Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021

Travis Foster is a retired Navy Seal, now working for a Private Investigation firm. His firm has been contracted by the National Inquisitive magazine to look into the odd allegations about travelers to the new dimension. Discovered just a few years ago, stories abound about fantastic technology and huge humans make it sound like a utopia. Unofficially many disturbing allegations have arisen that they hope he can investigate. Can he successfully get to the bottom of those rumors and bring back evidence to refute or substantiate them...?

Chapter 1
Chapter 1:

I've read works on this website since it's inception, but about the time I would have started posting here things went into stasis. I'm glad to see this site is back up and thriving again!

I posted my first work, Emerald Princess, a couple weeks back. Sometime along the route of writing that work I ran into a serious case of writers block, and then went down the rabbit hole of Diaper Dimension stories. I want to share them here to this site for readers to enjoy, and have decided to mostly share them in the chronological order they take place in. I posted Diamond Tours the other day which was just a short diversion for me, but ends up playing a part in this work, Undercover Tour. This is a short Novella length work that was meant as a companion to another work of mine that will be posted after I get through my Exchanged Trilogy, which I plan to post after this. Really this work is nearly simultaneous with the beginning of Exchanged (coming to this site soon!).

Enough with the preamble I suppose! (Full thanks and credit to Princess Pottypants for creating the Diaper Dimension universe and allowing others to play in her sandbox!)

Chapter 1:


I WALKED INTO the offices of the National Inquisitive magazine hoping that their call to our agency was a legitimate one. I shook my head once again at the change in my life in such a short time. Since receiving my discharge papers two years ago I had found myself working for a respected PI firm. My application hadn’t been in but about ten minutes when I’d received the call from the CEO that he wanted to interview me that day.

The interview went something like, “You served fifteen years in DEVGRU?”

“Yes sir,” I told him.

“Honorable discharge?”

“I have a copy of my DD-214 here,” I told the man.

He took it from my hands and said, “You’re hired, when can you start?”

Over the next year I was used in some of their riskier investigations. I was always relieved though that I rarely had to use any of my training. Really most of the time I was just able to follow leads, perform stakeouts, and very seldomly helped to protect someone.

Yesterday my boss had called and said that the National Inquisitive magazine had hired our services. They specifically wanted our two most able-bodied combat veterans, and for us not to know who the other was that was chosen. ‘Weird,’ had been my reply to my boss. He had agreed with me that things seemed off. I researched the magazine and found most of their stories were outlandish fiction. Once in a long while a true story seemed to appear to prove that they did real journalism, but most of it was UFOs, Hollywood trash, or Bigfoot sightings… ‘They’re paying enough for us to pay you quadruple your normal rate,’ my boss had justified.

It set off more alarm bells, but following orders was ingrained into my soul at this point. So I said ‘Hooyah!’ and got with the program like always.

Their offices were larger than I expected in a tall skyscraper downtown. As I walked inside, I admired the expensive décor on my way to stand in front of a reception desk to check in. “Good afternoon ma’am, my name is Travis Foster. I’m here to see Stephanie Richardson?”

“Oh yes sir, I have you down here. You’re going to go to the elevator and floor twenty-two. Someone will meet you up there to show you to the conference room. I’ll let her know you’re on your way up.”

“Thanks,” I told her and shifted my leather satchel to my other hand while I waited for the elevator to open. The trip up wasn’t the fastest with stopping at multiple floors, but I was soon exiting and found an older gentleman waiting at the doors.

“Mr. Foster?” He asked with a smile.

“Yes sir,” I told him.

“I’m Clark Mendelssohn, If you’ll come this way, we’re ready for you in the conference room.”

I followed the man down and discovered a woman about my age in a business suit seated at the head of a conference table. She was joined by several others around the table that I was motioned to join.

“Good afternoon Mr. Foster,” the lady at the head said, “I’m Stephanie Richardson, Chief Editor of the Inquisitive.”

“Nice to meet you,” I told her. “My boss sent me down here but didn’t give me any idea of what I’m supposed to be doing for you all?” I looked around the room and took in the others. None of the other five looked alike, seeming to be a very diverse group in age and gender. 

“Well we’re doing a story right now and need some outside help so as to insure we have the most balanced piece we can get.”

“I’m not exactly a reporter?”

She laughed, “No, and that’s why I hope you’ll have as much or more success than the others. We’re hoping your background as a SEAL will make a difference. Mr. Foster how much do you know about the new Dimensional Portal?”

I shrugged, “Not a ton…” I said thinking that wasn’t completely true - but she wasn’t cleared for that information. “Something about great technology and really tall people?”

She nodded, “You basically have nailed what little we know. Pictures are almost non-existent, and where we do have them, they usually only show our people standing next to a tall person, or some cool technology.”

I nodded, “Well that might make sense…?” I suggested, “But you have some other idea?”

A gentleman next to her said, “I’m Jimmy Kilburn, I run the photography department here. We’ve sent in four photogs to just get some pictures in the last six months - none of them have returned.”

“The reasons?”

“The authorities say it’s because they found better lives on the other side.”

“No contact with them to confirm that?”

“One did, but it was a letter and didn’t feature a cipher that we told our people to use to confirm that they were sending it without duress.”

“Sounds fishy,” I admitted. “You have a theory of what’s not being said?” I asked.

“Yes,” Stephanie said, “though I know it sounds like something that is an outlandish tabloid story, we believe we’re right and need proof.”

She paused as if looking to see if I would hear her out so I nodded, “I’ve seen some crazy stuff in life, what’s your theory?”

“We believe the portals aren’t really for free trade and travel of goods and ideas. It’s our belief that our world is being used as a source of human slaves for the other dimension.”

“For what?”

“Surrogate babies,” she told me.

I nodded, thinking back to the classified encounter I had with a group of amazons on a short training exchange we had. I had noted that even with my height I was still only standing with my head just below the women’s breasts that we had trained with. The men had been even taller… One of them was so tall that the top of my head just barely reached the level of his belly button. He was a monster of a man, unusual for even there, but I recalled feeling like a child next to even the shortest. Given I was six-foot, seven inches tall that was saying something!

“Why?” I asked.

“We’ve only been able to get a couple of past visitors to talk to us. It seems like there is some sort of NDA being signed by travelers when they return. The two that were willing to talk were a little… agitated…” she said with a wince, “They claimed something about Amazon birthrates being too low to sustain some sort of primal mothering instinct. One of them spoke of a near miss of an ‘adoption’ and then went into sobs.” Clark informed me.

“Sounds like you have enough for a story already?” I asked.

“Almost, but as the saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding,’” Stephanie said. “We want proof in the form of photographs.”

“Sounds like you’ve tried that before?” I suggested.

“We have, but every other time we’ve tried it in a more obvious way with our known journalists. This time we want to try sending in a group of unrelated individuals for this article. We’re keeping your identities secret from each other, and we’re trying different travel vectors for each person.”

“Different vectors?”

“Well the government portal is not the only one at this point. We also have a new company that just opened this year called Portal Relocations… We’re sending a couple people in through their network too.”

I nodded, remembering seeing the signs on the highway, “How am I going in?”

“We’re going to send you in the tourist route.”

“Sounds like that doesn’t work though…?” I suggested. I was growing a bit nervous about this assignment as memories of literally getting spanked on my ass through a few sparring matches surfaced in my memory.

“It hasn’t with the obvious camera gear. We want to send you in with more discreet surveillance options.”

“How discreet?”

“Implanted into your body,” Stephanie said.

“Excuse me?”

“We have acquired some… technology that will enable us to plant a lens on your eye like a contact lens. It’s safe to keep on your eye for up to one year, and it will transmit wirelessly to a storage device that will be implanted under your skin in your arm.”

“What happens if I’m scanned with an X-Ray or something?”

“Won’t show up, it’s made of plastic and organic components, no metal.”

I looked at them and said, “I’m willing to consider this… but there’s going to need to be some additional money in it for me. This is by far the most dangerous op I’ve been on as a civilian… maybe even when I was on active duty depending on if what you’re saying is true.”

“We’ve already offered to quadruple the rate to your agency…”

“I know, and I’m okay with that coming from them. I want an additional bonus should I come back with this information.”

“How much?” Stephanie asked.

“If I make it back with this information five-hundred thousand, plus help with any heat I may have on me.”


“Diplomatic issues?” I mentioned. “I can’t be a kite that you cut into the wind.”

“If you get back with that information you have yourself a deal Mr. Foster!” Stephanie said and came to shake my hand. “Now, Jimmy can get you setup with your camera system today. We have you scheduled to leave on a tour next Monday.”

I nodded, “Fair enough, that’ll give me time to hold mail and everything.” I looked at Jimmy, “Let’s get this done?”

“Right this way,” he told me and let me down to the elevator.

We took it down to a sub-basement level, “You have a real-life Q down here or something?” I asked.

“So, to speak,” he told me.

I raised my eyebrow but continued on. Eventually we arrived at a door that he typed a password on, pushed his thumb on a biometric lock pad that appeared, and gave it a voice identification. ‘They’re serious about this…’ I thought. ‘What the hell did I just sign up for?’

Down another hallway we came to a room that looked like the headquarters for spy cameras anonymous. Shelves and shelves of disguised cameras were around. A grey-haired man sat at a desk tinkering with something, ignoring our entry. “Marty!” Jimmy said to get his attention, making the man jump with his voice.

“Whoa! How long you been there?”

“Just a moment,” I told him politely.

“Well this is your next candidate?”

“Yes, he’s the one we need the special camera we spoke about.”

“The ocular one, correct?”

“Yes,” Jimmy told him.

“Come here son,” he told me leading me to a back area and a chair that looked like it was pulled from a dentist office. “Please take your shirt off and then have a seat,” he told me.

I pulled my shirt off and sat down, before I watched him clean his hands, glove up, and then bring a small box to set on a steel table beside the chair. “Squeamish?” he asked me.

“No sir,” I told him.

“Hold on a second, let me lean this chair back. You’re one of the tallest people I’ve ever met. Just how tall are you?”

“Just six-foot seven,” I told him.

“Might as well be a giant compared to my five feet five-inch height,” he told me with a laugh. He pulled a small syringe and a scalpel out. “I’m going to give you a local anesthetic,” he told me.

He looked at the fatty tissue of my arm, “Not a lot of fat on you here.”

“Uncle Sam wasn’t very appreciative of fat on me…” I told him with a laugh.


“SEAL,” I told him.

“No, they wouldn’t have been happy with the fat. I think there’s still enough for me to work with. You have an old wound here?” He asked about a scar.

“Shrapnel from an IED. I was lucky…” I told him.

“In more ways than one, it should be a good place to put this.” He stabbed the area near it with the needle and I immediately felt a loss of sensation around my skin there. He poked at it, “Can you feel this?”

“No…” I told him.

“Great!” he told me and then proceeded to sterilize the area, before he lanced my skin open with the scalpel.

“You know what you’re doing… right?”

“Oh… yeah, I’ve done this a few times.”

I watched mildly concerned as he pulled at the skin and then pushed in a device the width and length of a micro SD card with a bit more thickness to it. I felt a bit of tingle for a second and after checking something on his computer he came back with some glue and pressed the wound down and glued it down with superglue. A Band-Aid followed and then he switched to a fresh pair of gloves.

“Open your eye wide for me,” he told me.

I sat passively as a contact was applied to my eye, and then another to the other. As far as I could tell they weren’t prescription because nothing in my vision changed. He pulled off the gloves and said, “Okay, let me show you how this works…”

I spent the next couple hours being shown how I could initiate video recordings, and also how to make still pictures. When they were recording or taking stills there was the smallest of red or orange lights that would appear in my vision. The controls were all based on muscle twitches around my eyes. It was odd, but I eventually got the hang of it and was also shown how to download copies of the files. In the event I couldn’t offload anything though there was enough space for four weeks straight of video recording, and an additional forty-thousand high res image slots available. He showed me what the video and image quality looked like and I was very impressed.

“Where did you get this tech?”

“This is my job, I do this for a living,” he told me with a smile and dodged the question.

“This should help, thanks!” I told him and was led out by Jimmy.

Before I left their offices, I was given a packet of information and the legend for the cover of why I was doing this trip. I wasn’t using an alias because of passport laws or something. ‘You really don’t want to be accused of breaking a law over there…’ Jimmy had told me.

“What are my options if I get burned?” I had asked when we ended our meeting in his office.

“You’re on your own,” he told me. “We don’t know enough to even have a chance of helping you.”


“Look on the bright side, when you come back, you’re going to be well taken care of?”

I nodded at that and took my leave from their building. Back at my apartment I took the time to hold my mail with the post office and let my landlord know I’d be gone a couple weeks. I had the funds available, so I paid the next three months’ rent just to be safe. I had one week until my departure and spent the entire time preparing with intel and backup plans for when something went wrong. The whole situation sounded FUBAR before I’d even started, but the pay rate was too good to turn down!

I didn’t trust any part of the Inquisitive’s offer, or my own agency, that much in regards to if something went wrong. I took care to carefully put a couple stashes of emergency go bags around town not far from the portal. Clothing, wigs, money, weapons, and a couple cheap vehicles I bought with cash. I’d long ago been taught some techniques to disappear off the grid if I needed to. I planned on having options if this went belly up!

In the meantime, I researched this ‘Diamond Tours’ group online. From what they said they’d been operating for two years and had a host of five-star reviews. That in and of itself made me nervous… From my experience honest reviews always had some one or two-star reviews in the mix done by idiots. To see none? Well, it raised my eyebrows.

I nervously waited the final couple of days, making sure I continued my fitness program to be in the best shape of my life for this tasking.


MONDAY ARRIVED BEFORE I knew it, and I was soon checking into a counter like I’d done a thousand times before at airports. The biggest difference with this portal travel is that once you were checked in you were lined up to go one by one through the gates they had set up. I waited behind a family with an older teenage daughter for my turn. As I approached the shimmery portal, I couldn’t help but think of the brief trip we had taken for the training exchange. We’d portalled onto one of their military bases, mostly got our asses handed to us for four days, and then come back. While we were there, we didn’t get to see anything but the portable tents we brought, the training grounds, and a gym where we sparred. We’d all bitched a bit about eating MREs only during that time even though we knew they had to have a mess hall somewhere on the base!

A moment later I was on the other side and a bit shaken by losing my breath. ‘What a trip!’ I thought to myself and began looking around for threats and out of place things. The first thing I noticed is that it seemed like the family I had been next to for the most part looked… ‘shorter?!?’ I used my still camera feature right then and followed them to where a tall Amazon woman stood with a printed sign labeled ‘Diamond Tours.’ I noticed about a half-dozen tour companies all setup similarly as people came through the massive concourse of forty-eight gates that led to different parts of the world.

“Name?” The lady asked me.

“Travis Foster,” I told her.

It was weird having my eyes at just below the level of her breasts. I tried not to stare at the monstrous orbs she had. I remembered the other women Amazons my unit had trained with were just as endowed. ‘Really they fit their frame size… they’re just so much bigger than normal humans!’ Her height was amazing to me given I was normally a giant back home!

“Gotcha, just step over there for a moment and we’ll get you all through customs!” she told me with a smile.

I stood around and waited for a few minutes with everyone else. I took a few pictures hoping to illustrate how most everyone had shrunk a great deal. ‘Did I shrink?’ I thought for a moment too. Without a frame of reference, I had no way to know... ‘Did I shrink last time…?’ I didn’t recall any of us seeming to have different heights.

“Okay, I think that’s everyone!” The lady said. “My name is Grace and I’ll be your tour guide with Diamond Tours. We’re so glad that you’ve chosen us to guide you through our world! We’re going to take you all through customs next. The first rule on this trip is that you need to make sure no matter what you never wander away from our group.”

“What happens if we do?” One man asked who seemed to have gotten the real short end of the stick. ‘He’s like a toddler to me… what’s he like to them?’ I thought, comparing the two.

“We’re not responsible, or able, to protect you in that case. Be warned our world is very different than yours. If you wander off, you’ll be seen as a normal little and subject to our laws.”

The man’s facial expression was just as arrogant as he started. ‘Man, if this stuff is true, I bet he’s the first person to get killed in this horror movie,’ I thought with a smirk. “Whatever,” he replied to her.

“Any other questions?” She asked rhetorically.

‘It’s clear she doesn’t want any…’ I mused.

We all followed her as a group to where a man about my height was scanning passports and stamping them with Visas. “Here to see the sights?” He asked me.

“I heard about this world… thought it was worth a visit,” I told him with a smile. He was maybe six inches taller than me. Even then he was still much shorter than our guide.

“I hear we have some things to offer that you don’t have!” the man said collegially.

“We’ll see soon!” I told him.

I followed the tour group through the terminals and had immediate confirmation that the rumors were at least partially true! I took a picture of a man, probably about mid-twenties, openly sucking on the exposed breast of one of the tall Amazon women who was holding him. He was dressed in a baby’s onesie with a clear diaper bulge showing. The muscles the man had would have made him fit in with my old team, ‘Clearly he’s not weak…’ I thought to myself with a shudder.

I heard the mom of the young teenage girl admonish her, “Lily, come on, we need to keep up!” I took a quick glance back and couldn’t help but note how short the girl was. She had been pretty short compared to me back home, but that seemed exaggerated now!

We followed past everyone with our luggage until we came to a bus loading area. A pole stood beside the loading area of the bus with different colors, and marked with different heights. I felt my stomach flop as I realized I had definitely shrunk some as well.

“Okay, I know that some of you have experienced some changes in height on your trip. Our world is larger than yours, so that means that some of you may inadvertently have shrunk to a size that requires different seating arrangements. As you come by the pole, I’m going to give you a wristband that’s going to help us keep track of your needs through your visit. My colleague Dara is on the bus and will help you get situated…” She paused, “I know it may come as a shock to some of you, but we ask that you cooperate as we are only following the law. Failure to abide by those laws means we will terminate our contract and you will have to find your own way in this world… something I wouldn’t recommend.”

I watched as she tagged each person with a different wrist strap, making sure to take a picture of the pole. I got a few of the people being checked next to it, including the little girl who got the second shortest color. I went not long after that family. “Six-Feet and an inch,” the lady said to me with a smile, “you won’t need a band,” and sent me on to the bus. I walked up the steps, and noticed that they were considerably larger than normal. At the top I discovered the teenage girl now sat in a toddler’s car seat. She blushed as I made eye contact and I felt bad for embarrassing her.

The lady looked at my wrist, “Well, you’re a big boy so you won’t need a special seat. Just sit down here,” she pointed to a window seat next to what looked like an infant's carrier. It was complete with a handle for a parent to carry the infant in.

I turned my attention out the window as the most pompous guy was given the color of the shortest part of the pole. I was kind of amused that it was pink. A moment later I watched the lady pick him up to place him into the infant carrier next to me. He pitched a major fit right then and fought her with all of his short might.

“No way in god damn hell am I going to ride in that like some sort of baby!!!!”

“Sir I’m sorry, it’s the law at your size…”

“No fucking way!”

After a minute she gave up and told him, “Okay, this is the second time we’ve had an issue. You’re officially done with Diamond Tours. Please sign this agreement stating you are terminating your services with us and Grace will help you off the bus.”

He signed and I couldn’t help but remember thinking he would be the first person to die in a horror movie. He gathered his stuff, walked down the steps, and then down the street. Instinctively I started video recording as he walked away from the bus and down the sidewalk. A stern lady came up to him and spoke to him for a second before she picked him up like a small toddler. He hit her and fought a losing battle for several minutes. It looked like he even bit her before she pulled his clothes off and set him over her knee.

‘She’s not going to…’ I thought just as she began tanning his hide like a disobedient child.

It was worse than that though as she kept going long after you would a baby. As the bus started moving, she picked him up and placed a… ‘pacifier?!?!’ I thought in my head. ‘She really put a damn baby’s pacifier in his mouth!’ I thought incredulously. I wasn’t able to see more though as we pulled away. His wails could still be heard over the engine noise as we passed by!

I watched carefully as the bus traveled through the city, taking pictures every now and then of adults clearly diapered and dressed like babies. ‘I really hoped this was all bullshit…’ I thought to myself. ‘I should have known it wasn’t though from that exercise. I can still feel that hand…’

By the end of our training exchange I had eventually learned some tricks, and managed to win about fifty percent of my sparring matches the last two days. But, along the way, there had been a lot of painful broken ass spankings like that man had received before I learned those tricks!

About a half hour later we were all in the lobby being given room keys. It was nice to see the desks, chairs, and everything seemed to be closer to my size here at the hotel. “Why is this smaller?” The teenage girl, who I’d learned was Lily, asked Dara while we waited.

“This hotel is designed for betweeners and guests from your dimension. It’s a bit uncomfortable for us Amazons, but the tour is for you all, not us!” She winked. “As long as you are in here or with our group you are safe.”

“You keep saying that…?” Lily started to ask as Grace began giving us our information for the night.

I shared her curiosity on what they thought about our safety, but hefted my luggage and found my room instead. Things were a little higher for me than normal, but not too bad. ‘I suspect some of them like Lily are having a tough time.’ I noticed some things like children’s stools were stashed about the bathroom and closet to help shorter guests reach things.

‘Well, I made it into the field… let’s see what happens from here…’



End Chapter 1

Undercover Tour (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 8, 2021


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