Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 22
Dark Places

THE WORLD CAME back into focus very slowly. I’d guess it took over an hour for my brain to register I was awake and that something was very wrong!

I blinked my eyes clear and stared up at a mobile with bunnies that slowly spun around while playing a quiet lullaby. ‘That’s not a good sign…’ I turned my head, and sure enough, I saw white bars and recognized that I was definitely in a crib... Unfortunately not the one back home!

As I took stock of my situation, I realized that I was no longer dressed in my school uniform, but instead I was dressed in a pink dress decked with frilly white lace. It was way too big, but had a large bow tightly tied in an attempt to try and size it down. I looked down at my feet and was surprised to still have on my shoes, but I was relieved Grandpa Joe’s biometric protection must have worked. Being unconscious though I was surprised they hadn’t just held my fingers to different spots hoping to unlock them. ‘Of course, they probably assume it’s my mommy’s fingerprints so I can’t take them off…’ I smirked. Their prejudices were going to help me get out of whatever mess I had found myself in! Having the shoes still gave me a great deal of comfort since it was obvious with a quick look that the blades inside should still be undisturbed.

I forced myself up into an upright position, and then struggled to stand up on the mattress. Whatever I’d been drugged with had definitely messed me up! The crib mattress being so soft that I sank deeply into it didn’t help matters. ‘Not safe for a real baby,’ I thought to myself. I used the crib bars to help steady myself, and looked at my wrist where my student ID band had been. I frowned when I saw it was missing from my wrist, along with my charm bracelet. Somehow the little protect watch was still on my wrist though. It looked like they had tried to cut it in one place, but other than cosmetic damage it was fine and obviously tight enough on my wrist that they couldn’t remove it. I used my right hand to reach and press on the emergency button.

‘No Signal’ displayed and I swore quietly, “Damnit!”

It was obvious that I was definitely not in the hands of friends. I looked around and inspected the room beyond the crib rails. All around I could see little signs of things to come. There was a large TV screen hung on the wall to my right, with a little’s high chair facing it. ‘Great, more hypnosis…’ I thought to myself. Then, just to add to my misery I suddenly needed to poop right then. ‘I might as well get that out of the way. Whatever Amazon set this up is definitely not going to let me use a potty…’

I spent a minute crouching and pushing the load into my diaper and felt a bit better as I stood back up gingerly.

The room was smellier, but at least I knew my captors would have to clean up my butt at some point. ‘I hope they don’t leave me in it…’ I worried, and wondered if I’d just made a massive mistake! Cassie and Chloe loved leaving their littles in their poopy diapers for way too long just to watch them suffer.

Freed of the bowel movement though I could focus at looking around the room again. A baby’s swing, a changing table, a rocking chair, and a toy box were also spread around in the room. In short it would have mostly looked like an innocent nursery if it wasn’t for a large piece of mirror took up most of the wall on the side opposite the TV. It didn’t take much of a leap to guess that it was a one-way observation glass window. Its sinister nature was confirmed when Doctor Nimitz walked in with his wife from a door beside it.

 “Ah, you’re finally awake!” Doctor Nimitz came into view with a lady I recognized as his wife.

“No thanks to you,” I told him.

“Well, sorry, you’ve been a little hard to separate from your parents and babysitters. They’ve done a good job of keeping you safe from us, but we hoped eventually you’d make a mistake like this. Letting you wander from class alone today wasn’t smart…”

I shook my head, “No, it wasn’t.”

“I smell a smelly baby! Did the wittle girl make us a pwesent in her diapee?” his wife baby talked to me and lifted the back of my dress before pulling back my diaper. “Awww… you did make me a pwesent! What a good wittle baby girl!” she proclaimed.

I kept my reactions as passive and neutral as I could as she picked me up and carried me to the changing table, “You could have been getting changed by me every day you know,” she said as she laid me down on the table. “I’m very good with little babies like yourself! We would definitely have kept you all to ourselves as soon as we saw how tiny you were!” She pulled the dress up and then placed the strap across my middle. “Guess we’re lucky that you’re being such a good baby, since I can’t use any of these other straps?” she said pointing towards ones meant for a littles hands and head.

I just nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

She pulled the tapes loose on my diaper and said, “Yucky! What a stinky wittle girl we have here! Let’s get her all cleaned up,” she said and then used wipes to do so. She was about to rediaper me with a massive diaper too big for me before realizing she had a problem. “Mark, we still have her backpack in the observation room, right?”

“Yes dear,” he said.

“See if she has some diapees in it, ours are way too big. We’ll have to send someone upstairs to the babies supply closets to get diapers to fit her. She’s more like a newborn size in little diapers and I know the smallest I have in this facility is a size two.”

My ankles were being held in the air by her most of this time and she said, “You know, with all this free time I bet we can do something to help make you feel better…”

My eyes widened as she loosened the strap, flipped me on my belly, and then re-attached the strap. ‘Shit!!!!’ I thought to myself and knew that was the best descriptor for what I was going to be experiencing. Sure enough, a moment later I felt a tube inserted into my rear uncomfortably and she began filling me up with something. I did my best not to make any noise to reward her sick behavior, but it was beyond uncomfortable.

I bit my lip to avoid crying out as she told me, “We’ll just make sure the little baby’s tummy is all nice and clear before we get to cleaning her head out too!”

I remembered what we had done before the CARE test and knew I was in for an awful time as she flipped me over and rediapered me with the Pamper he’d found in my bag. “Mark, dear?” she said after she had me dressed.

“Yes Jen?”

“We should leave her for a few hours and I think we’ll have an easier job with her.”

“Are you sure dear?” he said, “Last time we let that little Bella develop diaper rash before we did the first hypnosis session, she was able to use the pain to focus and resist for three more…”

“You’re right… we’ll come back in an hour and change her and start?”

“Whatever you want dear,” he said and smirked at me as she picked me up.

“Well, I also need to unload some milkies, do you think she’d drink without biting me?”

“She would if she likes her teeth?”

I gulped but nodded, “I won’t bite,” I told her.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” she said and sat down in the rocking chair with me and exposed a much larger breast than what Amanda had. While Amanda’s were proportionate and not too small or large, Jennifer Nimitz had three times the size of her breasts and was shorter than Amanda. The nipple of her exposed breast was standing straight out and I just hoped the size of her breasts had no impact on the amount of milk they contained. She placed my head to her nipple and said, “No bite! Get drinking...”

I complied and began nursing from her to wait and bide my time for a good time to escape. Clearly right then there was no way I was going to get away or win with my bowels about to explode. They obliged me not long after I started nursing and she said, “Good baby girl, after you go nighty-night from my milky I might even change you early…”


I WASN’T SURE how long I was out, but I woke up getting a disgusting runny poopy diaper changed by Jennifer Nimitz. “Aww, look who’s awake and ready to lose her mind?” She told me and blew a raspberry on my belly.

I hated that it tickled, and hated even more that I giggled involuntarily. She seemingly genuinely smiled at that though. ‘I wonder if keeping her infatuated might help me out...’ I was once again dressed in that ill-fitting dress before she carried me to the high chair that I had noticed earlier.

“Wow, we probably should find you another high chair, huh?” She said while she tightened the harness straps as tightly as she could. The wrist and leg restraints were harmless for me because none of those appendages reached that far!

Mark Nimitz chose that point to re-enter the room. “Almost ready dear?” he asked his wife.

“Almost!” she said and put the tray into place.

I decided it was time to do as much stalling as I could, “So why go through so much trouble to get me anyway?”

“Aww, she thinks she can find out some big girl information for later?” Jennifer laughed.

“It is pretty funny, but since she won’t have any more big-girl times, let’s have some last fun with her?” He suggested to her.

“Oh, sure dear, we might as well play with her while she still has some brains… Not like we have much to do today other than clear her head anyway.”

I looked at them both in fear, but nonchalantly said, “So why?”

“You really haven’t figured it out?” Mark Nimitz asked.

I shook my head, “Other than my small size and the fact I’m smart there’s really nothing worth the risks you’ve taken. People had to see you take off with me earlier? Cameras?”

He shook his head, “As soon as we saw our chance to grab you, I called some associates who took the cameras offline for the university for all of the areas we went through. They won’t be finding anything,” he smirked, “But anyway my dear, those are really the only two reasons that we want you. You’re going to make a very valuable breeder for us!”

“Umm… no, I won’t,” I told him.

“And why do you think that?” Jennifer asked.

“When Mommy and Daddy treated me with the nanites my body was reset to being pre-pubescent, so breeding isn’t exactly likely to happen for me.”

“Hmm… Well, that’s something we can fix without too much trouble. We can program another batch of nanites to take care of that. You won’t even know when we’re working on making that happen though. I highly doubt you’ll even notice anything but being hungry and crying over your dirty diapers… if you even notice that you pooped.” He told me.

“What’s the point?” I asked him. “It can’t be worth that much for you…”

“My dear Stacy, you really have no idea the black-market value for littles that are raised from birth as boutique babies! Or, for some of them we raise them to be independent minded littles and then let our clients be the ones to break them back to babyhood. I find that the people of your dimension fill that role better though than the ones we raise though. You all fight the process a lot more, and that means profits definitely come through faster for the ones we bring from your home dimension.”

His wife said, “Even if we just sold you to a new family, you’d bring twenty-five million for being so tiny and adorable!”

My stomach flipped as I heard the door open and close and heard two people coming in. “Collin, Kathy, I’m glad you were able to join us!”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I heard and felt my blood run cold as I recognized Collin Munson, the guy who had tried to kidnap us in Selegnasol. “This little brat managed to get me diapered and babied for several hours before I escaped that hell. I’m going to look forward to seeing her drooling with her eyes empty.”

The other lady glared at me too and I realized she was the stewardess from the flight with Bella. She smiled at me, “Glad to see this little bitch getting her comeuppance too. Her mom is the one I still really want to see pay though. I ended up being diapered and babied in that reform school for two weeks before I managed to escape…”

“Definitely a lot longer than it took me,” Collin laughed at her. “You must have enjoyed it! I bet we can probably find you a nice mommy still…”

She gave him a nice punch to the gut right then, doubling him over before he stood up and laughed it off.

“I’m sure you’ll both find your way back into diapers soon,” I told them.

Every adult laughed at me then.

“Oh my,” Jennifer said as she shook her head, “Mark, do we have to use her as a breeder? She really is adorable! And, she didn’t bite me once earlier!”

“Bad idea, she’s also really recognizable,” he told her.

“We could change that…”

“We’ll talk later,” Mark Nimitz said. “For now, our bosses want her taken care of like her sister and then we’ll be able to move them both to the new facility.”

“Shame we’re going to have to give up this space,” Jennifer said. “The perks of having your own private space at the university’s hospital has been really handy.”

“Shut up,” Collin hissed at them, “Look, I know you think she’s a regular little, but until you’ve given her this treatment, I think she’s more dangerous than you realize.”

Jennifer Nimitz sighed, “He’s right dear, this little baby has been a pain in the ass.” She looked down at me, “You’re going to be so cuddly though when we’re done with you! You want your binky or your baba before we begin?”

I shook my head, “Might as well enjoy a few more minutes before I have no choice on those?” I felt stubborn then, “Anyway, you never really answered me, why me specifically? There have to be other littles out there as small and cute as I am. I have parents that care about me, and they’re going to never stop looking for me?”

“Well it’s also kind of a point of honor right now,” Mark said. “We can’t let a little like you get away with what you did to Collin. Plus, we’re still not sure of what Bella told you before we got her.”

I shrugged and decided to bluff what I did know, “I know enough to know that you’ve been working on nanite code that couldn’t be finished without her parents research?” I tried prodding.

He laughed, “Collin, you’re definitely right, she is dangerous!” He looked at me and stroked my cheek with his hand, “Yes, and unfortunately that code wasn’t in Bella either – someone had beat us to it and wiped the chip that I assume it was on, but I’m sure we’ll find it.”

“What are you missing anyway? The code for the nanites already does just about everything?”

He smiled, “Imprinting, one simple word, but it’s the future of adoptions.”

“Imprinting?” I asked back.

Jennifer answered this time, “Imagine if you could just give the nanite injection and have an instant loving little? Bonded immediately to their parents so that they loved them unconditionally? No wasted time on hypnosis that may or may not work!”

I looked at them in horror, “But then… weren’t Bella’s parents the ones who worked on that? Why would they have done that to littles?”

“They were actually wanting to inject it into the water system to affect Amazons. They thought if Amazons at least loved their littles unconditionally by imprinting on them as their own babies they wouldn’t be as cruel,” Mark said.

“That seems a stretch,” I admitted.

“To me too, but we took them down a few notches, and they haven’t had any thoughts for a long time,” Mark replied.

“What happened to them?” I asked with my stomach in knots.

“We shrank them, did surgery to allow them to permanently enjoy their tummy time, removed their teeth, and wiped their brains with hypnosis to where they’re functionally about two months old. We adopted them out to two different families in Selegnasol,” Collin told me.

“Anyway, back to your question Stacy, if we can ever get that code, we’ll be able to make sure the littles industry is nice and safe with plenty of littles to go around. They’ll all love their mommies and daddies no matter what they do to them. Any Amazon that opposes us will just find themselves in a nursery somewhere themselves with the same treatment. I figure we’re within a couple months of being able to finish deciphering the last part her parents project even without that code.” Jennifer said all of that with a smirk that I wanted to knock off her face.

I sighed, “You know bad guys never really win, right? My grandpa is not going to let this stand, and neither will my mommy! Whoever you adopt me to, won’t they scan my chip and have a massive red flag go up?”

“You really are a feisty one,” Jennifer said with a laugh. “We’ve already neutralized that chip, so there won’t be any issue when you are adopted out.”


“But what?” she asked with a smile.

“Never mind,” I said. ‘The portal scanners wouldn’t be a problem though…’ I thought with a bit of a smile that I kept inside. ‘If I ever get near one again…’

She smiled and I recoiled as she caressed my cheek, “Don’t worry, as soon as you’re done with this first session, I’ll give you another chance to nurse on my boobies. From today forward you won’t care about anything but whichever boobies are nearest. You won’t even care about your old mommy!”

Doctor Nimitz and his wife messed around for a few minutes with some controls on the side of the wall before a video started playing on the screen and they walked away. “Nighty night baby,” she cooed as the door shut. “I hope you enjoyed your last adult conversation, you wittle mind won’t understand anything the next time we talk!”

I sighed and looked on in horror, knowing this would be a high intensity hypnotic session. ‘Please work…’ I thought to myself about my edits to the nanites.

I knew if I shut my eyes they would probably be back in, so I made myself look. I watched swirling colors turn into a cartoon showing a little becoming more of a baby with every scene. I worried it would affect me, but to my relief though nothing seemed to be happening as I watched. I did my best though to fake a total blank stare at it after a while, in the hopes they would disappear and give myself some time to plan. When I felt like a bit of time had passed, and maybe they would be getting overconfident, I moved quickly with a plan of action.

I wriggled my upper body out from underneath the top part of the harness and quickly reached for the knives in my shoes. With them I sliced through the remaining straps on the chair and then hopped down as quietly as I could. I looked around for anything else that would be useful to defend myself, but the room was bare of anything besides what was needed to brainwash a little at that moment. As I rounded the chair, I was surprised to see the only thing blocking the door by the observation window was a standard baby gate with handy finger holds that I was able to scale quickly. ‘They didn’t even bother to lock a door with me in here?’ I smirked, ‘Stupid!’

On the other side I paused to carefully scout out that room. I saw Collin sitting in a chair with his head down and soft snores coming often. To his right, up on a short table, I saw my backpack and I smiled with the first sense of hope I’d had. ‘Shouldn’t haven’t fallen asleep on the job,’ I smirked.

Just as I stepped to get to it though Collin woke up and stared at me in disbelief. Unlike him I didn’t hesitate, this was a matter of life and death, and I wasn’t going to let it be my death! I tumbled forward and cut his Achilles tendons and hamstrings with a couple of swipes that forced him to the ground in pain. He cried out in pain and tried to reach his large hands to grab me, but I dodged and took the opportunity with him low enough to slice my right blade through his neck. The blood from his carotid artery sprayed everywhere and I blinked as I just missed some of it spraying into my eye.

I watched as he tried to hold the blood in and gasped an awful sound. I would have almost felt bad but they had been willing to effectively kill me! He knelt down, and then fell on his side twitching for a moment before going still. I looked at the closed door, and hoped it had blocked the sound from his death.

I knew we had to have made a ton of noise, so I wasted no time climbing for my bag and was grateful to find my switch was still in there. I pressed the sequence on it and withdrew the pistol my grandfather had given me.

I pulled back the slide and chambered one of the eight rounds that I had modified. I just hoped it would be enough! I took a quick glance back at Collin and decided to search him. I had no doubts that he was already dead… I sliced around the fabric pocket of his pants to get to the contents. I hit the jackpot with a cell phone.

‘No Signal’ it read.

“Damnit!” I couldn’t help but say aloud. I looked back at my LittleProtect device with that same message still active and knew they must have some sort of jammer or faraday cage in place here. I sighed and placed the phone into my backpack, before I slung it over one shoulder and draped it in front of me. I quickly rifled through the pockets to see what I had with me.

I was relieved to find that my student ID badge was still inside the front pocket. I had been keeping it there since I had taken to using the band instead. I carefully put it over my neck and under the ill-fitting dress to be safe. ‘Last thing I want is to be able to escape and then be in violation of code of conduct,’ I griped. Lastly, I looked back at my tablet sitting inside the bag and thought to activate the video recording feature. ‘It’ll only record audio sitting inside my bag… but it might be useful evidence later,’ I told myself.

I shouldered it onto my back and then took one last look at Collin, glaring at the disgusting mess, “Should have stayed in your diapees.” I didn’t allow myself to feel anything for him as I turned towards the other door that I presumed led out to somehow.

I slowly opened a door to discover a clinical hallway that looked to be part of the hospital at the university. ‘This whole time they’ve been this close…’ I thought to myself as I confirmed what they had told me seemed likely. ‘I can’t be too far from help…’

I saw a doorway across from me and quickly ran across to it and pushed my way inside. I moved slowly as I opened the door and felt a sinking feeling of total horror when I saw the dentist style chair and all of the tools arrayed there. Just to make the scene ghastlier, it looked like someone was keeping trophies of teeth placed in fake gums in a glass case. Each had names on them and I quickly scanned just hoping to not see one name.

To my relief Bella’s name wasn’t attached to a set. To my horror though ‘Stacy Westerfield’ was labeled with an empty spot clearly already prepared for mine… I bit my lip to avoid squealing. I shook my head and quickly made sure there wasn’t anything of use in the room. The room was lacking even a computer, so I decided to move on. I was just walking past a cabinet to the door when my puffy dress caught on something and knocked a tray of tools to the floor.

“Shit!” I whispered to myself and knelt down beside it in case someone came looking. To my relief somehow my noisy escape had been ignored so far. I looked down at the tray that I had knocked over and saw a mirror that dentists used inside of mouths and smiled, ‘This’ll be useful…’

As I opened the door to the hallway, I used the mirror to look for anyone before I reopened the door. Then I hopped down to another doorway and peered in through a glass cutout that ran almost the entire height of the door. It looked to be a surgical theater, and I grimaced at the thought of what all they did to littles inside of there. Another quick run to the next doorway and I could see inside to a genuine newborn nursery ward with real babies in clear newborn carts. ‘Those must be the ones these monsters have forced the girls to have,’ I thought angrily.

Luckily, I chose not to go in and take a closer look because I saw a nurse go over to one of the babies and pick them up. I could still see an umbilical cord stub attached, so I knew these were genuine newborns… ‘At least I hope so,’ I conceded to myself that anything was possible in this world.

I ducked back just as I saw a nurse turn her head towards the door and hoped she hadn’t seen me. Deciding to get moving onto the next room, I jumped up into the air to pull the horizontal handle open. I found myself in a storage closet of diapers, formula, laxatives, baby food, and enough baby items to take care of a couple hundred babied littles for months. I noticed a stash of locking pacifiers and felt grateful they hadn’t forced one of those into my mouth. ‘That’s why I mostly behaved for them…’ I reminded myself.

Not seeing anything inside the room to help me escape, I used the mirror again to clear the hallway and found myself again looking in at another large nursery ward, but this one full of littles in large cribs! Against my better judgment I pushed my way in the door and entered the room. To my left I looked in horror as a little stared down at me through the bars of her crib bars. Her hair had been altered to look like she had the hair of about a two-month old baby. I felt a stab of genuine horror at her drooling smile, just like Chloe’s littles there were clearly no teeth there - but they hadn’t installed the gummy thing in her mouth to hold its shape… so her lips were collapsed inward like an old woman. She was barely able to sit up. It seemed from whatever they had done to her probably didn’t help, but I believed the large belly displaying a baby growing in her stomach was probably just as responsible for her immobility.

I bit back a wave of disgust as she put her foot in her mouth and the slobber ran down it and she fell onto her side.

I quickly counted a total of ten cribs in the room. As I looked down the row, I suddenly realized that Bella was in one of them.

She wore nothing but a diaper that looked like it needed changed hours ago. It was sagging and leaking urine and poop from the leg holes. She sat up and waved blankly at me before putting her foot in her mouth too. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn’t take the time to do so. Eight other girls filled all of the cribs in the room. I noticed that all seemed to be on the shorter side of littles.

Their behaviors seemed to be similar. All seemed to have a fascination of putting their feet impossibly into their mouths. I noticed a chart hanging off the bottom of each of the cribs and walked closer to Bella’s to look at the one hanging from hers.

What I read made me angrier than I had been yet.

Subject 390481 ‘Bella’

Subject responded well to hypnotic therapy after initially displaying some unusual levels of resistance. Instead of a standard 4-hour session, it took three separate 10-hour sessions, but the little is now cognitively at the level of a ten-month-old. No action was needed surgically to limit mobility as she succumbed to the hypnosis and displays no desire to stand or walk.


I would have kept reading but I heard movement and saw Jennifer Nimitz standing in the doorway in shock that I was there. “How the hell did you get loose?”



End Chapter 22

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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