Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 19

FRED LEFT ME to go downstairs and work on the dishes, while I went back to my homework list and did the reading for my technical writing class and Amanda’s class. As soon as I had everything on my list finished, I looked at my watch and sighed - it was already nine o’clock!

I put down my tablet and walked down to the workshop where Amanda was working on some programming on her computer. I walked up to her and stood by her lap before she noticed me and pulled me onto her lap. “Hi Sweetie,” she told me.

“Still working on the holo project?” I asked her.

“No, I finished that a while ago…” she admitted. “I was looking at the code from Bella’s chip,” she said pointing towards the screen.

I looked for a moment and said, “Can you scroll down?” As she did, I noticed something, “It’s code that’s in the nanite system,” I told her.

“What? You just mean similar functions, right?”

I shook my head, “That whole block right there is in one of the subroutines.”

“Can you show me?” She asked.

I moved off of her lap and pushed my skirt back down before going back to the nursery. I picked up my laptop and walked back to her workroom and let her pick me up so I could set my computer down next to it.

“It’s so hard to see that,” she said a moment later. “Can you go to an external display?”

I shrugged, “In my dimension I can, I’m not sure about yours?”

She reached over to a spare display and unhooked a cable. She sat me down on the desk while she looked at my ports and then brought several cables back over. Ten minutes of upsizing later we managed to connect my computer to the display. It worked, but looked really pixelated. It was better for her though as I showed her where I had seen it. We spent several hours going through the code before I asked, “What does this all mean?”

“It means someone involved in the nanite project was involved in kidnapping Bella’s parents.”

“And probably her too?”


“What’s in her code that’s not in the nanite programming?” I wondered. “They wouldn’t need her if they had all of the code already….”

“Okay girls, time for you both to start thinking about bed,” Fred said from behind us. We both jumped slightly and I noted my full bladder. I thought for only a heartbeat before I let it loose into the padding of the diaper. It was more than slightly squishy, but I really didn’t mind that feeling at all.

“Okay Daddy,” I told him.

“Let’s give you a quick bath and then we can put you to bed,” Amanda told me.

“Okay Mommy,” I said and grabbed my computer so I could hold it while she carried me down the hall. She watched as I plugged it in with the charging cord before scooping me back up and setting me down on the changing table upright.

She pointed to my shoes, “Can you undo those?” she asked.

“Sure,” I told her as I pushed on the spots to unlace them.

“Why did my dad get you those anyway? He wouldn’t tell me?” She took them from me and set them down where she could get to them to dress me the next day.

As she took my socks next, I looked at her, “I’m thinking there’s probably a reason he didn’t tell you… do you mind if I ask him to tell you tomorrow? For now, I’ll just tell you that they’re special?”

She pursed her lips but nodded, “I trust you, and I trust my dad.” She undid the bow on the back of my dress, along with the buttons, then said, “Arms up!”

She slid it up off my body and left me in the wet diaper as my only clothing. I watched her place the dress in the hamper before pushing me down on the changing table. The diaper was ripped open, I was wiped, and she set my naked form down on the ground, “Toddle down to the bathroom,” she told me with a smile and a light pat to my rear. “Your tush is definitely one of your cuter attributes!” She told me as she followed me.

My entire body blushed with that comment, “Mommy…” I whined.

She ran a bathtub full of bubbles and even tossed in a couple bath toys that I played with as she washed me thoroughly. “I’d love to let you stay in here all-night Princess, but we need to get to bed.”

I nodded, “Okay,” I said and stood as she dried me as the drain was opened, then wrapped me in a towel. She hadn’t actually washed my hair, though it had gotten a little bit wet, so she just lightly dried it before carrying me to the nursery.

She pulled out one of the pink princess diapers and made sure to powder me before taping me inside of it. A blanket sleeper followed to cover me in its warmth. After a short few steps to the rocking chair she sat down.

“Why didn’t you nurse me more today?” I asked her as she pulled her shirt off, leaving her only in her bra.

“I really would have loved to do this more today,” she admitted with a smile, “but even if you don’t have incontinence issues from it, the milk alone might give you a looser stool.”

I nodded, “I guess that makes sense…”

“We need to make sure we put your charm bracelet on tomorrow too… we forgot that today!”

I looked at her in horror and nodded, “That could have been disastrous…”

“Yes, almost like poor Meg today…”

“She seems nice,” I told Amanda, “Thank you for helping her out.”

“She’ll probably still end up getting adopted out, along with your friend Laura, but I hate to see them go down that road too early,” she said.

“You really think it’s inevitable?”

“There are eleven other girls in your nest sweetie. Today you heard that two are gone already… I would bet that at most only three of them will be free by the end of the semester… Especially since they put you in the infant nest.”

“Infant nest?” I asked, noting there was information I hadn’t heard yet.

“You noticed yours was made of the shortest girls, right?”

I nodded.

“That’s not by chance, they’ll be some of the first to be deemed immature,” she told me.

“I guess I should enjoy my friends while I have them then?”

She nodded sadly as she settled me in the crook of her arm and moved her bra out of the way, “You really don’t have to do this by the way? I don’t want you only nursing from me because you feel bad…”

“I want to though!” I told her and latched on her long nipple before she could say another word. My world became nothing but sucking and swallowing her amazing milk. I was almost asleep as she burped me, then moved me over to her other breast. The lullaby she sang was what ultimately did me in. The last thing I remembered was needing to pee and letting that go into the padding as I continued to nurse. I didn’t worry about the wet diaper though, since I knew if I needed changed, she would take care of that for me. Amanda was an amazing mommy!


WHEN AMANDA WOKE me up the next morning, she had to practically tickle me to death to get me to wake up. “I’m up,” I whined at her.

“Maybe you need an earlier bedtime,” she said with concern.

I shook my head, “It wouldn’t matter what time I went to bed, I’m not a good person at waking up.”

She sighed, “I wish you were one of those littles that woke up with a smile on her face.”

I forced a smile, “Is this good enough?”

“Come on brat, let’s get you some coffee…”

I enjoyed a latte bottle made once again with her breastmilk, along with some oatmeal and strawberries that she spoon-fed me for breakfast. When I finished, she wiped my messy face with a baby wipe and placed me on the ground. She cleaned my highchair and the dishes for a few minutes before I asked, “Mommy, would you please take my diaper off so I can go poopy?”

She worked to quickly unzip me from the footed sleeper, untapped the soaked princess diaper, and then pushed me to my potty. I didn’t delay in sitting down on it as a large log and some other chunks flowed from my rear into the potty. I kept going for a few minutes before she asked, “All done?”

I nodded and let her wipe me up, then she carried my naked body up to the nursery while holding my sleeper in her other hand. “Let’s get you ready for school. I’ll be curious to see what you think about your history class.”

She talked with me for a few minutes back and forth about some similarities and differences of our histories. I had a feeling I was going to have to really be on my toes with that class! I was diapered, dressed in the summer uniform that day, with my shoes and charm bracelet on. “Can you put my hair into pigtails today?” I asked her.


I shrugged, “I think they’re cute, and it’s not like I’m trying to pretend to be a really big girl?”

She smiled at me, “As long as you are okay with the stares and comments,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said a few minutes later after she had my hair braided into two pigtails that she’d tied off with bows with ribbons that matched the gingham summer dress.

I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed as I definitely looked ready to go to preschool! The first day of kindergarten looked to still be years away! I’d always thought pigtails were cute though on girls growing up, I’d been jealous actually of them, and it kept my hair out of my face.

“Ready?” She asked me.

“Ready,” I told her.

The trip to the university was short, but I couldn’t help but watch through my mirror and notice that Amanda was nervously looking over her shoulder at every stoplight. Clearly, she and Fred were certain that Bella was not the only target of her kidnappers. That definitely kept my own nerves on edge. At the university she walked me to Destiny Hall. That morning I had a huge class with most of the other freshmen on the ‘History of Amazon Civilization.’ Littles seemed to naturally congregate towards the front and I found Laura and Meg sitting with an empty seat saved between them for me.

“Hi,” I said to them as I took out my booster from my backpack.

“Any word on your sister?” Meg asked.

I shook my head, “No… I’m hoping she’s okay, but it’s not looking good…”

I wiped the beginning of a tear from my eye and made sure I was ready to take notes on my tablet. Laura and Meg brought me up to speed on the events at the dorms from yesterday. It turned out that four littles had messed their pants in classes yesterday, and all but one had already been demerited out. The other said she was going to see Ms. Beauregard this morning since she didn’t stand a chance of avoiding the single demerit she had left. I sighed and said, “Watch yourselves,” just as the professor stood at the front with her lapel microphone on.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Doctor Samantha Evergreen and this is the History of Amazon Civilization,” she smiled warmly and she seemed to be a fairly friendly, and down to earth fellow nerd. She wore her hair in a simple pony tail, form fitting jeans, and solid colored blouse. “You may call me Doctor Sam if you want, and I hope you’ll enjoy this class. This semester we’re going to begin with the dawn of civilization, and move all the way to the modern era. There are a lot of facts you will need to memorize for this class, but we will keep this as a general survey of history. I could spend all semester on any one day’s topic! Please be sure you keep up with the reading in the textbook – there is a lot! We will have four tests…”

I kept notes as best I could as she began going through what was familiar and different at the same time. There were a lot of little variances in their history as she flew through the beginning of humans around 250,000 B.C.E., to 2,000 B.C.E. in that one lecture. Every now and then it was like a flip of a coin happened in both dimensions and the opposite result happened in this one. It was going to be tough to keep track of the alternative events, and I was pretty sure I’d be studying for this class more than my others!

“That was so lame… she didn’t even mention that the littles on the islands have a civilization that dates back to then too…” one little complained on the way out. I didn’t catch who it was, but I clearly heard an Amazon respond, “Of course not, why would you need to cover their pants pooping moments? I should check yours…”

I sighed as we exited and Amanda waited for me, “See you all at the seminar?” I asked them.

They nodded and Amanda picked me up to carry me. “What do you want for lunch?” She asked me.

I shrugged while thinking she had what I wanted actually… but didn’t want to have an accident in my seminar. “Go home and have a grilled cheese?” she suggested.

I nodded, “Sure.”

She drove back home carefully and I watched her constantly look over her shoulder each direction. Once we were safely locked inside with the alarm on in the house, she began cooking the grilled cheese. I took advantage of a few minutes to keep working on my homework for the next day, finishing up some of the last couple things I needed to get done in a couple of the classes for the remainder of the week according to the syllabuses.

I was picked up suddenly and squeaked, “Lunch is ready,” Amanda said as she strapped me into my high chair.

“How was history?” She asked.

I shrugged, “It was okay. The professor seems alright, but I have a feeling I’m probably going to have to study for that class more than any other.”


“Besides the fact she’s covered more than two-hundred thousand years in the first class?” I asked with a raised eyebrow, “It seems like our dimensions are so close, but there’s like this coin flip of options that you all chose heads while we chose tails… I have a feeling it’s going to make it tough for me to remember which is the ‘right’ answer to a lot of questions.”

She nodded, “I could see that being a problem…”

“Any word this morning?” I asked as I bit into the second piece of sandwich.

She shook her head, “No… I’m…” she wiped her face, “I’m not sure if it’s time to give up hope Stacy… It’s hard to imagine they’ve had her for this long and not done modifications to her… or who knows what…”

I nodded, “I know…”

“I shouldn’t feel so strongly about someone who was a complete stranger just over a week ago…”

I wished I could get out of the high chair then, but other than the wiggling I did there was nothing more I could do. “I’m sorry Mommy,” I told her.

“I know you are,” she sighed, “the worst is wondering when they’re going to try for you again.”

I felt a little pit in my stomach at that, but nodded, “I’m not going to go without a fight though Mommy.”

She looked at me and said, “I know you won’t.” She looked at her watch and groaned, “I need to get you back, let’s get your diaper changed.” She picked me up quickly and said as she walked upstairs, “Don’t forget that my dad is picking you up after this class.”

I nodded, “I’m looking forward to it,” I told her.

Amanda changed me and brought the rest of the juice bottle I’d barely touched off of my highchair into the car. Once she had me strapped in, she said, “Drink, you’ve hardly touched it.”

I blushed but nodded and grabbed onto it with both hands and began nursing on it as soon as she inserted the nipple into my mouth. It was empty by the time Amanda let me out of the car seat at the university, and I handed it to her. She sat me on the ground and held my hand as she walked me to the door of the lecture hall, and the first of the littles seminars. I had a feeling I would soon be dealing with yet another of the ‘just give up and be adopted lectures.’ I found Laura and Meg sitting with a few members of our nest.

“Why aren’t you with your nest?” I asked Meg quietly after I sat down.

“I’m the only one left,” she answered.

I looked at her in horror, “Already?!? You’re alone with your nest mother then?”

She sighed but nodded, “She definitely asked me to just call her mommy yesterday…”

“Can they move you to another nest?”

“They will in a couple weeks if I’m still here. Apparently, my group got targeted first for some medication to make us mess.” She looked around, “If your mom hadn’t been there I’d be gone too. I was the only one not caught pooping my panties that day.”

I nodded and sighed, “Why did I come to this dimension again?”

We didn’t have long to wait before Dean Sanders stood at the front of the lecture hall, “Good afternoon boys and girls,” she said in a sweetly patronizing voice.

“Good afternoon Dean Sanders,” everyone mumbled back at her.

“You’re learning!” she said with a smile. “Throughout this semester and next we all will be meeting once a week just to make sure you have your best chance in life! Today we want to discuss a recent case in the courts over a little girl who became exceptionally violent…”

I had to bite my tongue, and wanted a pacifier more than anything to keep my tongue silent as she went through and showed news clips of a girl who hadn’t taken becoming someone’s baby laying down. I almost wanted to cheer as nursery footage of her killing her ‘mommy’ was shown… then I wanted to be sick for all the blood and consequences that followed. To my surprise the case was ongoing following her conviction, with the courts taking a break on the final decision for her fate until she completed some sort of psych eval. In the meantime, Dean Sanders opened up a debate on the legality of what should be done to the girl.

“Okay, I guess my thing is make up your mind as Amazons,” one boy said. “Either we’re babies, or we’re adults? If we’re adults it should be illegal to kidnap us. If we’re babies…” he hesitated, “then at least apply some decent protection laws to us. If she had been a baby and treated like that wouldn’t the mother have had her custody revoked for being abusive?”

Dean Sanders actually nodded, “I happen to agree with you. You are babies for the most part, and if we’re going to treat you as such then we shouldn’t abuse you.”

“I didn’t say…”

“But again, if she was a free little and had killed an Amazon in full premeditation like that, then she should face the full force of the law.” To my surprise she actually enabled a very good dialogue and conversation through the seminar time. At the end she said, “You as littles have many legal requirements and obligations, it is important that you are aware of what rights you have and don’t have. Good luck with the rest of your first week.”

As I stood up, I heard, “Ms. Westerfield,” and turned to see Dean Sanders looking at me.

“Yes ma’am?” I said politely.

“How is your sister doing?”

I felt tears at my eyes and shrugged, “We don’t actually know… She was… ki…kidnapped Sunday from the hospital.”

“Wait, that was your sister?” She asked with her eyes widening. “You all can’t catch a break, can you?”

I shook my head, “Doesn’t seem like it, does it?”

She put her hand on my head, “Hang in there,” she then gave my backside light pat and I followed Laura and Meg outside.

Grandpa was standing outside the door and I told them, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” before walking over to him and giving him a hug. “Hi Grandpa,” I told him.

He picked me up, squeezed me, “Hi Stacy,” and carried me on his side and walked to his car where the new infant car seat waited for me. “Need a change?” he asked as he laid me down in the seat.

I shook my head, “I should be okay for a bit…”

“Well let’s get to the studio then,” he said.

I sat quietly and used my phone as he drove through the streets. I saw my mom had e-mailed me and groaned. With everything going on I hadn’t e-mailed her since most of everything bad had happened… ‘How in the hell do I tell her about this and not have her demand that I go home?’ I quickly shot off an e-mail that I would reply more later with some overview facts, I made sure to include a safe phrase just to be sure she knew it was a time issue and that I was still safe.

There were a few other e-mails including an invite to another Lambda Delta Pi event Friday. I would have to ask Amanda if I could go later, but a part of me thought it was a better idea to stay safe at home! Soon we pulled into the parking lot of Grandpa’s studio and he came to let me out. Inside he took me into a locker room and said, “Let’s change you into a fresh diaper, and then we’ll get you ready to go.”

I was stripped and changed into a fresh Pamper, and then he produced a gi that was my size! He even had the red belt that I had last tested for when I studied before. “I haven’t practiced in a long time Sensei,” I told him when I saw that.

He smiled, “That did not show when I tested you this weekend. Once you learn the forms that are required of you, I hope that you will receive your first ‘Dan’ Belt within the year.”

I bowed to him, “You honor me,” I said.

He bowed back, “It is my honor!” He paused, “I had begun to think I might never teach one of my grandchildren since Amanda was the only one that ever really studied seriously with me.”

I smiled at him and put the gi on myself, tying it closed with the belt. It was then for the first time that I actually counted the stripes on his belt. “You’re a sixth degree Dan?”

He smiled, “I’m supposed to travel and test to earn my seventh this year actually.”

“That is really cool,” I told him while following him out of the locker room.

Out in the studio he told me, “We have about a half-hour before my first set of students will arrive. Let’s make the most of the time before I need to begin their class.”

After a short stretching session, I began working through the forms I had learned and a new one he was teaching me. I was so focused on what I was doing that I failed to note the audience I was gaining, or the fact that Grandpa Joe had left me working on my own to greet his young students and their parents. “Who is she?” I finally noticed when I finished an exercise and looked up.

I turned and bowed to him and the Amazonian mother who had asked giggled, “She’s adorable!” she then asked again, “Who is she?”

At his gesture I walked over to him and he said, “This is my adopted granddaughter, Stacy.”

“Adopted? Why are you training her then?” A mother next to her asked.

“I have always wanted a grandchild to pass along my knowledge to. Stacy is an apt pupil who studied where she is from in her dimension.”

“So that red belt is real?” A boy who towered over me asked. I guessed he was about six-feet in height, double my own, but only about six or seven years old knowing that was the age of the students that were supposed to be in this class.

“Yes, it is,” I said myself.

Before the inquisitive bunch could ask us any more questions, Grandpa ordered everyone to their places. One line had fewer students in it and he asked the members of that line to scoot back one space and put me in front. Knowing he was saying to them I was more advanced than they were, I was glad they were only six and seven-year-olds! The scary thing was that everyone was at least a foot and a half taller than me. The shortest kid, a girl I learned was named Nikki, still stood four and a half feet tall!

I did the entire workout with them, and then he broke students up into partners to spar one set at a time. I was paired up with the boy who had asked if my belt was real. “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I greeted him cordially.

“Eddie,” he said. “Sensei, I’m really supposed to fight her?”

“Yes,” he told him from the side.

“But she’s a baby…”

“Then it should be easy,” he told him.

I heard an intake of air from several moms at the periphery, but I got the feeling they had been instructed from the beginning not to interfere with their students training. I know my own mom had struggled with that requirement back home!

“Kyungnet,” he said and we bowed to each other. “You are not to hurt each other, but I expect your best,” he said.

I noted that Eddie only had a second level belt, so I knew he didn’t know much yet. As Grandpa said, “Charyut!” we began.

I circled some and let him make the first move. It was a kick so telegraphed I think the mothers could tell from where they were sitting. I ducked and caught his leg before twisting him gently to the ground and giving a jab with my elbow across his sternum.

“Point to Stacy,” he said.

We sparred to two more points, both of them mine, before Eddie really began to get angry. He tried an awkward leg sweep that I assumed he had seen somewhere, but not yet perfected, so it was really awkwardly done. I summersaulted over his leg and instead performed my own leg sweep to kick his legs out from underneath him, once again scoring a point. The final point of the five we sparred to involved him essentially behaving like a bull and running straight at me to grapple me. I used his momentum and tossed him on his back as gently as I could.

“How did you do that?!?” He asked. “I’m bigger than you!”

I bowed to him, “I used your momentum against you,” I told him honestly.

Grandpa bowed to us both and patted us both on our backs before moving to the next set of partners who weren’t nearly as exciting to watch. At the end of the class Eddie came to me, “Nice to meet you Stacy… I guess you’re not just a dumb smelly baby.”

I smiled, “Nice to meet you too,” I told him but frowned when his mom began tersely talking to him and then looking my direction.

“How could you let that little girl fight my boy…?” I heard his mother shriek a few minutes later. “She could have hurt him!”

I felt my jaw drop and I couldn’t help the giggle that came to my mouth and quickly turned around. Luckily, I was far enough away I doubted she had heard me. “She’s a student, but more importantly I know she has the control to not hurt anyone she doesn’t want to,” Grandpa told her. “You should also remember she’s half your sons’ size, if there’s anyone who should worry it’s me. My daughter will kill me if anything happens to her little girl,” I could hear the smile on his face.

“I don’t want…”

“If you can’t respect my methods then find another teacher for Eddie. I would deeply regret that given I think he has a lot of potential.” I turned back around in time to see him respectfully bow to the speechless woman and come back over to me.

“Thanks for sticking up for me,” I told him quietly when he bent down and picked me up.

“My pleasure,” he said with a smile, “nice job today,” he added. “Let’s change that diaper of yours and then you can join my next class too?”

I smiled and nodded, “Sure… then I’d better work on homework or Mommy will kill me…”

He laughed, “I think we can manage her.”

I was taken back to a small office he had this time and he changed me on a sofa he had in there. Once I was cleaned up, he used another wipe on the rest of my body to wipe some sweat away before carrying me back to greet his next class. This group was aged eight to ten, and I saw a few red belts like mine around the room. One girl who was quite a bit smaller than the others actually wore a black belt. ‘If she’s ten I bet she’ll end up a betweener who will kick anyone’s butt if they mess with her,’ I mused to myself before being once again put into the front of a line next to the girl with the black belt. The others up front had red belts too and I joined them for their class.

As they took their places, I guessed that except for the shorter girl, the rest were between six feet and nearly eight feet in height. The disparity in height from my own was intimidating and I could hear some whispers and giggles about me. The girl next to me said, “Hi, I’m Hermione.”

I giggled, “I’m Stacy, your parents’ fans of Harry Potter?”


“Oh… not in this dimension. British then?”

She smiled, “My dad was. Umm… how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” I told her.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

Before I could answer, Grandpa Joe took the front and greeted us. “We have a new student who will be joining your class. Stacy is my adopted granddaughter. Please treat her like any other student! She’s shorter than you, but I think you’ll find that may not be the disadvantage it seems at first.”

I could feel the skeptical looks then, having the same thoughts myself, but kept quiet. We did a few stretches and warm-ups before he began running us through some of the katas he had been teaching me on my own. It was clear this class was more advanced than the last one, and it was also clear it was closer to my own level. Midway through the class instead of sparring he had everyone practice kicks and breaking boards. I’d done that when he was evaluating me, but I couldn’t help but note that the boards were thicker in this dimension. Prior to his first session it had been years since I had done any of this. I ended up in the middle of a line coming up and heard the tittering and giggles as I came up to the front.

I bowed to Grandpa though and at his command launched a kick into the board. To everyone’s amazement, including my own, the board broke easily. “Very good Stacy!” he bowed before patting me on the head. The next person, a tall boy who had been laughing before, failed to break the board. I managed to only smirk myself at that!

He had us regroup on the mat before dismissing us and I noticed that Amanda was standing at the side. I ran over to her, “Hi Mommy,” I told her and made the universal ‘up’ sign.

“Hi Stacy,” she smiled and hugged me.

Another mom came over and said, “How irresponsible can you be having your little here? She could get hurt!”

“Not with my dad in charge,” she said nodding towards Grandpa. “Well, at least not if she listens to him!”

“I have half a mind to report you to LPS!” The lady said angrily.

“I have more than half a mind to smack you upside the head too,” Amanda said.

“Why!” she started before Grandpa arrived.

“Is there a problem?”

“No problem Daddy, I’m sure she was just getting her son here and leaving, wasn’t she?”

I noted then the boy behind me who couldn’t break the board until his fourth attempt was there. “Mom let’s go!” He hissed, “You can’t blow this for me like you did baseball!”

I looked at the boy and wondered what all happened to him, feeling more than a little bad that I had wanted to laugh at him earlier. He led his mom away and I noted that I would make that up to him the next week. “How did she do?” Amanda asked her dad.

“Broke her board on the first try and did well sparring earlier. I’m curious to see how she does sparring with my older students Thursday.”

“Don’t let her get hurt…” she told him.

“No promises, I never promised that to your mom and I’ll not lie to you either,” he said.

I looked up and she blushed but nodded, “I guess we’d better get out of here for dinner and let you get ready for your next class.”

“Stacy’s stuff is in my office,” he said. “You can leave her gi on my desk and I’ll have it for her on Thursday so she doesn’t have to haul it to class.”

“Great, thanks Dad,” she said and I found myself in his office getting my uniform back on over a fresh diaper. The other had been dry, but my sweat meant a new one was a good idea according to Amanda who claimed I ‘stank.’

Back in my school uniform she carried me out to the car and strapped me into my seat, “We’re going to meet Daddy for dinner,” she said.

I just nodded grabbed for a pacifier that was next to me and placed it into my mouth. The drive to the restaurant was just long enough for me to take a nice nap encouraged by the comfort of my paci!


WHEN I WOKE up I found we were at 3lev4ted, their favorite restaurant... I was unstrapped from the car seat and carried into the restaurant where the Maitre’D was all smiles and led us to a table and a high chair for me. “Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield, so good to see you again,” he said. “And Ms. Westerfield as well,” he said with a smile to me.

“Hi,” Amanda said without any real enthusiasm.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

“Not really,” I told him quietly to his surprise.

“Anything we can do?” The chef suddenly appeared behind us and asked.

In unison we all shook our heads, “We had adopted another little girl…” Amanda said with a tear down her eye.

“She was attacked first and then kidnapped from the hospital…”

“Mio Dio!” he replied, “That was your little girl?” He sighed, “I heard about that yesterday. I am so sorry to hear that. I didn’t even get a chance to meet her, did I?”

I shook my head, “No sir, she’d only been part of our family a week.”

“I’m so sorry,” he told us all. “Do you mind if I just prepare a meal for you all tonight instead of something on the menu?”

I shrugged and watched them hand the menus back to the Maitre’D. “Sure,” Fred replied aloud.

“I will prepare the best meal that I can to try and help you feel a little bit better,” he said. “And, I’ll be praying for your little bambina… I hope she finds her way home to you!”

When he left the table was quiet, only a little bit of chewing as we received bread. Fred finally broke the silence and asked me, “How did your classes go today?”

I told him about the history class, then about the odd littles’ seminar. Finally, he asked about my time with Grandpa Joe after school and I told him about the first part that Amanda hadn’t seen. She filled him in on the board break though as apparently, she had been there for that herself.

“Sounds like you and Grandpa Joe have hit it off well,” Fred said to me as food appeared in front of us.

Mine was in a bowl and cut up, but still not pureed. Across the restaurant I had been ignoring the four other littles spread about that were in various states of disgust, anger, and being fed. One glared at me when they realized I had real food and asked their mom, “Why does she get real food?”

‘Déja vu,’ I thought, wondering what the consequences would be this time.

A quick smack and a pacifier inflated into their mouth answered that question.

I sighed, but just enjoyed the dish he had prepared for me. It was like a chicken piccata dish, but better than anything I could remember having. The Chef came out and checked on us after a while and we all split a dessert before getting in the cars to go home. After a needed diaper change in my nursery Amanda directed me with one word, “Get your homework finished up,” she told me.

I nodded and sat down at my desk. Fortunately, I’d done a majority of the work for Wednesday’s classes the night before and in the afternoon, but I still had a good thirty pages of reading and a couple of ‘optional’ assignments to complete. When I was done with those, I read the first sixty pages of the history textbook as we’d been told to do. I had to start keeping a log of notes of my dimension versus this dimension to keep everything straight. By about eight-thirty I was done and began looking to work on some of my other projects.

My first goal was to see if there was some way to excrete some of my nanites on cue, and program them to quickly do what I needed them to…



End Chapter 19

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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