Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 20
Little Artist

THE FIRST COUPLE of weeks for me in this dimension had gone slowly enough to keep track of every day, but the next few weeks began to blur together quickly after that night. We heard no word about Bella at all… The police had absolutely no leads, and I had personally lost hope that anything of her would really remain if we should find her. I feared that Venture would either have her pregnant and essentially brain dead popping out babies, or just mentally wiped and drooling in a nursery. I was certain that she was probably as badly off as Chloe’s littles by now - and that broke my heart! She had hopes and dreams before the day we met, and I would cry a bit when I thought about them being gone forever.

College classes though were going well, and I’d mostly avoided embarrassing situations myself. Some of my friends weren’t as lucky, but somehow Meg and Laura were still going to classes with me, and becoming great friends! I’d spent most of my time talking to my parents on a video call we’d had at the portal, talking about them and avoiding the topics of dangers and Bella.

As the weeks passed, I continued to work on some side projects trying to prepare for the inevitable return of Venture’s crew. With Amanda’s permission I was given access to some of the toys that were at our disposal as students, as long as a professor signed off on the student using them.

“Are you sure you should be letting her use this Professor Westerfield?” the grad student on duty asked.

“I promised her a reward for being a good girl. I promise she’s not going to be able to harm a thing with the machine,” she told him.

He looked at her skeptically, “I don’t know…”

“If she does, I promise I’ll fix it if she can’t!” She told him. “I’m not sure I can fix your internship though if you keep questioning me…”

He gulped and motioned for me to go ahead.

I looked at the control console for the 3D printer that I’d briefly been able to use weeks before. I’d been itching to get back here to work on a few things, and at her nod of approval began uploading a few projects I’d been working on. As far as she knew there was only one… a few extra potties that I needed! In all I had designed three more potties, one for Grandma and Grandpas, one for Amanda’s office, and one for Grandpa’s studio so that I could go poop in those places without using my diaper. Even after more than a month of being in the dimension, I still dreaded pooping my diaper!

Amanda had agreed to let me make some more potties at the university, since her own printer was just a bit too small for the job. Since I now knew what machine they had, I’d taken time to download the software and tweaked my design to even look appropriately babyish for a potty. They’d probably sell well to parents, as the pinks and purples with little princess accents on them would make even the most skeptical Amazon go ‘awwww’ with me sitting on it!

I groaned that many probably see me on them too… The printer spat them out in short order and the grad assistant that was hanging around said, “We’re wasting time letting her make potties? She’s wearing a diaper – and a wet one at that – why does she need a potty?”

Amanda just smiled at him, “I enjoy watching her go in front of the big girl students.” I was amazed at how good of a liar Amanda could be sometimes.

His face was priceless and he shut up after that.

As the third one finished up, I said, “Mommy, I have one more thing to print… it’s a surprise, can you maybe look that way until it’s done?”

“Stacy what are you up to?” She asked me with some concern.

“Nothing bad, but it’s a surprise for you,” I added.

She gave me a warning look, but let nodded before turning away, and I quickly started to upload the last design I had made. This was the tricky one! The print was going to seem to be a three dimensional ‘portrait’ of Bella with the three of us on our trip to Selgnasol. I looked at this picture often since the genuine smile on Bella’s face made me feel better… I feared she might never smile like that again – if she was even still alive – so it was kind of my own way of dealing with everything. I had gotten the idea when we had visited an art gallery that past Saturday and I’d seen some similar works.

The ‘portrait’ though also hid another print job that I would have to grab from the backside of it before ever showing it to Amanda. The whole point of the project though was for it to be a birthday gift to her from me. I smiled brightly when I saw that it was printing the titanium and cellulose together without any issues. The hidden part of the project was completed early on and from what I could tell, it had been a successful print. The grad student had come over to look and showed me a look of surprise, “You designed that?”

“Shhh…” I told him, “What part of surprise did you not understand?”

Amanda cocked her head from where she was sitting a way away. Thankfully she was distracted by Tessa suddenly materializing in front of her. That was another thing from the past few weeks, I’d encountered her a few more times and… well I wouldn’t call it a friendship yet… but she seemed to be forming a bond with me. Ate least once we’d gotten through an extremely embarrassing and unwelcome diaper change!

I looked at the printer and shook my head remembering that. All of the students in Amanda’s class were working on a project as a couple of small groups when Tessa had poked her head in on us. I got the feeling that she was now dealing with some sort of AI boredom... She watched what I was doing with two other students looking on at the screen, “That’s a really smart way to do that Stacy… Would you mind if I incorporate that code into my own system?”

I was startled and looked at her in surprise! I cringed as I had felt urine run into my diaper at her sudden appearance. This particular code was for a subroutine of making sure that an AI routine stayed within the parameters of safely not endangering lives. “You don’t already have something like this?” I asked in shock.

“No, no one has seen fit to limit me to not harming anyone…”

I gulped at that and the other two students did too, “Sure, you can have it…”

Right after she froze for a second, her eyes flashed as I guessed that she had added the code. She moved again and said, “Thanks Stacy! You’re wet, let’s change that wet diapee!”

I was shocked as she picked me up and carried me to the front of the room and found a diaper from inside Amanda’s purse. In front of all of the bigs in the room I had my naked rear exposed and was changed on Amanda’s desk before she even had a chance to stop her. I felt my face redden, joined by tears of humiliation, but she hugged me and put me back on my seat with nothing more than a “what a good wittle girl!”

Well… let’s just say that was awkward. I had tried to explain my embarrassment to her later in Amanda’s office.

“You can’t just pick me up and take off my clothes in front of everyone in the class,” I told her angrily.

“Why not? Babies get changed when they need changed? Dr. Westerfield, surely you’ve changed Stacy in public before?”

Amanda sighed, but shook her head, “Actually I have never exposed her more than in the back of our car, or on a changing table in a public restroom,” she told Tessa. “Stacy is a young woman, having her naked body shown off is an invasion of her privacy that I would rather not do more than I have to.”

“But she’s too small to be a young woman,” Tessa countered, “She’s the size of a three-month old infant. She’s wearing diapers, I saw the bottles and pacifiers in her diaper bag! And, I know you’ve breastfed her in here and on campus before?”

Amanda pursed her lips and I decided to get in, “Tessa, that’s true, but I’m a college student. My end goal in life isn’t to sit in a crib for the rest of my life in a poopy diaper…”

“What else could you do? You’re just a little?” She asked.

I wondered how much I should tell her, but I decided to go ahead, “I want to be a computer programmer. Ideally, I’m hoping to go back home to my dimension and take back a level of technology to there that’s light years ahead of where we are now. I’m hoping to get very rich off of that actually,” I told her honestly.


“But?” I asked.

I watched her eyes change for a moment, before she said, “You won’t be the size of a baby there?”

“I wasn’t before,” I told her. “I used to be six-feet tall before I came.”

“What happened to the other three feet?” She asked deadpan.

“Wish I knew!” I told her.

Somehow, we came to a truce that I really was a big girl… just with some impediments. We just had to get past all of the base nanny bot coding she had – which unfortunately was a lot!

Since then I guess we’d sort of become pals. I’d even been able to work on isolating and removing the coding that she relied on that made her believe all littles were good for nothing more than to be surrogate babies! Yesterday I’d asked her to help me distract Amanda while I created this project. My only concern was the fear that Tessa would notice the hidden project - but so far no one said anything!

While I watched the final few minutes of printing, I thought back to the rest of my past few weeks. I had gone to a couple more Lambda Delta Pi events over the past weeks, about one a week, and I believed I’d be receiving a bid from them at some point in the spring when they did their official recruitment drive. Emerson allowed their fraternities to have freshman join in the fall, but for some reason forbid the sororities from doing so until second semester. Double standards against women were rare in this dimension compared to back home, but this was a case where for some reason they did exist!

All-in-all my time at Emerson really was beginning to settle into what I had hoped it would be. Yes, I was diapered, yes at home I received a lot of baby treatment… but I could honestly say I loved the attention. It was like I was the single point that the universe revolved around! Every diaper change, feeding, or cuddle from Amanda made me feel amazingly loved. My classes and the material were everything that I hoped they would be, and as far as I could tell I was on the way to having all A’s at midterm. The only thing that kept my time from being happy was the loss of Bella.

Since the last attack everything had gone silent as far as anyone could tell. No one seemed to be watching us, no one had attempted to break in, and no one had hacked or bugged us as far as we could tell. I had a feeling though that wouldn’t last, so that’s why I trained as hard as I could with Grandpa, and that’s why the secret project in the back of this artwork was so important to me!

When it was done, I looked at the grad student whose mouth was still open. “I can’t believe you made that…”

I smiled, “Well, technically the printer made it, I just told it what to do. Do you happen to have a box I can take that in?” I asked in a quiet voice.


“Surprise? Remember?”

“How are you going to keep a secret from your mommy?” He asked.

I sighed, “Please, can I have a box?”

He gave me a weird look but a moment later came back with one that would fit the frame. It was thirty-six inches long, and thirty inches tall, so as wide as I was, and almost as tall as me, but it was fairly light inside the box. The print job was ten inches thick to make the image work with my other plan, so it was a bit awkward to handle. My nanite enhancements helped me to be able to easily pick it up though. “I’m done Mommy!” I said to Amanda.

She came over and collected the potties with a smile, “These are adorable - maybe you should market these?”

“To who?” I smirked, “I’m pretty sure there aren’t many other littles my size! And, any Amazon my size probably can’t even sit up on their own yet!”

She nodded as she grabbed me under my armpits and lowered me to the ground. “What’s in the box?”

“Surprise, please don’t open it?” I asked.

“Why a surprise?”

“Really Mommy?!?” I told her with a smirk, “Daddy told me tomorrow is your birthday. Now can you please be a good mommy and not open it until then?”

She laughed and said, “Sure,” and I followed her into the elevator that carried us upstairs where we deposited one of the three potties in her office. It was Thursday and I was going to Grandpa’s studio next where we’d drop off another one for there, and give him the other to take to their house. After promising me to not open the box, she taped it shut in front of me in her office, before she took me to my session.

I was able to have a good two-hour workout with him before his students arrived in the afternoon. Each week I had gotten better, stronger, more agile, and I could hold my own with most of the students there. I’d only had one girl, Grace, a ten-foot tall seventeen-year-old, who managed to truly annihilate me every time we sparred. Each time she defeated me she took the opportunity to deliver a few swats to my diaper and whispered, “Bad Baby!” Grandpa didn’t say anything about it when he saw it, so I kept silent and didn’t complain. A hostile Amazon would bare my butt and hit me a lot harder! I still had fears of those stupid mechanical devices because of my first time! Each week when Fred or Amanda picked me up, she always offered to babysit for me!

By the time Fred picked me up to go home, we found that dinner was on the table. I enjoyed the good meal of chicken cacciatore. I appreciated that most of the time Amanda let me feed myself with my small utensils. It was really good, but dinner was still awkward and quiet with Bella’s empty high chair still at the table.

When we finished dinner, she checked my diaper, “Fred, can you change her before she works on her homework?”

“Sure,” he said and took me from her arms and lovingly carried me up the stairs to the nursery.

 “Do you have wrapping paper?” I asked Fred as he pulled the tape off one side of my diaper.

“Umm… That’s a mommy question…”

“So, what do you wrap her presents with?”

“Oh… umm…”

I smacked my forehead, “You did get her something?” I hissed.

He nodded, “I just didn’t plan to wrap… I have a gift bag.” He thought for a second, “Hold on, I have an idea of where she might have it.”

He disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a huge roll of wrapping paper and a roll of tape. I had him set it on the floor and then shooed him out. “Keep Mommy busy for a little bit?” I asked.


“You’ll figure something out…” I shook my head but didn’t want to give him any suggestions aloud. I’d had enough awkward moments of being in the room with them kissing each other passionately! ‘At least they haven’t had sex with me in the room…’

I used my phone when he was gone to hack the camera and loop it so she couldn’t see what I was doing. If she asked, I’d lie to her and say that I didn’t want her to ruin the surprise! I used my knife from inside of my left shoe to open up the tape before pulling out the present and admiring it for a moment. I really was proud of how it came out! The three-dimensional piece of art looked like we were pieces in a diorama or something. I was really thinking that I should find a way to take back their level of printing technology so I could make these when I got back home. Art collectors would probably go nuts over them, and pay a fortune for something like this!

I had the other purpose though with the print job and turned it over to pull loose a panel that was about twelve inches long and four inches wide.

Inside the panel was a functional casing for a new defensive idea I’d had to upgrade the gun in my switch. I quickly pulled the fifteen small slugs out and a small syringe. I examined them for a second before I hid them and the panel piece in a back area of my closet. The back of the picture didn’t look like anything was missing, and I now had the last pieces of a project I hadn’t stopped working on for three weeks completed! I put the picture back into the box – the grad student had actually picked a good one for wrapping! I then awkwardly used the wrapping paper to quickly wrap her present. I was done and handed everything to Fred when he came back upstairs.

I noticed the lipstick on his face and smirked, “Thanks for distracting her Daddy,” I told him.

He smiled, “It wasn’t like it was a terrible ordeal.”

“Definitely doesn’t look like it.” I smirked, “Might go check the mirror.”

He patted me on the head and I watched him go down the hall out of sight before I began working on my last bit of homework for the next day. I had my first calculus exam scheduled for the next morning, and didn’t want to get anything less than a hundred on the exam…


MY CALCULUS EXAM had seemed very easy to me. All of our tests were done on a type of advanced PDF file that we downloaded onto our tablets in an app. We could make our notes, write our answers and work, or just select a multiple-choice answer depending on the question. I really liked the way they worked after I got used to them! When I finished a button passed in my test digitally to the professor. I stood up and began putting my booster seat and supplies away, noting the diaper I was wearing was wet. I began consciously letting go a bit more into it. I could see several of my fellow classmates didn’t look like they were doing so good - including Megan’s friend Raileigh. I knew that I had finished my test early, but given I had already taken my time rechecking everything three times before turning it in I knew I should be okay.

When I pushed open the door to the lobby outside where Megan was waiting for me. “How’d your test go?”

I shrugged, “Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, but I thought it was really easy.”

“You thought that was easy?!?” Raileigh asked in disbelief appearing behind me, “Hi Megan,” she added.

I nodded and shrugged, “Remember I told you that I could have tested out of this semester too… I just decided to make sure I knew everything I needed for the fourth semester.”

“I wish you could help me…” she said.

“Why can’t I?” I asked her.

She gave me a look of an incredulous stare… “Because… umm… you’re a little? And I’m a big?”

I giggled, “So?”

“Her mommy would probably be willing to let you study with her at home,” Megan said.

“But what would everyone else say? I was so bad at math that I needed a little to help me learn my times tables?” She looked near tears.

“Does it make it any better than I’m not from this dimension?” I asked her. “Besides, who cares who helps you as long as you pass your classes and get your degree?”

She looked contrite then, “I’ll think about it…” before adding, “I’m going to try the TAs first though…”

I shrugged, “The offer stands if you change your mind.” I looked at Megan, “Ready to go to the birthday party?”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to ribbing my sister about almost being forty. Last year before she starts heading downhill!”

I laughed, “You know that’s not nice! We’ll both catch up with that number eventually, right?”

“Hey, if I have to be the ‘baby’ sister, then I at least get to make fun of my sisters getting old!”

I held my arms up to her and she laughed, “I know that you can walk…”

“But, I’m cute, right?”

She tickled my side as she placed me on her hip and walked down the sidewalk. She waved at some friends she knew as we passed by, and others waved at me. Several littles stared and looked nervously at me as if believing I was playing with fire. By then though all of the littles on campus knew that I was adopted and cavorted with Amazons regularly. Many littles resented me for it, and still more I suspected were jealous for my situation since I still had a sort of normal life. Out in the parking lot Grandpa Joe waited to take us to a restaurant I hadn’t been to. Fred was meeting us with Amanda and would bring my present to her with him. As she pulled the car door open Megan put her hand on my diaper, “Change now or at the restaurant?”

I looked around at the passing littles and said, “Restaurant?”

“Kay,” she said as she buckled me into my car seat and then sat down in the passenger side up front. “Hi Dad,” she told him with a hug.

“Good week at school?” He asked.

“Mostly,” she said. “Had a few issues with one of the girls in my dorm, but nothing flipping her on her back didn’t fix…”

I wished I could see her then to see if she was smiling, but squeaked a “What?”

Grandpa Joe chuckled, but asked, “What happened?”

“Oh, she just seems to have a bad case of baby fever. Since I’m smaller than she is, she thought I might need some special attention. I made her see the error of her ways though.”

Grandpa sighed, “Be careful Megan, I’ve heard of them putting troublesome mids in with the littles at Emerson before… You’re not much bigger than that cutoff point…”

“I know Dad, but I’m sure it’s done now. Trust me, she learned her lesson…”

I sensed there was more to the story, but we arrived at the restaurant and Megan came around to get my backpack and me. None of the others had arrived yet, but we went inside to get a table. “How many?” the hostess asked Grandpa.

“Five adults and one highchair please,” he told her.

“It’ll be about ten minutes,” she told him.

“That’s fine,” he said.

“Dad I’m going to go change Stacy,” she told him.

“Kay,” he said and I was comforted by the tight hold she had on me as she carried me into the lady’s restroom. A ‘mother’ was just opening a little man’s diaper up on the changing table then. I looked away and looked at Megan’s face as we waited for the changing table to become available.

“What a good baby boy going pee pee in his diapee!” the lady baby talked to him, “I still haven’t decided if you’ll stay a boy though. If you don’t make mommy a present by the time that we get home like we talked about, then I might just decide a little girl like her would be more fun! Think of the pretty dresses you could wear!”

The poor little was making loud choked sobs at that point, and a quick glance back showed that he definitely had one of those damn inflating pacifiers in his mouth. The diaper she fastened around his waist was a pink princess one, and I felt bad for the poor man being tortured. He looked to be in his thirties and terrified of his fate. She put a boy’s shirt and pants back on him before saying, “All yours,” to Megan.

Megan pulled a changing mat out of my backpack and laid it down before putting me on top of it. As she lifted my skirt up and pulled the diaper open the lady took a look at me and said to her little, “Just think if you had those parts instead. I wouldn’t have to worry about you peeing in my face again…”

I blushed and put my thumb in my mouth hoping to hide from reality just then. Thankfully she walked out and I had a dry diaper on quickly, “What a bitch!” Megan said as she finished up.

I nodded in agreement as she washed her hands and held me next to the sink to do the same. Outside we found everyone else had just arrived and were being seated. My high chair was set to where Amanda was on one side of me, and Megan was on the other, at a long table. Fred sat next to Amanda opposite of her dad, and Granny sat opposite Amanda. “Happy Birthday Sis!” Megan said as we sat down. She handed her a small present to add to a small pile at the end of the table. My larger gift, a bag I knew had to be from Fred, and another bag from her mom already sat there.

“Who’s the birthday girl?” The waitress asked when she came.

“My Mommy,” I told her and pointed at Amanda.

“Wow!” The waitress said patronizingly to me, “How old do you think she is?”

“Don’t you know you never ask how old a lady is?” I responded.

“Smart little girl,” she told me with a smile. “Of course, a little girl like you doesn’t need to trouble yourself over big numbers, huh?”

I just turned my head and looked away from her then so I didn’t say anything I would regret.

As a little in a highchair, the condescending waitress certainly wasn’t going to give me a menu, so I looked over Amanda’s. In the end I decided to share a fried steak plate with Megan. “My niece and I’ll be sharing,” Megan said after she ordered, “would you please bring a plate for her when you bring my food?”

“Sure thing hon, I know that little baby girl probably can’t eat all that much!” She paused, “You need me to tell the chef to puree it?”

“No thank you,” Megan told her.

“Are you sure?” She asked looking at Amanda instead.

“We’re sure,” Amanda said with a bit a hiss.

I turned red, but bit my tongue until she was gone. Conversation soon started up as we all talked about other things. Cassie and Chloe had been invited, per the family rules, but had chosen not to because they couldn’t find any babysitters. I assumed that none of them wanted to put up with the abusive parents…

When everyone finished eating, they began passing Amanda the presents one at a time. She opened Megan’s small box first and pulled out a classy purple stylus that featured an Asian butterfly design hand painted all along it. It was really pretty, and from Amanda’s ‘wow’ I guessed it was something she appreciated too! She hugged Megan with a thank you before opening her parent’s gift. Inside was a charm bracelet with two hearts tagged onto it with Bella and my names on it. She wiped away tears and said, “Thank you,” to both of them.

I could just see Fred on the other side of Amanda, and noticed he was squirming on the other side and I wondered if their gifts had just been duplicated. “Great minds think alike,” he said as she opened up the bag and a long necklace box. Inside was a necklace with two hollowed out heart pieces that had a single jewel apiece, and our names engraved on each of them.

She wiped more tears, but turned over and hugged him, “Thank you Fred, I love them both,” she said.

It was time for her to open up the box then and get mine. “That last one is from Stacy?” Granny asked.

“Yes, and she did a good job of getting me to not know what it was. I think she even enlisted a certain holographic AI to distract me yesterday?” She smirked at me.

I put the most angelic face together and said, “Mommy I would neeeever do that!”

She reached over and tickled my stomach, “I can’t wait to see what it is.”

She pulled at the wrapping paper and then opened up the box to pull out the picture. I heard breaths catch all around me as they saw it. “Oh my god, that’s beautiful!” Amanda’s Mom said.

“How on earth did you make that?” Megan asked me incredulously.

Amanda just had tears fall then and picked me up out of the highchair to hold me tight. “Thank you, Stacy,” she said.

“Somehow we’ll be a family again,” I told her.

She just squeezed me tighter for a while before asking, “Really… how in the world did you do that?”

I giggled “It’s just programming, it wasn’t difficult… It just took some time,” I told her.

The waitress appeared with a birthday dessert for Amanda and said, “Wow, that is beautiful! Where did you buy that?”

Amanda squeezed me, “my daughter made it for me,” she said.

The waitress looked at Megan, “Surely you aren’t old enough for this girl to be your little girl?”

Everyone at the table laughed and I looked to see both Megan and Amanda turning red. “She’s not her daughter, that’s her baby sister. She’s talking about her little girl in her lap.”

The lady looked at me like I had thirty eyes or something then, but said, “Well, you’re definitely talented.”

Everyone sang Happy Birthday before Amanda blew out a candle on the dessert. Somehow, I guessed her wish without ever asking her. ‘I wonder if everyone at the table shares a wish, if it’s more likely to come true?’ I thought with a sigh.

She was nice and shared a few bites of her dessert with Megan and me, before everyone decided it was time to go home. Amanda had donned both the bracelet and the necklace while we sat at the table. I looked at Bella’s name dangling in front of me sadly as she carried me to the car. My diaper was wet, but she decided to wait until we got home to change it, sparing me another encounter with crazy amazons in the bathroom. Once we were home, she carried me straight to the nursery while Fred gathered everything from the car.

As she changed me, “I don’t think I’ve ever received a more thoughtful gift Stacy,” she told me. “Not to mention one that’s probably worth a small fortune. Really, how did you actually make that? That wasn’t just simple programming!”

My rear was up in the air with a wipe on it making it a bit awkward to respond, but I answered, “I used a depth mapping software to determine distances to the focal point of the photo. After that it was a few equations to pull the figures out far enough, yet leave the background distant. Then it was really just a matter of coming up with the shape for the printer and using the right colors on the top coat of each layer.”

“You should make more things like that… You could become a famous artist selling artwork like that.”

“Surely someone else already does that on a regular basis?” I paused, “I got the idea last weekend in the art gallery we walked through?”

She shook her head, “That was done by hand, and didn’t look nearly as good.”

I had thought it looked awesome myself, but I wondered if that was just a mother’s pride saying that. Amanda changed me into a cute romper before she carried me back downstairs, where Fred was already hanging the picture in the most prominent place in the living room. Once it was hung, they held me in a hug and we all stared at it together for a long while. Eventually we sat down and watched a movie on the couch before she bathed me and nursed me to sleep.



End Chapter 20

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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