idea where she would be?”

We moved down the hallway and I had my answer.

“And just where do you two little babies think you’re going?”

I didn’t hesitate I rushed her, used the skills I had for breaking both ankles, her knees, and as she fell to reach my height and slit her throat too.

Jenny looked at me in alarm, “Who the hell are you?”

“Someone they shouldn’t have abducted,” I told her without remorse.

‘These people are monsters and deserve a fate far worse than death!’ I thought while checking the body of the woman. I took some cash she had on her and another car key.

I took a few minutes to go and verify the rest of the building was clear of any other hostiles. In the process I discovered there were a couple cars out front, and with Jenny’s help we identified Irma’s as being ‘self-driving.’ Before we left, I dug through everything in their office and struck gold when I found my passport and travel information.

Ducking down in the back on the floor board we activated the self-driving feature and had it drive back to the city I had been in near the portal area. “It’ll work for me too,” she said. “You do know they’re going to track you, right?”

“You too,” I told her. “What’s your plan?”

“I think maybe we can cut it out…?”

“That was my plan too, I found one knife in there that might do the job,” I told her. An exacto knife in the office was a bit big and unwieldy for my hands in this dimension, but I thought I could make it work. I turned to my shoulder with it and got to work on making an incision until I could see a small white capsule. “Are these boobytrapped at all?” I asked.

She shrugged, “I’ve never known anyone who managed to get free to cut theirs out.”

I nodded, “If something happens to me any chance you could help me get somewhere to lay low?”

She smiled, “For you? The guy who got me free? Just about anything!”

With that I used the tip of the blade to pry the plastic looking object out. I quickly dropped it onto the floor and heard it begin to beep loudly. “Where’s yours at?” I asked her.

She pointed and I dug hers out just as the car reached the destination. We managed to get the doors open and were half-way down the street when I heard sirens approaching.

“I guess they were booby trapped,” I told her. I hurriedly followed her down a few blocks while using the Kleenex we’d found in the car to hold over the lightly bleeding wound. They weren’t bleeding that bad, but the little bit might draw attention otherwise if it was in the open going down our arms.

She led me on a quick six block sprint before going into an apartment building and pressing the elevator to the eighth floor. “Where are we going?” I asked her.

“My friend lives here… at least hopefully she still lives here. She’s been avoiding everyone and working from home online to avoid Amazons.”  I looked at her and nodded, “Probably a smart idea…”

She led me down the hallway to a door that had a tall doorknob and number ‘8342.’ She knocked on the door loudly twice before a bleary eyed little about five feet in height opened the door. “Anissa?!?!?” The girl asked when she saw ‘Jenny.’

“Hi Ginny, can we come in?”

“We?” she asked and noticed me and took in our attire. “You can’t be here if you have trackers!” She said with alarm quietly.

“I dug them out,” I told her and showed her my bleeding arm.

“Come in, let me make sure you actually got it…” she sighed and brought us in before slamming the door shut. She ran across the room and brought some small device out and scanned us. “Huh… You did get it. No signal from that…” She paused when she reached my upper arm, “Wait there’s another one!”

“No it’s not that,” I told her. “That’s something I was implanted with before I left my dimension. It’s been storing photos and video that I’ve recorded.”

“What?” Anissa asked.

“I guess let me fill you in…”

“You escaped from somewhere, right?” Ginny asked.

I nodded, “Then let me take care of something first…” I watched as she got busy on her computer and I was impressed with her skills. She scrubbed the video of every camera between where we dumped the car and her complex, as well as every other direction we could have gone for an equal distance. “Don’t need them following you here…” she muttered.


OVER THE NEXT hour after that I proceeded to tell them everything that had happened to me, and why I was there in the dimension. During the middle of my story Anissa had pooped her diaper, but luckily for us her friend had a device she’d made that melted the glue to pull it off. “I don’t think you probably should put panties on right now…” she had told her and handed her a set of Pull-Ups she had for some reason. I had used the bathroom at that time and was glad to see the pull-up I was wearing was still dry.

“So, what’s your plan now?” she asked me.

“I’d like to get back to my dimension…”

“I’m guessing you lost your passport though?”

“I recovered it,” I told her.

“Let me see it…?” she told me and took a look. “Your visa expires today, if you’re going it’s got to be first thing this morning. Let me see if I can get some clothes for you made up…”

“Made up?” I asked.

Anissa looked at me, “She’s a really talented inventor.”

“And hacker it seems too,” I said with a smile.

“Come this way,” Ginny told me and let me to a bedroom. “I know this will be embarrassing for all of us, but take off your clothes?”

“Speak for yourself,” Anissa said, “I’ve seen everything he has. And it’s a lot!” She told me with a wink.

I groaned and stripped down to the Pull-Up.

“Do you need that at this point?” She asked me.

“I don’t know, I shouldn’t? I wasn’t there that long. I may be having a sleep issue though,” I told her.

“In that case let’s plan on not since you’re a mid…”

I blushed as I pulled it off and everything was on display. She pressed a few buttons on a tablet and I was suddenly being scanned by a bright light for a second. A moment later she asked, “Jeans and t-shirt work? Or do you want a suit?”

“I’m on vacation… Jeans.”

A moment later the light came on again, but it started doing something at my crotch. I watched as a pair of underwear appeared around my waist, then a pair of socks, a stylish long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of jeans. “Holy shit, that’s cool!” I told her.

“Thanks, I built it so I could make clothes for me that wouldn’t look like they were from the newborn department.”

I took another look at her appearance and noted she did look like an adult.

“Okay, any problems you know of for me just getting over to the Portal quickly?”

“Lots of them…” she said with a smile. “Let me go over them with you!”


THREE HOURS LATER I dodged Amazons standing by the doors to the Portal terminal that tried to start a conversation with me. It was obvious that they would be happy to ‘settle’ for me as their baby. I had left Anissa with a hug, and her saying ‘thank you!’ to me over and over again. I hoped that her friend would be able to get her back on her adult feet soon! There was a set of scanners on either side of the entrance that looked like a store's anti-theft protection back home. Ginny told me if I had the one chip still implanted, they would shriek and let everyone know an adopted little was in danger of escaping.

Eyes narrowed as I passed them, but I was allowed unmolested inside and walked up to the counter.

“I need to use my ticket home?” I told the person.


“Travis Foster,” I told the Amazon clerk with a smile.

“Your group departed yesterday?”

“Some of them, I stuck around to help with an investigation…” I lied.

“It looks like your ticket was marked as used though…?”

“I’m clearly still here,” I said handing my passport over. He dug for a moment and said, “I can sell you another ticket for three hundred dollars in your dimensional currency.”

“What is it in this dimension’s?” I asked. “I still have some left.”

“Oh… Umm…” he clicked, “Five-hundred Thirty-Three?”

I dug through my pockets for my wallet and unfolded the large bills I had removed from the hell-hole and its caretakers. “Okay, here you go,” he said and handed me my ticket.

“Thanks,” I said.

I walked through their next level of security and down the hallway. I was waiting in line about ten from the next spot when a TV report came on. “Police are investigating the brutal murders of two orphanage caretakers, and an abduction tonight from the Tippy Toes Learning Academy for Littles. Sometime last night an intruder murdered two daycare workers and abducted these two littles.”

Pictures of myself and Anissa were showed then. “Police are looking for anyone who might have any information…”

Just as I was about to get to be next the Amazon manning the gate looked at me, at their scanner, and then back at me. “You’re one of those littles!” he said.

I didn’t hesitate with kicking to break both ankles, knees and jumped through the open portal.

On the other side I made it about half-way down the hallway away from the portal exit when sirens began blaring. I didn’t hesitate, I booked it out of there.

“You!!!! Stop!!!!” One man said to me in a security uniform. I dodged him and continued down away from the security area. Seeing flashing lights, and hearing loud alarms, everyone assumed it was a fire alarm and I was able to join a crowd of people leaving. My height was a problem though because I stood out. I didn’t hesitate though to not stop even when another security man tried to tase me at the door. Luckily I dodged the barbs and knocked his lights out quickly. I ignored the screams of people around me and found a taxi down the block.




End Chapter 4

Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021


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