Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 11

I GRABBED AHOLD of the rope as Madison led us out, but was relieved to see Amanda waiting for me. She stood next to Fred who was holding Bella and lightly bouncing her up and down.

Bella was dressed in a very babyish yellow dress with a ruffled scoop neck. I could see there was a set of attached bloomers covering her diaper. The frilly bloomers showed around Fred’s hands where he supported her by her bottom. Amanda asked, “Ready for lunch?”

I followed her as I could hear growing murmurs of shock from my fellow littles. I ignored them and nodded, “Where are we going?”

“There’s a restaurant nearby that a lot of doctors go to for lunch with good sandwiches?” Fred said tentatively.

I smiled, “Sounds good!”

I walked with them a little way until we were out of sight of the littles heading to the cafeteria. Amanda must have been waiting for that, because she picked me up and sat me on her hip, and began walking faster than I would have been able to. I leaned into her and squeezed in the best hug I could manage then knowing how fortunate I was right then. She squeezed me back gently. I think she knew I was upset about something as she patted my back gently. When we’d made it a block down the road away from campus she asked, “Everything okay?”

I shrugged, “Nothing new, just a really depressing session,” I told her honestly.

“Who ran it anyway?”

“Professor Marshall?” I said.

“Oh… That’s really cool,” Bella said from Fred’s arms having heard me.


“He’s the biggest advocate for littles civil rights out there. I can’t imagine a session with him being depressing?” She said confused.

“Well he was being pretty blunt about what the majority of littles in the room should expect in their futures,” I told her.

Her eyes opened, frowned, and then she nodded, “You’re right, that would be depressing…”

Neither Amanda, nor Fred really tried to pry anything else out then. Instead I sat and listened as Amanda and Fred talked over lunch about what they were doing when they went back to work with Bella. I sat in a booster seat while Bella was in a highchair with a bib on. It was a novelty to eat outside of the highchair, and be without a bib. “Just in case another student comes in…” Amanda had whispered. I wasn’t sure what the point of avoiding babying me was, but I just went with the flow and was careful with my food. It was nice to be treated like a big kid at least!

Apparently, they had toured the university daycare that morning with Bella. “It was awful,” Bella said quietly before taking another bite of an enormous pickle sliver she was holding.

“I didn’t see a lot, but what I did see makes me agree,” Amanda said with a sigh. “It’s really just another etiquette school…”

I nodded, “Sounds about like we heard earlier…”

“What did he say about it?” Amanda asked curiously.

I made eyes around the room, “I’ll tell you more later… but basically he walked everyone through the process if they get their demerits. The way he talked made me think the daycare here was more about breaking littles than taking care of them…”

Bella shuddered and nodded as she took a bite of the pickle.

“Well, we’ll go check out the hospital next I guess…” Fred said, “It’d be better if we could use one of the two because they’d be convenient for us.”

“Yeah, but you don’t want her to be picked on all the time, right?” I said softly.

“No, we don’t,” Amanda said. “You sure you don’t want to just come to class with me?”

She shook her head, “Especially with my ‘big sis’ being in your class, it would probably make things worse for her.”

I opened my eyes at that, but couldn’t help but think she’d be right. Just having other littles see her when I met up with them caused some stares and grumbling…

“You may be right…” Fred spoke after a moment.

I looked at my watch and said, “We need to start walking back if we’re going to get me back in time…”

Amanda stood up then and picked me up out of the booster seat and sat me on her hip while Fred gathered the diaper bag and Bella. They set off at a pretty brisk walk back towards campus. Just as we came to the building Amanda sat me down on the ground and grabbed my hand to lead me back into Destiny Hall. “Destiny seems like a really terribly ironically named place to hold these seminars,” I told her as we approached the room.

“It was renamed fifty years ago and supposed to be about the destiny of making it to the stars,” she told me in response. “But I agree… there are other halls.”

She felt my diaper and said, “You need changed…” She looked at her watch quickly and pulled me along to the bathroom. “Let’s get you up on the table,” she said clearly a little stressed as she picked me up and put me on the changing table. I turned red as she reached for my backpack, grabbed wipes and a diaper, before pushing the skirt of my dress out of the way as I blushed. She had just pulled the tapes loose from my diaper when Madison and a couple littles from my nest walked in the door.

“Go use the potties over there, let me know if you need help using the potty!” Madison said in a condescending voice before turning and making eye contact with me just as Amanda pulled the front of the diaper down.

“Oh, hi Stacy!” She said with a squeal, “You’re such a cutie!”

I grunted a ‘thanks’ as Amanda picked my ankles up in her hand and slid the wet diaper out and used a wipe on my bottom before setting me on a new diaper. If I thought I couldn’t get any redder, I was wrong as Natasha came out the door of the stall and made eye contact with me too. I turned my head in embarrassment and looked at the wall wishing I had a pacifier right then.

“Oh Natasha, out already?” Madison said, “Let’s just check your panties and make sure you’re all clean!”

I couldn’t help but look as Natasha had her skirt pulled up to her chest and panties exposed. Madison had her turn around and looked down the back of her panties before pulling her skirt down and saying, “Just a couple of drops that you missed, huh?”

Natasha flushed red but didn’t answer.

“Maybe training panties would be a good idea tomorrow?” Madison said, “Just a suggestion. It’s not like you need actual baby diapers like Stacy over there,” she reassured her.

I bit my tongue then and as Amanda sat me down on the ground, I pulled my skirt back down. She washed her hands and then held me up to do so as well. We left before Madison and the two littles and she bent down and gave me a hug, “I’m sorry Stacy.”

I shrugged, “I don’t know why it feels like such a big deal since I know every little is getting diapered at night and was yesterday…”

She kissed me on the head, “Go into your lecture, I’ll be waiting when you get done.”

“Don’t forget there’s that Lambda Delta Pi event this afternoon?”

“You still want to go?”

“If I may…?”

“Hmm… Maybe I’ll see if Megan can actually pick you up from here and take you? You could hang out with her in her dorm… You have plenty of diapers?” She whispered the last part.

I nodded, “I’m not making that mistake again…”

“Okay, I’ll text you when I figure it out.”

I looked around for Fred but Amanda said, “They waited outside, I’ll see you later,” she hugged me and left me to walk into the lecture hall where I found my nest sitting in the same spot.

I had just managed to sit down on my booster when Natasha caught my eye and mouthed a ‘sorry’ to me.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ I mouthed to her with a shrug.

At that point a large Amazon lady with the beginning of gray in her hair began speaking at the lectern. “Quiet down now boys and girls…”

‘She sounds like a kindergarten teacher…’ I thought to myself and found myself instantly annoyed and wondering what kind of future she wanted us to plan for. The slide for the session said, ‘Planning for the Future’ and had a smaller subtitle that said ‘Know Your Options.’

“Good afternoon,” she said to silence.

“Oh, you can do better than that boys and girls! I said, good afternoon!

I found myself half-heartedly repeating it back to her a couple times with everyone before she was happy. “Now that’s how you properly greet someone! My name is Mrs. Beauregard, and I serve as the Director of Student Services and Job Placement for Littles at Emerson.”

She paused as if wondering if she needed to use smaller words. The patronizing tone to her voice was painful to my ears.

“My job is ultimately to make sure that all of you have a wonderful future when you leave Emerson. Today I would especially like to tell you about some of the choices you have as you move on with your lives. College is a very hard path for anyone, but littles often struggle more than our big students. Finals, loans, maintaining your GPA, course work, and even social situations often times bring our smaller students to tears. It’s sad, and when we see you struggle so hard, it makes sense that we offer you some other options in case you get in over your head.”

No one dared to speak out against this speaker, but I could hear a lot of uncomfortable shifting in seats. The squeaking of the fold down seats moving up and down a little was a little annoying.

She changed the slide, ‘Finding your way into a New Home.’ It showed a male and female little about our age being held by two smiling parents. The boy was in a onesie with a diaper proudly showing its edges while the girl was in a dress that seemed to be surreptitiously pulled up by her ‘mom’ just to show her thick purple diaper. The two ‘babies’ had disturbingly wide smiles that at least showed they still had their teeth. Both smiled at the camera as if they were the happiest babies that they could be, seeming to not have a care in the world about their lack of freedom! There was more shifting and now some muttering in the back with this slide.

“Quiet now please boys and girls. Now I know some of you think that you’re really big boys and girls, but this is a great option for many of you! My office has a service where we help you get matched with a compatible family to adopt you to their loving home. We screen all applicants before they even get near any of our students. You also get a chance to have some input on whether you feel comfortable with one set of parents or not.”

She selected the next slide that showed some facts about their adoptions and satisfaction, “We have a Ninety-Five percent satisfaction rate with our littles that go to their new homes. Our participants in the program always thank us for taking such good care of them and finding them their new loving homes.”

A new slide said, ‘Benefits.’ “The benefits for a little participating are numerous! You won’t have to worry about those difficult math and science classes, you won’t have to pay another bill, you don’t have to worry about having a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, or where your next meal is going to come from. Our adoptive families are given extensive training before adoption in how to care for your every need and give you a loving home.”

The next slide said, ‘How to Enroll in Happy Griffins,’ and featured the smiling little girl from earlier with her head being dipped by the ‘dad’ who was goofing around and flinging her down so her pigtails flew through the air. “If this seems like something that interests you please understand you’re allowed to join the program up until you receive the ten demerits of disciplinary action. If you reach that point you are no longer eligible for our program. This is just a practical policy since you will no longer be a student at the university. Providing you begin the paperwork before that point you are then exempted from the demerits while we process your application. If this sounds like a fun and exciting future to you, then all that you have to do is come to our office and say you want to join!”

‘Process,’ was the next slide that showed with the boy now grinning from a swing in a park. “Once you join the program, we will move you to our dorm that is reserved just for our special participants! Our caregivers in the dorm will immediately help pack away anything you don’t need into storage for your new home, while also getting you used to your new future. You won’t have to worry about the potty monster anymore there, and you’ll get to sleep in a nice safe bed! While we’re waiting to find just the right family for you, your days will be spent relaxing and taking it easy with the other participants. You’ll no longer be paying tuition at this point and you’ll be off to easy street from then on.”

‘What a load of crap,’ I thought in my head. For the next twenty minutes she explained then how you would meet potential new families and in general join what I would consider the little mill… One little finally had enough and shouted, “This is bullshit!”

Mrs. Beauregard looked at the audience and picked out the boy who had shouted. “Young man come up here now…”

He stayed put but said, “No ma’am, I have a right to speak my mind freely - I’m still a free little.”

She walked down to the chair he sat in and all of our eyes and heads turned to watch what I assumed was a coming train wreck. Wordlessly she went to him and picked him up under the arms, “Put me down!!!!!”

She didn’t, and easily manhandled the squirming boy as she moved back to the front of the lecture hall and found a chair that was sitting there that she sat down in. Without saying a word, she yanked the boys pants down to his ankles and examined his regular underwear. “Hmm… some tracks in here, so you have poopy pants. You were a big boy before, but obviously that’s not the case now. Before you go to the Dean, I’m going to make sure you understand your new place.” Her hand began raining down blows on him over and over and over again. I internally reached thirty before I stopped counting and felt my eyes water in the thought of that much pain. He was a blubbering mess as she let him sit up and pulled off his clothes.

I blushed at the sight of his naked body and felt terrible for him as she spoke to one of the nest mothers. She dug around in a bag before handing her a thick diaper covered in juvenile cartoon characters. She had him dressed in it quickly as his cries continued, “Go ahead and take him to Dean Sanders, let her know about his poopy pants, talking back to a teacher, and swearing. I count sixteen demerits there, so I guess we have our next student moving on. Tell her I think Tippy Toes is the best facility for him.”

The silence as we watched him be carried out in just the diaper blubbering in pain was painful.

As the door to the rear of the room slammed shut, I couldn’t help but think that so had the boy’s future. I’d have to go look when I got home, but I had a feeling Tippy Toes was an etiquette school… and probably not one you wanted to be in.

“Well, sorry for the bad behavior of your classmate. Like I said many of you may find that volunteering to join our program may be in your best interests.”

She spoke for a few more minutes but I think most of us tuned it out before finally changing to a slide about ‘Job Placement.’

“Now, many of you in here are perfectly capable of being big boys and girls and will be looking for a job when you graduate Emerson. We believe strongly in every one of our students leaving the university with a loving home or a great job. We have several services that help you locate jobs in your field that are willing to consider hiring littles for those jobs. We also help your future employers understand the grants and special financing options that are available to them through the government for taking on a little worker.”

“We also understand some of you may be interested in starting up your own businesses and help with loan applications for that process.”

She paused for a moment, and just from her demeanor it was obvious what she thought about littles and where they should end up. “Any questions?” There was dead silence, “Well in that case good luck to you all here at Emerson, and I wish you a successful future! Please come see me for any needs you have!”

For some reason as she said that her eyes found me and narrowed. I smiled sweetly at her and then opened my bag quickly to see if Amanda had texted me. A quick glance said Megan should be waiting for me outside, and I smiled at the thought of hanging out with her for a while on my own. I joined the line that Madison was corralling us into to leave the building and take the other littles back to the dorm.

As soon as we passed the door of the lecture hall, I spotted Megan who waved at me and came up to me.

“What the hell are you doing here shrimp?” A nearby nest mother hissed at Megan.

I watched in horror at realizing Megan’s short Amazonian frame was completely dwarfed by the tall girl who yelled at her. I swallowed my fear though to let go of the rope and began walking towards Megan anyway. The brown-haired Amazon seemed to be just a bit taller than Amanda, making Megan look like a little in comparison. Her body was very plump, with breasts that couldn’t seem to stay contained inside of her ill-fitting top.

“I’m here to pick up my niece,” Madison said warily.

“Oh, I thought maybe you figured out you should be joining the littles?” the girl said nastily.

“I’m not the one that feels the need to move in with them? I’m in a big girl’s dorm.” Megan countered. “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to pick up my niece… Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll see each other in classes next week…”

She chose that moment to pick me up protectively and held me on her hip, “Where are you going with her?” Madison asked testily having turned around to see her leaving with me now.

“Ms. Madison, this is my Auntie Megan, my mommy asked for her to pick me up.”

“That’s true?” Madison asked Megan.

“Yep Madison, I’d stay and talk but I promised my sister we’d go take care of some things after I picked up my niece.”

“What’s going on here?” Mrs. Beauregard asked as she came of the hall.

“I’m trying to figure out what this runt is doing with a student little, since we all know that they can’t be adopted,” the large girl said.

“I’m picking up my niece to watch her for my sister, Ma’am,” Megan said politely.

“And you are?” She asked me.

“Stacy Westerfield,” I told her.

“Oh… you…” she said with a tone that made me more than slightly nervous after the last hour and a half. She looked at the large Amazon girl, “Did she confirm this was her aunt?”

“Yes, she did,” Madison said to our side holding onto the line of our nest. “I know her mommy said it was okay for her to pick her up. I just hadn’t officially met her yet… Megan, right?”

“That’s me,” Megan said nervously.

“Well, we can’t all stand here all day, seems like everything’s okay, move along now.”

Madison walked away then and I whispered, “Who is she?”

“A conniving two-faced bitch,” she told me softly as we exited past the littles who stared at us for the confrontation and my position being carried by a short giant. I waved at a few of my new friends as she carried me away and down the sidewalks towards the dorms. “Let’s just say I’m really a betweener in height according to some of the girls I’m in classes with.” She hissed, “They think that means I might as well be a little then… Last year I helped tutor her when she was failing a math class. For some reason then she turned around and stabbed me in the back with a professor in another class and accused me of plagiarizing. If it wasn’t for Mandy, I probably would have been expelled…”

“What’s her name?”

“You mean two-faced bitch doesn’t count?” She laughed, and I had to giggle too. She was such a breath of fresh air since she wasn’t talking to me like I was a baby who it was inappropriate to swear near. “Nancy Dannigan,” she said, “avoid her at all costs if you can. By the end of the lasty year she had several of her girls from her nest openly breastfeeding from her in the cafeteria. Anytime someone questioned it, she said they asked her to… Let’s just say that’s not long before went missing to wherever it is littles get stolen away to…”

“I’m not surprised,” I told her.

She walked along for a few more minutes before saying, “So we have about an hour and a half to kill, what do you want to do besides change that wet diaper you’re wearing?”

“Pour bleach in my ears so that I can forget everything I just heard in that seminar?” I said sarcastically.

“That’s the one where they basically point out you’re better off letting yourself be adopted out, rather than continue as a student?”

“You’ve been there for it?”

“No, but I’ve made some friends with littles over the past couple of years and heard about it. It’s despicable and that woman is about as awful as anyone can get. I think she’s actually worse than Chloe and Cassie…”

“That’s low,” I said, “but probably about right.”

She gave me a squeeze and I watched passively as she carried me down the sidewalk to her dorm. Megan sat me down outside the doors and touched her keycard to the sensor before holding open the massive door for me.

“Hey Megan!” a friendly voice said as we walked to an elevator.

“Hi Raileigh,” she said in response and I looked to another fairly short Amazon. She was still taller than Megan, but definitely shorter than average. Her blonde hair was hanging from a messy ponytail and she seemed to have been working out.

“Who’s this?” she asked curiously as she joined us waiting for the elevator. “She’s adorable!!!!”

“Raileigh this is Stacy,” she introduced me, “Stacy this is my neighbor Raileigh.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said politely.

“You too… but who is she?” she asked Megan suspiciously.

“Oh, my niece,” she told her, “she’s going to school here.”

“Your niece…?” she asked.

“My sister adopted her as a sort of exchange student deal.”

“So, you mean she really is a student?” She asked curiously as she stared down at me.

“Yes, I am,” I told her myself a little annoyed at being talked about.

“Sorry…” she said bending down, “my only encounters with littles are my brothers at home… they don’t do much but drool, cry, poop and pee in their diapees…”

I sighed, “I hope to make more of my life than that.”

“Umm… You do know how small you are, right?” The girl asked in an incredulous tone. “There’s no way you’re going to graduate?”

I smiled, “I will do it! I’m more than capable.”

Megan picked me up then and hugged me, “She’s smarter than you would believe. She placed out of the first two semesters of math, she might even be in your calculus class actually, you’re taking the third semester again, right?”

I watched the poor girl blush, “Yeah… Math is just not my strong suit…” She paused, “I’m sorry for mocking you there… Maybe we could study together sometime?”

I smiled, “I’d be happy to if we can figure out how... You might have to come to my house.”

“I’d like that… Megan’s a good friend of mine…” she paused as we reached a door that led to some other closed and locked doors, “I’ll see you later though.”

Megan used her card key on a card reader panel and opened up a large dorm room with a single bed, desk, closet, and TV. I couldn’t help but smile at the princess pink theme throughout the room, complete with a glittery tiara decal at the head of her bed. “I didn’t realize you were a princess fanatic,” I told her with a smirk.

“Obviously, since I am the baby of the family, I am the true princess,” she told me with her own smirk.

“I’m guessing you don’t use those words too much around your sisters?”

She shrugged as she picked me up and sat down with me on her gigantic bed, “I’m the baby sister and I know it. I also know I am short… But for the most part I’m never really that worried about it.”

“Do you ever worry…?”

“What? That they’ll really go ahead and decide to baby me?” Megan laughed.

“I know, it sounds silly…”

She shook her head, “Actually it happened once with Cassie when Mandy had moved out and Mom and Dad were gone for a weekend. I was ten and she was the only one around that could stay with me. I accidentally spilled a coke on her and she became livid. Next thing I knew I was in diapers and she was attempting to get me to drink out of a baby bottle.”

“Where did diapers big enough to fit you even come from?” I asked.

She shrugged, “I was still small enough then that I easily just fit in the largest size regular baby diapers. I guess she had a few in her car from babysitting a baby the week before.”

“How’d you get out of that?”

She smirked, “I gave her the baby she wanted and let loose a load in the diaper that made her puke. When she refused to clean me up, I said, ‘Guess I’m not being babysat anymore.’ I stood up, untapped the diaper, and shoved the mess on her shirt before I calmly walked back to my bathroom to take a shower.”

“What did she do then?”

“Once she got over her shock she began pounding on the door to my room. I ended up hiding in my room after the shower and called Mom to let her know about it…”

“What did she say?”

“She… wasn’t happy… let’s just say that was the last time Cassie was left alone with me.”

I shuddered, “both of your sisters other than Amanda…”

“I know, right?” She shrugged, “So we have about an hour before we have to go, anything you want to do?”

I shrugged, “I hadn’t made it any further with planning. Plus, the afternoon kind of put a downer on any thoughts I might have had.”

She looked at me for a second and smiled, “You don’t have your nails painted, do you?”

I held my hands out to her, “Umm… no… kind of surprising actually given how girly girl Amanda likes dressing me.”

She smiled, “Well, in that case it’s my solemn auntie duty to fix this terrible act of neglect!”

I watched from my perch as she went to a drawer and pulled out a mini (to her) milk crate of nail polishes and tools. Before she sat back down next to me, she asked, “How’s your diaper doing?”

I shrugged, “It’s wet…”

“Do you want me to change it? I can let you do it too?”

I looked at her for a moment before saying, “You’d be quicker?”

She smiled and made quick work of it before beginning to work on my nails. She filed them to a round shape before she painted a base coat of forest green that matched the school colors. A yellow E was then carefully painted on my thumbnails, while she put some other little squiggles on the other nails. My hands were so tiny compared to hers, I considered her patience with the small details to be really impressive.

“There, now you look cute!” She told me with a smile before glancing a clock on the wall. “And now it’s time to get you to that meeting too…”

“Thanks Megan,” I told her and gave her a hug.

“You’re welcome Stacy,” she said as she quickly put away her supplies. “That diaper still good?”

I nodded, not having needed to go since she changed me.

“Okay then, let’s go meet your friend.”

She hustled me out of there with my backpack on and walked quickly down to an area in the student union where meeting rooms were. A large sign outside the room said, “Lambda Delta Pi welcome party.”

As Megan and I approached a girl at the front looked up angrily, “This isn’t a party for Bigs,” she told her.

“She’s just escorting me here,” I told her calmly bringing her attention back to me.

The girl was dressed wearing a nice dress and had a light white jacket on that had the Greek Letters ΛΔΠ embroidered on it. A gold pin was prominently displayed on her jacket. I guessed it was a sorority pin based on what little I knew about such organizations back home. “And you are…?” She asked.

“Stacy Westerfield, Sarah Evans invited me?”

“We’ll see about that…” she said suspiciously and called out, “Sarah?”

Sarah came out shortly dressed similarly, “Hi Stacy!” before looking a little shaken at the short giant next to me. “Umm… I’m sorry, but Lambda Delta Pi is only for littles?”

Megan laughed, “No worries, I’ll leave her here.” She looked at me and said, “Amanda should be here for you at five-thirty. If you need to leave before then, call me.”

I walked over and hugged her as she leaned down and then walked back to the stunned expression of the girl. “Are you crazy?” The other girl asked a moment later, “she only wants to adopt you!”

I laughed, “Somehow I think her sister wouldn’t be too happy with that.”

Sarah laughed too, “Yeah, and she’s a lot bigger!”

“What’s so funny?” the girl asked.

“Relax Jess, we’re laughing because Stacy is already adopted.”

“Then what is she doing here?” Jess the girl panicked, “she’s probably just trying to get dirt so her mommy can swoop in…”

I held my hand up, “Stop, I’m not your average little, and my ‘mommy’ isn’t your average Amazon. I’m here as kind of an exchange student from the other dimension. I knew I didn’t want to live in the dorms and not have a chance of anything other than being a mindless baby in a nursery, so I found a pair of crazy Amazon parents to foster me while I’m here.”

“You’re from the other dimension?” Her eyes looked me up and down, “Is that why you’re so tiny?” Sarah asked curiously.

I shook my head and shrugged, “No idea what went wrong.”

“Well, let’s try this again,” Sarah said with a sigh, “Jess this is Stacy, Stacy this is Jess. Jess is one of our senior members this year and she’s a bit paranoid about adoption this close to the finish line.”

I nodded, “I can understand that…”

“S… sorry,” Jess said sheepishly, “I’m just convinced everyone is against us.”

“Well that’s the whole point of our sisterhood Jess.”

“If that’s the whole point then why invite her?” She asked suspiciously.

“I was wondering the same thing,” I asked curiously.

“For that you would have to join, Stacy… Jess I’ll tell you later.”

I looked up suspiciously, “Am I being setup for something here?”

She shook her head, “we just hold the secrets of our sisterhood dear. Come on in and meet everyone,” she told me and ushered me forward to a room with little sized tables filled with hors d'oeuvres. With as short as I was it seemed like they were still adult tables compared to me. I watched Sarah bite into a loaded potato skin before considering if I would want to eat anything there. “It’s all safe Stacy, we prepared it all ourselves.”

I shrugged knowing I didn’t have classes tomorrow anyways, and grabbed a few things. Plate in hand, I let her lead me around the room introducing me to their officers and about two-dozen members. It seemed like there were only a few sophomores that were members that were being sought after. I cornered Sarah after a while, “Why am I the only freshman?”



End Chapter 11

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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