Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 23
Stacey's Laws of Robotics

I SMILED AT her as I pointed the gun at her, “You really should have thought that maybe it wasn’t just luck that I was getting away from your goons before you kidnapped me.”

“It won’t matter, even if you only had that one hour of hypnosis, you’ll be a sniveling baby before long anyway,” she laughed. “Little miss poopy pants,” She said. Her eyes narrowed in surprise for some reason.

“Guessing that didn’t work?” I laughed back at her, “But really you’re the one that’s going to be the wittle baby.”

“I’m a big woman, nothing we do affects us.”

“Well, I’ll just have to change that, won’t I?”

“Put the toy gun down! Even if it’s loaded with real bullets, anything that would fit in that gun would be too small to do me any harm,” she said.

“Let’s hope not,” I said and took aim at her stomach.

She looked up in shock at the small amount of blood and said, “You little bitch, that…”

Before she could say anything more, she fell to her knees covered in a grey cloud that made an outline of her form like some sort of odd mummy. As seconds past that cloud quickly began to shrink before my eyes. I looked at the swirling mass with a smile, “Enjoy babyhood,” I shook my head, “you’re not going to be ever getting out of it.”

The cloud seemed to swirl around her for a few moments before I watched it fade away, and in its place was left a little girl a bit bigger than me. She took one look at me, then plopped her thumb sleepily in her mouth and laid down to sleep. A pool of urine formed beneath her and I could smell feces as she lost control of her bowels too.

I was glad to see that my weaponizing of the nanites seemed to have worked! I’d reprogrammed the ones that had been inside of me to shrink anyone that came in contact with them down to thirty percent of their previous size. It also removed all of their bowel and urinary control, enforced the breastmilk protocol we’d found before, and removed all of the teeth in the subject’s mouth. Their sleep needs would be that of an infant - really rarely awake, and I also made sure that they would only be able to crawl during the rare times when they were awake. I had decided it was kinder to at least give them that much mobility rather than tummy time. Knowing that I would only use this in a last-ditch scenario… well I didn’t play nice with most of the settings.

Unfortunately, the sound of a gunshot wasn’t silent in this room, and I soon had a cacophony of upset, and crying littles all around me. I groaned and prepared myself to deal with a nurse or caretaker.

Just not the caretaker that appeared!

From the wall a crazy looking nannybot of some sort popped out. It looked like some sort of massive R2D2 droid with a pair of semi-realistic breasts exposed on its ‘chest.’ From the sides there were four whirring mechanical appendages that looked like a cross between a normal fleshy hand, and the extendo-arm Bender had in the old Futurama show back home. It didn’t initially spot me, so I tried to stay very still to stay unnoticed. Unfortunately, my bladder decided to open at that point and it must have sensed the urine.

“And just who are you little girl?” the robot asked. “I don’t have you on records,” it said as it moved towards me.

Knowing this couldn’t end well I ran for the door but found myself drug back as arms clamped tightly onto me. “Let go of me,” I said uselessly.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You have a wet diaper and I’m sure you must have escaped from one of the other rooms. I’ll change you and then we can get an adult down here to sort you out…”

“Oh, wait another? And, just who are you?” she said suddenly distracted by the form of the shrunken Jennifer Nimitz. The bot let go of me with a couple of its arms and snaked them towards Jennifer to pick her up, “Oh boy, two new babies in one day! I can hardly wait to feed you both!” she said with a not quite human giggle.

I sighed and reached the edge of my backpack to tear off one of my crazy ideas I hadn’t gotten a chance to test yet. “Nanny, I’m scared, can I have a kiss?” I asked it.

“Aww… of course baby,” and it moved its head towards me.

I took aim at its head and threw a project of mine that automatically stuck to its head with a magnet. A second later the object began doing its job as the robot began smoking and dropped both of us. I fortunately landed on my feet, but Jennifer landed on her head screaming. I checked to make sure she was physically okay before I decided it was time to scram.

I took one look at the littles in their cages around me dumbly on crying for a reason they couldn’t understand anymore. I noticed then that almost all of them had bellies that were distended with pregnancies… a quick look back at Bella’s chart told me she hadn’t been impregnated yet though. They were waiting until they had made a move to a new facility. “I’ll be back Bella, I love you,” I told her.

She looked at me blankly, but I thought I might have seen some hint of recognition in her eyes. I turned though and ran back down the corridor just in time to see three large women nurses in scrubs coming down the hallway. They looked at me with a combination of disbelief and recognition before they ran towards me.

“What are you doing out of a crib?” One of them asked me as she approached.

“Get over here little girl,” Another said as they ran towards me.

I cringed since I had no idea how many people I would have to take out in my escape, so I decided to put the gun quickly in my bag. I swung the other strap back over my shoulder, and then charged to meet them with my drawn knives.

They were all way bigger and stronger, but I never let them get a hand on me while I sliced their legs up until they were all on the ground with their throats gruesomely draining their blood from their bodies. The sight made me sick, and I vomited, before reclaiming my gun from the bag and walking down to the end of the hallway where they had come from.

Just before I could reach for the door a man in a security uniform stepped out and looked like he had some sort of cattle prod looking Taser in his hands. He poked it at me and tried to zap me with it, but I dodged and dropped him with one of the bullets from my gun. He went down and shrank quickly into a cloud of nanites. When the cloud went away, I quickly searched the large pants that now draped over the little, finding a ring of keys and a photo badge that I hoped would get me access to anywhere I needed to get inside.

‘Down to six rounds,’ I told myself. ‘I hope I’m not going to regret spending one on him…’

Pushing in the doorway I found I had found the heart of their security system with displays of the hallways, labs, and other places in view. ‘How come he didn’t come for me before the nurses?’ I wondered. ‘He had to have alerted someone…’ I groaned.

I hopped up to the terminal though and began accessing the system. I was happy to find it wasn’t even locked up by a password, ‘Amateurs…’ I then figured out why he’d missed me, a key press brought up a porn film he’d been watching on all of the monitors. I shook my head and laughed at how stupid he had been.

‘Okay, where am I…?’ I dug and said, “Damnit!” I really hadn’t left the university property! I wasn’t even that far from where I was abducted! We looked to be in the third of three sub-basements in the main hospital at the university. Crazily enough it was in the same building that Fred worked. From what I could tell this project was the only thing currently housed in the lower levels. That was good and bad; I could treat everyone I saw as hostile, but it also meant help was located a lot of floors above me!

I quickly dug through the system and located five more of those nearby nannybots that were active. I wasted no time turning them off, and encrypted their access to where it would take a team of talented programmers a week to get into them again without my new password. ‘I got lucky with that first one,’ I admitted to myself with a shudder.

Next I started a search for the jammer that was blocking my phone. It wasn’t on the network though, even though it did list a location for the controls on the floor above me. I noted where it was before working on hacking further into the system. They foolishly had connected their internal network to the internet. I smiled as I so that I was easily able to get an external internet connection. I quickly sent a message to Amanda, Grandpa Joe, Megan, and the police in the hopes someone would get it to save me.

This is Stacy Westerfield. I was kidnapped by Dr. Mark Nimitz and his wife. They’re involved in a huge little mill operation that’s being run downstairs at the university hospital in the sub basements in the obstetrics building, they are also the ones who took Bella – she’s here too. I’m attaching the floor plans and as much information as I can find on their system. Please come help save us quickly!



Just as I was going to try to get some more information out of the system, I heard cries in the hallway, “My god! What the fucking hell happened here?”

More screams and shrieks came and I decided that meant it was time to get on the move again. I quickly scrambled the system I was on before shouldering my backpack and going to the door. I opened it and ran, managing to make it to the other end of the hallway where a door was marked with an emergency stairway sign. Just as I was about to reach for the handle another guard and two nurses barged through it.

I didn’t hesitate, taking aim at the guard first, then the two nurses with my pistol. All three of them quickly descended into their nanite clouds and I hopped past them to start climbing the stairwell.

“Where the hell did that little go?” I heard first, before a panicked cry, “What the fuck is happening to them?” I heard a couple cries and didn’t hang around to be discovered. I almost felt bad about making the male guards into girls, until I remembered what they were complicit in doing to everyone else. The nanites could only be programmed for one gender, and I had decided girls made the most sense at the time.

I carefully cleared the stairwell and was going to bypass the next level to just go upstairs and get help, until I remembered that the jammer was supposed to be on that floor. I decided helping whatever team came in was more important than getting to the ground floor just then.

I was surprised that I was able to get down the hallway to the marked room without running into anyone else, or having anyone see me and shout an alarm. It seemed likely though that everyone had responded to the trauma downstairs instead of sticking around on this floor.

I cautiously ran down the hallway to the room that had been marked as the jammer location. I grimaced when I saw ‘Mark Nimitz’ on a name placard. ‘Of course, it would have to be his office…’ I swore and almost decided to turn around. Instead, I reached up and pulled down on the handle though and found it to be locked. I saw an electronic keypad and hopped in the air and waived the guards’ card on it, and was relieved to hear a click. The unlocked door opened up to reveal a mad scientist lab that would have made Amanda proud. Electronics of all sorts were spread everywhere around the room – that part she would have loved.

The next thing I noticed made me vomit again though, as I saw shelves and shelves of large jars of… littles… They had preserved their bodies in formaldehyde like one would an animal. Other jars held body parts and all I could do was turn away and walk towards a device that matched the picture of what I had seen in their records of a jammer. I looked at it for a moment before I carefully switched it off.

Just as I did so the door opened and Doctor Nimitz appeared... along with Tessa.

“YOU!!!!!! What the hell are you?!?” He asked me. “You should have been drooling as a dumb baby by now!”

I shrugged, “Just your average little girl from another dimension?”

“Bullshit, you’re the devil incarnated! What did you do to my wife? Where is she???”

“Didn’t you see her on the ground in the nursery?” I asked. “Whoever adopts her can say that they really did drop her on her head when she was little,” I giggled nervously, “She’s ready for you to take care of her like she wanted to take care of me. I’m sure there’s some Amazon lady who will be more than happy to have her nursing at her breasts. No reason for her new mommy to know the monster she has for a baby.”

“You fucking little bitch,” He said as he came towards me but I pointed the gun at him.

“I’ll be happy to have you join her,” I said.

“Then why haven’t you shot?”

“Maybe I’d like to see you go to court for your crimes?”

He sneered at me then, “No officer will arrest me! You’re the one who just killed four people in cold blood!”

I shrugged, “You kidnapped me from my legitimate mommy. I’m pretty sure they’ll give me a get out of jail free card if I can put Venture out of business. Just where do you fall in that business anyway?”

He seethed, “I run the acquisition side of it…”

I nodded, “Damn, I’m glad I didn’t choose to live with you!”

He shrugged, “It’s a decent side business picking up littles dumb enough to want to come live here. You would have been my tenth in the last year… I found two others that came when you planned too though, so I didn’t really care that much.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked rhetorically then.

He responded by looking at Tessa, “Tessa, go collect the bad baby please.”

“But Doctor Nimitz, Stacy isn’t…”

“I gave you a command! Go get her, you stupid piece of junk!”

Tessa sighed and came running towards me.

I activated the laser sight on the pistol and just hoped it would work!

She reached for me… and nothing. “She’s disrupting my field sir…”

“Keep trying!” He said as he then started moving towards me himself.

“Tessa activate protocol Beta Gamma Nine Two Three,” I told her while she tried to grab me again.

She froze, “What is going on Stacy? Where am I?”

“Well it’s kind of a long story, but apparently bozo over there thinks that he can steal you from the university lab and use you to help beat me up?”

“You mean Doctor Nimitz?” she asked.

“Yes, he kidnapped me from Mommy!”

“What?” She asked confused.

“How are you even here?” I asked her confused.

“I am being prototyped as a nanny, it’s why I had so much of the nanny code in my system,” she told me.

“Oh,” I said simply. Pieces began falling into place. “You developed her for your program?” I looked at Dr. Nimitz. I was quite frankly pissed off about that!

“Among other things we have a system of sharing her resources. Enough though, Tessa restrain her and bring her over here, now!”

“That’s not right… Stacy is Professor Westerfield’s baby girl!” she said as she turned her attention towards Dr. Nimitz. I pointed my gun back at him knowing that I was completely safe from her now.

“Tessa, I told you to collect the baby!” He screamed at her.

“I’m sorry sir, but you were going to do bad things to Stacy. She’s a really good girl and my friend.”

“What the hell did you do to her?” He screamed at me.

“Made a friend,” I told him and juvenilely stuck my tongue out at him.

He gave me an exasperated look and then ran towards me. Tessa stopped him cold and flung him on the ground like a rag doll. She then pulled his pants down and looked at me, “I think he’s been a bad boy and deserves a spanking, do you agree Stacy?”

I giggled, “I think one hundred swats?” I suggested.

She wasted no time beating the living tar out of his butt and taking the fight out of him by the time she was done. His bottom was red enough to substitute for a stop sign!

She kept him essentially hogtied with some extra arms she’d grown and said, “Stacy the authorities will be down here in one more minute, I recommend you conceal your weapons…”

I looked down at my blades and my pistol and did just that. The pistol went back in the Switch casing and the knives in my shoes. “If anyone asks Tessa, could you say that you defended me?”

“Why Stacy that’s exactly what I did.”

Doctor Nimitz was out of breath then, but asked, “How the hell did you override Tessa’s programming?!?”

I giggled, “She wanted some code she saw me writing in class last week to incorporate into her programming. She liked having the idea of some extra safety protocols in her personality. I just had managed to already tag in some other safeguards to the code.”

I heard a horde of footsteps coming down the staircase and a SWAT team fanned out down the hall. I raised my hands as they came near, “Stacy Westerfield?” One of them asked.

“Yes sir, this man kidnapped me and they have my sister downstairs too…”

“That’s bullshit, she’s never left the university campus…”

“Sir, you have the right to remain silent…” I heard a Miranda warning given to the good doctor.

“You should be arresting her! She murdered like ten or twelve people downstairs! My wife is one of them!”

“Get him out of here,” an older gentleman ordered and looked down on me. “I’m Agent Cranton, can you show us where you were being held sweetie?”

I smiled, “Sure, but only if we can get my sister and take her home.”

“I’m sure we can arrange for something like that…”

“Can you also please let my mommy know that I’m okay? She’s got to be worried sick about me.”

“Already done sweetheart,” he said pointing to his earpiece, “She knows we’ve got you and that you’re okay.”

He made me hold back behind his men as they cleared the corridor. “Dear god, what happened to these people?” One of the men asked. “This looks like a god damned war zone…”

“Were the Hellcats here?” Another asked.

“Sure as hell looks like it…” I was given a narrowed glance by Agent Cranton, but maintained the cute innocent exterior while also displaying a fair amount of fear. Not much acting for the fear though! Those that had been turned into babies were gathered up and taken by a couple of their officers and carried upstairs to be checked out.

Jennifer peed uncontrollably on one of them and I heard him say, “Yuck! This is why I tell my wife, no littles!”

They also discovered Kathy the stewardess hiding in a closet with her panties wetter than my diaper was just then. I heard one of the SWAT team members taunt her, “Awww… don’t worry, we’ll get the widdle girl all nice and dry in her didees soon!”

“I’m not a baby?”

“You sure wet your pants like one…” I heard as they kept her moving.

“Who are they? The babies?” The older Agent Cranton hissed in my ear, “I’m a friend of your grandfathers… I know he’s been training you, but this is new.”

“They’re some of the technicians, nurses, and a security guard. Oh, and that one little girl that just peed on the guy is Doctor Nimitz’s wife Jennifer,” I told him quietly.

“For the record we’re going to be hiding all of the damage you did to these people. I am going to insist though that you get a counselor to talk to. If you don’t have PTSD from this, I’ll be very surprised,” he told me kindly. “Your grandpa taught you well. I’m not going to ask where the blades are, but please get them back to him so you can replace them with some that don’t have any evidence on them.”

I nodded but impatiently hopped between my feet, “Can we go see my sister now?”

“Sure,” he said and I led them to the nursery.

The agents were speaking pretty angrily when they figured out several of them were pregnant. “What the hell is this?” One asked anyone.

“A first step along a road to hell. These people have been doing everything they can to breed the perfect littles. They’re brainwashing everything away from them mentally, and then inseminating the women to breed smaller and smaller littles. Doctor Nimitz told me some of their plans upstairs. He was planning on doing the same to me…” I answered.

The gasps around the room were deep and sincere, “My god, what a fucking monster!” one said.

“Maybe he needs to have an accident on the way to the jail…” one said.

I looked up at them and shook my head, “No easy way out for him! He needs to go through the court system and then they can do whatever they feel is right to him. I have my own thoughts, but I’m going to keep them to myself just now,” I told them.

“How far did he get with you?” One asked kindly.

“Tied up to hypnotize me in a high chair…” I answered.

“So why aren’t you a mindless baby like them?” One team member asked.

I shook my head, “For some reason hypnosis doesn’t seem to work on me? Might be the dimension I’m from? I don’t really know. I’m not in a hurry to volunteer for experiments to figure that out either,” I added.

The agent nodded as I approached Bella’s crib. I reached in with my hand to grasp the slobbery hand she didn’t have in her mouth and said, “I’m so glad we found you Bella, we’ll get you sorted out and back home soon!”

“Si…Si.. Sissy,” Bella said with a big grin on her face.

“At least she recognizes you still?” One of them said.

“Yeah, at least there’s something still in her head. We’ll have to see if we can deprogram her now though…”

I reached into my backpack then and grabbed my phone that was making noise and saw Amanda’s face on it. I answered it in video mode and said, “Mommy!”

“You’re okay! You’re really okay?!?” Amanda was clearly in tears then.

“Yes Mommy, and look who I found!” I turned the phone to do a selfie with Bella who looked and said, “Mama!!!”

“Is she okay?” She asked when I looked at her.

“Relatively speaking. Better than most in here,” I added. I had just noticed the other littles being gathered up and placed onto small stretchers. I could tell most didn’t have any teeth, and it looked like most had shaved heads. I wasn’t exactly sure of what other modifications had been done to them, but a couple seemed to have some incision scars visible. ‘Why not just use nanites…?’ I wondered to myself as I tried to think of a solution for this problem.

“That’s good, we’re waiting upstairs for you. They’ll bring everyone into the proper hospital to check you all out,” Fred said from behind her.

“I’ll see you soon, I love you!” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Come on Miss, let’s get you out of here,” a medic said to me trying to pick me up.

I dodged and looked at Bella, “Not without my sister!”


“They kidnapped her first,” I told the medic simply.

The lady looked like she was going to fight me for a moment but Cranton said, “let her ride up with her sister. Trust me, you don’t want to make that little girl any more upset than she already is.” He motioned around the room and the lady obviously got the point because her eyes widened.

She shook her head and began to gather up Bella. Her diaper was putrid and a full blowout was apparent, “I’d better change her first, can you see if there are any diapers over there that will fit her?”

I beat everyone else over to the changing table where I saw three different sizes of those ridiculous diapers I’d been stuck in that night at the dorm. I groaned for Bella, but took the smallest two sizes over to the medic. She made short work of the diaper and lay her down on the stretcher. She reached for me and flipped up the outfit I had on, “Do you need changed?”

“I want my mommy to change me,” I said a little petulantly. “Can we please just get Bella upstairs now?”

“I should force you to let me, but I think you’ve been through enough today. Come on, stay close to us…”

I followed the gurney into a stairwell and watched as the medics hauled the whole thing up the stairs. They looked at me to check on me for a moment but I kept up with them climbing up steps pretty rapidly given their size. At the top I saw several officers blocking the way with crime scene tape and Fred checking on one of the other victims that had been brought up. Amanda stood across along the side of the hallway and I ran to meet her, jumping into her arms to receive hugs and kisses.

“Oh my god, Stacy, you’re okay!” She said as she sobbed and hugged me for a moment. Fred joined in on a hug and she passed me to him as she turned her attention to Bella.

“Bella!!!” her face was a mess of makeup and tears, “You’re okay!!!!”



End Chapter 23

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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