Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 2

“HOW DO YOU defend against that?” I asked curiously.

She shrugged, “I don’t think there’s any sure way of doing it. I knew some people who swore by wearing contacts with a slight tint to them. It would at least let them notice the images some of the time if it was an embedded still image. Doesn’t help when it’s just an occasional frame every hundred frames or so though.”

I nodded and watched as Amanda settled my tray in front of me onto my highchair, and brought me a sippy cup of juice. For a moment I felt a bit of jealousy over Bella’s bottle, but bit my tongue and asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Your daddy made shiskabobs,” Amanda said as she walked over to the stove and brought over two plates with food. Mine was cut somewhat smaller when she placed it in front of me. Bella’s though was practically mutilated into little minced pieces. Amanda left Bella’s plate just next to her own, but began putting a few pieces at a time on another small toddlers’ plate in front of Bella. While I was getting to use my tiny utensils, Bella was just using her fingers.

I frowned at that, “Bella?”

“What?” she asked me.


“It’s okay Stacy,” Amanda told me, “remember what we talked about in my office…”

I thought back to our conversation a couple hours before that Bella had asked to be treated like a baby to make things easier for her. With the constant pressure to avoid adoption and torture, she seemed to be mostly okay with having Amanda baby her, versus what she would have had with anyone else as her ‘mommy.’

Bella seemed to catch on to what I wanted to say, “It’s okay Stacy, I’m actually kind of enjoying everything today…”

I looked at her and believed she was telling the truth, “If you’re sure…” I muttered and kept eating my food.

“So how did your little orientation event go?” Fred asked.

I retold, now in more detail, all that had gone on with that and then in the morning. “So, we knew everything about all of that though,” Fred said after I finished.

I shrugged, “I guess?”

“You have even less to worry about than anyone else Stacy,” Amanda told me reassuringly. “Except maybe from this Madison girl. I was really hoping you would be able to avoid having a Nest Hen assigned to you…”

“Why do they call them Nest Hens?” Bella asked curiously.

“Because the school mascot is the Griffins?” I told her.

“What’s that?”

“How…?” I paused, “How can you not know what a griffin is?”

“I dunno? I never really paid attention in school?”

“Harry Potter exist here?” I asked.

“What’s that?” Amanda asked.

I slapped my forehead, “I wonder if Mom and Dad can send me a shipment of cultural items…?”

“Important back home?” Fred asked.

“Probably one of the largest books and movie franchises to exist back there. This author…” I paused and realized it wouldn’t matter… “Anyway… this author created an epic long series about a kid in a magic school. His dorm that he’s a part of has a Griffin as their mascot.”

They all stared at me like I was from another dimension or something...

I sighed and looked at Bella, “It’s a half-eagle and half-lion creature.” With the continued blank stare, “eagles raise their young in nests, so I guess they decided that littles are grouped in nests too.”

“You’re also chicks to them,” Amanda said with a nod.

“Chick, huh?” Fred said.

“That’s Princess Chick to you,” I huffed as all three of them laughed at me. When Bella was done with her solid dinner, Amanda released her from her high chair and carried her to the living room where she sat down in the rocker with Bella cradled on her lap.

I sighed and looked at the small scoop of ice cream the Fred had given me while he munched on a larger bowl. “It’s smarter this way,” he reminded me.

“I know, but if you’d told me a few weeks ago I’d be feeling withdrawals from not breastfeeding…”

“I suppose you could always give in, and just give up?” He said softly.

I shook my head, “No, my dream is worth more than that… You wouldn’t happen to know a way to cancel out the bad effects, would you?”

He shook his head, “I wish I did, it would make it easier on you and Mandy both!”

I quietly finished my scoop and felt a little rumbling in my stomach, “May I use my potty please?”

“Sure chicklet,” he told me.

I glared at him as he released me from my straps and I walked to the potty. With a little bit of effort, I pulled the tabs of the dry diaper off and sat down on the potty before pushing out a couple small chunks of poop and some pee. “Good girl,” Fred said, “can you hold your skirt up so I can wipe you clean?”

I did as he asked and he wiped me clean. “Thank you,” I told him softly.

“No problem,” he told me, “You want to try and put your diapee back on while I throw this out?”

I nodded and picked up the discarded garment. I remembered it was easier standing and leaning so I pulled it up and leaned against the cabinet and was able to pull the tabs tight. He bent down and checked when he returned, “Why aren’t you just a big girl!”

I stuck my tongue out at him and he picked me up to give me a hug.

“You ready to head back Stacy?” Amanda asked after I’d sat in his arms for a few moments.

I shrugged, “I guess. I have to imagine this is going to suck…”

“It might,” Amanda said, “but from now on unless you’re talking about sucking on your pacifier or a bottle, I think it would be a good idea to skip using that word?”

I nodded. “Sorry, Mommy,” I sighed.

She carried me to the car and we were soon parked on a lot close to Wenig Hall. She wasted no time in getting me out of the car and walked me up front to the entrance where a couple Amazon girls and Mrs. Walters were talking. Amanda walked me inside and said, “Good evening, I was told Stacy needs to meet with her nest group for a little bit tonight?”

“That’s right, Dean Sanders mentioned that. I guess she was assigned to Miss Madison?”

“Room 210?” I added helpfully.

“That’s the right one sweetie! What a smart wittle girl!” she said condescendingly. “Did you happen to bring your orientation shirt?”

I nodded and patted my backpack, “It’s in my backpack?”

“Great! I’m sure Madison will help you get it on really quick before we do our last activity before bedtime. Professor Westerfield, if you want, you can just hang out here in the lobby until seven? All of our residents are going to take a picture just before then and then you can take her from here?”

“I think I’ll actually just run to my office for a bit,” she told her. “I’ll come out for the picture and pick her up then,” she added.

“Melanie, would you please help Stacy here find her nest?”

“Sure thing!” the larger of the girls said. I couldn’t help but notice she had a very plump body with large breasts compared to most. I squirmed internally as I thought of the fact that she probably would have a lot of littles feeding from them at some point… She held her hand out, and I nervously took it like it would bite me. She led me down a hallway, past the desk, and to a bank of elevators.

“So why are you so special that you’re only here for the nest meeting?” She asked inquisitively. Her voice was friendly, but she seemed to have a wary tone to it.

“I’m adopted,” I told her, “so I have to live with Mommy and Daddy instead of in the dorms,” I told her. Something inside of me told me that trying to behave maturely in these dorms wasn’t a bright idea. I kept my senses on high alert for details and noted that there were five floors in the dorm total when she pressed the second button.

“Wow, and you’re still coming to school?”

I nodded and said sweetly, “Mommy wants me to be smart like her and Daddy.”

“Aren’t you worried your classes will be too much for your little brain?”

I giggled, “I think I’ll be fine.”

She shook her head but led me outside of the elevator as it opened. “Let’s see, here we go! Room 210, Miss Madison’s Nest.”

I felt my mouth drop a bit as I came into the large open room that was more like a barracks in some ways than the modern dorms that I had seen at universities back home. Well… a daycare barracks! Parallel to the walls on three sides of the room were ten lofted beds over desks. Each bed had a small staircase leading up to it from one side, and then side rails made of mesh like a playpen ringed them about two feet above the mattress. ‘So that littles can’t fall out?’ I wondered. I noted that the height of the beds meant most of the Amazons could probably still reach in and pluck out a little if need be. The desks seemed to be decent sized, but all of the white furniture in the room just screamed ‘baby girl.’ I noticed that a sign in baby block letter font had been placed on each bed for the girls in the room.

A small wardrobe and dresser adjoined the bed/desk units. The walls of the room were painted in the sickeningly sweet pink of a nursery a mother would use to hopefully have a girly girl for a baby. As I turned to the side, I noticed that Madison had Laura up on a large, well-stocked changing table, with her legs and naked rear held in the air to moon me.

“Miss Madison, I found a visitor for you,” the girl said and with a pat on my head left me there alone.

“Who?” She asked with a quick turn of her head, as she placed a fresh diaper under Laura, “Oh, cutie, it’s you! Come on in!”

I noticed that all of the other girls had their orientation shirts on now with their uniform skirts. For most of the girls the shirts fit them fairly well. As Laura was sat upright, I could see the shirt was way too big for her. It hung like a knee length dress on her as Madison tutted, “One of these years they’re going to remember we have some tiny little girls!”

I watched as she pulled the shirt back up and removed Laura’s skirt. She let the shirt hang down again and tied a white piece of ribbon around her waist in a large bow in the back. “That being said you look like the cutest little here now!” I heard her stage whisper to Laura. The other girls sat in their desk chairs nervously as Madison sat Laura down. “Go sit down at your desk Laura, I’m just going to help our guest get ready too.”

“Thank you, Miss Madison,” Laura said while blushing deeply. I could tell that the whole situation mortified her – and I really felt terrible for her!

As she moved away Madison looked down at me, “Where’s your shirt?”

I took my backpack off and opened it to pull it out, “here,” I told her. “I can put it on myself really quick?”

“Much faster if I do it,” she said while quickly reaching down, picking me up, and laying me down on the changing table. A moment later my blouse was off and my skirt was gone. “Aren’t you just adorable wearing regular baby Pampers?” she teased me. “I guess your mommy at least knows what you need to be wearing.” Her hand squeezed the padding before her finger went in the side and I gasped a bit as it brushed me in a way that was completely unnecessary. “Guess you must have had a change before you came?”

I just nodded, “Yes, Miss Madison.”

“Well let’s pull this shirt over your head,” she told me, “Arms up like a pretty ballerina!”

I actually did giggle with as hard as she was trying to embarrass me.

“Okay, let’s stand up and see just how bad this one is on you…” She tutted a moment later when she realized it came to my ankles, “Wow, as tiny as Laura is, you definitely take the cake, Sweetie! What size clothes do you normally wear?”

“Three months,” I told her.

“Good thing you’re already adopted! I don’t think you would last a week on your own otherwise!” She said that while grabbing another piece of ribbon, and then duplicated what she had done with Laura’s shirt to make a dress. She sat me down then and said, “Can you be a big girl and put your blouse and skirt in your backpack for me?”

I nodded, “Yes, Miss Madison,” and completed the task just as I saw my watch said it was 6:30 on the dot. As I stood up, I noted that my shirt hung down to past my ankles like a floor length gown!

“Okay chicks, come on over here to the carpet in the center of the room so we can all chat a bit as a nest before we go take our dorm picture.” She sat down on the carpet and added in a singsong voice, “Sit crisscross applesauce everyone!”

I sat down next to Laura who reached out and squeezed my hand. As I looked at her face, I could tell she must have been crying a little in response to her embarrassing treatment. ‘I wonder what happened before I got here,’ but I had no time to ask Laura anything before Madison began. “Okay, so a few rules I need to make sure we go over. “You should have all see that you have your potty star charts over there on the wall,” she pointed to a row of ten charts. One of the girls raised her hand, “Yes, Brooke?”

“Miss Madison, what about Stacy?” She asked, “She doesn’t have a chart? She’s a part of our nest too now, right?”

Madison pursed her lips and asked me, “Do you need a potty chart Stacy?”

I thought quickly before answering, “No Miss Madison, Mommy keeps me in diapers – it would be kind of pointless!”

“Well there you have it, Brooke! Baby Stacy there doesn’t need one because she already knows she’s not a big girl like you all are.” She paused before smiling, “Unless you don’t need one either Brooke?”

I looked at the girl as she gulped and said, “I guess I do need one since I use the potty Miss Madison.”

“Good girl!” Madison said with praise. “Now there are spots on the chart for the morning. Each day I will check and mark whether you were a big girl and have a dry diapee still, or have a wet diapee. Most of you will have a wet diapee, but that’s okay because it’s totally normal in our dorm. No one gets out of bed until I come and do a diaper check on you each morning. If you’re dry, I’ll let you put on whatever underwear you want. If you’re wet, I’ll change you into a pull-up unless you really want to risk having an accident without protection. You are allowed to tell me you want your big girl panties at any time, except bedtime!”

I grimaced - she probably hoped someone would choose that.

“If you wet a pull-up or big girl panties that you’re not ready for, I’ll mark that on the second line each day. If you poopy them that’s another mark I’ll make on the chart.”

Another girl raised her hand, “Miss Madison, Dean Sanders said as long as it wasn’t in class, it was okay if we had a poopy accident?”

Madison laughed like the girl had just done the most mundane task, “of course Jasmine it’s okay silly girl! We just mark it down for the school’s records! One of the things that will be on your report card and transcript each semester is your potty progress. You can get a Gold Star for absolutely no potty accidents, a Silver star for up to five wetting accidents or one poopy accident, and a Bronze Star if you have no more than ten wetting accidents or two poopy diapers in a semester.”

“Jasmine you had another question?”

“What happens if we don’t have any stars on our report card?”

“No harm, it just means when businesses look at you for jobs after college, they’ll know they are probably going to have to accommodate for some potty issues.”

She paused and looked around the room, “Okay, so other things – you obviously know the potties are in the bathroom next door, along with the showers. If you need any help with showering or using the potty don’t be shy! We also have a bath tub on the floor that I can use to give you a bath if you would prefer a bath.”

I noticed that there was a door marked ‘Bathroom’ on one side of the wall not far from the changing room. Another door was marked ‘Miss Madison – Nest Hen’ on the outside of it. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have been sure I walked into a daycare rather than a dorm room. I was honestly surprised there weren’t more toys sitting around.

She looked at her watch, “Okay two other things really quick. I know many of you have your favorite stuffies here, but if you forgot one please feel free to grab one from the jungle over there,” she nodded her head towards a net of stuffed animals and dolls. “I insist everyone have a friend to sleep with!” She smiled, “I even have my favorite teddy bear that I sleep with each night too!”

‘I actually believe that…’ I thought to myself. ‘Gabby had a billion stuffed animals still…’

“Also, if you would like a binky or a night-night bottle that’s fine, but those have to stay in your bed.”

“A binky? Seriously?” A blonde-haired girl asked. “We’re almost the same age! We’re not really babies you know…”

“Oh Alyssa, you and I are going to have a lot of fun! It’s not mandatory at all, but I know some littles are very comforted by them. I just like to make sure everyone knows I don’t have a problem if you need one. I can always lend you a binky for the night to see if you would like one?” She smiled and I swore there was a cartoon like gleam off her white teeth just then.

“No thank you Miss Madison,” she said, clearly remembering her precarious situation.

“The offer is always on the table for anyone!” She said before looking around. “Real quick, I want to make sure everyone has at least heard everyone else introduce themselves! Let’s go around the circle and say who we are, what our major is, and what our favorite thing to do is.” She smiled at us and I noted that I was sitting to the left side of her and might be going first. “I’m going first,” she said and I felt a sigh of relief that I didn’t voice. “My name is Miss Madison Trestle, I’m in grad school working on my doctorate in Little Psychiatry, and my favorite thing is to hang out with all of my adorable little friends!”

I wanted to gag at that and noticed another girl across the circle make a fitting face, but no one dared to say anything. “Okay, Stacy, you go next!”

I sighed, “I’m Stacy Westerfield, I’m majoring in Computer Science, and I love to swim.”

“I’m Laura Windsor, I’m majoring in accounting, and I love reading romance novels.”

“I’m Brooke Kestler, I’m majoring in Business, and I love photography.” Brooke, at about four and a half feet tall, was one of the tallest littles in the room. Her brown hair was tied into twin pigtails tied with yellow bows.

Only a head taller than me, the next shortest girl looked to be Asian, “I’m Annie Gao, I’m a math major, and I love calligraphy.”

“I’m Jasmine Cook,” another of the taller of us who was African American started, “I’m a theater major, and I love making funny voices,” she said the last part in a voice that sounded eerily like Madison’s.

“Cute,” Madison said verbally while I noted her eyes looked like she was thinking something entirely different. “Next?”

“I’m Esther Medelsheim, I’m going to be studying Psychology, and I like painting.” Esther was a bit shorter than the girls around her, but still way taller than me.

The next girl I noted had a nose piercing but looked to be of Indian heritage and I remembered that being a normal cultural tradition, “I’m Anaya Anand, and I’ll be studying Biology. I like to embroider scarves and other clothing,” she added. She looked to be just a bit taller than Laura, but shorter than most of the rest of the girls.

“Chelsea Jackson, hi,” the next girl said nervously while playing with her brown hair. “I’m studying chemistry, and I like to draw.”

“I am Natasha Annikova, I’ll be majoring in Art, and I like being the tallest person in the room other than Miss Madison for once!” Everyone else giggled and I figured she was still shy of four feet eight inches, but in a room of short girls she was indeed the tallest.

“I’m Alyssa Drummond, I’m going to be a fashion designer, and I love makeup and all of the looks I can make with it.” The blonde-haired girl seemed to epitomize a Barbie Doll or Valley Girl personality… Somehow, I was pretty sure her makeup days were numbered with as cute as she was.

“And last I’m Gemma Hamilton, I’m majoring in engineering, and I like computer games.” Gemma was short and a little stockier than the rest of the littles in the room. Placed into a family I had little doubt it would be baby fat before long for her.

 “Okay now that we all know who each other are; we need to come up with a name for the nest other than Miss Madison’s nest. Anyone have any ideas?”

There was an awkward silence with no one speaking up, “How about Mice, Miss Madison?” Annie asked politely. I noted that she was wearing her shirt like Laura and I as a fake dress.

“Hmm… What do you think about that girls?”

Everyone shrugged, “It works because we’re probably the tiniest nest of littles?” Laura said.

That had some giggles added to it. “Let me just check and see if anyone has claimed it yet?” She said as she got onto a tablet and smiled a moment later, “Okay my little mice, we need to go down and take our dorm picture. Everyone, grab onto the caterpillar!”

I grabbed my backpack on my way to where she had the girls lining up on the rope and she asked, “Why are you taking your backpack Stacy?”

“Mrs. Walters told my mommy that I would go home with her after the picture Miss Madison.”

“Oh then… We’re going to have to find a way for you to spend some more time with the nest sometime this week Stacy,” she told me.

“I’d like that,” I lied to her with what I hoped looked like a genuine smile. ‘Actually, I would like to hang out with some of the other girls… just not her!

We were led downstairs and to the front of the building. A large set of steps led up to it and I could see many of the other nests were already lining the steps to prepare for the picture. Madison said, “Mice let’s go down there to the front since we’re the smallest!”

I groaned but found myself sitting with my legs crisscrossed at the front of the picture next to Laura and Annie. “Say cheese!” a happy voice said a few minutes later and I noticed that Amanda was taking her own pictures of it with her phone too. Several minutes later Mrs. Walters called out loudly, “Okay nests, you need to get upstairs, get your jammies on, and it’s lights out at 7:30 for Freshmen, 8:00 for Sophomores and Juniors, and 8:30 for Seniors!”

“Yes ma’am,” was a chorus of voices as Madison and the other Nest Mothers gathered their chicks and I reclaimed my backpack from the side where I had sat it and walked over to Amanda.

“Well don’t you look cute!” she said to me as she picked me up and placed me on her side.

I leaned my head onto her shoulder and said, “Always,” as I watched the other littles look at me in a mixture of horror, disgust, and… jealousy?

I waived at my nest, which all waived at me and enjoyed my ride on Amanda’s side to the car. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you?” she said a little apologetically.

“Mommy, with as horrible as the ‘nests’ are, I’m just glad I’m YOUR baby girl!” I told her.


BACK HOME AMANDA carried me inside and I couldn’t help but feel a bit tired from the day. It was only seven-thirty though as we got home, and I certainly didn’t want to be like the other littles if I could help it! “Daddy was supposed to give Bella a bath already, if he did, I’m going to put her to bed and then I’ll give you your bath?” She asked.

“I thought we had to take baths together?” I asked confused.

“Since you’re our big college girl, you have a later bedtime than Bella. She’s going to be like a baby as far as potty, feeding, and bedtime is concerned.”

“I really don’t get it… but maybe you can explain while I’m taking my bath?”

She smiled at me and gave me a hug, “Sure sweetie. You have your tablet in your backpack? Why don’t you get on it and check tomorrow’s schedule?”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile and walked over to the couch with my backpack. I scaled the mountain so to speak and sat down before pulling the backpack off my back and opening it up. My transparent tablet seemed to turn on magically as I looked at it. Even after a few days I couldn’t help but marvel again at how amazing the technology behind it really was! I glanced at the next day’s schedule quickly before pulling up the rest of my e-mails. I noted that there were e-mails from my parents, grandparents, Gabby, and several from the university including Dean Sanders and Mrs. Walters.

I decided Dean Sanders was probably the most important to read first.

Dear Stacy,

It was a pleasure to meet you today with your mommy. I just wanted to welcome you to the university and invite you to come see me if you ever have any problems with anything. I know you’ll be missing out on some support without being on campus for help, but feel free to let me know if you ever feel the need to spend a night or two in the dorm as a sleep over for your study groups. I’m sure your mommy would go along with that and we could get a portable bed in your nest for the night. If you have any little friends, they can also go home with you overnight as long as Mrs. Walters gives her okay.

Your mommy is one of our star professors and I know you will be one of our star students,


Jacqueline Sanders
Dean of Little Students


‘Just who is Amanda that she gets this kind of deferential treatment?’ I wondered. I would have to look into that more, but just shrugged and opened Mrs. Walters e-mail.


It was a pleasure to meet you and your mommy today! I wanted to suggest that you meet your nest at around 4:30pm tomorrow (today if you’re reading this Tuesday like you should be!) to go to dinner and the orientation events until lights out. It’ll give you a chance to make some friends on campus. It’s not mandatory, but it would be a good thing to do so you can make some more friends! I know Miss Madison will keep a good eye on you for your mommy. She’s also more than welcome to attend with you if she would prefer to! See you soon,

Mrs. Walters
Wenig Hall House Mother


I thought through the fact that according to the university I should be in bed, and decided to not reply to either message until the morning. As much as I didn’t want to spend any time with Madison, I guessed it wasn’t a terrible idea to go hang out with them either… As I opened my parents and grandparents’ emails, they were just quick ‘Good luck’ e-mails on the first day. Gabby’s was basically the same along with some stories about her own first day.

While I was sitting there, I messed around with the tablets apps some more and remembered something I had wanted to try with it. Back home my iPad had been great for sketching on. I’d only taken one year of art in school, but I found that I loved how easy it was to sketch detailed charcoal and ink drawings on the iPad. It was something I found out I was pretty good at. I opened my backpack and found the little sized stylus that had been at the little store and then opened a drawing app on my new tablet to see if it would work.

I smiled as I found it worked better than my Apple Pencil had! ‘What to draw?’ I thought for a moment before seeing a picture hanging up in the living room of Amanda and I from before the cake the other day. ‘When did they have that printed…?’ I had to wonder before deciding it was a good project.

I had made pretty good progress on sketching it out when Amanda came downstairs then and asked, “Ready for your bath?”

I nodded and slipped my tablet and stylus back into the backpack and held my hands out to her in the universal ‘pick me up please’ gesture. Apparently, Amanda didn’t need told twice and she scooped me up and gave me a hug. “Everything okay?” she asked as we went upstairs to the bathroom where the water was already running in the tub.

I nodded while quickly letting go of a stream of urine in my diaper so I could be empty. “Just a strange day…” I told her.

She nodded and helped me out of my shirt dress leaving my wet diaper exposed. “You need to get more liquids in you Stacy,” she said as she pulled it off. I looked down and noted it was pretty yellow inside.

“I’ll try and remember to drink the bottle of water you have in there for me tomorrow,” I told her, “but I didn’t really have a lot of downtime to drink anything after dinner?”

She squeezed me, “we’ll figure it out,” she told me as she lifted me and placed me in the fairly filled tub with lots of bubbles. “So, what’s the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Well at nine in the morning they have some tours and buses to show everyone around the city… I figure that’s not really needed?”

She shook her head, “No, you can skip that one. I doubt they let many littles even go on that one unless it’s to tour all of the daycare and adoption centers…”

I tensed but nodded, “Sounds about right,” I said softly while thinking of the girls I had been with a while ago and imagining each of them with a mother like Cassie or Chloe. I shook my head and said, “There’s a university welcome ceremony at eleven that looks like it’s the last parent and student event. Then there’s the programming placement exam at two.”

“You’ll be fine on that by the way sweetie,” she said as she moved a mitt up and down my back.

I shrugged, “Even if I’m not, I’m okay with it, that’s why I came here!”

“Anything else tomorrow?”

“Well Mrs. Walters sent me an e-mail asking for me to go to the dorm about 4:30 to go hang out with my nest, go to dinner, and then do the orientation events until it’s bedtime for the littles?”

“Do you want to?” She asked, “Lean forward a bit baby,” she said as she cleaned my rear. I blushed as I didn’t think that would ever feel normal…

“I guess?” I said, “I’m a little worried about spending too much time around Madison though.”

“Did she do anything to you earlier?” Amanda asked with some steel in her voice.

“She insisted on helping me get dressed…”

“Not surprised there…”

“And checked my diaper by squeezing it like you do…”


“Then she put her finger inside the diaper to make sure it was dry…”

“That little bitch!” Amanda said then and as I turned, I saw the face of a really angry momma bear.

“I know… What did she do to everyone else though?” I asked sadly.

Amanda quietly washed my hair then before saying, “Unfortunately she’s now assigned as your Nest Hen and is one of the people you can’t refuse changing you… And I don’t think I’ll get anywhere with an abuse case this time. If she does it again, I want you to say these exact words, ‘My Mommy said she’s the only one who can touch me like that. Please just wipe me with a wipe and change my diapee.’” She paused and I let it sink in, “If she continues then you have a good case to file an abuse claim and she’ll know that.”

I nodded, “Okay…” paused then said, “I guess I do want to go to that event just so I can make some friends. Maybe even after they’re adopted?”

She nodded, “You do need friends dear.”

“I wish I could go to the Casino night event at 8pm so I could maybe hang out with Mia or something…”

“They’d find some way to give you some demerits if you did,” Amanda told me, “best to pretend I’m making you go to bed like every other freshman little at 7:30. In fact make sure you don’t send any e-mails or anything after that either?”

I nodded, “I’d already thought about that and didn’t respond to either Mrs. Walters or Dean Sanders.”

“Dean Sanders e-mailed you?”

By then I was just sitting in the tub as she sat back and looked at me. I filled her in on what the e-mails had said. It was probably time for me to get out, but I said, “Mommy?”

“Yes Princess?”

“So, what’s going on with Bella? You said you would explain it to me in the bath…?”

I looked up where Amanda knelt closer to the tub. Her face was definitely clouded with a mixture of concern and embarrassment as she sighed, “I did, didn’t I?” she pushed a hair out of her face with a wet hand and said, “I wish I understood what I was doing myself here.” She seemed to think for a moment before unplugging the tub and wrapping me in a towel, “Let’s get a diaper on you and we’ll go sit in the rocker downstairs and I’ll try and explain.”

I was dried quickly, wrapped in a towel with my hair wrapped in what was probably a washcloth for her, before carrying me to the nursery where I could hear Bella softly snoring in our crib. Amanda just grabbed a diaper and a onesie really quick before leaving back downstairs. I was laid down on a changing pad she had downstairs and quickly diapered, dressed in the onesie, and then she grabbed a comb and a brush and sat down with me in rocker.

“So, Bella?” I asked again as she began combing through my hair.

“Daddy and Grandpa saw some more signs of that group we ran into when they were getting her stuff earlier. When my dad got to her apartment, he kept everyone out for a few minutes, and ran some scanning equipment. He found the whole place had been wired for video and sound. Once he disabled it all, they began loading her stuff up. Not long afterwards a lady claiming to be from Little Protective Services went up to Daddy flashed a badge. She claimed she was investigating a case of a neglected little and asked what they were doing…”



End Chapter 2

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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