Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 27

NO MATTER WHAT, keep your dreams alive, because without them you’ll never remember your destination!” the speaker finished the traditional commencement speech for our graduation at Emerson University. I looked around and could see the rows and rows of graduates behind me rising to their feet. Well, sort of – the huge TV screens that hung around the large indoor facility showed pictures high enough in the air that I could see them above the platform. I had managed to reach graduation and was enjoying the accolades that came with that distinction.

They began calling names, with mine being the seventh of those. “Stacy Slane Westerfield – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Magna Cum Laude!” I took my awkward stroll across the front area of the podium to receive the diploma that was actually almost as large as I was. I was so excited to have managed to make it to that stage and get that diploma, that I almost forgot to stop for my picture! “Come on Sweetie, smile for the camera!” The lady said as she pressed the shutter button and a flash went off. Something was off about the colors though, and I instantly sensed that without the protections I had, there would have been hypnotic problems from something in that odd flash. ‘Great,’ I thought to myself, ‘make it to graduation and become an instant baby?!?’

“Congratulations,” Dean Sanders told me with a pat on my head as I passed by her to leave the platform.

“Thank you, Dean Sanders,” I told her with a smile. I impulsively hugged her legs right then, probably making every little wonder what the hell was wrong with me! As much as she was an evil woman, she had been kinder to me than I would have expected over the past few years. I figured it would also distract her from the lack of effect of the flash on me!

She awkwardly patted my back and I continued back to my seat and enjoyed a quick view on a TV screen of her still stunned face.

As I sat down, I quickly got on my phone and sent a message to every little that was graduating that day.

‘The camera for your photo is rigged with something, close your eyes when they take it or something bad will happen!’

I was careful not to be seen as I sent it, but grateful that as littles came across the stage it seemed everyone followed that advice. There were only thirteen littles from my class that had even made it to graduation - ten of them were my Lambda Delta Pi sisters. One odd boy managed the feat, but he was also almost a betweener in height with a full beard, so I think that helped him seem less adoptable. The other girl constantly looked on edge and was as skittish as a mouse, but managed to hide and blend in well enough to keep out of trouble.

When everyone had been called to receive their diplomas, the university president spoke for another moment. He gave us our final graduation speech and our hats flew through the air! I didn’t hesitate before I began hustling through the crowd to find Amanda and Fred. I had just about reached them when a tall brunette amazon girl picked me up, “Where do you think you’re going little girl? I’m sure after such a long big girl ceremony you have poopy pants! Let’s get them clean and then I’m going to have to take care of you forever!”

“Put me down,” I told her, “My mommy is right there and if I do need a change, she’ll do it!”

“Your mommy?” the girl asked, “What a load of shit – just like your diaper’s filled with!”

I sighed but used a technique I had learned to twist out of her arms and kicked her ankle out from under her. I didn’t look back to see the broken ankle as she screamed in pain behind me. I had graduated, and therefore the code of conduct no longer applied on either side. I ignored the stunned stares of those around me and just skipped to Amanda and put my arms up in the air to signal I wanted to be picked up. Beside her Fred held Bella, and Megan held an adorably dressed Meg. The wet diaper under the skirt of her dress peaked out just a bit with the way Megan held her, but I knew neither of them cared at this point.

It had been startling to me, and more than a bit confusing, when Meg had decided to suddenly begin seeking a safe adoption that last fall of our studies. She agonized over if she could pick someone instead of the other option of ending up in the university daycare or the volunteer service. She enlisted my help and we found a legal loophole that would allow her to do so. At that point we had agonized on who could do it, but eventually I had suggested Megan. She’d graduated two years earlier, had a good job, and a small house with an empty bedroom. Meg tended to be called Meggy more these days just to make discerning the two easier. She was diapered, and somewhat babied, but she was more like Bella or myself in that she was able to do whatever she wanted to at home. Really Megan and Meg played more video games together than engaged in a true mommy and baby relationship! There had clearly been no future for her living on her own though, and I was glad that at least it seemed to be working out for both of them.

Megan had been the tougher party to convince as she had been so against adopting a little. In the end ‘best friends’ with mothering duties to save her from kidnapping by a crazy mommy had to suffice to convince her. Last month I knew Megan had even agreed begrudgingly to nurse Meg when she hadn’t stopped pestering her about trying it. I suspected her leaking boobs hadn’t left her with much choice though!

“Congratulations, sweetie!!!” Amanda said as she scooped me up and squeezed me tightly.

I enjoyed the attention of my adopted family as we stood around, and I was passed from one member to another. I said a number of tear-filled goodbyes to a few friends and sorority sisters who saw me on the way to the car. I was sat in the car seat for what I knew would be my last moments with my family. Amanda took the chance to change my diaper on the back seat of the car when we arrived at the portal.

“I’m going to miss you so much!” She told me as she hugged me tight.

“I’m going to miss you too,” I told her. We could, and would still take time to talk via the dimensional portal we decided, but my student visa was up the day I graduated – today. If I stayed any longer, then I wouldn’t be able to walk back through the portal ever again due to violating immigration laws!

Fred took my bags, while Megan carried Bella and Meggy on her hips. The two of them had become good friends over the past few years. Meggy had been constantly coming over to our house to work with me on homework and to get away from the crazy dorms up until she gave up being a student. She had been stunned when she realized that Bella had been allowed to sew anything she wanted in a secluded room in the house. Almost all of our clothing was made by her in the last year! Secretly she was building her business back up too under a special work permit that Grandpa Joe had somehow helped her get.

Granny and Grandpa joined us at the doors to the portal. The automatic doors opened with Bella and Meggy setting off the alarm sensors… but not me. We had never fixed the Venture removal of the tag. It had been risky, but it saved us questions now. Once both were verified to be Amanda and Megan’s littles, we were allowed proceed to the departure counter.

I went through a similar process of going through an airport check-in. My family was able to walk me to the security lines, but only Amanda could pass that point with me.

“I love you all,” was all I could say through my tears. “I’m going to miss you all!” I told them and hugs were exchanged all around.

They had handed me a few small presents that I quickly added to my luggage. I would discover back home that they had given me little jewelry pieces, pictures, cards, and a couple of small stuffed bears. Once it was all stuffed inside a bag, Amanda walked with me to the security scanners. My luggage had to be searched by hand due to electronics being present. It was strictly prohibited to take computers and the technology from this dimension back home.

As far as they could tell though the only electronics that I had in the suitcase were the ones I brought with me… I giggled at that when they let everything through though. The computer chasis of my laptop was the same that I brought four years prior, but the laptop I was taking home had nothing in common with that old clunker! Once through security a couple people stared at me dressed up still in my uniform and graduation gown.

“Did she just graduate from pre-school?” One of the security guards asked us as we waited to put me through the portal.

“College actually,” Amanda said and the man had a look like a fish for the moment I cared to look at him.

As we neared the actual portal there were very few bigs to be seen. Most of the people were littles and mids, like I remembered when I’d arrived four years prior. The visa on my passport was checked and I was soon the next person in line to walk through.

“I love you so much Stacy, I’m going to miss you!” Amanda said giving me a big hug.

“I love you too Mommy!” I told her.

“Now get going home so you can get on with your life and your future,” she told me.

My face was tear streaked as I left her and began walking through the portal. After a bright flash I found myself back on my home side of the portal. I shook my head for a moment and looked up at the person ahead of me.

‘Looked up?!?’ I thought to myself.

I felt my gut wrench and an ice-cold feeling in my veins as I looked around at the other people waiting in line at the customs desk and realized they were all taller than me.

I nervously approached the customs table where the lady looked at me, “What’s with the gown?”

“Err… I just graduated from college a couple hours ago, heading home.”

“College?” She asked stunned taking in my appearance, but then shook her head and said, “Passport?”

I handed it to her and she looked at the two visa stamps, “Wow, I haven’t seen anyone stay that long in the other dimension and return before! You were at college you say?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said politely.

“Why does your passport say you’re 5’10” and male?”

I sighed, “Long story, it is my passport.” I handed over some other documents, “Here is some information from a doctor there to verify the changes.”

“I get the gender change… I don’t have a problem with anyone transgendered, but what’s with the height?”

I shrugged, “Like you said, I was there a long time. Does anyone really understand the physical effects the portals have on people?”

She shrugged, “True…”

“Well I’ve seen stranger returns from that dimension. Have you brought anything back with you that you need to declare?”

I didn’t have much, but I showed her what she asked about. As far as they were concerned there wasn’t much that they worried about people coming back. She didn’t say anything when she saw the packs of diapers that I’d packed inside to be safe. I was looking forward to getting to somewhere I could measure myself though – I definitely wasn’t 5’10” anymore!

As she cleared me, I didn’t hesitate in hurrying as best I could with the cart of luggage, I had to the security gates outside. I saw my Mom and Dad and was a bit dismayed that they didn’t spot me at first.

“Mom!!!” I said and ran to her to hug her.

“Stacy?!?” She asked, “Shouldn’t you be taller?”

“I should be…” I told her with a frown.

She hugged me nonetheless and it brought home the fact that I was now significantly shorter than Mom. The top of my head only barely reached my mom’s chest. Disregarding my shrunken height though, Dad and my grandparents took turns wrapping me in tight hugs before we made our way out of the station and out towards the car. My Dad and Grandpa took care of carrying my luggage and I found my mom’s hand wrapped around my own as we walked to the car.

I noticed several sharply dressed men and their eyes following us as we left. At the car one of them approached, “I’m Agent Kraft…” he said to me while flipping open a badge.

“Stacy,” I said politely, “What can we do for you?”

“I’d like you to come with me…” he said.

“Not likely,” I told him and stepped closer to my dad and grandfather.

“We can make your life very difficult…” he said, “we just want to insure…”

“No, I’m not going with you, and I’ll deal with you harshly if you push it further,” I added.

“No, you won’t…” he said. “You can’t do anything to me or any of us…”

I took a second and got out what looked like my old phone. I quickly clicked through some shortcuts I had preprogrammed fearing something like this, and said, “I can’t? Agent Kraft? You live at…” I proceeded to give him his life story in a quick summary and his eyes widened. “I managed to graduate from Emerson in that dimension. You might say I think I’m smarter than anyone in this dimension at this point. Information is a powerful thing that I can do a lot with!” I smirked at him, “We’re leaving now, have a good day sir,” I told him. “Let’s go!” I said again.

He moved out of the way and I stayed hugged protectively hugged in Mom’s arms standing next to her as Dad took care of the luggage. The agents glared at us from a distance away while Kraft called on a phone. When Dad was done loading everything I climbed into the back with my mom and grandmother and we drove to our house.

Throughout the ride home Mom kept her arm protectively around my shoulder, probably afraid I wasn’t real, or would disappear again! Every now and then she would tuck a hair back into place on my head. We’d styled my hair into a really pretty updo for graduation that would have made any teenager look older. Amanda had used some pretty crystal topped pins and pearl combs to hold it in place. I was pretty sure in the other dimension it had made me look cute and like the equivalent of a Toddlers and Tiara contestant, but I loved that Amanda had spent so much time on it! It was like a last gift from her really… I felt a tear in my eye thinking of my goodbye to her, knowing I would never again go back to that dimension to be hugged by her. ‘I can’t afford to shrink anymore…’ I reminded myself.

Back home finally, after four years, my dad carried all of my stuff with my mom leading me to my bedroom. There I received a big surprise! Mom had spent time redecorating it to look right for a teenage girl, as opposed to the boy décor that had been there before. She had placed a full-length dressing mirror on the back of the door and I stared at my image.

I definitely didn’t look like the college bound boy who had left home four years prior! I stripped the graduation gown off my body and looked like I was about ten or twelve at most in the school dress I wore. My face had changed some during the trip, leaving me looking younger in the face again – not a baby, but definitely not a teenager! The lack of shape of breasts only reinforced that I looked like I was an elementary school girl rather than an adult!

Dad showed up with a tape measure, “Umm… Stacy, why don’t we check and see how tall you are?”

I nodded and stood against the door, knowing I was probably getting an extra inch from my shoes. “Take your shoes off?” Mom suggested.

I sighed but reached down and pressed on the hidden release of the shoes and smiled that the portal officials hadn’t caught onto my shoes or knives hidden therein! They slid off my feet and I groaned at the loss of height of another two inches. I put them to the side and stood against a wall that my dad pointed to. He pulled out the end and pushed it to the ground while measuring the top of my head. I felt him push down on my hair and said, “Hey… don’t mess up my hair please Dad.”

“Sorry sweetie, but I wanted to get an accurate measurement. With your hair you would be four foot four…”

I groaned, “Without my hair?”

“You’re only four foot two,” he told me.

I felt tears then and Mom embraced me, “I’m sorry honey…”

“What the hell happened?” Dad asked me after I calmed a bit. “Shouldn’t you have returned to the same height as when you left? We did on our trip!”

I shrugged and sighed, “I think it’s probably a side effect from the nanites,” I told him. “I’ve seen them shrink people when you do changes with them… It never really did anything to me in that dimension though… I’m guessing my body is this way for at least the foreseeable future…”

“Can’t you use the nanites to grow?” Grandpa asked.

I shook my head, “No, unfortunately not right now… it’s an energy problem. The same reason I shrink if I adjust them too much, the energy has to come from somewhere.”

I was so concerned about my size I almost forgot about other needs. Luckily mom’s instincts caught my problem, “Umm… Stacy… do you have a diaper on?”

I jolted, ‘of course I did?’

I blushed as I said, “Yes?”

“I think it needs changed,” she told me.

I sighed and realized that I had left the dimension fully potty trained with an extra foot and a half… oh and I was male before. But those facts seemed to be in the past! All that mattered then was the pee that was dripping down my tights clad legs from the leaky diaper.

Mom shooed everyone else out of the room and stood there as I moved towards where Dad had sat my backpack down on a dresser. I opened the bag and discovered to my relief that the diapers seemed to have at least sized up to my current size when I came through.

I had known that potty training wasn’t likely to happen in the other dimension. While I’d been living with Amanda and Fred, I just hadn’t put a lot of effort into it. My junior year I’d almost lost control of my bowels too, but just barely nipped that in the bud. One day I had just left the classroom of a class when I’d had a poopy accident! It hadn’t happened until I left, but I’d been about three seconds from major demerits! I’d put more work on that side after that at least! But I hadn’t really stopped to pee in a toilet in four years, so I wasn’t stupid – accidents were definitely in the forecast!

“You have more diapers in there?” Mom asked from the edge of my room.

“Yes,” I told her.

“You want help?” She asked nervously.

I looked at her and knew that my four-year absence had to have nearly killed her. Then add to that I wasn’t the same person I was when I left… I shrugged, “Sure,” I looked around, “Here?”

She grabbed a towel from the hallway really quick and laid it on my bed before patting on it. I took the hint and handed her the diaper and wipes before lying down. She pulled the wet tights I was wearing off, the skirt of the dress I had on up, and then ripped open the diaper. “Haven’t done this in a while…” she said.

I smirked, “that’s what I thought the first time…”

She wiped me carefully, exchanged the old diaper for a new one, taped it and then sat me up as the doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” I wondered aloud.

I didn’t have time to wonder though because Mom had barely walked out the door to figure out what to do with my wet pamper when Gabby walked up the stairs.

I stared at her and she asked, “Do you know where…?” Her jaw dropped, “Wait…” she breathed in, “Stacy?!?!”

I smiled, “Hi Gabby,” I told her.

She walked towards me and embraced me in a hug, “I thought you were going to return to your old height when you came back?”

I laughed, “Me too…”

The two of us talked for a long while that night, and over the course of the couple days she accompanied my mom and I shopping for a new wardrobe for me. Most of what I had brought home fit without any problems, the issue was that it was mostly meant for a babied little. Crotch snaps and short dresses with bloomers hardly seemed appropriate for a girl who appeared to be nine or ten. We had settled on being generous and saying ten…

A week after I returned, the portal agents came to our house and attempted to basically badger our silence.

“You seem to think you have the upper hand,” I told them across our dinner table.

“We have way more money and power than you do,” an older gentleman said as if educating a young child, the facts of the world.

“Money? Probably… Power…?” I smirked, “Not so much.”

He gaped at me then, “How could you ever think to match us? We have…”

“Nothing really, not when certain files, and a documentary, that I’ve prepared on the treatment of visitors and littles in that dimension gets out to the public.”

“You’d never be able to…”

I laughed, “You realize I went to that dimension to study computers, right? And, I received a degree from one of the most cutting-edge universities there.” I smirked, “I already have fail-safes setup both with physical copies and digital copies prepared to automatically be delivered to media companies, politicians, and just straight to several thousand website pages if anything happens to me.”

“Bullshit!” a younger man said.

The older man motioned his hand at him though, “My associate in the dimension mentioned you were not an insignificant foe. What will it take to keep you quiet?”

“Leave me and my family alone. If you want to help me blend in, and avoid drawing attention to your slavery operation, get me some documentation that says I’m some sort of child prodigy who has graduated high school and college. A new birth certificate and social security card would be nice, but I don’t have a real desire to get into a mix with you. If I don’t make contact with people and devices regularly though, the information gets sent. I would just leave me alone if I were you…”

The older man looked at me and nodded, “Fair enough, you’ll have your documentation. Fail to keep your silence though and we’ll be coming after you and your family and sending you all back to the dimension. My colleagues at Venture could use some new stock…”

I changed my mind on tactics then and leaped over the table, pulling my knife out from my shoe and holding it to the man’s throat. “Do you know what I did to the last men from Venture?”

He looked at me with fear in his eyes and I moved the knife closer to his throat to make my point to his other two associates who were rounding on me. My dad was shouting in the meantime and I said, “Enough!” I smiled at the man, “Did I make my point? If you ever try to threaten my family again, I will end your life.”

“Understood…” the man gasped.

I stood up and walked to the door and opened it for the men to leave.

“Stacy what the hell was that?” My mom yelled at me.

“Mom, Dad… I guess I need to tell you more about my time there than I told you…”


THE MEN WERE as good as their word, and I soon had a new birth certificate. The only thing about it that I didn’t like was that it said I was eight years old. I think they did it to tweak me a little in revenge! The diplomas were real enough, but the problem was no one would accept them once they saw me. I began just doing work online like a little would back in the other dimension. I mostly refused to speak to clients, which was odd to many but I quickly gained a reputation as an amazing coder. The software projects I was putting out were quickly making me, and my family, very rich!

In particular I was developing AI systems for all sorts of industries that were so powerful they could all but think for themselves!

I stayed in contact with Amanda and Fred off and on over the proceeding years. One of the first conversations a month after I left was a little bit awkward though, “So Stacy… what did you do to your cousins?”

I batted my eyelashes innocently, “What do you mean?”

“This past weekend when we met at my parents’ house… they could all walk again, had teeth, and could talk intelligently. My sisters were kind and absolutely showering them with affection… What did you do?”

I had smirked, “I just did what I could do to heal everyone.”

I didn’t give more information to her, especially over the unsecured connection at the portal, but I had managed to inject all of them with nanites to repair the damage done to them at our last family gathering. I’d programmed a delay though so I’d be gone before any consequences! I’d also taken Bella’s parents project of making Amazons imprint on their littles to a new level, and given that set of those nanites to Chloe and Cassie, along with their husbands. The two of them would have had no choice but to actually love their ‘babies’ and not hurt them or mistreat them anymore. In the coming months I heard that family gatherings had become a lot more peaceful!

As much as I wanted independence from my parents, I had to accept that there was no way I could move out now that I appeared to the world to be a kid again. I appeared to the world a girl mid-way through elementary school at best. Mom seemed to enjoy having a daughter my supposed age to play with, go shopping with, and even forced me to do things like gymnastics and dance. Well, that actually wasn’t too much forcing as I had a lot of fun learning how to do both of those! We had to switch studios about once a year so that no one would get suspicious over my appearance not changing.

The biggest problem with those classes though was that my potty training was a continuing disaster. No matter what we tried, I could not seem to regain my urinary continence! Further I seemed to miss with number two accidents at least twice a week…

One doctor had suggested that the estrogen shot Fred said I needed to start my puberty might help matters. He based it off the idea that bedwetting tended to end in puberty for those who struggled. Sadly, nothing happened after six-months of monthly and weekly shots, other than I would get violently ill and moody! My body refused to start growing, filling out, or to start up my reproductive system. Eventually I gave up and agreed with the doctor that I might look like I was nine years old for the rest of my life. The only positive thing was that he thought that might be indefinite… like I might live for a couple hundred years or more longer than I should!

We tried some different options for protection to deal with my problems when my diapers from the other dimension ran out. GoodNights and UnderJams were the right size, and more discrete, but even my smaller leaking accidents would overwhelm them regularly. I hated having wet marks on my clothes or bedding from the embarrassing leaks! The smallest youth and adult diapers fit, but just barely as I was really skinny now. They would come up nearly to my chest due to their being too big. I also hated the clinical way they looked, after being used to cuter diapers in the other dimension too!

Just before I left, I had discovered the ABDL community and began looking to see if they had any answers. I knew they had companies making cute diapers for adults and searched all of them. Sadly, they were all made way too big to fit me. To my surprise though searching one of those boards though I saw a really crazy suggestion that the largest size of baby diapers might fit someone larger than my size. Being under 60 pounds the largest Pampers was a cuter option, and because I was skinny, they actually did fit pretty well and worked infinitely better!

Most adults were pretty good about not calling out my diapers… About once a week though we would hear some comment about, ‘how sad that her mom hasn’t even potty trained that girl!’ or ‘Diapers? At that age?’ Inevitably one of those parents would brag about their daughter being potty trained before she was even two. It was one of the biggest differences in our dimensions really. Back in the other dimension they might heckle, but it was expected that a girl my size there would be in diapers. Here, my size meant I was an outcast since I had to wear diapers.

Over the years I became desperate to at least not have to stand in a leotard with a diaper’s edges showing when I went out to practice. I could handle the little girl part, but the diapers needed to go! I began looking at the one resource I still hadn’t tried – the nanites.

They were still active in my body and I knew I could do some changes with them still. I theorized that there might still be a buildup of the one protein from nursing from Amanda for so long? I started programming the system to remove that again if so. I also researched and discovered a couple other points in my nervous system that might be malfunctioning and causing the problems.

That was how seven years after I’d returned home, I told my mom I was going to try it. She too was desperate to help me get rid of the diapers and the rude comments, and encouraged the attempt. Using the large account that I had developed I hired a nurse to come and help hook me up to a special nutrient solution I calculated would be necessary during the change so I wouldn’t shrink again. Late one afternoon Mom and the nurse watched as I pressed a send button on the computer screen with the code and waited for the jolt that had usually accompanied an edit.

It came, but it was a lot more than a jolt!

I panicked and screamed as my body twisted in shock and pain for several long moments. Mom stayed back as I’d instructed her. I knew instantly that something had definitely changed with the update.


I MUST HAVE passed out for just a second, but instantly feared what had happened when I looked at mom’s wide eyes looking at me. I sat up on the floor and was shocked to realize my head was now nearly at my mom’s chest level with half of my body still on the ground! I looked down and realized that the diaper I had been wearing had completely split apart, as had the clothes that I had been wearing.

“Are you okay?” Mom asked me worriedly.

“I don’t know…” I told her as I tried to stand up awkwardly assisted by the nurse.

As I stood, I caught my reflection in the mirror of my bedroom and gasped!

I actually had to lean down to look at my face, and looked around at my nude body in complete shock!

Mom looked up at me worriedly, “Stacy, are you okay?”

I looked down at her and said, “How tall am I…?”

“Taller than me… that’s for sure,” she told me.

I hadn’t been taller than my mom since before I left to go to the other dimension, so it was more than a bit disconcerting as she offered me a bathrobe that marginally covered my body. I was very thin, but had suddenly grown proportional breasts that looked a bit small on my frame. The nurse left once she was reminded of the NDA, and Mom stood on a short step-stool to determine how tale I was now.

“Almost seven-feet,” she said in shock.

“Where am I going to find clothes…?” I couldn’t help but wonder.

“You’ll probably have to have everything made for you sweetie,” she told me.

Right then I felt a sensation in my bladder and realized that I needed to pee! I hurriedly took a few large strides down to the bathroom, but felt a piddling sensation down the inside of my legs just before I sat down.

“Oh no,” Mom said, “It didn’t work, did it?”

I shrugged, “I think it did actually, I’m just not used to feeling a warning anymore…”

So began three hard weeks of potty training, dealing with a first period, and getting in special ordered clothes to fit my frame. I had called Amanda and Fred not long afterwards and listened to a scathing rebuke from Amanda, “What were you thinking? What would you have done if you’d shrank instead?”

“I had to do something…” had been my response to her.

Fortunately, nothing bad seemed to have come out of the experiment, and instead I seemed to be a normal adult woman now. Well, normal except the freakish height. Now that I didn’t look like I should be bound by laws for minors I began pushing forward with my company ‘Regulated Intelligence’ even further. My understanding of AI continued to grow beyond even what had existed in the other dimension. It meant that my company was the leading firm for several industries that licensed our technology. The wealth I built up from it all had quickly placed my name into the most elite of billionaires around the world. I took care to give as much of it away as I could each year though, and had a number of charitable endowments across the globe that I had set up.

Over time I had reconnected with Gabby and learned that she and I had never hooked up in high school for a reason, she hadn’t been interested in the male me. Female me though…

A year after we both learned we had feelings for each other we were married and looking at one of us carrying a baby. “You should be the one,” she told me.

“Why me???” I asked her incredulously.

“Who has more experience with babies?”

I glared at her, but nothing had changed that conversation! My arm was twisted and the guilt turned up that I should go first in creating our little family. A little over a year later I decided she would most definitely be next because I wasn’t doing that again! I delivered a beautiful baby boy, “What are you going to name him?” Dad asked me.

“Not Stacy!” I told him!

After some debate I did compromise with the family name though. Little Connor Stacy Slane, couldn’t have been a more beautiful baby I decided as I nursed him a few weeks later at home in a rocking chair. “You look natural like that,” a video screen with Amanda showed.

“Thanks Mommy,” I told her, “I think maybe I understand a bit better now how you used to feel.”

“That’s just what Bella says too!” She said to me with a smile.

Connor started to cry and a quick sniff told me why, “I’ve to got to go. Tell Bella I love her! Love you!”

As I changed the poopy diaper, I reflected that unlike Amanda, I had no desire to change those forever! Staring into my baby boys’ eyes Gabby came and hugged me as we watched him go to sleep in his crib.

“Better on this side?” She asked me with a knowing smile.

“Much, but if you’d like to compare, I’m sure I can arrange a place for you to stay!”

“It’s bad enough feeling like a kid next to you!” She kidded me quietly.

I just smirked and found myself picking her up for fun like I often did.

“Put me down you big bully!” She told me with a smile before we kissed.

“Or what?”

“Or… I’ll call your Mommy and tell her you’re coming home…” she smirked.

“Only if I’m taking you with me,” I smirked. As we made love that night, I solicited the promise out of her that she was up next on maternity duty. Ironically while she had a baby next, I had two more when I bore twins two years later. Our happy family grew and progressed through their normal milestones like children should.

Nearly twenty years after I had made the last edit of my nanites, my son Connor came to me. “Mom, the University setup an exchange program with the other dimension. Can I go…?”

I grimaced as I pictured him back in diapers. I knew better than to fight his choice, all Slane men had a tradition of adventuring after all…




And this brings us to the end of my Exchanged Trilogy! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! It was a long haul through this work, and I eventually came back and did some revision. If you read this in an earlier draft the Epilogue ended differently. Sunday I should begin posting another work 'Seems Too Good' which is another work in the Dimension. I hope if you enjoyed this you'll go join in that story! Please consider leaving a comment about what you thought! Thanks again for reading!



End Chapter 27

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Jackie · Nov 19, 2021

I absolutely loved this series, I was hoping Stacy was gonna stay but the ending was still fantastic. Definitely one of my favorite stories, I hope you continue with more stories.

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NxK · Nov 27, 2021

I loved this series so much! Thank you for writing it! I personally would love to see the "alternate" epilogue! Loving your new series also!

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