Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 4
Dangerous Enemies

“THE WORLD VIEW of a dinosaur Mom,” Phoebe said, “Please shut up so you don’t embarrass us anymore?”

“Young lady!” her mom said.

“I don’t have to put up with this anymore Mom. Yes, I agree that littles are cute! But before you brainwashed, modified, and otherwise enslaved these two women they were fairly bright adults living just fine on their own. Some littles are more than capable of taking care of themselves and doing things. Leave it alone.”

My opinion of Phoebe went way up then!


Thankfully before her mom could speak anymore, a man stood up at the podium and introduced himself. “I’m Doctor Donald Machnar, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and it’s my distinct pleasure to welcome all of our new students and their parents to this traditional event…”

An exceptionally long, at least to me, procession of speakers came up to greet everyone. President Nitshce was the final speaker, and finally at the end of his speech he said, “And now for what you really came here for, lunch! From what I understand they want this side of the room to start and we’ll move towards the other direction…”

For once in my life I was shocked to see I was sitting in the lucky side that got to start! I wasted little time in scrambling off the seat and joining Amanda in a line at a large buffet. I knew Emerson was an expensive private university, but I was truly shocked that they had huge crab legs, steak, and sides for everyone at the buffet! My expensive looking plastic fake china plate was heavy by the time I finished going through the line with Amanda and went back to the table. She sat the plate on the table for me and helped me back into my seat. The offensive mother was sitting there openly breastfeeding one of the littles then. I definitely wasn’t jealous this time though; her personality was terrible and I couldn’t imagine nursing milk from a witch like that!

She glared at my plate of real food, and I saw the first signs of anything being left in ‘Fifi’s’ eyes as she looked enviously at the crab. I looked guiltily back down to the plate, even though there was nothing that I could do for her, I felt bad for eating real food in front of her. To my right Jackson soon rejoined us and in between bites he began asking me about myself.

“Well… I’m actually from the other dimension?” I told him. “I came here so I could study here since Emerson is so far ahead of our dimension.”

“That is awesome! I’ve heard that… Although I once got to try a video game from your dimension and it was so much better than ours…”

“Which one?”

“Grand Theft Auto…” he said quietly to me.

I laughed, “Great game… I didn’t bring it with me. I did bring some other games and systems though.”

“Seriously?” He asked excitedly. “Any chance I could come over and try them sometime?”

Amanda made a noise and he looked sheepish, “With your mom’s permission of course…”

She giggled then so he knew she wasn’t really upset. “Classes have to come first. If Stacy and you are both maintaining a 3.5 or better at midterms, I’ll let her have you over for a gaming session.”

“You just don’t want to share,” I said to her with my tongue out.

He laughed then as she nodded and agreed, “No, I don’t.”

Phoebe looked pretty miserable when she returned with a plate of food for herself and her mom who had by then switched to Fifi on her other breast. “You know you could help out here,” her mom told her. “I know how many pads you go through a day.”

“Mother…” poor Phoebe hissed as her face turned red.

“I’m just saying, it’s a waste of good milk…”

“That’s it, I’ll see you at Christmas!” Phoebe said to her mother as she stood up. She looked at us apologetically, “Sorry to disturb your lunch, hopefully we’ll have a more pleasant meeting sometime. Stacy?” She said, “Not all of us share my mother’s beliefs and I hope we get to have a class together sometime and talk!” She turned her back and walked away as her mother pulled the little girl from her breast, and began chasing her with both littles in her hands as best she could without really pulling her shirt up properly.

“She was a piece of work…” Jackson’s mother said.

Amanda just nodded and we sort of tried to ignore what had just happened!

When all four of us had finished lunch, we excused ourselves and left the center. It was a bit after noon, and I had a while to kill before the exam. “I’m guessing you need a diaper change?” Amanda asked me softly when we were away.

I realized I hadn’t gone yet and nodded as I released my bladder into my diaper. “Yeah… stop by a bathroom somewhere?”

“Could go to the university bookstore and look around there?” Amanda suggested, “There’ll be a bathroom there you can change your diaper in.”

“You’re not going to?”

“You need to get used to it,” she told me with kind of a pained expression.

I ended up nodding, “I guess. Let’s stop by the car and grab my backpack?”

A plan made, we walked to the lot she had parked. Amanda took a moment to make sure I had a few spare diapers in the bag before we left the car. When she was done, I slung it on my shoulders and walked holding her hand to the student union. She led me to a downstairs bathroom just inside and pushed me to go into a stall while she went in another next to me.

I was really weirded out with the change in her behavior, but shook it off and pulled a clean diaper and my wipes from the backpack. Holding my skirt up carefully I pulled the tapes off of the diaper and let it lay on the floor while I wiped myself quickly and methodically and dropped the used wipes in used diaper. Now clean, I grabbed the new diaper and used the stall wall to help me put the new one on, pulled my skirt back down over my new diaper, balled up the old diaper, and zipped up my backpack and put it on. As I walked out of the stall I thought, ‘that feels the most grown up thing I’ve done in weeks?’

As I tried to reach up to throw the used diaper away, I couldn’t help but think, ‘It’s so much easier to have Amanda change me though…’

I had just managed to toss it in when Amanda came out of her stall and pointed out a stepstool to help me wash my hands on a lower handicap accessible sink. I managed to get soap and wash my hands by myself on my own too… and it felt weird!

“Good girl,” she said as she gave me a hug and led me out the door. “Shall we see if we can find sort of Emerson clothes for you here?”

“Sure!” I said with a smile knowing that in my size everything would probably be as babyish as it could get.

Sure enough, wandering the clothes it became apparent that not much was available in little sizes. What was available was expensive and awful! “Let’s look at the baby sizes,” Amanda whispered.

I nodded as I figured that would be inevitable. In one corner we found several racks of onesies and a rack of dresses looked like they would fit me. A couple of the onesies looked cute and I pointed out a pink and purple set to Amanda, “Mommy, how about those?”

She saw the ones I was looking at and looked at the sizes. “They only have them in your size, not your sisters…”

“I was talking about for me…” I whined a little.

“Oh…” she said and I wondered what switch had flipped in her brain that she wasn’t thinking of me for them! “I guess we could get one of these for you. You want one of these dresses too?” she held up a green polo t-shirt dress that had an E monogrammed on it. It looked about as mature as a dress for a three-month old could get, and I nodded. “Sure!”

With that she walked around and grabbed a few more things including a couple sippy cups and bottles that were branded with Emerson. “I think your sister would like these,” she said to me with a smile about the bottles and a couple bibs.

In another area I found a large yellow floppy hat that looked cute with my uniform. With a smile Amanda added it to the pile. As we checked out the Amazon at the checkout reminded her, “You know you can’t adopt her with her ID there, right?”

“I know, the baby stuff is for her sister.”


“Already adopted,” I said to the girl with a smile. She looked confused but just finished checking Amanda out.

As we left the store she said, “Hopefully you can get a chance to wear a couple of those outfits on the weekends at least. You will look so adorable in them!”

“Don’t I have to wear the uniform all of the time like the other littles?” I asked.

“If you’re in a cute outfit with me, your dad, or other adults you’ll be fine,” she reminded me. “No one is going to try and take you directly from us…”

Just as she finished that thought, time slowed to a crawl as I watched Amanda fall down! It took me a moment to realize it was because someone shoved her! I turned to look at what happened, but meanwhile a woman walking next to us with an empty stroller suddenly reached down to grab me!

I noticed only at the last second, and jumped and tumbled away from the woman! At the same time I began screaming, “What are you doing?!?”

I stared at the woman for a moment as she seemed confused that I had avoided her. “Get over here baby!” she hissed at me as she began walking towards where I stood. Just as her hand reached out to grab me again, I dodged around the other side of the stroller she had let go of. She snarled a moment before turning the handles of the stroller to try and knock me down with it! I quickly dodged back again, and just missed the wheels hitting me! As I jumped back my hair lagged behind me, and I felt her grab on to some strands. I felt the pluck of some pulled hairs, but luckily, she’d missed the majority of my hair and I kept moving away leaving a small amount of my hair in her hand. I ducked underneath a nearby table to try and get some distance between us.

Turning for a just a moment I saw her accomplice was keeping an eye on us. It was a massive mistake on his part though, because Amanda swept his legs from underneath him and I heard him cry out in pain as she landed an elbow into him. My own diverted attention was just as big of a mistake for me though, as I nearly got caught again!  The woman had closed the distance to the table I had just crawled under ridiculously quickly! I just managed to leap on top of a nearby table, and then did a backflip off of it as she again tried for me. As I flew through the air, I managed to kick the side of her hand with my foot. She yelped in pain and grasped it for a moment. As I lept away again I caught a glimpse of some sort of tattoo.

For the next couple of moments, we played a vicious game of keep away. I jumped between, over, under, in and around tables and chairs that were set inside the courtyard trying to stay out of her reach. Bystanders weren’t sure if they should help her catch her unruly little, or stop her. Like most situations though absolutely all of them did nothing except watch! ‘If she gets her hands on me, I’m done for!’

Just as I began feeling cornered against a wall, and wondered how I could fend her off for much longer, I heard someone shout, “What’s going on here?” With that I watched as the lady and her accomplice abandoned the stroller, and their confrontation with Amanda and me, to flee the campus security guards who were pouring out from a doorway.

“Mommy, are you okay?” I ran over to Amanda who seemed a bit dazed, but mostly angry. Her hair was a mess and the winces in her face gave away the level of pain she was feeling.

She hugged me tightly and said, “I think so… It’s going to hurt in the morning, but are you okay?”

I noticed that we both had tears coming out of our eyes as a large man in a police uniform approached us. “Are you and your daughter okay ma’am?”

She nodded, “I’m pretty sure those two were trying to kidnap my baby girl here…”

“Is this stroller yours?” he asked.

I shook my head, “No, that woman was pushing it…”

There wasn’t much to tell about what had happened, but we gave our statements anyway. As the officers went through the stroller one of them held something up, “Sir, look what was in here!”

He held up a rattle of some sort and I felt Amanda’s arms stiffen and begin shaking with anger. I turned to look up at her, “What’s that?”

“It’s an illegal mind control device for littles,” the man answered gently. “We’ll have to have it checked over and tested to be sure, but it would at least have temporarily made you go to La La Land so she could get you away without you alerting anyone you were being kidnapped.”

“Doctor Westerfield do you have anyone who might have a grudge or something? This seems more planned than a simple campus snatch?”

I looked at Amanda and wondered what her answer would be. She seemed to think for a moment before saying, “This weekend we took a trip to Selegnasol and we met a little on the plane next to us. After talking with her for a while on the plane we made a mutual decision for us to adopt the little girl as a sister to my Stacy here.”

“Go on…?” The large man who seemed to be in charge said.

“Over the weekend it became clear that we seem to have managed to get in the middle of a shady Little trafficking ring. We had issues in the park and at the airport, but hoped nothing would happen back here at home?” She sniffled a little. Both of our emotions were running high and tears were going down her face and mine.

“That may very well have something to do with this then,” he said. “Let me check with my office and see if they got a good picture of them on our security cameras…” He was on his phone for several minutes and didn’t look happy while he was doing so. He finally looked down at his phone and shook his head before coming back over to us, “Look, my men will keep an eye out on you for the rest of the afternoon while you’re here on campus until we find this lady. She seems to have had a man helping her too, but the cameras didn’t record a good view of either of their faces.”

“Damn,” Amanda swore.

I thought for a second before suggesting, “I could sketch her face on my tablet if you give me a few minutes?”

He looked at me a little dubiously and said, “Sweetie I appreciate you want to help, but your stick figures won’t help?”

“Well darn, I was going to give you something more like a professional portrait from a sketch artist…?”

“She’s serious?” The officer looked at Amanda.

Amanda shrugged, “I’ve never known her not to be.”

“Come on then, let’s go back to our office and give you a place to work…” the detective said begrudgingly.

“Thanks,” I beamed up at him with my best little girl smile that I’d occasionally been practicing in the mirror. The effect worked as he blushed and muttered something. Amanda helped me up and I looked at the time.

“You still have an hour until your test,” Amanda told me.

I nodded, “Should be enough time I hope…”

The officer led us through a door right from the area next to the attach that I learned led to the main security office. I was surprised to see an office like that in the student union, but with all of the signs and literature about reporting rape posted… I guessed it was probably to help victims report crimes easier. ‘Of course, they don’t allow the little victims to report…’ I thought darkly. What Madison had done last night wasn’t something I could report – but it should have been!

He led us to a conference room and Amanda helped me get settled into a too large metal chair. She handed me my backpack, and I pulled out my tablet and stylus. I saved the other image I had been working on before she could look at it and began a new canvas. I closed my eyes for a second and brought up my memory of the woman. ‘Yep, the nanites gave me a perfect photographic memory…’ I thought with a smile. I locked into the moment I’d looked into the woman’s face and began drawing. I was quickly able to render her face and features using charcoal and ink options in the app. The dexterity settings in the nanites seemed to have translated into a lot of fine motor control for me as well because my hands worked better at this than they had ever done before!

A memory of a mole on her face stuck out, along with another on her neck in a pretty obvious place. Thinking back to it there was also a tattoo on the underside of her wrist I’d seen. As I sketched on my tablet, the detective and Amanda would occasionally look over my shoulder. I couldn’t help but feel like a freak with some of the stares both of them gave me. Forty-five minutes later I had a pretty darn near photographic rendition of the woman. “This is her,” I told him while showing him the picture. “And she has this tattoo on the underside of her wrist,” I said pointing to a side drawing.

He stared at both, but in particular the tattoo, which seemed to make him frown. “That’s not good, that means she’s a part of the Trelini crew.”

“Trelini Crew?” I asked. Amanda’s face showed a combination of recognition and fury.

“Think mafia kiddo,” he said with a sigh. “You’ve got some enemies that are probably not going to give up easily. Can you e-mail me that sketch? If it’s accurate, you’re a hell of a lot better than the sketch artist at my old police department.”

“What’s your e-mail?” I asked and sent it off to him.

He gave it to me and Amanda asked that I copy it to her too. Soon finished I said, “I have to get to a placement exam now…”

“I’ll have a couple of my guys go over there with you,” he said, “in fact we’ll give you a ride.”

I was glad to see they meant a ride on a golf cart like vehicle as opposed to a police car! I noted that all of the campus security officers seemed to be armed with guns, tasers, and clubs. ‘Definitely more police department than security,’ I admitted.

They left Amanda and I outside the lobby of the Kilby center where I quickly waved my student ID at the entrance. Amanda waived hers as well, and we went upstairs to the third floor where the test was scheduled to be held. Outside the door she said, “Good luck! If I’m not outside when you finish just come upstairs to my office.”

I nodded and walked into the room where a professor was overseeing a couple dozen Amazons signing in for the test. “Did you get lost sweetie?” the professor asked as I came up to the table that towered over my head.

“No sir, I’m here for the placement exam?”

“Umm… we don’t get many littles who take this test… No little sized computers in this lab… I don’t know if you’ll be able to manage it?”

“I’ll be fine,” I smiled that same little girl smile at him and he took on the look of ‘oh sweetie you’re so cute. I’ll let you make a fool of yourself…’

“Your time to waste I suppose…” he said, “name?”

“Stacy Westerfield,” I replied.

“Are you related by chance to Professor Westerfield?” He asked, cluing in immediately.

“Does it matter?” I asked back.

“No, it shouldn’t. You’re just a little after all…” he said condescendingly. His interest seemed to deflate and I let him point me to a large computer system in the front row that was spaced away from the next giant student. The boy looked familiar and I realized it was Jackson.

“Hi Jackson,” I said as I approached the seat.

“Well hi again Stacy,” he said with a smile to me. “I should have known I’d see you here.”

I smiled back, “Of course, have to entertain myself somehow, right?”

“Your dollies aren’t fun enough?” One girl a row away snickered.

“They said you were going to play with them today,” I said in that sweet voice. “You promised them you would wear a diaper just like them!”

The girl looked at me like she was ready to leap over the desk and pound my butt, but a moment later her face cracked and she began laughing, “I like you kid!”

Now free of the banter I looked at the gigantic chair and hoped I still had that plastic portable booster seat thing in my bag so I could reach the keyboard. Thankfully Amanda seemed to have thought about it and I found it inside next to my other spare diaper. Thinking about my diaper I realized I was about to leak!

“How much time before we begin the test?” I asked tentatively.

“Ten minutes?” Jackson said.

“I need to head to the bathroom really quick,” I said as I ran out and waved at the professor – not giving him a chance to say anything.

Luckily, I found a bathroom close by and quickly changed my Pamper for another, making it back to the room and into my portable booster before he began instructions. “Your skirt is tucked into your diaper,” Jackson whispered to me as he started.

I blushed when I realized that the back of my skirt was indeed tucked into my diaper and everyone could see the characters and green backing of the back of the diaper. I sighed and just pulled my skirt back down ignoring the snickers of the girl behind me.

‘At least she didn’t follow me to change me…’ I thought. ‘Glad I caught it before I leaked all over my skirt.’

“Good afternoon,” the professor at the front said, “I’m Doctor Wernstrom, I teach the intro to computer programming classes here at Emerson. Please make sure your phones and other devices are turned off.” He paused while people did that. ‘Amanda has mine…’ I thought to myself and wondered about my watch. There was no way to airplane mode it from what I remembered, so I decided I’d play dumb if it came up. “I need you to go ahead and login now to the testing screen in front of you with your Network ID and Password.”

I reached and managed to use the lever on the side of the chair to push me up as high as it would go. With the booster, I was able to reach the keyboard almost comfortably as long as I was kneeling on my knees. I heard a giggle behind me, but ignored it as I typed on the large keyboard. Even though it was huge compared to me, I was still able to type rapidly. I mostly was hunting and pecking, but I’d figured out a way to kind of do a three-finger system with my pinky, middle finger, and thumb on Fred’s that had let me speed up a bit. That technique had me logged in before one of the professors teaching assistants walked by to offer assistance. His face kind of amused me when he realized I wasn’t a total idiot!

I just smiled at him and waited for the next instruction.

“Okay, many of you may have some formal coursework in coding, others may have just had hobbyist experience,” Doctor Wernstrom said. “This test will let you test out of up to four semesters of computer programming fundamentals which are CS 110, CS 111, CS 131, and CS132. It is possible you will only receive credit for CS110 depending on your scores – or of course nothing at all.” He looked right at me when he said that, making me turn red and fume. “The test must be completed in two hours. Your code for each problem may be in any standard language that we have a compiler for. Do not use anything that’s an oddball proprietary language – it won’t earn you extra points and it won’t be graded!” He said that sternly as if someone had tried that many times to make brownie points.

“The software is designed to recognize formatting in most of the major languages automatically for you to help you edit quickly. It will not however give you information on any functions or codes that you may have forgotten. All of your code must compile and meet the directions. If any code doesn’t operate correctly, end as noted, or give proper results it will not receive credit. The way the software works though you will not be able to compile it to test it – this test assumes that you have good fundamental understanding of how the code works.”

I gulped and hoped everything would run since I frequently checked my code by compiling it!

“Please understand that the most elegant solutions will receive the best scores! Less code is more! Due to the open nature of this test it may be Thursday before we have some of your results. Any questions?” He asked.

“Seeing none, go ahead and click the start button and good luck!” He told us.

I quickly followed his directions and read the first question. It was a simple problem of generating numbers based off the Fibonacci sequence and I quickly wrote a very minimal few lines of code that would do so. I’d done that in the first week of one of my classes in high school so I was sure it would work! The program then delved into ideas of ‘game of life’ sequences and other fairly simple problems before advancing onto using matrices and databases. The test kept me zoned out to the world as I worked. Only a brief feeling of needing to pee and releasing that into my diaper made me think at all about where I was at. The wet diaper though was quickly ignored and I went right back to coding.

The final question was a much more advanced task that made me actually think. I reached it with an hour to spare and began carefully coding the project in the hopes of cracking it. It very much reminded me of the Lego Robot challenge I had done my senior year. This question did give some information on code that was available and essentially demanded you design a robot to autonomously navigate a field of obstacles and challenges. ‘This could be a DARPA award question…’ I grumbled to myself as I did my best to give a solution.

“Thirty minutes left!” the professor called as I was half-way through coding my solution.

I sighed heavily and found myself chewing on my tongue as I kept moving on. ‘I wonder what someone would say if I used a pacifier in class…?’ I shook my head and got back to work.

The problem was you had to first code a set of responses for the obstacles… not terribly difficult, but very time consuming! I hoped I was on the right track as I then moved into an if/then statement that covered the first challenge when the robot reached it. I was stuck on how to recognize that it had reached it when I noted a hint they’d given in the question and information above and incorporated it.

“Ten minutes remaining,” he called just as I attacked the final challenge on the course. It demanded an answer to a number problem query. It was a simple little code exercise once I came up with a way for the problem to call for the response. I had just clicked save and submit five seconds before he called, “Time!”

I had just a moment to view ‘Congrats you finished the test,’ before the screen locked me and the other students out.

All around me students grumbled, “I didn’t understand anything past question two!”

Jackson looked at me as I stretched out and began considering jumping down, “I made it to the last question but that was too much for me, how’d you do?”

I smiled, “I think I did pretty well.”

“What question did you finish last?” He asked me as I slid down and began folding up my portable booster seat into my bag.

“The last question?”

“So, you were stumped there too?”

“No,” I shook my head, “I finished the last question. Hopefully it compiles, I clicked submit a couple seconds before he called time.”

“Wait, you finished?” A girl asked who had given me the hard time before the test asked. “You mean you just submitted a made-up answer for each question, right?”

I laughed, “They should be right answers, we’ll have to see.”

I walked towards the elevators and saw Amanda wasn’t there yet. I was shocked a moment later when the girl said, “You’re wet again little girl! You definitely need a diaper change, want me to do it?”

“No thanks,” I said politely.

“Well I’ll have to take you to your dorm or the infirmary then?”

“I’m just going up to my mommy’s office, she’ll take care of it for me, but thanks,” I told her. “If you could push the up button for me and then the top floor, I would appreciate it.”

“What?” The girl was confused. “Your mommy works here?”

“Yes, she told me to meet her on the top floor. If you’re really that worried about me you can come meet her… but I am already adopted, so there’s no point in badgering me?”

“She’s not making that up, I met her mom earlier,” Jackson told her with a smile. “By the way I’m Jackson?”

“Hailey,” she told him.

“I’m Stacy,” I told her as the door opened for the up elevator and Jackson pressed the button for me before stepping back out. “Nice to meet you Hailey, maybe some other time?”

The doors closed on a thoroughly confused giant and I couldn’t help but laugh and breathe a sigh of relief at the same time!

When the doors opened Kimberly greeted me with a smile, “Well hi Stacy! Did your mommy forget you downstairs?”

I laughed, “You know her with her toys!”

“I do indeed. The number of times your daddy has had to call me to go interrupt her so she would go home makes what I do a full-time job!”

I giggled, “I’m going back to her office?”

“Her doors probably shut, let me go back and open it for you,” she told me. Sure enough, the door handle, which would have been out of my reach without a serious jump, needed her to open it. “I found a lost little girl looking for you,” she told Amanda as she started from her computer and looked at a clock.

“Oops… I guess I forgot about you, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” I smiled at her.

Kim laughed as she closed the door behind me and I walked over to Amanda. 

“How’d the test go?”

I shrugged, “I think it went well? I finished it, and I think I did it right. Most everyone else looked overwhelmed at all but the first question or two.”

“You finished it?” she asked with some surprise. “Completely? The autonomous section too?”

“I think so… It should compile and work. I hated that I couldn’t run test runs of the programs to make sure they were bug free…”

“Hmm…” she looked thoughtful as I walked up to her.

 “What were you doing that you forgot about me?” I kidded her.

“Umm… using your sketch to try and find the woman who tried to snatch you?”

“Oh…” I said, “any luck?”

“Yeah, I think so. I used a processing software one of our faculty members has been testing on facial recognition through the local police departments online mugshot database…”

“Wait… is that a public database…?” I asked.

Her blush made me think it wasn’t, “well it’s not exactly heavily guarded?”

“Mommy, Daddy is not going to be happy if he finds out…” I smiled at her.

“Good thing he won’t, huh?” she smiled back and picked me up to set me on her lap in front of the computer screen. A picture of the woman that matched both my memory and my sketch exactly was displayed on the screen.

Serena Ricci, Age 42
Convictions: Petty Theft, Assault, Drug Possession – May 2003
Known Affiliations: Trelini Mafia

Suspected crimes went considerably longer on her ‘rap’ sheet. “She’s a piece of work?” I said.

Amanda nodded, “Yeah she is. Dangerous one too… I’m going to send this to my dad and see what he can do to help us out.”

I watched as she composed an e-mail before she felt my diaper under my skirt, “Feels like you need a change?”

I nodded and shyly asked, “You do it?”

She turned me around in her lap, “Stacy… You probably…”

“Please?” I asked.

“I thought you want to be a big college student?”

“Well yeah… but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the most awesome mommy in this dimension to still take care of me?”

She squeezed me tight, “I want you to be able to get by on your own during the days…”

“I changed myself several times today, it’s mommy’s turn,” I tried a smile on her.

“Oh, I see how this is,” she said as she began mercilessly tickling me and I found myself wetting the diaper some more. The tickling session ended with her standing up holding me upside down for a second before she grabbed my backpack and laid me down on her couch. She pulled a changing mat from somewhere that she moved underneath me before reaching into my backpack for a diaper and wipes.

“Uh-oh,” she said.



End Chapter 4

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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