Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 5

“UH-OH?” I asked.

“Yes, uh-oh… This is your last Pamper in here…”

“Oh… well hopefully it’ll get me through dinner and the events?”

“I guess we’re going to have to hope for that. You might make sure you get any other pee-pee out into that diapee before I change you?”

I nodded and tried to force my bladder to completely empty, but there wasn’t much left as far as I could tell. I guess I must have had a face that said I was done because she pulled the tapes loose on my diaper and began cleaning me up. She didn’t take a long time, but it was definitely different from my quick changes earlier. I smiled as she taped me into the new diaper and hugged her, “Thank you Mommy.”

She hugged me back, “You’re very welcome Princess.” After a moment of holding me she pushed me away so she could throw the diaper in a disposal sack and then into her trashcan. “You ready to go meet with your nest?”

I shrugged, “Not really… but I figure I should try and make some friends though. Never know when that can help!”

She hugged me and said, “That’s a really smart attitude! Do you want me to come find you later with some more diapers?”

I shrugged, “What’s the worst that will happen?”

“A diaper change?” She tried to sound hopeful. “Hopefully that’s it… remember you are tiny though! They may not even have your size!”

“I’ll risk it this time I guess,” I told her. “Remind me to stock my bag though with a lot more!”

“I’ll bring a box of your diapers here to keep in my office tomorrow too.”

“Kay,” I told her as she helped me up and used her fingers to straighten my hair.

“Remind me to get you a hairbrush for your bag too,” she said grabbing my hand. “Here’s your phone, Sweetie,” she said as she helped me tuck it into the front pocket.

We caught the elevator downstairs and checked out with the security desk where Amanda asked, “There’s supposed to be someone from security who can take us over to Wenig?”

It was a different guard than normal who looked at her for a moment before his eyes registered some information. He quickly said, “Let me call them.”

A few minutes later one of their team was pulling up with a cart and we hopped on for the ride across campus. “Can you wait here just a moment?” Amanda asked him when we pulled up. “I’ll need a ride to my car?”

“Sure thing, Ma’am,” the polite man said. Amanda helped me hop off of her lap where she’d held me and walked me to the door where an amazon girl was watching.

“Can I help you?”

“Stacy is here to get together with her nest?”

“You know where you’re going, hon?” She asked me in that condescending baby voice.

“Yes ma’am, may I go ahead and go upstairs?”

“Go ahead,” she told me and I walked to the elevator after waiving bye to Amanda.

The elevator did actually feature a button that was low enough for me to press to call it! The elevator featured a double set of control panels inside to make it easier for littles to push their destination. I pressed ‘2’ quickly and watched the doors shut. I sighed and hoped this wasn’t something I would regret doing! When the elevator opened, I could see a hallway oddly empty of any littles. A few bigs, mostly girls, were wandering around and I assumed they had to be Nest Hens. I made a point not to make eye contact but just walk straight to the room and managed to get in without being challenged. The door was open so I walked in and saw all of the littles seemed to be doing their own thing in the room – almost seeming like normal college students!

Madison was nowhere to be seen, but Laura seemed to be intently trying to do something with her computer so I walked over to her, “Hey,” I said.

“Stacy!” She said with a smile and gave me a quick hug. “You came back today?”

I shrugged, “Mrs. Walters sent me an e-mail last night asking if I would come ‘bond’ with my fellow students today now until the end of the evenings activities when you have to go to bed.”

“When we have to go to bed?” Laura whispered with a smile.

“You know what I mean… I have to go home.”

“Somehow I think I do know what you mean, but I don’t blame you and I won’t accuse you.” She told me with a smile. “I didn’t see you earlier?”


“The city tours?”

“Oh… well since it’s not like I’ll be getting around on my own anyway, and I sort of live in this city, I went to get my hair done instead.”

“I thought something was different, but I haven’t seen you long enough to know if it was just a different way you styled it!”

“What do you think?”

“I like it!” she said as she looked at it and actually ran a hand through it, “It’s like elementary chic!”

I stuck my tongue out at her, “Better than daycare chic?”


“Were you at the luncheon?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “Only littles who still had their parents could go. Everyone else had bagged lunches on the lawn in front of the dorm.”

“That sucks…” I said.

“What was at the lunch?”

“A feast of seafood… well and crazy bigs… but you know how it is,” I told her.

She nodded sadly, “Yep.”

“So that was hours ago, why are you just now showing up?”

“Oh, I had to take the computer science placement test.”

“How’d that go?”

“Good I think… we’ll see how the test grade turns out though.”

For the next twenty minutes we talked and were joined by Annie, Esther, and Gemma. Esther’s parents had still been there so she’d been at the luncheon, but everyone else seemed to have been just at the dorm hanging out and getting situated. Apparently, a couple of littles from other rooms had not taken the CARE exam yet. They’d watched them leave with nest mothers escorting them to the test that morning, but none of them returned to the dorms when their escorts came back from lunch later. That evolved into a question on how everyone else had made it through the test. Most of them had known about the change in rules in advance, but one girl was just lucky enough to have worn a diaper and not needed to go poop.

“How did you make it through it?” Gemma asked me, “You’re so tiny…?”

I laughed, “It helps when your adopted daddy is a surgeon? Let’s just say I was completely clear of everything and leave it at that…”

She looked at me, “So you really are adopted?”

I nodded, “I’m not from this dimension… I’m here more as an exchange student. I was scared to live here in the dorms… having heard some things in advance. I decided my best bet was to find foster parents so to speak.”

“You’re going back to the other dimension when you graduate?” Laura asked.

“That’s the goal at least…” I sighed, “Not sure if it’s going to work out easily with the tracker that they stuck inside of me. It starts going off the second I go through the doors at the portal.”

“You’ve been back to the portal?” Annie asked with surprise. “Why would they take you back there?”

“To talk to my parents?”

“They let you do that?” Gemma asked.

“It’s one of the things in the contract,” I told her.

“Contract?” Esther asked.

“This is my second trip to this dimension,” I told them, “on my first I saw how things are for littles. I’m actually betweener size back home, but here I’m like half my size this time… Anyway, my adoptive parents and I set some ground rules before I came on what was and wasn’t acceptable.”

“Oh,” Laura said curiously. “Like wha…?”

Before any of the girls could badger me for any more information, I heard Madison’s voice, “Oh Stacy! You decided to join us!”

I looked up and forced a smile, “Hi Miss Madison, Mrs. Walters invited me to come over for the afternoon.”

“I’m glad you did! You seem to all be making good little friendships now too, huh?”

Her patronizing voice desperately made me want to strangle her, but I kept the smile on my face and just nodded. She asked, “Well are all my little mice ready for din-din?”

“Yes, Miss Madison,” the other girls said together as a chorus. Thankfully she wasn’t looking at me so she didn’t notice that I missed the cue.

“Why doesn’t everyone use the potty one more time before you go?” she suggested. She led everyone to the bathroom door and I watched her lift each girl’s skirt up as they passed. Everyone had dry pull-ups on until she got to Annie whose pull-up was sagging.

“Something you need to tell me Annie?”

“Sorry, Miss Madison I had an accident… Would you please help me change my pull-up?”

“Why certainly,” she told her. She picked her up and sat her on her hip before looking at me, “Well Stacy, don’t you want to try and go use the potty like the other ‘big’ girls?”

“Miss Madison you’re silly, I told you last night I’m not potty trained!”

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot we had a baby little already, huh?” She said. “But I’m guessing Annie here’ll be joining you soon, huh?” She tickled the stomach of the little in her arms as she lay her down on the changing table.

There was no pretense as she pulled her skirt up, ripped the pull-up, and began wiping her with a baby wipe. “Now Annie dear, do you want to try and be a big girl in a pull-up or use a diapee like Baby Stacy?”

“Pull-up please,” Annie said in a shaking voice that I assumed meant she was in tears.

“Okay Annie, but one more daytime accident today and you’ll be wearing diapees, just like your baby friend until you can show me for a week that you can stay dry during the daytime.”

“Yes Miss Madison, I’ll do better!” Annie whimpered.

“Good girl,” she said to her a moment later when she sat her down while flashing her new clean pull-up. The other girls were coming out of the bathroom as she ran in there to make sure she was empty and Madison rounded on me.

“Now Baby Stacy, you said you aren’t potty trained so I need to at least make sure you’re all dry before din-din. Would you be a big girl and pull your skirt up so I can make sure you’re dry?”

I blushed a little but did so, “See I’m all dry!”

She turned me around and pulled my diaper back open, “And clean too! Maybe someday you’ll be ready for the big girl’s potty like everyone else, huh?” She said to the audience of girls who I noticed were a mixture of disgust, fear, relief, and embarrassment. Somehow, I was pretty sure every girl had all four of those emotions showing!

A moment later she had the rope in her hand and said, “Come on Mice, let’s make our caterpillar line!”

I grabbed onto the last purple ring again and noted that my name was now written in sharpie on it. I hung on as we were led to the elevator and then downstairs to a large lawn area with a big white tent setup with catering servers. As we walked in the line, a lot of the amazon students snickered and stared at us. Several we passed said, “Awe! She’s so cute!” referring to one of us. ‘Probably me,’ I admitted.

“Okay now girls, you’re going to each get one plate of food and then come sit down on the grass here outside!” Madison said. “I’ll have blankets down for you when you get back for you to sit on so we don’t get grass stains all over your cute uniforms!”

“Yes Miss Madison,” I joined everyone in saying this time.

Joining the line with the other littles I found myself noticing the group already seemed smaller, even if it was only a few from the CARE exam… ‘Where did the others go…?’ I wondered. Apparently for dinner, they took our size into consideration, and we received pieces of chicken breasts that had to have been quartered from their original size. Even still they were big, but given the size of food I saw on the bigs plates I knew they had done the right thing! Once I had chicken and the sides I walked back to the blanket and sat down.

“Oh, you didn’t get a drink?” Madison asked as I sat down.

“I have one in my bag already Miss Madison,” I told her politely and pulled my backpack off my shoulders to grab the bottle of water Amanda had me put in there.

“Are you sure?” she asked, “Everyone else is getting some really sweet punch that looks yummy?”

I noted then that everyone was getting cups of punch in open cups, and groaned at their stupidity for taking them! Most walked with full cups that they seemed to quickly guzzle and chug. I had a gut feeling that it was just a matter of time before disaster in some form was going to strike. ‘Will it be immediate? Or, after she diapers everyone for bed?’ I wondered.

“I’m sure Miss Madison, I’m following my mommy’s rules. You wouldn’t want me to get in trouble with her, would you?” I asked with that smile I was perfecting.

Her face was adorably pissed off and I fought the urge to giggle. “No, we wouldn’t want that.”

Laura and everyone from the nest came and sat down on the blankets Madison had setup before she went for her own food. I noted the bigs had picnic tables inside the pavilion to sit at, but we weren’t allowed to join them for some reason.

“Why do we have to eat on the ground?” Annie asked my question for me.

“Another way to demean us as future babies,” Brooke answered her. “We’ll probably all be pissing and shitting our diapers like Stacy there long before we have a chance to graduate.”

“Well at least I have a head start,” I said as I stuck my tongue out at her. The other girls laughed at her.

“Hey at least she’s been adopted to a better situation than any of us will get…” Gemma said.

“So enough about adoptions…” Laura said, “it’s depressing. Anyone have any tips for tomorrow’s math test you’ve heard?”

Welcoming the change of subject some of the girls said what they’d heard. “I know you can’t use a calculator,” Gemma said.

“Like seriously?” Alyssa asked. “I’m just going to go in and take it and know I’ll be in the remedial classes. I still don’t know how my CARE score was enough to pass!”

“What’d you get?” Annie asked.

“Overall like a 1039,” she said, “but on the math it was like a 200? If it hadn’t been for the other subjects I’d have been screwed.”

“Well, and you made it through without shitting yourself,” Chelsea said.

Out from nowhere I watched as Madison had reappeared, pulled Chelsea up and over her kneeling knee, pulled her skirt up, panties down, and began pounding her butt with her hand. “You will not cuss little girl!”

By the end she was a blubbering mess and Madison’s, “I won’t give you a demerit this time, but next time you’ll be seeing the Dean!”

“Yes… Miss Madison… Tha... Thank you…” she stammered out while snot and tears covered her face. She walked away towards a tree to collect herself for a minute.

After an awkward moment of silence, I asked Laura, “What did you get on your test?”

“Oh… 1350?” she said.

“That’s really good!” Jasmine said. “I only got a 1200.”

I sat and tried to keep quiet as I knew my score was a bit out of the normal range. “Okay short stuff, everyone else has said what they got, you haven’t – what’d you get?” Madison asked when she figured out that I’d been quiet about my own score.

“Oh… a pretty good score…” I said hoping not to make everyone feel like I was a genius.

“Pretty good?” Laura prodded.

“Like worse than Alyssa?” Annie asked tactlessly.

“Umm… no, it was better.”

“You are seriously not going to try and feel like you’re going to be embarrassed by a bad score, right?” Brooke said. “I mean obviously you’re here?”

I sighed, “1929,” I said quietly.

“You’re lying, right?” Madison said.

“No Miss Madison, I guess it’s a pretty good score but I was just doing my best,” I told her.

I watched her dig out her phone and go digging into something. “Let me see your ID Stacy,” she told me and I watched as her phone must have taken a picture and scanned it.

“Well I’ll be, you’re telling the truth… probably the highest score anyone has in your class Stacy.” She seemed a little impressed as she scrolled through a screen, “Wait, you’re the little that almost got kidnapped earlier?”

“Kidnapped?” Laura asked.

“What?” another girl asked.

I sighed, “Yeah, that’s me…”

“What happened?” Annie asked.

“Not really sure…” I kind of lied, but thought I would tell some of the truth too, “Mommy, Daddy, and I went to Selegnasol this weekend for a vacation and they ended up adopting another little as a sister for me on the plane.”

“Big sis or little sis?” Someone asked.

“She’s bigger than me but littler?”

Everyone nodded as if that odd fact made perfect sense… and I just continued on, “Anyway, apparently someone else wanted her and they’re not happy with my parents.”

“That’s scary!” Jasmine said.

“I know… I’m just glad I saw the woman just in time to jump out of her way! Otherwise I’d be a mindless baby right now...” I sighed, “She had some sort of illegal hypnosis brain scrambler thingee in the stroller they were going to push me away in…”

Several girls hugged me then and I knew that they understood how scary that was. Worse yet was that it was probably most of their fates to be stolen away like that… That depressing thought made some more tears go down my eyes before Madison said, “Okay girls, we need to go back to the dorm and freshen up before going to the stadium for the freshman class photo.” Funnily enough for some reason Madison seemed to give me a sympathetic look then too, and I wondered if she might have a heart after all?

I doubted it.

During the walk back I couldn’t help but note that even though I didn’t drink a ton of my water, I suddenly had to pee! ‘I really want to hold it until after the picture…’ I thought to myself. As we rode the elevator up to the second floor again, I couldn’t help but release it into my diaper though. While I felt relieved, I couldn’t help but worry about not having another diaper to change into.

“Okay my little mice, why don’t you all go ahead and go potty and make sure you’re ready so we can go to the stadium and take our picture with the big kids.”

“What are we wearing?” Alyssa asked, “Do we need our shirt from yesterday?”

Madison giggled, “No, the big kids wear those tonight, but we just want to see all of you adorable boys and girls in your cute little uniforms tonight. So, make sure you straighten up, and those of you who spilled juice on your blouses switch them out quickly.” She paused and looked at Anaya, “I know that big glass was a bit much for you Anaya, so make sure you also get your uniform soaking so you don’t end up with any demerits for your uniform being dirty the next time you wear it.”

I watched Anaya gulp and the other girls work on going to the bathroom. That was when she rounded on me, “You were doing the potty dance in the elevator so I’m guessing you have a wet diapee?”

I sighed, “Yes Miss Madison, I wet my diapee.”

“Do you have a spare with you in your backpack?”

“I went through all of them today with the kidnapping incident…” I said with a sad look on my face.

For whatever reason that must have been the right card to play, “Oh no sweetie! I can totally see that messing things up for you… Let me look at your diaper and see if it’ll hold on through the picture?”

I stood still as she pulled my dress up and the girls who were still in the room got a view of my yellowed diaper that was beginning to droop.

“Sweetie unfortunately this one’s about done. Let me see what I have in our changing supplies that might be small enough for you… What size do you wear?”

“Newborn in little diapers or Size 1 in baby diapers,” I told her feeling tears nearing my eyes.

“The smallest size I have in here is a Size 2 in Littles…” she said. “Stay right there, Sweetie! I’m going to go check our supply closet down the hall.”

“Thank you, Miss Madison,” I said.

I let my skirt fall back down and noticed the other littles were shying away from me right then and trying to look busy over by their desks. I sighed, ‘Well… that’ll teach me to not have enough diapers… I hope she’s not bad when she changes me…’

Madison came back a moment later with a large box of ‘Comfee Plus Overnight’ little diapers with a large N on the size. “We’re in luck sweetie, they had a box of these hidden away in the closet!”

I forced a smile and said, “thank you for looking…”

“You’re very welcome,” she said as she opened up the box, “I’ve never actually seen anyone use this brand before here. Usually they just use them in the daycare centers…”

My eyebrows went up a bit then and as soon as she pulled out the diaper, I knew there was a reason for that comment. It was thick. REALLY thick! Before I had a chance to register my concerns though she picked me up and laid me down on the changing table, pushed my jumper out of the way, and pulled the tabs loose on my Pamper.

“You know I’m so used to bratty littles fighting their diaper changes, that it’s weird changing a good baby girl like you,” she whispered in my ear. “I know you’ve been through a rough day so I’m not going to mess with you anymore.”

I smiled in appreciation knowing that this time her messing with me wasn’t going to be in the form of anything but the humiliation of that diaper. She gently used a baby wipe to clean me up before laying me down on the thick pad that was more pillow than diaper. As she taped it shut, she said, “Oh my God you look so adorable!”

I groaned internally but said, “Umm… Thank you Miss Madison.”

She sat me down on the ground.

That’s when I immediately lost my balance and fell on my rear!

I heard a few giggles then but couldn’t tell who it was before Madison said, “Do you need help standing in your new diapee?”

I soon found myself standing like an infant learning how to stand for the first time while holding onto her mommy’s hands. The diaper was comically thick, and I didn’t know how anyone could possibly walk in it ever! As she left me carefully balanced, I got a look at the side of the box and realized there was a reason for it. One of the sides proclaimed it to be ‘The perfect diaper to keep your little girl dry and on her back or belly right where you leave her!’

“I’ll keep these here in case you run out again Stacy. Let’s put a couple in your backpack too just in case!”

I just kept standing nervously hoping I wouldn’t fall over as she reached into my backpack and left two of them in the bag. They singlehandedly made the front compartment so full she couldn’t zip it shut! ‘And this is dry…’ I groaned. My dress looked like it was bubbled out from a petticoat or something - but I knew everyone would recognize it as a ridiculously thick diaper the moment they saw it!

“Let’s line up my little mice!” she said a moment later.

As soon as I tried to take a step towards the rope I fell straight back onto my well-padded butt!



End Chapter 5

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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