Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 15

THE CAR RIDE to the university took as long as it had taken to get to the station. By the time we were there I was both thirsty, and my wet diaper was getting cold and clammy. He called Megan as he pulled into the parking lot, “Megan? We’re down here in Lot 42, if you’ll come collect your niece?”

He hopped out of the car and waited for Megan with me. “Let’s change your diaper and get you back into your school clothes…”

I nodded as he undid the harness straps and then moved me to the back seat on the other side of the car to strip me naked. I was more than slightly embarrassed to be in the midst of a diaper change as Megan came up, “Hi Daddy!” she said and hugged him. “Hi Stacy…” she said as he laid me down on the diaper and taped me in.

“Hi Megan,” I said.

“Did you bring pajamas?” She asked me.

I nodded, “They’re in the diaper bag?” I paused, “I thought it might be better to be in my uniform though?”

She shook her head, “Pajamas makes you look like an innocent little girl right now… Your uniform would mean people think you’re out after curfew?”

I grimaced at that knowing that would certainly come with spankings and demerits. My stupid brain recalled that being worth seven… “Should you carry me in the carrier then too?” I asked.

She looked thoughtfully for a second, “Let me think for a second while we get you dressed. Daddy do you mind if I take over? No offense, but you’re a little out of practice…”

He laughed, “You girls and your dolls…”

She tickled my bare stomach and began quickly zipping me into the pink footed-sleeper. “Naw, we’ll leave your carrier here. I’ll just carry you and have your diaper bag on my other shoulder. Daddy, can you hand me her backpack?”

He did so as she held me comfortably on her side. “Any more word on Bella?” She asked nervously.

“Not yet,” he told her, “I have a lab analyzing some evidence… I’m going to go back there and hopefully have an answer in a half-hour or so. I’ll call you as soon as we know something more about Bella…”

She gave me a comforting squeeze then, “Okay, I’ll take care of the princess here. I’ll probably need to keep her at their house after tonight though. They’ll get picky on her not being in a littles dorm otherwise…”

“Yeah… I guess I could just take you there now?”

“No, you worry about figuring out what happened to Bella. We’ll be fine for a night if I have her in bed quickly when we get inside. No one can say she’s not being taken care of, and I really am just babysitting my niece.”

He nodded before hugging us both, kissing her on the head, “I love you Megan, see you soon.”

“Love you too Daddy,” she said with a smile.

“See you later,” I said.

She waved my arm bye as we watched him pull out and she began the trek to her dorm room. “Pretend to be sleepy for me, okay?”

I nodded, “It’s not that hard right now…”

She gave me a comforting squeeze then and waived her ID at the scanner to enter into her dorm. There were a lot of ‘awes’ and ‘she’s adorable’ comments as I was carried upstairs. Just outside of her room she ran into Raileigh, “Hi Megan,” she said before taking a double take, “why do you have Stacy?”

Megan sighed, “Her little sister was attacked this afternoon and is in the hospital. I’m babysitting while her parents and my parents are sorting out everything.”

“Oh my gosh, is your sister going to be okay?” She looked at me.

I shrugged, “Her heart apparently stopped a couple of times and they’re doing all they can… It doesn’t look good right now,” I admitted with a few tears leaking out of my eyes.

“Aww you poor thing,” she said sympathetically

“Yeah… anyway, we’re going to turn in for the night. We’ll see you later,” Megan told her.

She closed the door and sat me down on the bed, “I thought we were going to have a clean entrance until we saw her…”

“Will we get any trouble for me being in here?” I asked.

She shrugged, “It’s an emergency, you’re an adopted little in the capable hands of a babysitter. You don’t live in the dorms, so it’s not like it makes sense to send you there. And, clearly according to the law you’re not able to legally stay on your own.”

I nodded, “Umm… do you mind if I get on my computer for a little bit here?”

“Why?” she asked, “I thought you were sleepy?”

I smirked, “I’m tired, but I’m actually probably okay to stay up for a while longer. I wanted to get the image of the lady who did this to Bella and search it against their employees and anyone else?”

She nodded, “Go ahead, but we’re turning the lights off and laying down in the bed just in case anyone comes by to check on us!”

“Okay!” I told her.

“You want a drink before bed?” She asked as she handed me my computer from my bag.

“There should be a bottle in the bag?” I asked.

She looked and saw a full juice bottle in addition to the empty bottles, “You really want a baby bottle? You’re not at my sister’s house?”

I smiled, “I’ll tell you a secret…” I blushed, “I don’t think they’re that bad. I actually kind of like nursing from them…”

“You’re a weirdo, you know that?”

“Takes one to know one?” I suggested.

“Why you,” she said with a smirk and launched into a quick tickle attack before saying, “I actually need to go to the bathroom before bed… you’re coming with me because I can’t leave you alone in here.”

I nodded and held my arms out. She balanced me on her hip and carried a carrier of stuff with her in her other hand to the bathroom. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and then used the toilet with me sitting there in the stall with her. When we emerged, an older student was standing by the mirror. She seemed to be waiting for us.

“Megan, I heard you have a little university student here? You know you can’t adopt from the university littles?”

Megan laughed, “I haven’t, this is my niece. Her baby sister is in the hospital in the ICU… My sister, who’s her mom, had nowhere else for her to stay tonight. Our dad asked me to just babysit her here for the night with everything going on. We’re going to make a blanket fort and a bed on the ground so she can’t accidentally fall out of bed. Kind of a slumber party?”

“She’s a student though? Shouldn’t she be in Wenig?”

“Terra she doesn’t live in the dorm. She’s adopted.”

“Then how is she a university student? Every little university student has to live in Wenig…”

‘Clearly this girl isn’t too bright…’ I thought to myself.

“I can be a student because my Mommy enrolled me here because I’m smart.”

She scoffed at that, “No little is smart.”

“Well I kind of am,” I told her. “Now I know this is unusual, but I’m just here for tonight. I’m in a diaper, so there’s no worry of me leaking anywhere and making a mess. Aunty Megan is my babysitter, is there really a big problem?”

She looked at me skeptically, “I guess not… it is a special circumstance, but you do need to be in bed like now. Little’s were supposed to be in bed an hour ago…”

“I couldn’t just leave her unwatched in my room by herself,” Megan reminded her.

The girl rolled her eyes for some reason and we were able to make a quick exit from the bathroom to her room. “Work quickly,” she told me after she pulled her mattress down and began making a blanket fort like she’d talked about.

I didn’t waste any time loading the computer and running digging into the LPS systems. I ran her picture against a database of IDs and failed to match her. I thought back and remembered her name was supposedly Diana Ellis and typed that into the system. Her name came up as an employee, but she was most definitely not the lady we had seen that afternoon.

“Shit…” I said softly.

“Stacy!” Megan admonished me quietly.

“Sorry… but the lady earlier was a fraud!”

She looked at the information I showed her and added her own, “Shit…”

“Auntie Megan, I have delicate ears here…” she responded with sticking her tongue out and dialing her phone.

“Dad?” She said quietly, “It’s Megan… Stacy just figured out the lady from this afternoon was a fraud…” I listened as she outlined what I had said and kept searching the lady’s image. It finally matched up with a company ID for Venture B & E. I showed her that, “Dad Stacy just gave me some more information that the lady works for that company they had problems with in Selegnasol…”

I could hear over the phone him say, “Shit… hold on one sec…”

“Is he at the lab?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Yeah I’m still here…” she listened for a second, “Yes sir, we’ll keep the door locked until you or Megan come tomorrow. Love you Daddy, tell Mandy that I love her too please,” and then hung up.

“They find something?” I asked her.

“He says they identified a poison and he’s calling Fred at the hospital to see if the information helps with treatment.”

“Did he say what it was?”

“Iocainoxitate?” she paused, “I think that’s what I heard the tech tell Dad?”

I quickly typed the name into a search browser and felt my heart drop,

‘Iocainoxitate is used in industrial settings to aid in the production of beryllium isopheres. The compound is considered highly hazardous and full protective gear must be worn to ensure no exposure to skin or lungs occurs. Exposure to quantities as low as 10mcg are known to be fatal to adults.’

“This doesn’t look good,” I said feeling tears go down my face.

She looked over my shoulder and then hugged me, “There’s still hope,” she told me.

I nodded, but didn’t agree verbally because what little I could see didn’t lend a lot of hope. I decided it was time to call it a night and had closed the computer and laid down under the blanket ceiling of the fort she made when there was a light knock. I gave a look at Megan and put my head down to pretend to sleep.

I heard her lightly step to the door and opened it, “Yes?” she said to the person.

“I was told you have a little student from the university in here?”

“I have my niece here. She is a student, but she’s been adopted by my sister and enrolled here. I’m babysitting her right now while her parents and my parents are at the hospital. Her little sister is in very bad shape there.”

“You know they have their own dorm…”

“But she doesn’t live there.” She sighed, “Look, I’ll watch her at my parents’ home or her house tomorrow night if need be, but this was a very urgent emergency. Her sister’s heart stopped several times and she may not make it through the night…”

“Oh my…” the voice said.

“Yeah… so can you please just let her stay here tonight? She’s already asleep?”

“This one time only… Any other time you have to watch her you need to babysit at her house, or she needs to get a bed in Wenig since she’s a student.”

“Thanks Carmen, I appreciate you doing this,” she said sweetly. “Now I don’t want to wake her up, so good night,” she told the girl.

I think we both feared the girl, who I suspected was the Resident Hall Director, would stand outside and wait to see if we began talking. Megan locked the door and changed into her own pajamas before laying down on the mattress next to me and giving me a big hug. “Let’s not risk her coming back…” she whispered in my ear and I nodded.

I found her arms to be quite comfortable around me, and with the sound of her heart beating drumming in my ears, I was lulled to sleep fairly quickly.


AS I WENT to sleep, I feared the phone ringing telling us Bella had died. Instead neither Megan, nor I, woke up until close to ten in the morning when there was a knock on the door. Megan was apparently as much of a morning person as I was because it took a few minutes of knocking before she sat me up and crawled her way out of the blanket fort to the door. I followed her needing to pee badly. I felt my bladder completely drain involuntarily as she opened the door revealing Dean Sanders’ face.

“Good morning Dean Sanders,” I said standing beside Megan.

“Good morning ladies. Megan, I had an odd message this morning from your RD that a little was staying with you. Do you have an explanation? This is normally against the code of conduct for our university for both big and little girls,” she said coldly.

“Would you like to please come in and have a seat?” Megan said with a surprisingly calm smile as she looked at her and picked me up protectively in her arms.

“I guess,” she said and Megan motioned her towards a small couch she had on one side of her room.

Megan settled herself down while placing me onto her lap as she sat in her desk chair. “Last night my dad called me and said that they had to rush Stacy’s sister to the hospital. It’s been touch and go all night long for her after she was taken there. My dad was needed to do a few other things and then went to the hospital with my mom to wait with Stacy’s parents for word with Bella. Without anywhere else to send her for the night, she came here.”

“What happened to your sister?” Dean Sanders asked me.

I debated on what to tell her, but decided to tell her the truth, “We think a lady impersonated an LPS officer yesterday and poisoned her.”

She narrowed her eyes, “You shouldn’t make up stories young lady…”

Just then another knock came on the door. Dean Sanders motioned for Megan to stay there and went to open the door herself. Amanda stood there and for some reason didn’t really look shocked to see Dean Sanders face, “Good morning Jackie,” she said to her tiredly.

“Amanda you look like hell,” she said.

I couldn’t help but agree as her hair was a mess and she was clearly wearing the same clothes as the day before. It looked like she had taken her makeup off at one point, and her bare face presented itself with red baggy eyes.

“I feel like it too Jackie. I’m guessing you’re here because Stacy stayed overnight here?”

“Yes I am. I am willing to consider this being a one-time exceptional thing, but I’m a little concerned that your baby girl is making up stories. We can’t have students lying to the administration…”

“What did she say?”

“Some contrived story about an LPS officer poisoning her sister? What kind of person does she think I am to believe a tall tale like that?”

“Umm… Actually, it’s true,” Amanda told her. “They arrested her an hour ago and she’s going to be indicted for attempted murder.”

“Bella’s okay then?” I asked cueing into the ‘attempted’ word.

“She’s not going to come out of this easily Stacy, but with a good team of doctors she’s going to mostly be alright…”

“Mostly?” Megan asked behind me.

“We’re afraid there’s going to be some brain damage and organ damage that’s going to affect her long term.”

“You’re kidding?” Dean Sanders asked, “Who would do such a thing to someone else’s baby?”

“The same group that tried to have Stacy kidnapped last week here on campus, broke into our house,” she glanced at me, “and the same group that actually broke into our house again last night. It was a good thing that Stacy was here with Megan last night, or they would have gotten her too.”

Dean Sanders had gone from looking like my future in the university was bleak to suddenly feeling bad for me. “That’s terrible… What are you going to do now?”

“Well we have contractors taking care of the house, but we’ll probably go stay with my parents to be safe until they get this all figured out.”

“Well… if you can’t get things easily sorted Stacy could stay in the dorms?”

“I guess we can keep that in mind… but I’d rather not have her that far from me. Besides, you probably don’t even have any rooms free?”

“Well… it’s the beginning of the year. We usually end up having to consolidate dorm rooms a couple times through the freshman semester. We’re almost to that first consolidation now… I know her nest already has two empty beds now.”

I cringed and wondered who the two unlucky girls were.

“If this doesn’t work out, we’ll think about it,” Amanda said. “But she’s my baby girl and I don’t really want to not have her around as much as possible. Plus, it’ll be helpful to have her around to help Bella get better…”

“It’ll stay an option…”

“So, I guess our next question is there going to be anything we need to worry about consequences from her staying here last night?”

Dean Sanders looked like she was thinking for a moment, “No, Megan was babysitting her niece during an emergency. We’ll let this one slide. In the future though she needs to be babysat elsewhere. This dorm is no place for a little…” she looked at us sternly.

“Yes ma’am,” Megan told her.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get home to my own babies who are due for lunch soon. Or at least I’m due for lunch soon… My breasts definitely feel like it’s lunch,” she said as a joke to Amanda.

She gave a wry smile and nod, “I know what you mean, have a good weekend Jackie.”

As she left Amanda closed the door and then came to pick me up. I asked her, “So what is going on with Bella?”

She sighed, “It was touch and go last night until my dad called with the information on what the poison was. Bella’s heart stopped three times before some of the medication stabilized her. Once we knew what the poison was, we treated her with some nanites to rid her body of that substance…”

I felt my face fall and panicked, “They weren’t modified?”

She grimaced, “I only had about ten minutes to get through the settings. I got rid of the same things that we did with you, but missed a reduction setting, and her face has the same baby face look you have now.”

“How small did she get?” Megan asked.

“She’s only taller than Stacy by a few inches now. I guess they can probably share dresses and outfits now…”

I raised my eyebrows at that, “Poor Bella…” I said.

“Anything else?”

“We think that’s it as far as the mods are concerned, but she’s still in an induced coma for the moment. They plan to keep her in it for another day to give her body a chance to heal…”

I hugged Amanda and felt tears streaming down my face, “I’m so glad she’s going to be okay.”

“Me too…” she said softly. “Well, I think it would be a good idea to get you out of here Stacy. Megan, do you think you could stay at Mom and Dad’s with her tonight? At least one of them will probably be there too, but that way I know someone else is there?”

“Sure, it’s not like we have any homework yet anyway,” Megan said with a smile. “I’m sure I can deal with putting up with Mom and Dad for a night…” she sighed theatrically.

“Just keep an eye on her for me if Chloe and Cassie come over tomorrow?”

“Ugh… I forgot I was going to have to smell their insanity tomorrow…” I looked up at her and she said, “I really don’t get our sisters keeping their littles in shitty diapers. They smell terrible and I’d rather see any diaper get changed immediately so you don’t have to smell it! Plus, if they sit in it…”

Amanda sighed, “They’re definitely the nutty ones…” she agreed. “Let’s change that wet diaper and get you into a uniform before we leave?” She suggested to me.

I just nodded and went along with it. Just as we were leaving, I thought about something, “Mommy?”

“Yes Stacy?”

“Can we go by the bookstore really quick? They said we could get a different ID in a wristband form to avoid having our ID being stolen?”

She looked nervously at me and her watch before nodding, “Yes let’s go get one for you…”

It was a quick paced walk to the bookstore where I had to run to keep up with my two giant companions. At the bookstore we were directed to a counter where my ID was scanned, wrist measured, and I was given a wristband that I put adjacent to my LittleProtect Watch that I was assured would be just as impossible to remove without the proper university tools.

We didn’t look around for anything else and hurried out of the store. I held my arms up to Amanda, motioning that I wanted up outside so that I wouldn’t have to run to keep up with them. I played with the wristband all the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Megan picked me up from the car seat, while Amanda grabbed my bags and a small one for Megan that she’d brought with her. As soon as we were inside Grandpa greeted us, “Hi girls.”

“Hi Daddy,” Megan said and gave him a hug.

“Hi Dad,” Amanda said, “You’re sure you’re good with Stacy being here tonight?”

“Of course, sweetheart… I’ll make sure nothing happens to her. Go ahead and get back to the hospital and keep an eye on Bella. Your mom will be by there in a while too to check on you all. She just went to pick up some groceries for the weekend.”

“Thanks Dad, I appreciate that you already took care of the house too…”

“Of course, I’m just mad that they got in. I’m glad that Stacy stayed with Megan, but until we get this situation sorted out, we’re going to need everyone being really careful for their safety.”

“I know… I’m glad the university is splitting the cost for security at least.” Amanda said.

“Well it wouldn’t be good for one of their lead researchers, or star doctors to get killed…”

“You forgot the genius student too…” Megan said with a smile.

“Mandy go be with Bella,” her dad ordered. “Between myself and Megan we’ve got Stacy more than covered!”

Amanda suddenly burst into tears then and her dad hugged her, “It’s going to be okay Mandy,” he reassured her. I almost felt embarrassed as I looked on from Megan’s arms, but she got herself together soon after. “You okay to drive?” He asked her when she began walking out to the door.

“Yes, it’s not far and I’ll be fine,” she came over and took me from Megan’s arms. “I love you Stacy and I’m so glad that you’re okay. I feel terrible what I let happen to Bella… I’m glad you’re at least okay.”

I hugged her back, “You have nothing to be guilty about Mommy, you were given credentials and had to follow LPS orders or they could have removed both of us then. They did have one legitimate agent… You couldn’t do anything. Go be with Bella now and we’ll figure out how to get her back to normal when she’s healed.”

She squeezed me, “I love you more than you can know.”

“I love you too.”

She was gone a few minutes later and Megan said, “you didn’t get a bath last night or this morning… you want a bath or a shower?”

I looked at her, sniffed myself, and nodded, “A bath would be nice…”


MY BATH WITH Megan was much like one with Amanda would have been. Even though Megan valued me more as a thinking adult than Amanda did, she played with me and some bath toys more than Amanda did. I enjoyed the bubble bath that ended with my body wrapped tightly in a towel and carried down to the nursery. I gulped as she laid me down on the changing table that was clearly designed not for babies, but littles. The head strap and arm straps showed that there was a belief littles needed to be restrained more than just with a chest belt.

Fortunately for me Megan didn’t buckle anything but the chest belt as she pulled the towel away. “So, what do you want to do today?” She asked me as she lifted my ankles in the air to slide a diaper underneath me.

“Play with my computer?” I suggested.

She gave me a look, “Didn’t you get enough playtime on your computer last night?”

I pouted, “No, I only made it through the first level of my game,” I told her. I motioned with my head towards the monitor and who knows what other bugs after what we’d been dealing with.

She laughed, “Okay, I guess you can play with your computer until lunch. Then you’re going to have to take a nap though. Grandma will insist on it,” she told me with a smile. “If you’re just going to play on the computer let’s put you in this cute romper,” she held up one of my many cute rompers that ended in a puffy set of bloomer type bottoms. As soon as I was dressed, she handed me my backpack and put me inside a playpen along with a bottle of juice.

“Be good,” she told me with a smile.

I opened my computer and then immediately groaned because I didn’t have their WiFi password… My new phone was next to me though and I discovered it could act as a hotspot. A quick connection had me back in and able to work on my projects.

The first thing I did was make sure that I was as secure as I could be. I took care to spoof my location and built up multiple layers of security hiding my identity before going to work first on our attackers. I found that they had indeed arrested the lady early this morning. From what I could see in the police system she seemed to have clammed up and had a lawyer for her arraignment scheduled for this afternoon. I decided to follow the money of the lawyer and confirmed that Venture B&E was paying the bill for the attorney.

I sat there and thought for a moment and debated on my next move. We couldn’t keep playing defense, and hope that their attacks wouldn’t succeed. Obviously last night they had intended on getting me and whoever else was left. A quick look at that police report revealed they had four suspects in custody who had also clammed up. Given the severity of the charges, I figured the DA was attempting to get them to be held without bail. I wondered how much their employers would protect all of them though.

I decided that before I did anything else, I needed to talk with Fred and Amanda. I had a few ideas on ways we could go on the offensive against this company, but I didn’t want to do so without their okay. With my initial ideas exhausted, I went back to my project from the previous night, to see if I could program the nanites to bind with the problem protein and avoid the clogged receptors.

I lost track of time and failed to notice Megan watching over my shoulder for a few minutes. “Whatcha doing?” she asked me in a voice that made me feel like she’d caught me with my hand in the cookie jar.

“Umm… well… a project?” I said innocently.

“Why don’t you close it down and tell me about it over lunch?”

I blushed and did as she said, pressing a quick shortcut key that killed everything I’d been doing. I held my hands up to her and she picked me up and put her hand underneath my diaper as she carried me on her hip downstairs and deposited me into ‘my’ high chair. I eyed the others again, and was thankful for a normal baby one! She velcroed a bib onto me, before she brought over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she’d cut into small triangles. I saw her sit down with a plate that held a larger version for herself.

“I hope you don’t mind peanut butter and jelly?” She asked.

I shrugged, “It’s fine.”

“Good, so what were you up to?”

I sighed, “Has grandpa swept this room?” I asked.

“Yes, I just did,” he said entering the room. “Why do you ask?”

“Megan was asking me some questions I didn’t want to risk others hearing…”

“So…?” Megan asked.

I sighed, “I started off looking into the guys who broke into our house and the lady who poisoned Bella. There’s nothing else that can really be done there though…”

“No, it’s pretty much in the courts hands now,” Grandpa Joe said. “I think they’re going before a judge who’s pretty honest, but we’ll see what happens.”

“It’s all about the money,” I sighed.

“Yes, it is,” he agreed.

“So, what was with the chemistry I saw you looking at?” She asked me.

“I’m looking into the adverse effects of breast milk…” I said turning bright red.

“Which ones?” She asked.

“The loss of continence…”

“That would be a big breakthrough,” Megan said.

“And potentially a bit target on your back…” Grandpa said sitting down with a glass of iced tea across the table from Megan.

“I know… it’s why I’ve been keeping it low key,” I said to them. “I haven’t even told Am… Mommy how far I’ve made with it.”

“You actually know what causes it?” Megan asks.

I nodded and walked her through it, “I think if I can program a nanite set to act as a T-Cell of sorts to go and bind to the protein and block the binding of the receptors there’s a good chance I can prevent the effects.”

“Or you could cause more problems…” Grandpa noted.

“It’s definitely playing with fire,” I agreed. “But…”

“What about the addictive parts?” Megan asked.

“I haven’t made it that far… I don’t actually mind that part since I know littles are able to get past that.” I admitted.

“It’s an interesting idea,” Grandpa Joe admitted.

“Just be really careful Stacy, you never know what unintended consequences something like this might have.”

I nodded but didn’t say anything else, instead putting a piece of sandwich in my mouth and chewing.

“So, what are you two up the rest of today?” Joe asked us.

“Well originally I was going to go do some shopping with my friends,” Megan said, “but given everything going on... I think staying home and working on some video game skills is probably smarter.”

Joe shook his head, “I don’t know what I did wrong with you girls... “

I laughed at that and he shot me a mock glare, “Don’t you go there, Missy, you’re as much of a nerd as your mommy…”

I stuck my tongue out at him and Megan and he both laughed. “I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon making sure this house is secure for the night before working on figuring out what we can do with your home Stacy.”

It was weird hearing it called, ‘my home,’ but it did feel that way at this point. “I don’t know what more you can do…” I told him.

“I’m thinking robot security guards?” He suggested.

My eyes opened in terror… “Does it have to be robots…?” I could feel my rear still feel phantom pains from that stupid swing.

“I’ll see if I can think of something else,” he said sympathetically.

I nodded and took a drink from the bottle on the tray. I was full and asked, “May I go get back on my computer please?”

Megan shook her head, “I think a nap would be a good idea first…”

“I don’t need…” I started to complain.

“Think about last night and yesterday?” Megan said, “I want to take one myself too. Why don’t you just come take one with me?”

I wanted to complain but I knew even with Megan if she wanted me to take a nap she would be able to make me take a nap… I sighed, “I guess…”

“Great,” she said as she picked me up out of the highchair and wiped my face of some crumbs with the bib she’d used on me. I made a face but she just laughed and put me back on her hip. She felt the diaper underneath the romper and said, “I’ll change you after your nap…”

“Our nap you mean?” I asked.

She squeezed me, “Our nap then.”

We went up to her room that was obviously still hers with posters, pictures, stuffed animals, and a faded purple wall that I suspected was a color she liked when she was little. A faded sign on the door said ‘Princess Megan’ much like the one on my door at Amanda’s house. She laid me down on her day bed that was set against the wall. As soon as I was down, she kicked off her shoes and laid down next to me on the open side. Once she was down on the bed too, she began hugging me and cuddling me like a teddy bear.

I sighed as she was pretty warm but closed my eyes while trying to think of what was my next move. Her heartbeat again lulled me to sleep as she also hummed a lullaby too.

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End Chapter 15

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Absolutely love it!

NxK · Nov 4, 2021

I joined this story late (beginning of this part I believe), but I must go back and re-read this (so far) trilogy in full as I enjoy it so much! I check the site daily for updates! Thanks so much for writing it!

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