Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 24
After Effects

“SORT OF,” I whispered to Fred.

Fred quietly asked, “What happened to her?”

“I think just severe hypnosis treatments, but I’m not sure. She’s not said anything more than ‘Sissy’ to me, and ‘Mama’ out to her over the phone when she saw her on the screen. You could tell that even that was a lot of work to get out. They didn’t get her… they… well she wasn’t… bred yet,” was the best way I could put it, even as vile threatened to come up my throat.

Right then Amanda brought a sobbing Bella over to us in her arms, and the four of us hugged tightly. I looked at Bella and tried not to cry as she both smiled and tears streamed from her eyes.

“Mama! Dada!” Bella said happily! Her eyes said that she wanted to say more, and she was being prevented somehow! Whatever they had done to her kept her from speaking more than those simple words. I was genuinely surprised that they’d left her teeth in place while taking her down that low…

Fred continued to hold me and stood close to Amanda doing the same as we were guided to a large emergency room where they were triaging a mixture of villains and victims.

I tried not to stare as they rapidly ran past us with one of the men I had sliced up. “Coming through!!!!” one of the nurses pushing the stretcher shouted.

I felt a little bad as I watched them rush past, but shook my head knowing what they had been doing. ‘I wonder if he’ll survive?’ I thought darkly. ‘I thought they would all be dead…’

I shook my head and looked back at Fred to distract me from thinking about that. “How long was I gone?” I asked and looked up into his eyes.

“A bit over twenty-four hours,” Fred told me. “It took a couple hours before we realized you hadn’t made it to class, and then we searched everywhere.”

I nodded, already knowing the gaps that had been there while I was knocked out had been longer than I’d hoped. By the time we had moved down the hallway to a room to get us both checked out, my diaper had begun continually dripping urine uncomfortably down my legs and onto Fred’s arm.

“Fred, hand me Stacy for a moment, we need to get her into something else. Can you maybe see if they have a spare gown for her or something?”

“I’ll go check,” he said as she sat me down on the mattress of a crib that Bella had already been laid down in. She looked to have fallen asleep out of exhaustion when I looked at her.

“Come on, arms out so I can get you out of that icky dress and diaper.” I hadn’t even realized I still had my backpack on as she pulled my arms back through the straps and rummaged through it. Her hands then went to work on the gigantic bow in the front of the dress. The ribbon should have been tied in the back, but with as small as I was, they’d had to double around me to get it to tie shut. She pulled the hideous dress off of me and sat it to the side. She then took the student ID I’d forgotten was hanging over my neck, and placed it on top of my bag, before gently pushing me onto my back with her hand on my chest.

I watched with my head turned as she unfolded the last pamper remaining in in my bag, along with grabbing a wipe from the package of baby wipes. She wasted no time in opening up the diaper and pulling it from underneath my butt. As she wiped me, I winced from some pain on my butt.

“Oh no,” she said to me, “You have a rash back here…”

“I noticed,” I told her as calmly as I could. The wipe sort of soothed and hurt at the same time.

“I don’t have any rash cream right now, I’ll try and get some from them though. Let’s just get you into a dry diapee at least,” she told me. She folded the front of the dry diaper onto me and taped both sides quickly. She left me on the open crib for a second while she balled up the old diaper and threw it away. A small sink sat in the exam room that she washed her hands in before she returned to me.

She hugged me tightly and held me in her arms before sliding the crib side up where Bella was now snoring.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” She told me as she stroked my hair and sat down in a chair. We both watched Bella for a short while, before Fred came back inside. A tall red-headed woman doctor walked into the room behind him.

I focused back on the bundle of fabric he held then, “Here Amanda, this should work for something for Stacy to wear for now.”

She grabbed it from him and I was a little annoyed that it was just a pink t-shirt onesie, but it was better than nothing! I held my hands up in the air as she pulled it over me and snapped the crotch snaps shut. When she was done, Fred introduced the woman. “Amanda this is Doctor Nickerson, she normally works over at the other main campus for the hospital system as the head of their pediatric surgery unit, but they called her over here to help out with the caseload.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said to Amanda and me. “Why don’t I start with… Bella?” she said as she looked at a tablet in her hands. She pulled the crib side down and Amanda handed me to Fred so she could hold Bella’s hand as she stirred. “Mommy, can you go ahead and strip her of those clothes so I can get a better look at her?”

“Sure…” Amanda said, nervously.

I watched as she began to strip her for a second before Fred carried me to a low counter in the room and laid me down on it. “While she’s looking over Bella, I want to get a look over you too,” he told me.

I just nodded and sat still for him as he gave me the most thorough physical examination I’d ever received.

“Did they do anything to you?” He asked me quietly.

“They tried to hypnotize me,” I told him.

“That didn’t work?” He looked at me knowingly.

I shook my head, “No.” I shrugged and added, “I did take a fall from a nanny bot dropping dead while I was in its arms... but other than that I don’t think I had anything happen?”

“I can see where he injected you,” he said, “I’m a little nervous there’s more than one hole. Did they say they did anything else?”

I shrugged, “I don’t think so? Maybe they just knocked me out again?”

I was a bit surprised as he pulled the diaper off again and flipped me onto my stomach. “Mandy, you just changed her into this diaper, right?”

“Yes, why?”

He sighed, “There’s just some more loose stool here… along with a nasty rash.”

“I saw that, I don’t have any cream.”

“I’m sure a nurse can bring us some,” Dr. Nickerson said from where she was still looking at Bella.

As if reading her mind, a nurse came in the door right then, “They sent me to ask if you need anything Doctor?”

“We need a couple diapers for these two, along with a tube of the strongest rash cream you have. This little girl has one of the worst rashes I’ve seen.”

I thought she was speaking about me before I lifted my head and saw that Bella’s entire butt was one red welt. ‘How is she not bawling about that?’ I wondered.

She reappeared with the cream a couple minutes later and we were soon both treated, diapered, and dressed in onesies again.

“You seem to be okay,” Fred told me. “But I still want them to do a panel on you to be sure you weren’t given anything else,” he told me with a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” He told me with tears in his eyes.

“Me too,” I told him.

We both watched as Doctor Nickerson used a scanning device on Bella and said, “We really do need to do some deeper scans on Bella here. I’m not sure what all has been done to her, and I want to be sure there’s no nasty surprises for you all.”

“I want them to run a full tox panel on Stacy here too.” Fred told her.

“Let me step out and get some tests setup for Bella, and then I’ll come check on Stacy, and we’ll get that panel going…”

I endured near repeat exam with her, had several vials of blood drawn, before I watched them run a lot of other scans on Bella while Fred held me.

Eventually he suggested. “Switch?” to Amanda who was tightly cuddling a now sleeping Bella.

“Sure,” she said.

He quickly whispered in my ear, “Wait until we get home before you tell the full story.”

I nodded and said, “I love you Daddy!”

He kissed me and told Amanda, “I’m guessing she’s not had much to drink the last couple hours. Why don’t you get her something?”

I looked at Amanda and said, “We don’t have to go anywhere…”

She smiled at me, “Okay,” and opened up her blouse and bra for me to nurse while they kept checking Bella out and waiting for results. With everything that had happened I fell asleep in her arms for a nice nap.


IT TOOK ABOUT four more hours before they were certain that Bella wasn’t going to be in any medical danger if she left the hospital. Doctor Nickerson was very thorough in coming back and letting them know of what findings she was able to come up with. She was reasonably certain most of what had been done to Bella had been through hypnosis. As far as she could tell the only real physical injuries she’d suffered, was the serious neglect on the diaper rash.

While we were waiting for Amanda and Bella to return from some sort of MRI scan, she had Fred bathe me in a nearby washroom they had. I wasn’t a fan of what ended up being an open room with nurses coming by my naked body and cooing, but at least the congealed blood and sweat was no longer pasted to my skin! The rash was again treated and I was grateful that their cream seemed to work really well at soothing the itch and dulling the pain.

Just as we were finally getting to finish the paperwork to leave, the large figure of Dean Sanders entered the room.

I gulped and worried that my escape was going to result in getting expelled from the university to daycare now! Her look of concern only made me more nervous.

“Amanda, how are your two baby girls?” she asked as I sat up rather blearily blinking my eyes from the exhaustion that was threatening to send me back to sleep.

“Stacy here is not really too much worse for the wear. I’ll probably ask that you excuse her from classes the rest of the week though?”

“Absolutely! We’ll even be willing to refund her tuition if you just feel she should stay at home with you now?”

“That’s not necessary,” Amanda replied warily as my heart sank. “She’s more than capable of being a successful student here. This doesn’t change anything with that. I just want to keep an eye on her and let her rest after this fiasco.”

Dean Sanders was skeptical, but changed the subject slightly. “The news has been saying she was kidnapped by one of our own here?”

“I’m afraid I can’t say much, but they did say they’re sure that Doctor Nimitz was the one who kidnapped her,” Amanda told her.


“You have no idea,” I said sitting up and brushing out some hair that had fallen into my eyes.

“How did you escape?” She asked me.

My eyes narrowed and I wondered if she’d had some part in the mess, “A lot of luck,” I told her. “It’s an ongoing investigation and I was asked not to say much,” I told her semi-truthfully.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to interfere in the police investigation. We’ll have our own internal investigation going on through the university of course too,” she replied.

“Of course,” I agreed.

She stayed for about five awkward minutes too long before leaving. Finally, when they released us to go home Amanda was sat down in a wheel chair and held us on her lap as we were pushed out. Grandpa Joe, and a police officer he seemed to know well, walked on either side of us as we exited the building.

I was able to listen into a hushed conversation with the two of them at the car. “The ring seems to have mostly been present there, but there were a couple empty offices and some faces we haven’t found yet. Keep an eye out still, that Venture crew isn’t gone completely,” he told Joe.

I couldn’t hear anything else as I was buckled into my car seat and the door was closed.

I looked over at Bella sitting her car seat now awake. She was currently trying to stick her foot in her mouth for some reason like those other littles had been doing. I supposed that was trained into them because it was a very babyish thing to do. The pacifier that she was nursing thankfully kept her toes from going inside as she wiggled and contorted her body as much as she could in the harness.

I felt sick and looked down at my wrist where the little protect watch still sat. I wondered for a moment how they pulled off the student ID band that was supposed to be impossible to get off, before realizing they probably had an in with the university to have one of the special tools to remove it. ‘So much for being safe…’ I thought. The LittleProtect watch had definitely lived up to its name though! Even though there was a little tear in part of the band’s coating, it still held the watch tightly to my wrist. I looked and saw that I had earned more coins through my escape…

I put my hand down though and looked over at the side where Bella was. ‘I’m just glad we got her away from there…’

Relief flooded my body as we backed into the garage and I heard the door closing. Amanda came to the side of the car and picked me up from my car seat, while Fred picked up Bella. Soon she held both of us and carried us inside to the living room.

Unfortunately, it was soon obvious that the happy ending didn’t seem like it was really in sight.

After a few minutes Bella had wriggled a bit and Amanda sat her down onto a blanket on the floor. The three of us watched as she struggled just to sit up. Just as she finally managed it, Grandpa Joe, Granny, and Megan came into the house together. That set Bella off completely into a hysterical crying fit. No matter how much Amanda hugged her and bounced her she wouldn’t quiet down. We all watched helplessly until she eventually put her to her breast and she let her nurse herself to sleep.

Grandpa Jo had been moving about the room and the house throughout her attempts. I was sure he was probably checking on the house, but didn’t comment on it. After Bella was asleep, he finally sat down next to us on an adjacent recliner, and said, “I checked the house and the room, we’re secure from bugs. What happened? The whole story,” he emphasized.

I smiled grimly at him from Fred’s lap, “Okay… just please don’t judge me too harshly,” I grimaced. I was especially scared of what Amanda and Megan would think.

I began at the beginning of walking to class and Doctor Nimitz coming up to me, along with the obvious stab of the injection he’d given me. I explained about how I’d woken up in the bizarre nursery, and the conversations I’d had before being forced to nurse from Nimitz’s wife. I mentioned the enema, and everything else I could remember from that encounter. Really, I was just grateful that they had their hands on me so brief of a time! When I told them about wriggling out of the high chair and getting to my knife blades, the other women in the room all seemed a bit alarmed. Amanda didn’t seem to be as so, but I did catch the look she gave to her dad.

“So, I was able to cut my way through those straps and get loose,” I continued. “I hoped I’d given them enough time to get lax and let their guard down a little. Right away it seemed like that was the case. I walked into the room behind the nursery and found an observation room with that guy Collin from Selegnasol in there.”

“The guy you tried to get stuck as a baby?” Megan asked.

I nodded, “Apparently he didn’t like that… He was rather bitter about it for some reason? Anyway… I used my knives to take care of him before getting my backpack.”

“Took care of him?” Fred asked me.

I grimaced and said, “He’s one monster who won’t be hurting anyone ever again.” I tried to wipe the gruesome image of his body out of my head then, and unfortunately knew nightmares were certainly in my future.

Fred hugged me, “I love you Stacy, you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to…”

I turned to him and hugged him back, “Thank you, but I need to…” I sighed and took a drink from a sippy cup of apple juice that Granny suddenly handed me, “Thanks,” I told her.

“You’re welcome,” she told me.

“Well when I cleared that room, I was happy to find that my backpack was still sitting there…” I paused for a moment but decided to go all in, “It had a weapon in there.”

“A weapon?” Grandpa Joe asked.

“I told you that my Grandpa back home and you would get along, right?”

He looked thoughtful and nodded, “You said he was vet too?”

I nodded back, “Well apparently my family has a long history of adventuring. Part of that tradition is that not one of those family members have gone on one without a weapon of some sort. He gave me a pistol that conceals perfectly inside a small game console.”

I head Amanda suck a deep breath in, “That one with the two mini controllers?”

I knew she would be upset by it, but nodded, “Yes, that’s the one.” I debated telling her more, but every person in the room was trustworthy – I was sure of that. “If you push the panels and buttons the right way, it breaks apart and reveals a ceramic pistol that’s a 9mm holdout gun back home.”

“But if it shrank to your size, surely it wouldn’t do anything against an Amazon?” Grandpa Joe asked. He shook his head, “It probably wouldn’t feel worse than a pellet gun here? I can’t even imagine it hardly piercing our skin?”

I shook my head, “That was my worry as well… which is why I printed some other bullets to load in the shell cases that I put suspended nanites into.”

“Where in the world did you get nanites?!?!” Amanda asked suddenly concerned.

I pointed at myself, “I have all that I need inside of me. I just needed to excrete some – I used tears as I figured they would be the cleanest way, and reprogrammed the options.”

“To what?” Fred asked me.

“The perfect little… One that Aunt Chloe and Cassie would love…” I added feeling some bile in my mouth but continuing, “I only planned to use it in life or death situations…” I took a deep breath and cringed at some of the looks, “this definitely counted.”

“I agree,” Grandpa Joe said. “We need to be very careful that no one finds out about that though. I want you to show it to me sometime… Actually, before I forget I need your shoes and the blades too so I can replace them with something clean…”

“What?” Megan asked, “You’re… actually okay with her making this?”

Amanda answered, “I wish she had told me,” she said looking at me, “but it was a very good idea and plan. We just need to make sure the military doesn’t find out about it. I’m pretty certain that it actually falls under several international treaties as an illegal weapon… Possession of such weapons are punishable as a war crime,” she told me.


“Really, I’ll explain later. For now, though you said you had just retrieved it?”

I nodded, “Once I was armed, I went out the door…” I didn’t hold back, they wanted to know, and I told them every shot I fired, every person I gutted, how I found Bella, how the nanny bot damn near got me.

“Wait, those nanny bots are impossible for a little to get away from, how did you manage to get away from them…?” Grandpa asked.

“I might have developed a weapon for them too,” I said. I dug into my bag that had been sat next to us, and tossed the small object to him, “It’s more nanite help basically… I programmed them to invade the surface and find control centers. It worked a lot faster than I hoped,” I added.

Amanda looked at me, “When did you have time to do all of this? I’ve been watching you on the cameras in the nursery…”

I grimaced, part of my operational strategy was definitely out the window, “I thought you realized I hacked the cameras to get the footage about Bella’s poisoning?”

“You altered the feed?”

I nodded, “How much trouble am I in?”

She sighed, “We’ll talk later, but I think there will probably be something… I just don’t know what!” she was a bit annoyed and I was glad Fred gave me a protective squeeze.

“It did save her,” he reminded her.

“This time…” she said, “she is being far too reckless, it’s going to get her hurt, killed, or her brain wiped at this rate.”

“Sorry,” I said.

She sighed, “What happened next…?”

I walked them through the next rooms and then the climb to the next level before finding Doctor Nimitz. I explained how I’d already made sure that I would have Tessa on my side. “You did that one in class? In front of me and all of the other students?” Amanda clarified.

I shrugged, “I didn’t actually intend to, she asked for the code. She just didn’t know that there was an extra subroutine I was working on that could help me or others later.”

She shook her head and handed the now sleeping Bella to Granny before coming over to me to pick me up. I shook a bit, wondering if it was going to be the first time that I was spanked by her, but instead she hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead before holding me like an infant. “I love you so much Stacy, and I’m so glad you’re okay! Thank you for saving Bella, but we are going to have to have a talk later about what you can or can’t do with computers and nanites without letting me know…”

I nodded, “Okay, Mommy.”

She hugged me and then felt my diaper, “You need a diaper change, a real bath, and then I think we all should consider going to bed here soon. Mom, you’ll take Megan back to campus?”

“Sure honey,” she told her, “you want me to change this one for you before I go?”

Amanda shook her head and shifted me over to one side, I’ll take care of her, just hand her over to me.

“Here, give me your shoes,” Grandpa Joe said to me as he walked over. I used my fingerprints to unlock them and he took them from me. “I’ll replace these tomorrow for you,” he reassured me.

“Thanks,” I told him, “You saved my life with those!”

He gave me a quick smile and a hug of his own. Right then goodbyes were said, and Amanda ascended the stairs with us tightly in her arms. She sat me down on my bed while she changed the sleeping Bella, replaced her thumb with a pacifier, and then lay her down in the crib. “Next,” she said softly to me and I held out my arms to her. She gently picked me up and placed me down on the changing table and removed the hospitals onesie and carried me in just the diaper down to the bathroom. While she ran the water, I took the chance to get some more pee out and into the diaper.

She smiled at me and gently pushed me to the ground, pulled open the diaper, wiped me with a wipe, and plopped me in the water while she turned to ball up the diaper. I sat in the tub getting sleepy as she quietly scrubbed my body, washed my hair, and even massaged my sore shoulders, arms, and legs.

“Any chance you could give me some pain medicine?” I asked her as she dried me off.

“You hurt?”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore for a week… not a fan of fighting for my life…” I told her.

She wrapped me in a towel and caught Fred passing by, “While I’m drying Stacy’s hair, can you get her some pain meds?”

“Where do you hurt?” He asked me.

I laughed, “Everywhere! It’s going to be a rough couple of days while my body heals from today.”

He nodded, “I’ll get something.”

Amanda began gently combing, drying, and brushing my hair. She was working it gently still when Fred reappeared with a pacifier. I gave him a questioning look, “Whats…?” when realized it was a medicine pacifier, “you could have just given me pills or a cup with it in it…”

He smiled, “this seemed like an easier solution though,” he said as he put the nipple to my lips and I nursed it.

I winced a bit as the flavor was a bit off, but said, “Fanks,” around the pacifier.

Amanda continued to dry my hair and finally braided it loosely before gathering me in the towel and carrying me back to the darkened nursery. I was gently diapered and dressed in a footed pajama set before she sat down in the rocking chair. “I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to nurse…” she started.

I giggled quietly, “Come on Mommy, I’m thirsty!” I smiled.

She hugged me and moved her shirt and bra to expose her nipple and I quickly latched on. While I nursed, she hummed a lullaby and I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the sights that were already appearing in my mind from that day.

Sadly, I wasn’t asleep that long before I heard a series of loud bangs! They were followed by the house security alarm shrieking loudly!

Thanks for reading! There are 2 more chapters and an Epilogue to come. I'll post those mid-week this week and then begin posting another work up here. I appreciate those of you who have commented, please continue to do so! 



End Chapter 24

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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